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So, rated Pg13 for it's reasoning. It has some course language that can be suited for a pre-teen, but it's the fact that seeming how Alec is part of the Volturi, and the Volturi wouldn't mind if the Cullens were dead, so Alec does have some threats to kill Alex come out of his mouth.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy the story.



I do not own the Cullens, they belong to Stephanie Meyer. Alex, however belongs to me. The plot belongs to me. The pairing of Alex and Alec was my idea, though it does not belong to me, seeming how it has one of Stephanies original characters involved. The Cullens, woves, humans and setting all belong to Stephanie.

I only own the characters of Alex and Melissa and Raychel. Please ask me if you want to use these Characters. If I give you permission please note in your story that these three belong to me.

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I looked into his eyes. Gold. Like my family. I forgot for a moment that anyone else was there, forgot my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, my cousin. I even forgot about the squirming boy in my arms. Only the man who wore those gold eyes. They used to be red, before he changed to my families ways. My dad and grandpa made him change.
He didn’t change much. He was tempted for the blood of human still. Maybe even more so than uncle Jasper. But he kept to his promise. For him to stay, he had to go, vegetarian, as my grandpa often put it.
He even left his coven, dropping the only way you would tell he was part of it. He goes by the last name of Cullen now, to keep up with the human charade my family puts on in public.
If you were to tell me that I would find love in this man standing before me two years ago, I would have laughed at you. Or attacked you.
Two years ago, I never would have guessed I would have fallen in love with Alec Volturi.

Unwanted Love - Click and Scroll

After the Volturi leave Forks, from confronting the Cullens about Renesmee they don't really trust the Cullens anymore. So Aro sends Alec and Jane to Forks to keep an eye on the area.
Alex is the other, unknown hybrid, daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. She is not the easiest to get along with, so when Alec and Jane show up, she isn't to happy. She stays away from them at all costs.
The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Alex behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.
After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Alex start talking, Alex see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi.
Over the next few weeks, Alex notices that, without her control or permission she has started to love Alec. Her parent's hate it, and when they find out, they try to keep the two apart.
What will happen to Alex after all this?


Table of Contents

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 Unwanted Friendship -  Click and Scroll

Alex is now dealing with her moms death, the best way she can, and that is proving to be very difficult. With the fact that she killed her mom, to bring her best friend back, which did work, but things between Melissa and Alex are different. For starters, Alex can barely look at Melissa, without remembering that Melissa is the result of the death of Alex's mom.
Melissa is different too. She's not human, and she's not a vampire. She's a corpse. A living, dead body. So she must be a zombie right? No. A zombie is a mindless, gross walking corpse. Dead, but walking. Melissa is still very smart, and keeps clean. There's also the fact that she is neither dead or alive.
In this installment, you see Alex trying to figure out what exactly Melissa is, struggle with confusing feeling about Alec, deal with her dads over protectiveness, and try to get over her moms death, in a respectful way.
If you liked Unwanted Love, then you wont want to miss it's great sequel Unwanted Friendship, where everything has changed.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 .............................................................................. Page Thirteen
Chapter 2 .............................................................................. Page Fourteen
Chapter 3 .............................................................................. Page Fifteen
Chapter 4 .............................................................................. Page Sixteen

Unwanted Regrets - Click and Scroll

**Will fill this in when Summary is completed which will be at the end of Unwanted Friendship
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 ..............................................................................

Meeting Melissa Adams - Click and Scroll


We all know Alex's story, but what we don't know is how she met Melissa. We all thought they met at school, which isn't entirely true. Melissa has a backstory of her own, which she had forgotten, until she died, and resurrected.

Melissa originally forgot, because it was to dangerous for her to know they truth, what walks with the humans. But now that she's back from the dead, she remembers.

This is Melissa's story.

She isn't as innocent as you had originally thought.

Table of Contents:

Prologue ............................................................................... Page Fourteen

Chapter 1 .............................................................................. Page Fourteen

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Gosh, things really are getting intense. I wonder what will happen now. I hope that Edward or someone helps Alex, before it's too late.
I did not see what Sadie really is coming, Rosalie's sister :( poor Alex. Now she must choose between her mother and her best friend.

