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Chapter 1:


My mom was in the kitchen. I walked in, “Mum?”


“Yes?” she look up at me.


“So if I told to I was getting married what would you say?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Haven’t we had a conversation like this before?”


I laughed, “I think we have. You didn’t answer my question.”


Mom laugh, “Umm well I would say congratulations, then I would ask who it was.”


“And if I said he was a muggle?”


“Like I said before I would ask you if it matters,” she smiled. “And before you ask it doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire. It doesn’t matter what he is as long as you love him!”


“Thanks Mum,” I and hugged her and started walking away.




I looked back, “Yes?”


“Can I see the ring?” She asked. I smiled and held up my left hand. “Wow! That’s amazing!”


I smiled, “I know! Isn’t he just the sweetest!”

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Luv it :) Update soon
Sounds like it is going to a great story. Please keep going. Please keep me updated.





hey hers chapter 2


o and btw if u want heres a link to my first story:



Chapter 2:


I walked outside into the garden. Ron was out there. “Hey Ron.”


Ron turned around, “Hey Bells.” He walked up beside and put his arm around me. “Where’s Harry?” I asked.


“He’s on is way out. What are u up to?”


“I was gonna head over to the Cullen’s.”


“Of course you are,” he laughed. Then he saw my ring. “What is that!?”


I looked at my right hand, “Nothing.”


“The other hand!”


“O that’s a ring,” I laughed.


“You’re getting married!” He exclaimed. I didn’t say anything. “It’s Edward isn’t it?! I knew he was trouble!”


“Ron it’s ok! Plus you Married Hermione a year ago! So why can’t I marry Edward!” I yelled.


“Cuz he’s a vampire!” he retorted.


“Arrggg!” I stormed away and bumped into Harry.


“Hey there.”

i love keep me posted

Heyy chapter 3's up


Chapter 3


“Hey there,” Harry smiled.


“Hey sorry Harry,” I felt myself blush. Harry laughed, “It’s alright. What are you up to?”


“I was off to Edward’s,” I muttered. Harry smiled, “Have fun.”


“O I will,“ I laughed. We said good-bye and I walked away. I walked across the yard and over to the Cullen’s house.


I knocked on the door and Alice opened it. “Hey!”


I laughed, “Hey Alice.” We walked inside and I saw Edward. I ran over and hugged him.


“Hey!” Edward smiled. We went over and sat on the couch. “So what’s up?”


“Well umm... I told my mum about you purposing.”


“O? and how’d she take it?”


“Surprisingly well,” I laughed. “Now I just have to tell dad.”


Edward laughed, “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”


I didn’t say anything. Just then Emmett walked in. “Hi ya Bells.”


“Hey Emmett.”


Emmett sat down. “So you wanna grab some broomsticks and get out of here?”


“Umm, no thanks Emmett.”


“Awwww why not?” Emmett whined.


I laughed, “Cuz I’m busy.” I looked over at Edward.


“Ummm... Bells I need to talk to you,” he said.




We walked outside and to the apple orchard. I have expected to see Ron, Percy, Fred and George playing Quidditch. I missed Fred so much!


We sat down under a big tree. “Bella I want to get married very soon,” Edward said.


“So do I, but Ginny and Alice are both gonna kill me if they don’t get to plan the wedding. And Hermione! She’s gonna kill me if she doesn’t get to be a Maid of Honor and Mom! She’s just-“


“Bella!” Edward laughed. “Stop!”


She cocked her head to one side. “What?”


Edward rolled his eyes, “Never mind. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that we need to get married soon because me and my family are moving back America.”

i luv it update me soon ow and first comment

Chapter 4


I didn’t say anything.


“I want you to come with us,” he continued. When I didn’t say anything he said, “If you want to that is.”


“Edward I want to spend my life with you,” I said. “But...” Edward waited. I looked at him then at the ground.


“But?” Edward asked.


“Umm... well... I- Edward I always imagined us living here in England...” my voice trailed off. I waited a moment then continued, “Maybe here... maybe in Godric’s Hollow. Then maybe adopt some kids,” I smiled. “Send them to Hogwarts, see them smiling and waving goodbye as they ride off on the train. 1 boy, 1 girl...”


Edward smiled, “We can always come back when ever you want. Just try it out. America is a lot different than England.”


I didn’t say anything. Then stood up, Edward did the same. We walked back to the burrow. When we got to the door we said good bye and I opened the door. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table thinking about what Edward had said.


I sat there for a long time before anyone came in. First Ron came in. He looked at me then said, “What’s wrong?”


“How do you know anything’s wrong?” I asked.


“We’re twins Bells,” he laughed, “I know these things.”


I smiled, “Well nothing’s wrong.”


“I know when you’re lying to me to.”


“Now you sound like mum.” We both laughed. Then I continued, “Edward asked me to come to America with him and the rest of the Cullens.”






“Are you gonna go?” he asked. I could tell he was a little afraid of the answer.


I looked up at him, “I think so.”


He looked at me. “We’re all gonna miss you... And what about Hermione and Ginny they’re both Pregnant! Me and Harry can’t handle that on our own!”


I laughed, “You’ll have to get by on your own. Just tell me when my niece or nephew is being born and I’ll apparat over. I want to be here when that happens.”


“Ok I promise I will,” he smiled. “You don’t have to leave you know.”


“I know.”


Luv it :)
luv it update my

Chapter 5


I walked outside and waited for Edward to come out. He did a little bit later.


“I’m going to America with you,” I said.


He smiled and said, “That’s great.”


“But I wanna get married here.”


“Ok, when?”


“Not yet,” I muttered.


“Oh?” he looked a little surprised.


I continued, “When are we leaving?”


“When ever you feel like it,” he smiled. I smiled to.


“Well then we can leave tomorrow. I’ll tell everyone tonight and be packed by then.”


“Ok, if that’s what you want then I’ll have Carlisle get plane tickets for tomorrow.”


“Plane tickets?” I asked.


He laughed, “I guess you’re gonnas learn how muggles get around.”


“What’s a plane?” I asked.


“You’ll see.” That scared me a little and Edward just laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and left.


first and luv it update me!!!!
omg that is awesome you totaly got it all together right i love it!!!!!! keep me posted pls


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