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So, rated Pg13 for it's reasoning. It has some course language that can be suited for a pre-teen, but it's the fact that seeming how Alec is part of the Volturi, and the Volturi wouldn't mind if the Cullens were dead, so Alec does have some threats to kill Alex come out of his mouth.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy the story.



I do not own the Cullens, they belong to Stephanie Meyer. Alex, however belongs to me. The plot belongs to me. The pairing of Alex and Alec was my idea, though it does not belong to me, seeming how it has one of Stephanies original characters involved. The Cullens, woves, humans and setting all belong to Stephanie.

I only own the characters of Alex and Melissa and Raychel. Please ask me if you want to use these Characters. If I give you permission please note in your story that these three belong to me.

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I looked into his eyes. Gold. Like my family. I forgot for a moment that anyone else was there, forgot my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, my cousin. I even forgot about the squirming boy in my arms. Only the man who wore those gold eyes. They used to be red, before he changed to my families ways. My dad and grandpa made him change.
He didn’t change much. He was tempted for the blood of human still. Maybe even more so than uncle Jasper. But he kept to his promise. For him to stay, he had to go, vegetarian, as my grandpa often put it.
He even left his coven, dropping the only way you would tell he was part of it. He goes by the last name of Cullen now, to keep up with the human charade my family puts on in public.
If you were to tell me that I would find love in this man standing before me two years ago, I would have laughed at you. Or attacked you.
Two years ago, I never would have guessed I would have fallen in love with Alec Volturi.

Unwanted Love - Click and Scroll

After the Volturi leave Forks, from confronting the Cullens about Renesmee they don't really trust the Cullens anymore. So Aro sends Alec and Jane to Forks to keep an eye on the area.
Alex is the other, unknown hybrid, daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. She is not the easiest to get along with, so when Alec and Jane show up, she isn't to happy. She stays away from them at all costs.
The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Alex behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.
After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Alex start talking, Alex see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi.
Over the next few weeks, Alex notices that, without her control or permission she has started to love Alec. Her parent's hate it, and when they find out, they try to keep the two apart.
What will happen to Alex after all this?


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 Unwanted Friendship -  Click and Scroll

Alex is now dealing with her moms death, the best way she can, and that is proving to be very difficult. With the fact that she killed her mom, to bring her best friend back, which did work, but things between Melissa and Alex are different. For starters, Alex can barely look at Melissa, without remembering that Melissa is the result of the death of Alex's mom.
Melissa is different too. She's not human, and she's not a vampire. She's a corpse. A living, dead body. So she must be a zombie right? No. A zombie is a mindless, gross walking corpse. Dead, but walking. Melissa is still very smart, and keeps clean. There's also the fact that she is neither dead or alive.
In this installment, you see Alex trying to figure out what exactly Melissa is, struggle with confusing feeling about Alec, deal with her dads over protectiveness, and try to get over her moms death, in a respectful way.
If you liked Unwanted Love, then you wont want to miss it's great sequel Unwanted Friendship, where everything has changed.

Table of Contents:

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Unwanted Regrets - Click and Scroll

**Will fill this in when Summary is completed which will be at the end of Unwanted Friendship
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 ..............................................................................

Meeting Melissa Adams - Click and Scroll


We all know Alex's story, but what we don't know is how she met Melissa. We all thought they met at school, which isn't entirely true. Melissa has a backstory of her own, which she had forgotten, until she died, and resurrected.

Melissa originally forgot, because it was to dangerous for her to know they truth, what walks with the humans. But now that she's back from the dead, she remembers.

This is Melissa's story.

She isn't as innocent as you had originally thought.

Table of Contents:

Prologue ............................................................................... Page Fourteen

Chapter 1 .............................................................................. Page Fourteen

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Oh boy sounds like things are going to get interesting at school...can't wait to read your next update!


But, here is the fourth chapter. Please enjoy.

Chapter Four

“They are dangerous.” Melissa explains, after everyone had sat down in the living room. And that one sentence lead into a long story, that I had a hard time paying attention in. I wasn't that interested. So I didn't really pay attention. It wasn't until she ended her story that I looked up, and started paying attention.

“There were seven of us, we are considered more dangerous than you. We had abilities that were never heard of in your kind, or the human kind. They didn't have a name for our kind, they didn't consider us humans, or any other typical creature. So they numbered us. They wanted us, and if we refused to go with them, we would die.” Melissa finishes.

“Who wanted you?” I hear my grandpa say, and before Melissa could answer, I hear another voice answer.

“The Volturi.” Everyone looks at Alec as he answered. “That is why you disliked me when we met, you knew who I was. You feared I would turn you in. Five was the most powerful, lived long before we came to be. That's the reason you're here now, isn't it? One body dies, and you are born into another. Five was to die. You weren't supposed to live.” Alec explains.

“You killed my friends. I knew you somehow when we met. But my memories had been taken, and when my life was taken, my memories came back. I did nothing, you killed my friends. You killed me.” Melissa stood up.