(I had to change Roses background story a little to meet the story)

Well, Alex doesn't really have a choice there. Sadie wants revenge, she was only three years old when Rose preformed the ritual/spell to bring her friend back, killing their mom in the process, as well as Sadie's humanity. Sadie got hold of Alex, and now with a simple command, Alex does it.

It will be hard to write upcoming chapters, but that is why the next few will not be in Alex's POV, but someone elses.

Next chapter up, sometime within the week.

Here it is. I am so sorry it took so long. I had no idea what to write! Hope you like it!!

We learn more about two major characters, how they handle things. Hope you like it.

Chapter Fifteen

*** *** ***

Alec POV

*** *** *** 

Alex looked at him. She wanted to talk, to him, after her whole family was out looking for her. "You're family," He starts say before she cuts him off. He didn't know why he let her cut him off, or talk to him the way she did sometimes. If it were anyone else, she would have been long dead. Simply for rudeness. But she wasn't just anyone else. She was Alex. He was confused about a lot of thi gs when it came to her. He didn't understand anything anymore.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" She says, looking at him. He had not heard her speak. He must have been getting ill. He didn't know how, but he's never felt like this before.

"I did not." He says, looking at her. She looked different. He could not put a finger on it, but she did.

"You were right earlier. I'm hungry. Come help me find something?" She asks. He looked at her, confused. He did not understand her.

"Hunting animals is not my specialty, and I can not cook any form of human food. Besides, your family is looking for you, and will be here any minute. You're father is quite angry, and your mother is-" He was saying before she cut him off again. "All the more reason to leave. I dont want to see my dad when he's mad, and I don't even want to see my mom. Come ON!" She says, grabbing his arm, and trying to pull him.

Alec stood there confused, atleast he didn't have to stand there long, since the door opened right there. and Alex's dad was right infront of them, though looked at Alex, not him.

"What were you THINKING?" He asks her, So Alec took a few steps back, as to not get in the way. But he couldn't as he forgot Alex was holding his arm. He loomed down at it, as she tightened her grip. He was about to pull away again, when Alex hid behind him.

Alec stood there, confused, and tried to move out of the way again. Yet she wouldn't let him.

"Don't be mad. I went to go get the stuff Melissa had of mine, and since her death just came on tv, I went to talk to Melissas mom. Raychel wasn't there." She says, frowning, still hiding.

Alec was confused, and again tried to get away. He could, simply get away from her, but it would hurt her. He sighs, trying a little harder to get her off. Alec was getting frusterated, and finally managed to get Alex off of him, and was across the room. He didn't need Alex's dad getting angry at him for any reason.

"You just don't listen do you? We want you safe! You dont know what's out there, and as it turns out neither do I. You had me so scared, don't go without explaining where. We couldn't find you." Alec stood back, as Alex's dad was showing anger mixed with fear. Just as a father would after his child had disobeyed him.

*** *** ***

That was a week ago. Since then, Alex had been acting wierd, though be could not put his finger on why. She wouldn't go near her mom, barely spent much time with her dad, and would go out, claiming to go shopping, yet never came home with any new items.

He figured she was going out for the hunt, since he always smelt fresh blood in her system when she got back, and that was the stangest part. I didn't smell foul, like animal blood did, it smelt, human. Her famuly didn't catch on, as they weren't strong enough to tell the difference of smells. Well, no. The southern one, Jasper would, since he is so careful with how he handles his eating habits, not wanting to slip up.

Alec looked at the wall, confused. Alex's temper was shorter, getting angry more, and it was worse. Alec has had to hold back many times. Because he had almost hurt her with her acting so foolishly, treating him, and everyone else with such little disrespect. But the thought of hurting her, it angered him, he didn't know why, but keeping her safe and out of harms way wasn't just a job anymore. He wanted to make sure she wasn't getting hurt when she went out.

All of this confused him. Especially the part where she has been spending more time with him, when she was home. Alex never really spent time with anyone else, and it did not go unnoticed with the family, or the few Volturi members here to make sure Sadie did no harm.

Alec was very confused with the whole thing. He just wished someone would help him understand what was going on. He sighs, and thought he would try to figure it out on his own. He thought.

Alec didn't like seeing Alex sad. It mad him feel bad. But he felt calm when she smiled or laughed. She had started lightly touching his arm, when he was angry, and it calmed him down within seconds. He found himself appologizing more, wanting to make sure Alex wasn't sad He even did what she asked him.

