The Twilight Saga

This isn't really a fan fiction, but I am considering writing something that involves vampires, that takes place in the Puget Sound area. It will possibly be a sequel to a film I am making.

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Wait, sequel? I mean prequel. Anyhow this is kind of a reboot, or a different approach to a series I have already been writing for almost ten years now, I started it when I was a high school freshman. Something I actually wanted to try for a while now was an Avengers type thing where multiple writers share the universe, and write their own characters, and such, kind of like a role play, but different. I decided I would like to try it with this story, so in other words, is there any of you out there who might be interested in doing a co-op? You can use characters or elements from things you previously written if you'd like, but please keep or modify them so they are non-copyrighted (except to you) characters. There is a possibility that elements or characters might appear or be mentioned in the films, which are sequels ti this story, but only with your permission, you would of course be mentioned in the credits as writers.

Unfortunately the girl who was  going to co-write this with me, had to back out, if anyone else is interested in doing a co-write, go ahead and contact me. If you have any questions, please ask. :)


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