Alec stood up as well, and there was something there, something that I hadn't seen since he had choked, right after I had finished high school. It was a scary dangerous glow, that made his red eyes, more red than usual.

“Three, Six and Seven were casualties. They had a choice, you were the one who wasn't supposed to have any. You may not know it right at the moment, but you're abilities stretch far more than simply giving people their deepest wishes. You were supposed to die.” Alec says, in a very scary calm voice.

“We have names. We're not just some numbers, we have actual names!” Melissa says, getting angry.

“None of you know your birth name. You change your name constantly to avoid being found. You were all born in Voulterra. All under the watchful eye of Aro. He refused to give you actual names, making it where your name was an assigned number. And at a certain age, you were all to enter a home, where he could watch you all carefully, see how much power you all had. If the seven of you lived, and used your abilities to their full potential, the world would end. You all are far to powerful to let live!” Alec says, in the same scary calm voice. If he was talking like this, then the whole situation must have been worse than anyone thought.

“You especially Five. Hundreds of years ago, when you were born for the first time, you had more power surrounding you than any of the others, you were the most powerful with every life.

I saw how Melissa tried to walk past Alec, and then stopped. It took a second to realize that Alec had grabbed her arm.

“Let, go of me!” Melissa says, trying to struggle out of Alec grip, and surprisingly, no one got up to stop him. Not even my grandma, and she would have, but no one did.

“You're not going anywhere. I know how you work. I've dealt with you in your past lives. Every life, you're the same. You always go and hide, once you're found out. I'm not letting you go anywhere this time Five.” Alec says, and I can see as he tightens his grip on Melissa's arm even more.

They stand there for a second, before Alec looks at my grandpa. “Is there anywhere to her away? Trust me, now she knows that we know, she will get more dangerous, in hoping to get away and live. That is all they think about, living. Whatever it takes. They won’t sacrifice much. Only everyone else's safety, none of that matters to them, especially this one. She'd gladly push you all down, so she could live.” Alec explains.

That's when my dad stood up. “I know where there's one.” He says, and I look up. He turns around and I stand up as well, and my dad tenses, and turns around, looking at me. “You're staying.” He says, and I shake my head.

“I'm going. I need to talk to Melissa.” I say, and right before he is able to talk again, I shake my head. “I'm going. There's no stopping me. Either I go talk to Melissa, or I walk out the door, and leave. I'm not staying somewhere, when no one will let me do anything.” I say, looking at him.

“Acting just like your mom, more now, than before.” My dad says.

I look up at him surprised, but then I started walking, before he could change his mind. I wouldn't look at my dad, in fear that I wouldn't like the expression on his face. I knew what the expression would be, anger.

*** *** *** *** ***

The walk was longer than expected, so, not used to walking so much at one time, my dad had to end up carrying me, but we finally got to this place where Melissa’s apparently going to be staying for a while. It was way underground as well, which surprised me.

I was allowed two minutes alone with Melissa where I could talk, and my dad and Alec were not allowed in hearing range. Two minutes, and that’s all, no longer.

So I was sitting here with Melissa and looking at her. She looked like Melissa, but now that I could see, she didn’t. Her hair was different, less frizzy, some freckles were going away, her face clear.

She was looking more alive, than she was last year. It was then that I realised that she must be changing, and when she was done, that her supposed new life would start.

“Do you remember your. um, ‘past lives’ at all?” I ask, looking at her, studying her. She may have changed and I may not have been close with her in a while, but I could still tell when she was lying.

“No.” That was the only reply I got.

“Liar. You DO remember the past! So you must remember what it’s like to go through what you are now. You’re becoming someone new. And then your friends won’t find you. You don’t want them to find you. So you purposely got killed, knowing you would change, or not come back as soon. I didn’t need to kill my mom, you would have come back anyway!” I accuse her.

It was at that moment when a breeze picked up out of nowhere and I looked around.

“Still in tuned with your element I see. Otherwise you wouldn’t have guessed all that. You’re right. I don’t want the others to know I’m here, and I’m glad I’m stuck down here, for now. The others are more powerful than me. They are still alive. They still have control of all their abilities. Stay away from them and don’t let them know you know me. They’d do anything to get me back.” Melissa says simply, before she refused to speak anymore.

I noticed that the reason was because my dad was back, so I turn around and walk off.

“Alex! Are we still friends?” I hear Melissa ask hopeful, and I stop. It was then that I took my hair, my very brown hair, out of its elastic, and, without looking at her, I answer.

“You did this to me. How can we be friends, when you changed me?” I ask, before continuing to walk off. Deep dark wish or not, it’s only once a year I wish it. I would never actually want to be like this, and now I am. And yes, immature as it is, I blame Melissa for it.

The way back out from Melissa’s cell was steep, and I was too tired to concentrate, so my dad ended up having to carry me again. I wasn’t really paying attention to where we were going until we were home, when dad set me down.

Too tired to do anything else, I went upstairs towards my room and when I got to my room, and turned my light on, about to go change into some PJ’s, did I notice something. Everything was gone, and not hidden gone, where furniture was still there, but gone. The room was empty, with all but a single box left.