He didn't understand what was going on whatsoever.

"That may be true, but its making no sence to him." Alec heard someone say, but paid it no mind.

Alec started to worry about Alex. She was having nightmares, with no memory of what they were about when she woke up, but no one knew why, because for some reason, the shield, Edwards mate was blocking her mind from hearing in to make sure the nightmares were serious.

Alec was completely lost. He thought he would figure out what was going on, but the mere thought of Alex made him forget his train of thought.

Her father was right, the sound of her laughter was the sound of birds singing happily. And her dark blue eyes lit up when she smiled. Her blond hair, blonde like his sisters, but looked nicer, it shined when she was out in the sun. She had a favourite jacket. He learned how much she treasured it, when he was looking at it once, and she took it from his hand, angry.

She had a sweater she kept with her in her room, feeling like her friend was still there, and talk to the sweater when needing advice.

Alec felt worse, everytime he heard her talking to the sweater. He noticed how her family was concerned. Why she was acting so young. She was still a child? The age of eight is concidered a child, why would her actions be any different from a spoiled, hurting child? He acknowladged it, and left her alone to talk to her sweater. It always happend at about nine-thirtyfive at night. She talked to her sweater for about an hour, before going to sleep.

Alex's dad had tried taking the sweater from the room one night, and when she woke up, she was extreemly angry. She never let anyone touch the sweater.

"He is trying so hard to figure it out, he has no idea whats going on." He heard someone say, before the door opened, and the very familiar heavy, yet soft footprints came in. Alec barely had time to move, before Alex was in the room, and grab his arm, trying to pull him away. 

"I need help. You need to help me." Alex said, trying to pull him out of the room, to leave the house as she did everyday.

Alec sighs, relaxing enough to let her pull him from the house without struggle. "What is it you need help with? I do not understand, you get mad at people who try to help you." Alec says as Alex basically shoves him in her car. Alec didn't have a good feeling of this day.

Alex looks at him, a sad look in her eyes. "Were getting Melissa back. I miss her so much, gou don't understand. I need to have my best friend back." Sbe says.

This leaves Alec, confused and worried. "What do you mean? your friend is dead. Bringing someone back from the dead is impossible." Alec says, looking at Alex, seeing for the first time, that her eyes looked darker than normal. Like she didn't hear him or anything. He then looked down as he saw her phone.

Alec didn't know much of technology, though he did know how to check messages, so he goes to the envelope picture and saw the first name was the initials S.H. and he tapped the message, reading. 

As he read on, his fear and worry began growing, and when he got to the last one, he just finished reading it before he heard a deafening noise. He dropped the phone, to cover his ears, trying to block it out.

Why wasn't Alex reacting to the shrieking noise. And then something happened. He heard someone speak through the noise.

"Its nice to be reaquainted Alec. It's been a long time." The voice says.

Alec managed to look up, seeing Alex driving still, but he was now face-to-face with the one who he had wished to not see again. His memories of Sadie were not good ones. And because of the shreiking noise she was making him hear, was keeping him frozen, he couldn't move.

"Someone's going to die tonight. And you and your little friend here are going to be bait. Onky thing is, you Alexandria will do the killing. You will have your friend back by the end of the night. And I will have my revenge."

And anything after that, Alec did not have the strenth to continue laying attention, as he fochsed on blocking out the noise.

*** *** ***

Emmett P.O.V

*** *** ***

"Jasper! Edward! Alice!" Emmett yells, angry. He waited until his daughter had left, again, making Alec go with her. "Enough of everything! Whats going on with my daughter! She wont speak of anything being different, and the three of you can get inside somehow. I know you've done it. Tell me what is going on!" He was angry. It was clear.

"Emmett, calm down. Everythings probably fine." Rosalie said. "She's probably still dealing with Melissa's death, and doesn't know how to take it." She says.

"THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Sbe avoids you, barely talks to me. Before she left, worrying all of us, she didn't want to be anywhere near Alec, and now he's the only one she will reallg talk to. She sits there at night, talking to that god forsaken sweater, like it'll reply, she's out all hours of the day. This is NO WHERE NEAR NORMAL!" Emmett yells.

He then turned his attention to the three he originally wanted answers from. "What. Is. Going. On. With. My. Little. Girl." He demands, making each word, its own sentence.

