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This story is about a 17 year old girl named Kendra who ends up moving to La Push to stay with her sick grandmother . Jacob meets her in school since Jake wanted to continue his education . He only sees her as a spoiled rich girl at first , but when the two actually meet for the first time , he imprints on her ! How will this relationship end up ? Read on and find out ! :)

Chapter 1
(Kendra POV)

I mentally said goodbye to the city i've lived in my whole life : San Diego , California . The "U -Haul" workers had just finished packing everything of ours into the big moving truck . The reason why mom , dad , and I are leaving our beautiful city is because my grandmother is very sick and we think she is gong to pass really soon . So we wanted to stay close to her for as much time as possible . This was mainly daddy 's idea because that is his mother . I guess it does make sense , instead of driving to La Push everyday to check up on grandma , we should just buy a house there . Yes , we are moving to the boring , rainy town of La Push . I won 't say a lot of bad things about it though , considering thats 's where my family is from . I 'm just really upset that I have to leave San Diego . My life here was practically perfect ! I had my awesome best friends , my title of cheerleading captain , and my amazing boyfriend Steven . We decided to break up because of the long distance . We didn 't want to make things hard on ourselves , so we decided to stay friends . But best of all , this year I was going to be a senior ! I aleays dreamed of going to prom with my girls , and have Steven as my date . But sadly , all of that was changing and I had to go to school on the reservation . I knew mom and dad were gong to miss this place too . Mom was a teacher at the local middle school . She was also apart of a book club with 5 of her good friends . She was born and raised here just like me . Dad was a surgeon at the hospital . He was originally from La Push , but he moved here for collage and decided to stay in San Diego since he loved it here so much . We all had so many memories here . "Kendra honey , we're
gonna start leaving now " , mom shouted from the car window bringing me out of my thoughts . Mom and dad were going to take the Mercedes and I was going to follow behind them in my light blue convertable . As my parents slowly started to drive away I sighed , threw my purse in the passenger seat , turned the car on and took one last look at my house , then drove away .

So thats chapter 1 ! I hope you guys enjoyed it ! Please give me a lot off feedback and constructive
critisism since this is my first fanfic . Thank you everyone ! :) oh and bare with me because im doing all of this on my phone because i had another account on here but it got suspended for some reason so yeah . Sorry if there are typos ! Oh and in the attachments there is a picture of what
Kendra should like :)

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it sounds cool


Thank you !
Sounds great..can't wait to read more!
thank you so much ! Im writing chapter two right now !
It sounds good.
Ohh Love it(: Can't wait for more
A/N Sorry i havent updated in a long time ! Im on vacation and i havent gotten a chance to post anything . I will try to post asap ! Thanks :)
(A/N sooo yeah guys its been like forever and a day since i updated ! Ive been really busy with school and cheer and stuff so i never really had the chance to update ! But im here now so its all good in the hood :) LOL jk ! But yeahhh .... OH and btdubbs , i changed the title of the story from unusual love to cant buy me love cuz i thought it fit more with the story line . So enough blabber ! Lets do this :p )

Chapter 2 (KENDRA POV)
After a week , we finally settled into our house . I actually liked this house ; its a bungalow with 2 bedrooms . The backyard was a decent size too . This house was also a lot smaller than my old one . The good part of about this house is that its only a two minute walk from the beach . I planned on going there a lot .
School starts tomorrow and im not really excited for it . First of all , i didnt want summer to end . I love going to bed late and sleeping in the next day . But i mainly didnt want to go to school because i wasnt going to know anybody there. I have no clue what the people are like ! However , the people on my block were pretty welcoming to my family when we first moved here . I wasnt really nervous about the work aspect though , considering i make really good grades . All i could do was hope for the best .
Since is was about 2:00 pm on this dreary sunday , i figured i should take a little walk on the beach. I brought a hoodie with me just in case it started to rain . Thats the thing that i hated most about this place . It was rarely ever sunny . Back in San Diego it was always bright , sunny , and warm for the most part . This weather was going to be hard to get used too . Before i knew it i was at the beach . I didnt think a lot of people would be here since it was pretty chilly outside , but i was wrong ! Moms were here with their screaming kids , couples were holding hands while walking through the sand , one family had even broughg their dog with them ! The weather didnt seem to bother any of them . I continued to walk down further . Once i found a nice enough spot , i sat down on the cool sand . From there i just decided to let my mind wander .
Halfway through my thoughts i spotter a few guys throwing a football to each other . They were at least 25 feet away from me , so i couldnt really see their faces . All i know is that thet were really tall and muscular . They were also shirtless; i couldnt understand why considering i was cold even in a long sleeved shirf . Maybe they would go to my school or even have classes with me , i thought to myself . As of right now i didnt really have any friends here . Well except for thos girl named Kristee who lives next door to me thats my age and is in my grade . We're not really friends , but we have talked a few times . She saud that we could meet up at school on the first day and she'd help me find my classes . I greatly appreciated that !
Mom texted me saying that i needed to come home because dnner was almost ready . Man , dinner already ? 4:28 pm my phone read back to me . I took one last glance at the freakishly big guys , and walked back to my house
I woke up to the smell of pancakes , sausage , and bacon . UGH , i said mentally as i looked at my alarm clack . Jeez , i havent seen 7:00am in a really long time , and i wasnt really excited to meet with it again . I walked lethargicly to my bathroom and took cake of my bathroom needs . After my shower i put on a really cute outfit that consisted of black leggings , a blue tank top with a black blazer on top , and black ankle booties . I also decided to curl my long black hair . I finally looked at myself in my full length mirror , satisfied of what was looking back at me . Mom made me a delicious breakfast as usual . I drank my last sip of orange juice and
&quickly got up from my seat to give mom a goodbye hug and dad that was reading the paper at the table a kiss on the cheek . " bye sweetheart and have a wonderful day at school !" , mom said to me as i grabbed my purse . "Thanks , and i'll try !" , i said with little enthusiasm in my voice . " Bye Ken , make sure none of those boys are looking at you in more than a friendly way " , dad said sternly . He had always been so dramatic and over
protective with me . " I love you too daddy " , i chuckled as i walked out the door . I jumped n my baby blue
convertable , which i named Madonna when i got it on my 16th birthday since i was a huge fan of hers and unwillingly drove myself to La Push High , not knowing what to expect on my first day of school .

(A/N Hmmm ... so whats gonna happen with Kendra and the freakishly tall guys ?? We all know who they are ;) i dont know when the next chapter will be posted , but be sure to check this discussion every so often and you might just see a new chapter ! :)
Thanks maeganne:D
Awesome! When will you update again? Love it!
Soon hopefully , ive been soooo busy lately ! D:

great update!  please post more soon!


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