“WHERE IS ALL MY STUFF!?” I yelled, still standing in my bedroom door. The room looked so huge and empty, and I didn’t like it. And the worst part wasn’t that my stuff was gone, but that I was actually, honest to God, CRYING because of it.

The tears were running down my face, and I am sure I was making those awful noises that crying kids makes, and I hated it so much. Why was I crying, I couldn’t stop and it sucked.

That’s another thing that has changed since my birthday. My emotions were out of control, a sad movie had me balling and everything. I got scared way to easy and when I was angry, I had uncharacteristic tantrums. Being human sucked.

The first person who came to my cry was my dad. That was normal, and then it was my grandma, and then surprisingly Alec. It was my grandma who spoke, while my dad hugged me.

“It’s at a different house. You’re dad came to us, saying he was going to move down to the town with you, so you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by everyone here. And after today, with how Alec is going to get in contact with the Volturi, let them know about Melissa, and her friends, it’d be best if you weren’t here when that happened.” Grandma explained, and I shook my head.

“Bu-B-But I don’t- I don’t wanna m-m-move!” I stutter through the crying. “I, I wanna st-t-stay here!”

“Shh, you’ll still see everyone, but it’s safer for you if you weren’t here.” Grandma explained.

“But-B-But m-m-moms here!” I reply, breaking down even more, thinking that I’d have to move away from all the memories of my mom, into a place where she wasn’t. She was dead, yes, all my memories of here were here, the best ones were here in my bedroom.

It was then that I was lifted up, and carried away from my room, and I just buried my face in my dad’s shoulder, crying to the point where I was having a difficult time breathing, but I couldn’t calm down enough to catch a good breath.

“She’s tired, it’s normal for her to act like this, when she’s as tired as she is right now.” I barely hear my grandpa explain as I’m crying, now sitting on the couch with my dad, crying until the sobs turned into yawns, and before I knew it, I was sleeping.

*** *** *** *** ***

            When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar room, but it had all my stuff. I knew right away, because I was on my bed.

Stretching, I sat up, and looked around. It was a small room, decent size, but small compared to my room. I immediately knew I wasn’t at home, but where ever my dad had decided to move us.

            So I got out of bed, and walked to the window, and frowned when I noticed we were very high up. It wasn’t even a normal house we were at. It was that apartment building you were lucky to get into in Forks, and by the looks of it, it was high up.

            I frowned, before walking out of the room, and looking around. I noticed right away which room was my dads, but I knew the bed in there was simply for show, but it was bigger than mine. It had two doors that lead into it, and it connected to the washroom.

            I went and looked around some more, and found my dad in the kitchen, clearly making food for one.

            “Not fair, bringing me here while I was asleep.” I say, frowning, while looking around. “I don’t like it.”

            “It was the only way to get you here. Now go and get dressed, you start school today. And don’t look at me like that, you’re going, no if’s ands or buts.” My dad says, and I frown. I’m about to say something when he looked at me, and I decided better, and listened to what he said.

            I got to the room with my stuff in it, and went to the closet and opened it, and frowned the second I saw its contents. Pink. And if it wasn’t pink, it was dresses. I didn’t like it.

            It took about ten minutes alone to find a pair of shorts, and matching shirt, before walking back out to see my dad. “I don’t like it. That’s all pink and girly!” I complain, before sitting at the table, which didn’t look familiar, and started eating, “I want to go home, and I don’t care what anyone says. I’m not calling this place home.”

            I was almost finished my breakfast when I felt something in my hair, and I stop, and turn around.

            “What are you doing!?” I ask, looking back at my dad, as he’s messing with my hair.

            “What everyone else does, you’re late, so I thought -” He starts before I interrupt him.

            “NO! The last time you tried to do anything with my hair, it got so knotted up, it had to get cut. Stay away from my head!” I say, and literally jump away from him as he moves his hands back down.

            “Fine by me.” My dad says, and moves to get a school bag.

            “You’re nervous. Why? Is it because you don’t like this place either? Can we go back home?” I ask, hopeful, only to be disappointed when my dad shakes his head.

            He was becoming a dad-like dad. Not the fun dad I had my whole life, but very dad-like. And many people would want that, but I didn’t. It normally meant something was going to happen when he got like this. Good or bad, almost like he was trying to impress someone.

            “I’ve just never had to do this, so I’m a little new to it. It will take some getting used to.” He explains, and I frown.

*** *** *** *** ***

            I was on time, and that was a surprise. I went into the class, and sat in my desk just as the teacher came in. I didn’t realise my leg was shaking before someone asked me.

            “First day nerves? That’s understandable. At least Mr. Damon didn’t make you get up and give five facts about yourself.”  I look towards the voice across from me, to find Paulina. I didn’t realise until now that the desks were arranged into groups of four.

            “He does that?” I ask, looking at her.

            “To every new student. He’ll most likely ask you to do so before the days over.” The boy next to me says. “I’m Max. And that’s Den, and you already know Lina.”  The boy, Max, says.