"I would tell you if I knew. I cant pick anything up when it comes to her. A big mess. I can't clean it to get real thoughts." Edward says.

This angered Emmett even more, because before anyone saw it coming, Edward was off the floor, and flying through the glass doors. "Thats not GOOD ENOUGH!" He yells.

"Emmett!" Rosalie yells. "What are you going to say to Esme, when she asks why her new door is broken?" She asks.

Emmett turned on her. "I am going to simply say, that I am trying fo figure out whsts going on with our daughter. Something isn't right. It's pathetic you cant see that. You're her mother. You should know BEFORE me that somethings not right. But you didn't. You barely know her at all. Not like I do. Not like I know her.Is being a mother not what you expected Rose? Is she not like you wanted her to be? You're never around. She needs you, and you aren't there." Emmett was saying, but got cut off by Rose's phone.

"Hello? Right nows not a good time.' Rose speaks into the phone.

"Mom! MOM! Help me! Alec's hurt. Raychel hurt him, and now she's looking for me!" Emmett could easily hear his daughter on the other end. And ber words were making him mad. More mad than be already was.

"Alex! Alex, where are you?" Rosalie asks over the phone.

"I'm at the abandoned areana. She chased us here, and Alec made me hide, while he distracts her-" Emmett didn't have the patience to sit there and listen. The second he heard Alex say where she was, he ran off. Edward might be the fastest, but there was no way he coukd catch up. Emmett was putting all his streangh into running as fast as he could, going to the abandoned arena.

He bursts the door open, and heard Alex talking, and ran in, seeing Alex, and a girl who he though was to be Sadie. He also took note on Alec sitting in the corner, covering his ears, appeared to be trapped by some noise. Emmett didn't care, he ran and grabbed the girl -Sadie- by the neck, squeezing tightly. Full of adrenaline, it would have taken a slfew seconds more before her head came right off, before he felt a sharp pain, and a deafening crack on his back, causing him to turn around, to see Alex, his Alex, standing there, eyes still closed from the swing with a broken bat in her hand.

"You weren't supposed to come. Only mom was." Alex says, and opens her eyes. And Emmett had just noticed that they weren't her normal caring blue eyes, but bottemless black pitts. And then the sound came. A loud noise. It registered to him, that it mudt have been the same noise that was leaving Alec in the corner, motionless.

Emmett felt all the streanth fade, as the noise got louder. He dropped Sadie to cover his ears, trying to stop the noise. He fell to his knees, and felt a strong wind push him back to the same corner Alec was in, and he looked up.

"I'm sorry daddy. She said it has to be done. She's going to bring Melissa back, she needs my help though." Alex says, and closed the corner off by winds blowing from one wall to the other at dangerous speeds, that would tear anything apart. And then the sound ended.

"She is not herself. She's needed streangh for this, the air holds many other qualities with it. Loud sounds for one. She's been feedi g from humans for a week, to make the sacrifice she believes will bring her friend back." Alec says, sighing with relief, that the pain of the noise was now gone.

"What sacrifice? Who has to die to let her down that the dead cant be raised?" Emmett asks, angry. He looked at Alex. His daughter, but his little girl was lost somewhere, and he intended to get her back.

Alec wouldn't answer, he knew that Emmett would not like the outcome.

"You better tell me who the sacrifice is, or god help me!" Emmett yells.

Just then, someone walked in, a d everyone looked to the doors. 

"Her." Alec says, answering Emmetts question.

"Mom." Alex says.

Im sorry for all the mistakes in this chapter. I wrote this on my phone, late last night, as I knew what to write for yhis chapter...the phones keybored was being Please ignore all the annoying mistakes ): Next chapter will hopefully be fore carefully done.

I just read the chapter over, noticing all the mistakes. I'm sorry.

Scary!  I hope they can find a way to get her back and save her mother!

oh no!!!  I hope she doesn't kill her mom...please update again soon


I am going to be doing a side story Based off of Melissa's back story. I will continue with this story, and will do a sequal. I hope you are looking forward to learning more about Melissa.



(I'm not meaning to make it look like just TVD and TO....Pheobe Tonkin was my idea for Melissa, since I brought her in.and these are fairly recent.)


