The Twilight Saga

Okay, so I was watching Valentine's Day (2010 film) and I got this idea. This story is going to be similar to it but different. 

Bella Swan: She hates Valentine's day because all the guys she has ever dated have dumped her.

Edward Cullen: He wasn't the coolest guy in high school, but now he's handsome. But he's also been around a few times. 

Alice Cullen: She loves Valentine's day and is always playing matchmaker with Bella.

Jasper Whitlock: Alice's boyfriend for four years. The perfect guy. 

Rosalie Hale: She isn't looking for a relationship. She doesn't really care about love even though she has been with several 
guys. But all of them have been rich snobs and cheaters. 

Emmett McCarty: He's in absolute love with Rosalie, but she doesn't see it because he's her best friend and nothing more. 

Jacob Black: High school student in love with Renesmee, his girlfriend for a month.

Renesmee Swan: High school student in love with Jacob. Also, Bella's little sister.

Carlisle Cullen: happily married to Esme though some past drama comes in the way of their relationship.  

Esme Cullen: happily married to Carlisle though some past drama comes in the way of their relationship

I'll start soon on it! When I get five comments! 


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i love it post more soon plzz

can u keep me updated? (:


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