            “Den? What kind of name is that?” I ask, looking at the boy beside Paulina.

            “Short for Breaden. But Brayden G. over there was here first, so he gets the full name, and Den’s the name Max gave me. Everyone calls me Den. Well, everyone except Mr. Damon. He likes using full names.” The boy, Den explains.

            “And everyone calls me Lina, because I don’t like the Paul part. It came from my dad, who’s never home, who prefers work more than family time.”

            “I’m-” I start to say, before the teacher starts talking.

            “Half an hour to get caught up on your group projects on History. You’re research should be done and you should be starting do the write up for your project.” And with that, Mr. Damon went to his desk and started doing whatever elementary teachers do.

            “Group projects here are done with the kids in the desk arrangements. You can’t choose who you want to work with. Max, Den and I are behind everyone else, because we were short one person, so Mr. Damon is giving us an extra day than the other groups before presentation.” Paulina, em, Lina explains.

            “Max, are we meeting at your house today? My parents are gone and tonight and I’m stuck at whoever’s until they get back.” Den looks at Max, waiting.

            “No. After the volcano we did for science last month, mom said no more projects at my house. Lina?”

            “My dad’s home, he won’t let anyone over, because it gets to loud and he can’t focus on work. How about you Alex? You’re in our group now, can we go to your house to work on our project?” And then three sets of eyes are on me.

            Dad wants to move us away from home without asking me, so I’ll return the favour. I smile.

            “I don’t see the problem there. My dad keeps telling me I need to make friends.” I say, smiling. “What’s the topic?”

*** *** *** *** ***

            “Hi Dad! School was fun! Lina, Den and Max are coming over to work on the History project. Their parents know already, so, lets go!” I say, with a big smile on my face.

            “Alex, we were going to your grandparents for dinner tonight, you knew that.” Dad says, and I smile.

            “Well, I just saw them yesterday, and besides, we live in the same town as them now, so, reschedule. This projects due on Thursday, and our groups way behind, we need to get caught up, so we’re doing the project every day after school at home.” I say.

            It was then when I whisper, so only my dad can hear. “You made me go back to school, and moved me away from home, so I’m doing what a normal human kid does. Invite friends over without asking you.”

            It was then my dad sighs, and tells us to get in the car before calling Grandma and telling her we can’t go over. One thing my dad forgot about me, is not to change too much on me, or it will backfire on him.

Again sorry for the long wait.

Lots of changes!  What will happen now?

I love this chapter! I wonder what will happento Mellissa and if she will ever change back to her normal self? And what about Alex, will she stay the same? Can't wait for your next update! many surprises.

I still don't like Melissa though-have a bad feeling about her. I wonder if that'll go away or not.

Poor Alex though...lots of changes for her

Sorry for the wait!!! I had a bit of writers block! Kind of a fun chapter that will tie into the story later on as well!

Chapter Five 

                “How do we finish it if none of us have the special boards?” I ask, slightly confused.

            “Mr. Damon has them. We just need to ask him tomorrow when he lets us work on the project.” Lina replies.

            “So now there’s nothing else to do, but call to get picked up.” Den looks at Max, as he’s speaking this. “My parents think I’m at your house.”

            I must have looked confused, because I got a whispered reply from Lina.

            “Den’s not allowed at girls houses, or anyone’s house except Max’s really, unless his parents meet the kid and their parents. It’s really stupid.”

            “Hey, Dria, who’s in the picture?” I hear Max call, and it took me a second to realise he was talking to me.

            “That’s not my name!” I say, not answering his question.

            “Dria sounds more girly than Alex, and well, you’re girly. I saw your room and it’s all pink and fluffy.” Max explains.

            “With Max, you don’t really get to choose what he calls you. Den refused to answer to ‘Den’ for a week before he accepted that Max wouldn’t call him anything else.” Lina explains.

            “You didn’t answer my question. Who’s in the picture?” Max calls out again, and so I walk over to see what picture he’s talking about.

            I was surprised to see that it was Melissa and I, the old me, but still me. It was taken the day we graduated, I couldn’t answer right away, and when I was about to, my dad answered for me.

            “That is Alex’s sister and her best friend. Her sister’s April and her sister’s friend is Melissa.” My dad explains in a clean cut lie.

            I enjoyed seeing Max jump, not noticing my dad standing behind him. And it was Den who asked the next question.

            “Where’s your sister now Alex?” He is looking at the picture, before turning to look at me.

            “At school, in some state, She never told me where.” I say, shrugging, before turning around and walking back to the living room.

            “Harvard. It was her dream school. April always let on that she hated school, and refused to admit that she wanted to go off to University, but I’d find little pamphlets for Harvard. The computer had a history with looking the school up. So, after their mom died, April applied, and got in.”

            I stopped, and turned around. I didn’t let anyone know that, I even tried to keep it from myself. So much was going on months ago, it slipped my mind. I didn’t know dad knew that.

            “What’s she studying again dad?” I ask.

