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Valentines Day One Shot


Summary: You know how an unknown vampire who saved her from James changed Alice? Well this is a one-shot about what if the day James found Alice was Valentines Day. This is after Breaking Dawn and on Valentines Day and
Alice has a flashback from her past life.


Present Day Alice’s POV


This is Renesmee’s first Valentines Day and it has to be special! Although I love all holidays because it’s an excuse for a party, Valentine’s Day is by far my favoite holiday. I’m not sure why. I need to have
the perfect party. “BELLA”, I yelled for her. I know it’s not necessary now
because she’s a vampire but old habits never fade. She came running in, vampire
speed. “Did you get the decorations and food?” I asked her.


“Alice, really? That’s what you had me rush in for? I was in the middle of making Renesmee lunch”, she told me annoyed. I love Bella but she just doesn’t understand the art of parties.


“You know she hates that crap anyhow”, I told her. “Just answer my question before I have a nervous break down!”


“Can vampires even have nervous break downs?” Bella asked.


I was about to answer her when a swirl of darkness surrounded me. I think I passed out. But vampires can’t pass out, right? All of a sudden I was in a different place. Although it didn’t feel like I was
actually there, just watching. Kind of like in my visions, but this didn’t feel
like any vision.


I looked around I was in a hospital. No wait, not a hospital, a mental asylum,


Past Day Alice’s POV


It’s been 5 years since I’ve been in this hellhole. No, hell would be better than this. At least I’d be dead, not tortured. I can’t believe my mother sent me here. Cynthia and my dad disapprove but were to weak to stand
up to my mom. She knows their killing me. Bit by bit with the pills.


The only good part of the day is him. Rob, my beautiful vampire savior. He volunteers at the asylum. He hates how awful they are to us. So he decided to work here to make our life a little bit less torturous. I’m in
love with him and though I’m his favorite and the only one who knows his
secret, he doesn’t feel the same way. As much as I want to be his mate, I have
to accept the fact I’m not.


Today is Valentines Day. He chose me to spend the day with. ME! “You do not belong here sir! Leave now before I call the police. I’d really like to not call them on Valentines Day”, Miss A. said loudly. She’s the
secretary of the asylum.


Rob snapped his head up. “What is it?!” I asked nervous. It looked like he was about to crouch down and attack.


“Nothing”, he said quickly. Too quickly. He straightened himself and attempted to go back to normal. “I’ll be right back”, he told me distracted. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left.


He seemed too distracted to notice anything. So I tiptoed behind him to see what was going on. “Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?” Rob whispered harshly to the stranger. I looked the stranger over.
I gasped. He was the most attractive (besides for Rob) yet scariest person I’ve
ever seen. His hair was blond, his muscles were bursting out of his shirt but
his eyes were bright red. He was a vampire.


The stranger answered him. ”I’m James, and looking for food, what else would I be doing?”


Rob hissed. “Leave now. These people are not your food. Anyway, they’re intoxicated with drugs. They wouldn’t be tasty.”


“You’re protective aren’t you? This just makes the game more fun”, James said smirking.


My heart started racing. I felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. The window was open. The wind came through the window and ruffled my hair. James head snapped up. He crouched, ready to attack me. Rob
looked behind him and found me. “NO!” Rob shouted. He jumped in front of me and
grabbed me and ran right out of the asylum. James chased after us.


“Alice, James is a tracker. He won’t stop until you’re dead. The only way to save you is to turn you. I’m so sorry”, Rob told me while running.


“It’s fine, I always wanted to be like you. It’s actually my life dream. I love you”, I told him. With only minutes left of life, I wanted to just pour my heart out to him.


He gave me a long kiss on the lips. A kiss I thought I’d remember forever. “I love you too”. Those sweet, three words, meant the world to me. No, not the world, the UNIVERSE.


He put me down next to a tree in the woods. He put his mouth to my neck as if he was kissing it, but he bit into my neck instead. A blast of fire went through my body. My body couldn’t handle the pain. I felt myself
slipping. “Oh no! I did it wrong, she’s going to die because of me”, I heard
Rob mumbling to himself nervously. His voice was breaking.


I saw James come from nowhere. He tackled Rob to the ground. Rob ran away to lead James elsewhere. I felt myself slipping farther into nothing. I remember hearing a scream. Rob’s scream. He’s dead I realized. I was
too far gone to actually process this information.


The only thing that kept me going, kept me hopeful was Rob’s three words. He loved me. Too bad he won’t be able to find his real mate. I know it’s okay if I find mine. He’d want me to be happy. But no matter what, I
will never forget Valentine’s Day. And then I fell into the darkness.


Present Alice


And then I came back to reality. Wow, no wonder I love Valentine’s Day. I smiled, someone cared enough about me to risk his life. “Alice what did you see?” Bella asked me shaking me. Her voice snapped me out
of his thoughts.


“Oh my god. I just passed out and had a flashback. That is not normal”, I told Bella scared.


“What are you talking about? We were just talking a second ago and then you day dreamed for like 30 seconds. You never passed out”, Bella told me and looked at me like I had three heads.


minor-latin;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;
mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:EN-US">Weird. It’s okay though. I
know the story of my past and why I love Valentines Day. A whole new reason to
love it. I ran into the other room and grabbed Jasper and kissed him intensely.
This will be the best, no the second best, Valentines Day

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