The Twilight Saga




Chapter 1:


My mom was in the kitchen. I walked in, “Mum?”


“Yes?” she look up at me.


“So if I told to I was getting married what would you say?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Haven’t we had a conversation like this before?”


I laughed, “I think we have. You didn’t answer my question.”


Mom laugh, “Umm well I would say congratulations, then I would ask who it was.”


“And if I said he was a muggle?”


“Like I said before I would ask you if it matters,” she smiled. “And before you ask it doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire. It doesn’t matter what he is as long as you love him!”


“Thanks Mum,” I and hugged her and started walking away.




I looked back, “Yes?”


“Can I see the ring?” She asked. I smiled and held up my left hand. “Wow! That’s amazing!”


I smiled, “I know! Isn’t he just the sweetest!”

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Hey thanx all of you for reading and everything so heres chapter 6


Chapter 6


At dinner I got everyone’s attention. They were all looking at me... I looked at Ron and he nodded.


“Umm... well earlier today Edward asked me something,” I said. They were all listening, mum, dad, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, George, Percy and Teddy. “He asked me to go to America with him.”


Nobody spoke. The silence was louder than words. Then mum said, “Are you going?” I looked at her then at dad. He looked sad. I knew they all already knew the answer. I nodded. “Tomorrow,” I mumbled.


Dinner was eaten in silence from that point on. Afterwards I went upstairs and picked up my purse. I had made it bigger on the inside so I could put a lot of stuff in it. I waved my wand and everything I owned started flying in. Books, make up, posters, clothes, everything. Then I looked over at my owl, Hoots. I wasn’t gonna leave him here. I would try to find a way to take him.


There was a knock on my door. “Come in,” I murmured.


It was Hermione and Ginny. “Hey,” they said.


“Hi,” I said. They sat down on either side of me.


“We’re really gonna miss you, you know,” Hermione said.


“Yeah,” Ginny smiled. “You’re my only baby sister.”


I smiled, “I’m gonna miss you both to.”


We hugged and laughed and stayed up all night telling stories making jokes like we used to. Then morning came way too soon. I picked up my bag and hoot’s cage.


I went down stares were everyone was waiting. We hugged and said good buy. Mum handed me a sandwich for the trip. I smiled and said thanks. Then dad handed me a little package. “From all of us,” he said.


I looked at it, “You didn’t have to give me anything.”


They smiled. “Well we did,” Ron said.


I said goodbye and hugged again then left for the Cullen’s house.

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Chapter 7


Before I could knock on the door Alice opened it. “Hey.”


“Hey, I-“


“Is that all you’re taking! A purse and an owl?” she said surprised.


“There’s a spell on the purse so it can hold all my stuff. It’s bigger on the inside than the outside,” I said smiling.


“Oh, well that’s good.”


I laughed and we walked inside. I walked over to Edward. There were bags everywhere. The house was completely cleared out.


Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie were also in the room. I looked at all the bags. “I can put them in here,” I pointed to my purse, “if you want me to.”


Rosalie laughed, “I that little thing?” I nodded. “Is that your only bag?” Again I nodded. “Wow, I knew you were poor but I didn’t know that all your things could fit in that little thing.”


I’ve learned to take insults about money, especially when you went to school with a Malfoy, so it didn’t hurt as much as she must of meant it to. I looked into her eyes and said, “I guess money = *edited by mod* attitude. Go talk to Draco Malfoy, you two have a lot in common.”


She didn’t say anything, I saw the other Cullens hold back a laugh behind her. Then Carlisle spoke, “If you can get the bags into your purse then sure.”


I smiled and pulled out my wand. I flicked it and the bags flew up and over. I opened up my purse and the bags squeezed their way in.


“ok, so are we gonna go or what?” Rosalie muttered.


“Yes, lets go,” Carlisle said. We all piled into two car. Carlisle drove one and Edward drove the other. It was Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett in one car and Me, Edward, Alice and Jasper in the other.


“So can it fly?” I asked, everyone laughed.


“No this is a normal car,” Jasper laughed.


“If it doesn’t fly I don’t see how it’s normal,” I muttered, they laughed again. We got to a big building and parked the car. “So what’s here?”


“The airplane that’ll take us to America,” Edward said. We walked into the building.


“Umm, what are they doing over their?” I asked.


“Security,” Alice said. “They check bags and stuff.”


“Umm... I’ll meet you on the other side,” I said and ran into the girl’s room.


“wait,” Edward said but I ignored him.


I looked in the mirror. I checked uder the stalls to see if there were any feet, there wasn’t so I pulled my wand out of my pocket but before I could do anything the door opened and I tried to hide my wand the best I could but it was only Alice. “What’s wrong?” she asked.


“Nothing, nothing,” I muttered. “I just can’t let the bag go through secure- security?” I looked at her to make sure I was saying it right. She nodded, “Cuz then they’ll see that it’s a lot bigger on the inside, I get it. I’ll tell the others.” Alice smiled and went to leave. “O she said I’ll take Hoots and make sure he get’s on the plane.”


I nodded, “Aww Alice?” She looked up at me. I had gotten pretty tall, almost as tall as Ron (I like to wear flats now a days). Anyway, Alice looked at me and asked, “Yes?”


I smiled and said, “Hoot’s a girl.”


She laughed, “Sorry, I’ll make sure she gets on the plane.” Then she turned to leave.


 I waited a few minutes then pulled my wand back out. I flicked it and disappurated. I appurated in the next girls bathroom on the other side of security.


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Chapter 8


I went to go pick up hoot’s cage when I remembered Alice had taken her.  I looked in the mirror one last time and then walked out. The Cullen’s were waiting for me outside. Rosalie seemed annoyed but the others didn’t seem to mind. We walked for a while then went to a section of space with a buch of seats and a big metal locked door. The sign hanging from the roof read “Terminal B.” We sat down in some chairs and I guess we were supposed to wait. I didn’t say much, my hands instinctively going to the wand in my pocket every time someone walked by.


I really wanted to open the little parcel that dad had gave me but I was a little worried the muggles would see something unexplainable.


A little bit later a women’s voice said, “Now boarding flight 914 to Seattle, WA, USA.”


I looked around to see who had said this. Then cullen’s stood up and I saw Esme digging through her purse. I stood up as well and saw Esme pull out a buch of little paper. “The tickets,” Edward whispered to me and I nodded. We went and stood in a line that was headed for the metal door I had seen earlier but now it was open. This lady at the door was collecting the tickets and letting people through. Esme handed Carlisle the tickets. When it was finally our turn Carlisle handed the lady the tickets and said, “Theses are for the 8 of us.” She nodded and let us proceed. We walked throw a tunnel like thing then we made it to a door. We walked inside and the room was like a huge white theater, except no stage.


We walked through one section then through a curtain and to another section. This section had 2 chairs to a row type thing. “Here we go,” Edward said and motioned for me to take a seat. I went into the row thing and sat down near the wall of the room. Edward sat down beside me. Alice and Jasper sat down in front of us, Carlisle and Esme sat behind us and Rosalie and Emmett beside our row. Edward put his arm around me. I leaned against his chest. “Do you regret this?” he asked.


I looked up at him, “No. I’m with you.” I smiled.


He reached over and opened up a window. I looked out and saw a bunch of little cars and this huge platform thing. “What’s that?”


“That’s the wing it-“

“A wing! This thing’s supposed to fly!”


He laughed, “How else do you think we’ll get to America.” I didn’t say anything. “Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe.”

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