Title of Upcoming Sequel: Unwanted Friendship (Coming sometime in March 2014)

Title of the Last Unwanted Fanfiction: Unwanted Regrets (Coming, Unknown)

Title of Novella: Meeting Melissa Adams (Coming sometime in March 2014)

This will have three 'books' in this fanfiction Trilogy.

The Unwanted Trilogy.

Little Sneak Peak:
"Your daughter will preform the same ritual you did. Like Mother, like daughter. But who will bear thebdaekness of this ritual, as she does not have a younger sister? Who will turn dark?" Sadie says.

Chapter Sixteen

Alec’s P.O.V.

Alec stood closest to the wall of wind as he could, as well as furthest from the man trapped with him. They would be forced to watch as Alex killed her own mother, to bring her dead friend back, only to fail, as the dead are dead, and they can’t come back.

Alec then noticed that Sadie changed again, this time, appearing much younger, at about six years of age, and Alex stood there, as if not knowing what was going on around her, waiting.

Alec noticed that Rosalie looked surprised, as a look of recognition crossed her face. This confused him. How could anyone recognize Sadie, as she was always changing her face? It made no sense to him.

Sadie.” Rosalie had said. “I thought it would be you, but I had no idea it would be.” She said. “I thought it was just a stupid coincidence.”

Alec made note how Emmett had calmed down, looking at his wife, confusion on his face. Now paying attention, just as confused Alec was.

Of course you thought it would be me. It’s time for your daughter to do the same mistake you did. But there is no sister to turn dark this time. So who will it be?” Sadie asks, looking directly at Rose.

I was lost in grief. Why does Alex have to suffer for my mistakes?” She asks.

How often do you think of her? Your mother you killed, just to bring back your dead best friend, how often?” Sadie asks.

The look on Rosalie’s face stated that she hasn’t thought of whoever it was in a long time. This seemed to be what Sadie had hoped for, as she smiled.

You were afraid when your daughter had made a friend, and got so close with her. Afraid that one day this friend would die, leading your daughter to the same state of grief as you were. Now you see that she has. You see Rose, I suffered the consequences of you bringing your friend back, and killing our mother, and since you’re daughter has no sister, I wonder who will suffer then? Will there be no suffering? Will I become the innocent little girl again? Thing is, you won’t be around to see. She is going to perform the same ritual you did. It really is like mother like daughter isn’t it. That’s why you never wanted to grow to close to her, afraid you would see yourself, with all the same mistakes you made. Sacrificing you’re mothers life, and your little sisters innocence, MY innocence, to bring your friend back, who didn’t even stay your friend. As you can see, your daughter is completely willing to do the same thing to you, to bring her friend back.”

Alec stood there, surprised. He had not known that Alex’s mother had a sister. That Alex had an aunt.

The air seemed to have calmed down enough, so they could see better, hear clearer, though they still could not walk through. And the man beside him, Emmett, Alex’s father, seemed to be frozen in shock. He did not know of this either, and he seemed angry that he didn’t.

She won’t do anything. She’s not like me. She wouldn’t kill me.” Rosalie said.

I am sure our mother thought the same thing about you. She’s already ready. She’ll do it.” Sadie said, looking at Rosalie, her sister.

All of a sudden, Alec saw Rosalie cover her ears, and fall to her knees, and soon after, fell to the ground all together.

I want Melissa back. Raychel said it would work. I miss her mom. Don’t you know how that is? To miss someone so much, you’d do anything to bring them back? I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough, but the air can.” Alex says, as her all black eyes, looked at her mom, and Alec heard Rosalie scream.

Alec was forced to watch, as was Emmett, as Alex looked at her mom, making an wind take place within her mothers body, expand, to throw her mothers limbs around, but stop in a formed circle.

Alec could not hear the screams, could not hear the angered yells of the man beside him. He couldn't do anything but watch.

He had to stop this somehow, though he did not know how. He stood there watching, thinking of how he could get by, to stop it. He then realized that, the air, as an element, had its own feelings, and thoughts. He came to learn this as Alex insisted spending time with him over the past two weeks. So, the air has its own personality he guessed, meaning a part of it, though controlled by Alex, did not agree with what was going on.

So Alec slowly lifted his had, and moved it closer to the wall of winds, expecting it to hurt as he tried to push it through, and it did. It hurt a lot, but not as much as he expected, so he pushed his hand through the thick wall, the winds putting tears in his clothes, but if he could get out completely, then he would have succeeded.