            “Law. The laws from where we came from are unfair. So she wants to be a lawyer for those who can’t afford one in cases.” My dad explains, and I sigh. I didn’t know he knew so much.

            “Does Dria want to go to Harvard also?” Max asks.

            “Dria?” My dad asks at the same time I try and correct Max again. “It’s Alex.”

            Realizing Max was talking about me, my dad smiles. “I would believe so. Alex is so much like her sister it sometimes gets hard to figure out who’s who.” He jokes, smiling. “Go on and work on your project.”  He continues.

            “We’re done. We can’t do anything else until school tomorrow.” I say, looking at dad. “Den’s going with Max, so Max has to call his mom, and Lina has to call her parents.” I say, looking at him.

*** *** *** *** ***

            Half an hour later, Max’s mom arrived to get Max and Den. The only thing I didn’t expect was the weird looks she gave my dad. The fact that my dad invited her in to talk was even more weird. So, my dad and Max’s mom were in the living room talking, as Max, Den, Lina and I sat in the kitchen eating.

`           “She needs to stop this.” Max says, shaking his head, watching his mom.

            “Stop what?” I ask, confused.

            Den was the one who answered, as Max was just staring at his mom, not touching his food.

            “Max’s parents got divorced, about a year ago. Well, his mom never really got over it, and when his dad just got re-married, she’s been trying to find a guy who can make Max’s dad jealous, so he’d come back.”

            “No guy has wanted to hang out with her, as she has three kids though.” Lina adds.

            “Well, my dad won’t budge. Even though my mom died, he won’t even look at anyone else in that way, so I don’t think my dad will co-operate.” I say.

            “It will.” Max says, and then speaks louder. “Mom! Mark’s going to freak if you’re not back. Mary will throw a fit. We need to go. Den needs to get to our house so he’s there for his parents to get him!

            “I have spoken with Breaden’s mom, she believes that we are going out for dinner, and I will drop him off when we are finished.” Max’s mom explains, and I watch the interaction.

            “I don’t see Mary, so Mark is obviously babysitting her. He’ll freak mom! I don’t want to listen to him complain!” Max continues.

            “Mark had to work tonight, so I hired a babysitter. I told her I would be about an hour.” Max’s mom shoots back, and gave him a look.

            “Well, I apologize, I did not realize you were planning on bringing the boys out for dinner, I already made some. You can come in and have some as well, if you want to, or wait for them to finish up.” My dad explains, and I narrow my eyes, confused. My dad’s looking at her weird.

            “What’s that?” I whisper, and look at Lina. “Why is he looking at her like that?” When Lina shrugs, I turn to look at Max, and he’s too busy staring at his mom, so I look at Den.

            “You’re a boy Den, why is my dad looking at Max’s mom like that?” I ask, and Den looks at me.

            “It’s because she wants him to. She wants to use him to make Max’s dad jealous. It’s just how it is, and it looks like it’s going to work.” Den explains, and then everyone he and Lina start talking when they realise that they won’t get anything from Max or I.

            “So, you have kids other than Max?” My dad asks, as he sits down on the couch with Max’s mom, trying to start a friendly conversation.

            “Yes. I have a teenage boy and then a six-year-old girl. How about you? What’s your family look like?”

            “Uh, at the moment, it is just Alex and me, my oldest daughter is away at university.” My dad explains.

            “And their mother?” Max’s mom pressed on.

            “Uh, she is no longer with us. She passed away in a car accident about a year and a half ago.” He explains.

            “Oh, I am so sorry. It is difficult enough being a single mom. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be a widower with children. At least your girls are okay.” Max’s mom feigns sorry and empathy.

            “Mom! Den and I are done! Den needs to go home so he can go to sleep! He’s getting tired!” Max calls out.

            “No I’m no- OW! Yea, I’m getting tired, I really need to get home!” Den lies.

            “OH! I’m sorry, get your shoes on, and we’ll go.” Max’s mom explains, as she stands up with my dad. “Thank you for feeding them.”

            “It really wasn’t much of a problem. I’m used to feeding the girls friends.” Dad explains. “It was nice meeting you...”

            “Anna.” Max’s mom, Anna, introduces herself finally. “And since our children have become quick friends, we should be seeing each other more often.” She says, and I roll my eyes.

            “MOM!” Max calls out, as he and Den are waiting at the door.

            “I’m coming!” Anna says, and walks to the door, my dad following.

            “Thanks for dinner Mr. McCarty.” Den says, before putting his school bag on his back.

            “See you guys tomorrow. Bye Lina, bye Dria, bye Mr. McCarty! Max says, as he pulls his mom out the door, and with a final goodbye, my dad closes the door.”

            “Dad! What was that?” I ask, looking at him from my spot at the table.

            “What? We were speaking as your friends were finishing eating. A friendly conversation between one parent to another.”

            “That was by no means, a ‘friendly’ conversation!” I say, looking at him.

            “Yes it was.” Dad replies.

