The Twilight Saga

okay, im going to give writing another try seeing as if i don't write this lakeylake will kill me. and Amber Cullen~* will help her with hiding my body.

Stephenie Meyer owns the twilight characters and most of the rest i created.

Summary: its a seth and imprint story. The Cullen's including Leah, Seth, and Jake; are moving to Manhattan to attend NYU. It's been six years since the Volturi encounter. In this story you'll learn that there are more mythical creatures then just vampires and werewolves. So I hope y'all will read and comment.


"Seth, you need to remember that there is more out there then just vampires and werewolves. Mythology is the truth in disguise. And the most important myths are untouched..."

Chapter One-
Chapter Two-

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love it
lol neither will i. between you and me [and whoever else is going to read this] i haven't started the next chapter yet

why havent you!
antways awsome chapter
post more soon
i loved it
HELLO VIEWERS OF TTS! i kno you all probably want to kill me, but if you did you wouldn't get this update now would you??? so kick back relax and COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

Chapter Two – SPOV
“Welcome to Mythology 101. This semester you are going to be learning about Greek Mythology, and everything mention within them. We will also be learning about some of the many Gods and Goddesses…”Professor Casey said. He was about 5’7 and looked like he was in his 30’s. He had a very hyper personality. I could tell this class was going to be fun.

“Every week we are going to be researching one god or goddess; this includes all of their myths and being able to identify them. So to start this year off, we will do Hermes. For homework you will write a summary of who he is, what he is a god of, symbols, and origins. Get it? Got it. Good.” Professor Casey said. “Class dismissed.”

At that moment the bell chimed and Leah and I packed up our stuff. I headed to History and Leah went to English. Honestly, I’m surprised that I made it through the day. My mind was always wondering. And it kept going back to her. The way she laughed, the way her hair swayed with her movements. The way-

Come on get a grip already! She’s just a girl! A beautifully stunning- Knock it off!

I shook my head, as if that was going to clear my thoughts. I was sadly mistaken. I walked into History, hoping I could concentrate.

History seemed to take forever. The teacher, Professor Grey, seems like a really great guy. He loves history. He is like an aging male version of Alice. He is a really fun dude. So why you ask, it felt like forever? Because my mind refused to corporate with me. I couldn’t get Katie out of my head. Every thought contained her name. Every image contained her face. I’m hopelessly obsessed, and I don’t even know anything about her!

“Seth? Seth. Seth! Earth to Seth come in Seth! Before I slap you!” Leah’s voice rang through my head, stopping my mental rant. I shook my head.

“Huh?” was my, oh so brilliant response. I looked at Leah and saw she was fighting a smirk. She has been actually happy since Jake announced we were moving with the Cullen’s. I’m pretty sure that it has to do with being on the other side of the country from Sam. She is still a little sad and bitter, but overall she’s really happy for the first time in years. And her hostility to all vampires has decreased. Slightly.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past 5 minutes!” She said exasperatedly.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take an ease. I was trying to tell you that Jake and Nessie are meeting up with us for lunch at the Violet Café.” She told me, “Seth, what’s wrong? You’re not your usual chipper self.”

I sighed. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just something on my mind right now.” More like every single second. Leah looked doubtful, but accepted my answer.

We met up with Jake and Ness and proceeded over to the café. Ness and Jake exchanged a look as they saw me, and as the opened their mouths to ask, Leah warned them with a glare. Such a lifesaver, my sister. I was not up for another round of ‘What’s up with him?’. We got our food and sat down. Nessie was talking excitedly about how well her class was, when the door swiped open. And we all caught a scent. A non human scent.

thnx for the awesome! it is greatly appreciated =D

as for the posting, possibly next week, if i have minimal homework.

cool beans, i can't wait



idk but its definitely not human!


you kno you love me,
Katie (the certifiably insane one)
of course!

Great chapter. You really need to update more often. It took so long that I forgot that you even had this story.

Seth's really has fallen in love. It's adorable. Please write faster;D Your story is the best and I can't wait to read what happens next;)
well i wouldn't say it was the best. i mean, amber's r wayy better
this was great
i love it
i'm so so so sorry fir not comment on the first chapter, i didnt know u had post more...
i hope u write more soon, i really love this story
there's a vampire in the cafe???? kill it!!!!!!!!!! very good tootsie.

keep writing put yourself into the scenery and feel what they feel...

love u,
i love it


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