The Twilight Saga

Inspired by the song Untouchable (the version by Taylor Swift). 
Another attempt at a Jacob and Renesmee story. I know I'm already writing a million stories, but this one will be by blowing off steam one. One that I'm just writing for fun. It may not be too great, just understand that. 

This story is going to start off when Renesmee is about thirteen and starting to believe in love. She gets mad that Jacob doesn't exactly love her yet. She continues holding that against him making that the reason they're only friends and nothing more. When she's about seventeen, Jacob finally starts developing those feelings. But before he can tell Renesmee, she meets another guy. A vampire, nonetheless. Drama starts as she realizes Jacob loves her now. Will they ever be together? Find out! 

The reason I chose this couple. I love reading Renesmee and Jacob stories. They are such a special couple. And I know a lot of people (team Edward and team Jacob) don't like that he imprinted on her. But I love that fact. 

If I finish this story, hopefully there will be a sequel. There will probably be a total of twenty or so chapters in this story. A lot of romance and drama. So I hope you enjoy it! 

Posting schedule (not all the time, but just mainly my free time): 
Sundays: almost anytime
Mondays: possibly from 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Tuesdays: 4:00pm to 9:00pm
Wednesdays: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Thursdays: 4:00pm to 9:00pm
Fridays: 4:00pm to anytime (it's Friday! Nobody sleeps!)
Saturdays: almost anytime

If there is any change in this schedule or I'll be gone for a weekend or something like that, I'll let y'all know! 

I hate doing this, but I'll need five comments to post the first chapter! 

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Sounds interesting :) U should post the first chapter!

Like, now.

No, I'm totally serious.

Post it.


Or else...

I'll steal all ur cookies!!
Thanks! I'll post soon! And I'm begging you not to steal my cookies! LOL! :D
Lol I wont! XD
Sounds good! Can't wait!!
thanks! i'll start like reeeaaalll soon!
Ahhh write! Write! Write! ;D I loooove hearing about Nessie and Jake. ;D
I actually heard that if she's gonna make a book there's Twilight related it's gonna be from either Leah's P.O.V or Renesmee's!! :D :D :D
Yeah, I heard about that too. But I won't believe it until I see it. And when I do see it, I will scream and steal some money from whoever is close by (i'll pay them back one day) and buy it!
HAHAH I'll probably do the same xD (We'll see about the paying them back some day part) haha Just kidding!
Haha lol! ;D
Same here!!! ;D
I really hope she does but she said she hadn't any intentions doing it right now. :(
Two more comments!
Comment people!!! :D


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