            “Sorry, Mr. McCarty, but no, she was flirting with you, girls don’t talk to guys like that on a normal basis.” Lina explains, looking at my dad, before taking another bite of her spaghetti.

            “See! That was a flirty conversation, not friendly conversation!” I say, and look at my dad.

            “Hey, Lina, it’s been an hour since you called your parents, do you want to try again?” My dad says, in attempting to change the topic.

            “Yea, um sure.” Lina says, and gets down from the table and walks over to get the phone to call her parents again, while my dad sits at the table. He wasn’t saying anything, I could tell he was suspicious with how Lina reacted and how her parents haven’t gotten here yet. I could tell he was listening in to make sure that everything seemed fine, so I just sat there, and finished my own spaghetti.

            Lina finished her phone call, and turned around slowly and came back to the table, looking at the floor. “My dad’s not feeling well, and can’t drive, and my mom is out working all night.” She says, sounding ashamed, though one look at my dad, I can tell that it wasn’t the case.

            “Well you are welcome to stay here if you want to. It’s not a big deal. We’ve got a guest room you can stay in.” My dad says, looking at Lina, and she looks up, surprised by the offer.

            “Are you sure? I do not want to be a burden.” She says, and my dad shakes his head, smiling.

            “It’s no big deal, really. You can stay here whenever you want, it’s not a problem with me, don’t worry.” He says with a friendly smile.

            “Thanks Mr. McCarty, really.” Lina says, smiling, while looking at him.

            “You’re welcome. Alex, why don’t you go find a pair of night clothes for your friend to wear.” Dad says, before standing up, getting the dishes and bringing them to the sink.

Interesting group of friends.  I wonder what the story is with Lina and her parents.


I wanna try and make the chapters this long from now on, but if I cant, may I apologize now, because of future short chapters.

Here is Unwanted Friendship, Chapter Six!

Chapter Six

            A month had passed, and since then, Lina had been staying most of each week here. Friday night until Monday night, and Wednesdays after school, to which she would proceed home by walking.

            I was curious as to what her home life was like, but Den or Max never asked and so I thought the topic wasn’t worth speaking.

            Today was Tuesday, and Lina would be going home, and I would be going to my grandparents. But the bell was about to ring, and Lina had been called to the office about thirty minutes ago, so maybe her dad picked her up.

            I didn’t question it until the bell rang, and I went to go get my stuff to leave, and when I went outside, I saw my dad waiting. So I walked to the car when I heard my name, so I turned around to see some kid in my class, Tori or something, hold out a paper for me to take.

            “Alex! Are you planning on going to the mother/daughter tea party? The information’s on this flyer.” She says, holding it out to me, and I just stare at it. “Oops! I forgot, your mom’s dead, so you can’t go. But don’t worry you can play with your loser friend Paulina. Her mom left and never came back. Isn’t that right Paulina?” Say’s Tori as she looked over my shoulder.

            “My mom works a lot, she didn’t leave. Now leave Alex alone, you can’t bully people for things they have no control over. It’s not her fault her mom died. Just like it isn’t my fault my mom le- works a lot. You’re nothing but a bully, which means you won’t have as good a life as us. Come on Alex.” I finally turn to see Lina standing there, just as she grabs my arm and pulls me behind her, with a limp she didn’t have when she left class.

            “You’re limping, and you have a bruise on your arm, are you okay?” I ask, looking at her, causing Lina to let go of my arm, to cover the bruise on hers.

            “I’m fine. I tripped, and landed on a door on my way to the office earlier.” Lina says when we get to my dad.

            “What’s going on?” My dad asked.

            “It was just a bully picking on Alex because her mom died. As if it was her fault. I have to go home. I’ll see you tomorrow Alex.” Lina says before trying to walk off, before my dad gently grab’s Lina’s arm.

            “You want a ride-” My dad starts, but the question’s lost when we both see Lina flinch and gasp in pain. My dad drops her arm, and looks to see the bruise and odd shape of it. “What happened?”

            “I tripped, I need to go home.” Lina explains, going to leave again, before my dad caught her again, this time on the shoulder.

            “You don’t get that from a trip. Come on, I’m going to bring you to get checked out.” My dad says. “Get in the car.” He says, opening the door for Lina. It takes a few seconds, but Lina, deciding she could trust my dad, gets in the car and he closes the door behind her. One look to me makes me get in the other side before my dad gets in, and pulls away.

            “I can’t go to the hospital, I don’t have a health card on me, and you don’t need to pay.” Lina says, sounding scared.

            “We aren’t going there. My grandpa’s a doctor, and he has everything he needs at his house, and we were going there today anyway.” I explain, looking over at Lina, and then my dad. “They do know we are coming right?” I ask, and look at him.

            “Yea, the company they had last time won’t be there, you don’t need to worry.” My dad replies, knowing what I was talking about.

Alec had managed to get more Volturi members there because of Melissa and her friends, but so far they haven’t done anything about them, just sat and observed. My dad makes it clear that they aren’t to be there when I am, so all the Volturi members leave before I get there. Well, all except one, but my dad seems to be fine with Alec staying.