Alec noticed as well that it was taking a long time for the air, controlled by Alex, to rip Rosalie apart, meaning that the air did not agree, and Alex was fighting to make it happen.

Getting an arm through was difficult on it's own, and Alec managed to get his other through, but as Alec tried to push his body through the wall of air, he noticed just how difficult it was, and just how strong the air was. If he didn't have the air on his side, he would never have gotten his hand through, let alone both arms, and half his body.

He gave himself about ten seconds before he was noticed, and thrown back into the corner, so he pushed himself, and made it possible that he got out.

He got out completely at seven seconds. He gave himself a second to make sure he really was out, and that no one had noticed him. The last two seconds, he had spent, running across the room, and grabbing Alex, bringing her out of Sadie's sight.

One thing that Alec had not expected was the fact that once he got Alex away from Sadie's sight, it still wouldn't be his Alex, but the one, completely willing to sacrifice her mother, to bring her friend back from the dead.

His Alex. The one who managed to get under his skin. Who yelled at him, and spoke with disrespect to him, and he did nothing about it. His Alex. The one who managed to get it where if she were sad, he wanted to cheer her up. His Alex. The one who could calm him down from his anger, with a simple touch. His Alex. The one who confused him so much. He couldn't remember the last time he's been confused so much in a hundred years, let alone one year. His Alex. The one who had changed him without him even knowing it.

“That may be true, but it's making no sense to him.” Alec remembers someone say, It must have been the mind reader, speaking to the empath.

He is trying so hard to figure it out. He has no idea what's going on.” Again, the mind reader to the empath. No. Edward to Jasper. Alex always got confused, and told him to use names, so she could understand who he was talking about.

What were they talking about? Alec thinks, trying to understand what was going on. He thought, trying to figure it out, when he was brought back from his thoughts, as Alex was getting angry, and he started to hear the loud shrieking noise again.

There was one time he remembered where they were both really mad, and something happened to end their anger, leaving them confused, more than anything, yet Alec couldn't remember what. He thought, trying to remember, yet it was hard with the shrieking noise, and Alex trying to get away. He had a hard time remembering.

Alec looked at her, and pulled her further out of Sadie's sight, also not in Alex's fathers sight either. Alec was getting angry with how he couldn't remember what it was. The pain in his head by the noise, he was getting angry. He knew Alex was angry as well. He could tell, by the unkind words she was yelling, trying to get away. Alec looked at her, trying to keep her still. He was stronger then her, but she had gotten really strong with her new diet, making it an actual challenge to keep her still.

Alec stood there, looking at her, then he remembered what it was that calmed them both down to confusion the one day, but he didn't know what would happen. Would it weaken him enough to push her away, would it anger her more? He didn't know, and was nervous of the outcome. But there was a part of him, that wanted to do this. Not only in trying to find his Alex, but he wanted to do this, and he didn't know why.

He stood there, debating for a second longer, before going in, doing the thing that calmed them both from anger a little over a month ago. Alec counted five seconds of nothing, it didn't feel like this last time. He was worried he had done something wrong. Were his lips supposed to be on hers? Or somewhere else? He couldn't remember, and couldn't focus on it to much with everything going on.

Two seconds past, there was still nothing. He was getting worried, how could it fail? It managed to calm him -of all people- down, within two seconds last time, why wasn't it working? He didn't know what he was doing wrong.

It was a total of fifteen seconds, when something happened. The noise had stopped, and he was pushed away.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” A familiar yell. He was confused, as well as hurt. It didn't work, she was still angry. He didn't calm her down. What did he do wrong. He didn't understand.

That's when he saw her eyes. White and sea-blue. Not the black they were seconds before. It had worked! Yet she was angry for a different reason. And he didn't know how long she would be here. So he looked at her.

“Last time, I was left confused, not angry. You needed to calm down.” Alec says, looking at Alex, as she looked around.

“Where are we? What happened?” She asks.

She does not remember? She wasn't under Sadie's influence anymore? Does that mean she does not remember the past two weeks? Why did the last question cause a sinking feeling, mixed with pain? He did not know why, but his Alex was back, and he hoped she would stay. He did not want to lose her to the black eyed Alex again. He wouldn't let it happen.

