The Twilight Saga

okay, im going to give writing another try seeing as if i don't write this lakeylake will kill me. and Amber Cullen~* will help her with hiding my body.

Stephenie Meyer owns the twilight characters and most of the rest i created.

Summary: its a seth and imprint story. The Cullen's including Leah, Seth, and Jake; are moving to Manhattan to attend NYU. It's been six years since the Volturi encounter. In this story you'll learn that there are more mythical creatures then just vampires and werewolves. So I hope y'all will read and comment.


"Seth, you need to remember that there is more out there then just vampires and werewolves. Mythology is the truth in disguise. And the most important myths are untouched..."

Chapter One-
Chapter Two-

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DEMETRA! girl its so good to hear from you! and as to your question, not much really. just getting threats from Lake and Amber about how if i don't post they will kill me. you?
lol thanx
thank you! i will try to post as soon as i can.
god, i wished they moved to nyc... then i would have a chance at meeting them....
let's see where this goes!
love the idea curious to read more
i love the idea
post more soon plz
Hurry up!! I'm going to kill you if you don't start writing this!!! >:(
sounds good
tell me when u write more, plz
love it write more its a good idea
what other creatures could there possibly be?????
there could be lots
Love the idea cant wait to read more!!!!!


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