            The ride was silent then until we got home. Yes, I still think of this as home, because it is. I still hate living away from here.

            Forgetting about Lina, I got out of the car and started running up the drive way, before hearing my dad.


            I turn around and see him, seeing Lina get out of the car, before remembering. “Sorry!” I call out, as my dad gets the two school bags, and Lina limps her way over. When she catches up, I do what I can to help her up the stairs.

            “This is where your grandparents live?” Lina asks, looking up at the house. “It’s so big!”

            “Yea well they have someone from the family over all the time. So they need the room.” I say as we get to the front door, which I open it, and walk inside. The front foyer has all the pictures of the family, so Lina went right to looking at them as my dad came in, setting our bags down.

            “Dad, where’s Grandpa?” I ask, looking at him.

            “I am going to go get him, wait here.” He says, before walking off.

            “Is this your family?” Lina asks, while looking at the pictures.

            “Yea, this is the family.” I say, walking up beside her to look at the pictures she was looking at.

            “Your sister and your mom look so much alike, like they could be sisters.” Lina says.

            “Many people thought they were. Our family doesn’t physically age. It’s a medical mystery actually. Come the early twenties, all signs of ageing stop. Even I don’t understand it.” I hear my grandpa say, causing Lina to jump, I’m not admitting I jumped too, but I didn’t know my grandpa was there.

            “You must be the famous Lina that Alex talks so much about.” My grandpa says, holding out a hand.

            “Uh, yea, I am.” Lina replies, shaking my grandpas hand.

            “I am Alex’s grandfather, and I hear you are here specifically to see me. So why don’t we go upstairs to my office, and I’ll take a look at your arm.” My grandpa says with a warm smile. Lina must have looked to me because I then hear my grandpa say, “Alex will be here when we are done, come on.” He says, leading her to the stairs, and then even I hear his office door close.

            I then turn, to leave the front foyer, when I see him standing there, and all I can see is Melissa’s body drop to the ground before I am brought back to the present.

            “No!” I say, before running over to him, and start to push him out of the room, and into the living room, all the while shouting out the same word, over and over again, until we get to the living room, and I stop pushing.

            “I do not understand.” He says, looking at me, a confused look on his face.

            “The last time you met one of my friends, you killed her.” I say, refusing to look at him.

            “I thought you have gotten past that.” Alec responds, looking at me. I knew there would be more confusion on his face, that’s why I didn’t want to look back at him. I didn’t want to feel bad for the way I reacted.

            “Yea but,” I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I continued looking down. When I noticed he tried to walk past me again, I stopped him, and pushed him further back then where he was standing to begin with. “No stay here!” I say, now looking up at him.

            “Why is it that she can push you around wherever, and you let her, but when anyone else does so, you throw them across the room?” I hear a voice behind me.

            “Because she is Alex.” Alec responds without missing a beat, and I could feel my neck turn red at this.

            “And I am Renesmee, and you are Alec. No duh she’s Alex.” I turn to see my younger cousin who is now physically older. “What I mean is, Alex expresses her emotions outward and always has. When she is happy or excited, you let her hug you. When she is angry, you let her yell, hit, kick. When she is upset, again, you will let her hit you. When she is scared, you let her hide behind you. All this stuff you let her do, but when anyone else tries, you throw them across the room, throw a big hissy fit, and refuse to speak for a week, and will only glare at anyone.” Renesmee explains.

            “Because she-“

            “Is Alex, yea I get it, she’s Alex, and everyone just loves Alex. Alex can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Everyone else, no, they get consequences for their actions.” Renesmee says, and I stand there watching as she walks away, before I look down.

            “I’m sorry.” I whisper, before going to sit on the couch. But this is how it was, when our roles were switched when I was the older one, and everyone crowded around her, and she was the perfect one.

            And now I’m the small one, where my feet won’t even touch the floor when I sit on the couch, and I hate it. I want to go back to being normal.

            I sat there silently, not wanting to talk to anyone, wanting to be alone. I was aware when Alec sat down on the other side of the couch, but didn’t press me into any conversations, so when he did speak, about fifteen minutes later, suffice to say, I was surprised, as normally when I am like this, I am the first to speak.

            “Do you wish to continue making your hat with rubber elastics?” He asks, looking over at me.

            I look at him, confused. “Why do you ask?” I ask.

            “It is just that normally when you are angry or upset, you make things with your rubber elastics and they help to calm you down.” He says, and I look at him a minute more. “The wrist bands made from rubber elastics are not that comfortable, I do not understand why people would wear them.” He continues.

            “Why do you?” I ask, before looking down again. “And do not say because I made it, because no one else wears them, knowing I make them, so why do you wear them?” I ask, without looking at him.

            “Is it not what a friend would do?” He asks.

            “Yea, well...” I say, my sentence trailing off to nowhere.

            “I thought we were on friendly terms now. Everyone else seems to believe so.” Alec replies.