“Leave. Go home. Now.” He says, before turning around, about to go back around the corner, when she stopped him.

“What do you mean?” She asks, angry, and confused.

“It's to dangerous for you out there. Go. Home. Now.” He says, about to leave again, when he heard a angry yell. The type of anger, he heard in Alex's voice when he killed Melissa. But this was not in Alex's voice, it was in her fathers. And Alex's father yelled out one word, the name of Alex's mother. Rosalie.

That had Alex's attention, and she looked at Alec, not letting him go forward. “I didn't actually go through with it. Did I? Please tell me I didn't kill my mom.” She says, pain in her eyes, the eyes that made him do things he didn't normally do. The same eyes he threatened to rip out for making him feel guilt. They were big, and sad and full of fear at the moment.

“I do not know. I do not know what you were doing before you came back, when I was trying to calm you down.” He says, before Alex runs by him, forgetting she was holding his arm, so she was dragging him behind, and all he saw, was Alex's mom, in a circle of air. And Alex's mom was on fire. Alec looked at the other side of the room, seeing Sadie.

Alex had dropped Alec's arm, to run to her dad, she was crying now. She made it to her dad, but when she tried to get into the circle, her dad held her back, not letting her near it. Alec turned around, and ran towards Sadie, angry that she did this. She had made Alex do this. Alex did nothing wrong. Why make her kill her own mother, when she did nothing wrong.

He heard Alex crying, talking to her dad.

“Daddy, let me there, so she doesn't die! I don't want her to die daddy!” Alex said.

Alec didn't turn around, to see if Emmett let her near the circle. He didn't pat attention to his reply. He didn't notice that his sister, and the two other Volturi members were there already, holding Sadie back.

Alec got there, and out of rage, the rage filling his mind to nothing else, Alec ran up, and ripped Sadie's head off. Not dead yet, he would have to burn the head, but he wanted her to stay alive, and suffer for as long as she could, for all her crimes.

Alec turned around, seeing Alex crying in her fathers arms, her father looking relieved that it was Alex back, and not the black eyed Alex. It was over now, and he would leave the family alone to grieve the loss.

But now there was a new problem, Alex would be upset about this, angry with herself. Alec did not bring Alex back in time to save Rosalie. There was one death too many today, Alec did not like that. It would take a long time for Alec to get over the fact that he had waited to long, hesitated a second to long to bring Alex back.

Alec looked down, before looking at Felix and Demitri. “Bring this to Aro. Keep the head and body separate. Let Aro decide her fate.” Alec says, and looks at his sister. “You can leave. I am staying here for now. Make sure things stay quiet.”

And with that, Alec looked in the far corner, and saw someone there, who did not belong. He knew he would be facing a lot of judgement, if she stayed in Alex's life. He saw a now homeless girl, with no parents, and no where to go. Because everyone in the town believed that the girl with the brown curly hair was dead. And the dead stay dead. But he saw her standing right there.


Thats right. Unwanted Love has only one more chapter, and then we can start the sequal Unwanted Friendship.

After the next chapter is posted, I will be changeing the title to this thread From

Unwanted Love - Alec/OC Story **Rated Pg 13**


The Unwanted Trilogy- Alec/OC **Rated Pg 13**

So I don't have to make all different threads for all three parts to The Unwanted.

Also, just so you wont be confused, I will have a header made for Unwanted Friendship AND Meeting Melissa Adams, as I most likely (Hopefully) will be posting both at the same time, so you will be able to tell from my header/comment what it is you will be reading.

If you don't want to read Melissa's back story, then just don't read it, but it would mean a lot to me if you did!! It will take place before Melissa meets Alex, and who she knew and what happened. It won't be a full length, and I apologize. But it is a Novella, Not as long.

Unwanted Friendship, I am hoping to make a little longer then Unwanted Love, and it will feature the friendship between Melissa and Alex, how it's changed since this ritual Alex did, not under her own control.

So I hope you have liked Unwanted Love so far, and I hope you are looking forward to Unwanted Friendship, and Meeting Melissa Adams.

He was too late, but at least he tried!  What will the consequences be for her and her family, the two of them as a couple, her friendship with Melissa, and Melissa herself?  And what will the Volturi do? Complications, complications, complications...

There is still one more chapter, and I already have the summary for Unwanted Friendship done, so I'm hoping you will like it.


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