            I didn’t know how to respond. I thought we were friends, but it’s never been confirmed by words before, and if everyone else thinks the two of us are friends, it shouldn’t matter what I said in reply. I guess because I’ve never been good at making friends, my history being Melissa before having found friends in Max, Den and Lina. I was scared to make friendships official by saying it.

            “Yeah, I guess we’re friends.” I reply, still not looking at him, not really wanting to now. I knew my face was red, and I didn’t want him to see that, I didn’t want anyone to see it.

So then, to have a reason to avoid looking at him, I went to go get my elastics to continue making the hat I was currently working on, though it wasn’t looking anything like a hat.

            I sat there at the table in the living room, working on it for about twenty minutes before I heard a new voice.

            “What’s that you’re working on?” Lina asks.

            I turn to look at her, before looking down. “A hat, made with rubber elastics.” I reply, without looking at her.

            “That looks like Rainbow Looms.” Lina says, sitting next to me.

            I look over at her, confused with what she called them. “Is that what they are? Every package has something different on it, I never know the real name for them, yet they all do the same thing.” I say, looking at her as she nods.

            “Yep, I went to day camp with my cousin over the summer, and we did it, and even the leaders called them Rainbow Looms.” Lina replies and she looks at my hat.

            It was then that I saw her arm. “What happened?” I ask.

            “What do you-” She starts before seeing me look at her arm. “Oh, uh, you’re grandpa said it was broken, so he made a cast. You were right. He does have a lot of doctor supplies here.” She says.

            “It wasn’t broken earlier today. What happened?” I ask, looking at her.

            “Nothing happened. You don’t need to worry about it. it’s for me to deal with.” She says, before picking up some of the rubber elastics to look at them. “These are the good ones, they won’t break as easy. They cost way more than the normal elastics though.” She says, changing the topic.

            “Yea, the other ones kept breaking because I would stretch them too much.” I say, looking down again.

            “You are Alex’s friend.” I hear, before looking up, completely forgetting that Alec was even in the room.

            “Yea, I’m Lina, and you are?” She asks, her voice guarded, and her face composed.

            “I am Alec.” Alec replies, picking up on her reaction to him.

            “Oh, okay. Um, Alex, I need to go home, is it okay if I call my dad to get me.” Lina asks me.

            “My dad can drive you home. He was going to anyway.” I reply, working on my hat. And with his hearing, he knew I mentioned him, because it was then that my dad walked in.

            “You ready to go home?” My dad asks Lina.

            “Yea, but I can call my dad to get me.” She says,

            “I was on my way into town anyway, come on, go get your stuff.” My dad replies.

            Lina looks at him for a second, before standing up, and walking off towards the front door.

            I then move to put all my rubber elastics in their container, and then stand up, about to go get my stuff when my dad grabs hold of my shoulder.

            “You are staying here Alex.” He says, and I look at him confused.

            “Why? Aren’t we leaving?” I ask.

            “I am. I am bringing your friend home, and then I am going to go out for a bit, and will be back to get you.” He says.

            “Where are you going?” I ask, looking at him.

            “Out, so sit, work on your crafts, I’ll be back in a few hours.” He says, before walking out of the room, leaving me standing there confused.

            I sigh, before sitting to work on my hat again, giving it my focus, so I do not feel the nerves so much. I don’t like that my dad was leaving without me, but I am powerless to say otherwise. So I sit here, working on my stupid elastic hat.

            “What will you do with the hat?” I hear, and I don’t turn around to answer.

            “Put it with all my other stuff I made. No one wants them, and this keeps me calm when I get mad, so I am simply going to put it with the other stuff I’ve made.” I say, focusing on making my hat.

            I was working for about fifteen minutes when there was a knock on the door, so I stood up and went to answer it, ignoring as Alec told me not to. I wanted to know who was here, so I went to answer the door.

            But, when I opened it, I had to step back, as I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to see who I saw, my eyes widened as I called out.

            “Grandpa!” I call, not turning away from the door.

            “Who is it?” I hear as my grandpa comes down the stairs, making me turn around to see when he comes into the front foyer.

            “It’s mom.” I say, looking back to face the door, just as everyone who was currently in the house, was now in the front foyer.

Things are, well, they are.

I don't know where this new twist is going.

I don't know how I feel about Lina right now. I was feeling the same way with Melissa way back when we really met her, so, hopefully Lina doesn't become some crazy like Melissa.

Right now, I think my favourite new friend of Alex's is Max. I may enjoy writing them together.

(( I am writing this in case you somehow come in at the bottom, and I don't want you to see the new twist. ))

I hope you enjoy the new chapter, and if so, stick around.

I will try for Meeting Melissa Adams update next, so... Yea!!

Leave you're thoughts below!!

Something is happening to Paulina.  I wonder what is happening with her father, and what is Alex's father planning to do about it?

Also: Interesting twist at the end: is it really her, or is it an illusion?

What will happen next?

I finally caught up :) Max is rather annoying lol...but funny at the same time.

I wonder what's going on...How can Rosalie be back? She died...this is a strange/curious twist


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