The Twilight Saga




Chapter 1:


My mom was in the kitchen. I walked in, “Mum?”


“Yes?” she look up at me.


“So if I told to I was getting married what would you say?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Haven’t we had a conversation like this before?”


I laughed, “I think we have. You didn’t answer my question.”


Mom laugh, “Umm well I would say congratulations, then I would ask who it was.”


“And if I said he was a muggle?”


“Like I said before I would ask you if it matters,” she smiled. “And before you ask it doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire. It doesn’t matter what he is as long as you love him!”


“Thanks Mum,” I and hugged her and started walking away.




I looked back, “Yes?”


“Can I see the ring?” She asked. I smiled and held up my left hand. “Wow! That’s amazing!”


I smiled, “I know! Isn’t he just the sweetest!”

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Chapter 9


There weren’t many people in our section of the plane. Just us and maybe 3 or 4 muggles. I found it odd that a wizard and her vampire friends would need to fly the muggle way. We could’ve used broomsticks but no we chose to fly in this aer-r-pain, I think. Well the thing went up and my ears started hurting.


I looked around no one was paying any attention so I grabbed my purse and pulled out the package my family had given me. I looked at my name. Mom had written it, I recognized the writing. They had all signed their names after the word “From,” Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, George, Percy, Bill, Fluer, Charlie and of course mom and dad.


Edward looked over at me, “What’s that?”


“I don’t know,” I said. “Something they gave me before I left.”


“O that’s nice,” he smiled. “Well are you gonna open it or just look at it.”


I smiled, “I’ll open it don’t worry.” I turned it over and carefully opened up the wrapping. Inside was a little ring box. I opened the box and inside that was a locket. I looked at the locket. It was beautiful. I opened the locket and it had like two parts. I looked at the pictures inside. On the first side was mom and dad smiling and laughing. On the other side was all of us kids. Fred putting bunny ears on Percy, George laughing, Ginny waved at the camera, Ron and I laughing at a joke George had told us. I wish I could remember it, I think it was something about Ginny. Bill and Charlie were laughing at something to. I think they had over heard the joke but I couldn’t remember. This picture was taken when Ron and I were 4. We were 19 now. On the other side of the middle frame of the locket was a picture of me, Ron, Harry and Hermione when were in our 3 year of Hogwarts. We were laughing and waving at the camera. On the other side of that was us now, Harry with his arm around Ginny, Ron holding Hermione’s hand and Edward holding me close. We laughed and waved at the camera. Edward kissed my cheek.


I could feel tears in my eye. Edward looked at the pictures and smiled. He put his arm around me. I smiled up at him. I took the necklace out of the box and put it around my neck. I knew Alice would kill me for wearing two laces at the same time but I had to wear them both. The other one was the locket Edward gave me for Christmas 2 years ago.

owww its so sweet update me soon plz
owww its so sweet i love it update me soon plzzzzz!

heres another chapter sry its short


Chapter 10


It took hours to fly to Seattle. Then another hour to drive to a town called forks. The difference between forks and the burrow is the amount of trees. There are way too many to make you feel comfortable.


We arrived at a house that was half made of glass. The house was beautiful. It made the borrow look like a piece of crap... well I guess any house made it look like that.


“Come on, Bella!” Alice half yelled. “I wanna show you your room!”


I laughed and looked at Edward. “New place, new house, same Alice,” he whispered.


“I heard that,” Alice replied. We all laughed.


Rosalie looked at me then at my purse. “If I could have my bags,” she said, “Then you can leave.”


“Leave where, may I ask?” I asked.


“Back to England! Your accent is really starting to bug me,” she replied. She walked inside.


“What accent?” I asked. They all laughed and started walking inside, I followed.


I pulled my wand out of my purse and flicked it when we got inside. Their bags started filing out of my purse one by one. Then I pot my wand in my boot.


Edward picked up his bags and looked over at me. “Come on, Alice will probably get mad if we keep her waiting any longer.”


“Alright,” I smiled.


Alice looked like we took the weight of the sky off her shoulders. I smiled and walked over to her and Edward. Edward pulled me close to him as we walked up the stairs.


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heys another chapter


Chapter 11


The room was lovely. One wall was made of glass, another had a door leading to the forest. No stairs or anything just a door to nowhere, I guess, The wall opposite the one made of glass had a giant shelf that covered the whole wall. It was covered in books. In the middle of the wall was a big square. On the ledge sat 3 big black boxes. I saw the wire leading into the wall. Plugs, dad had a collection at home. Their was a small bed on it was a little crooked but it looked good.


I smiled, the room was amazing. “Do you like it?” Edward asked.


“I love it!”


He smiled, “That’s good.” I kissed him. “You know, you taught me quidditch-“


“I didn’t, Fred and George and Ron did,” I said.


“Well your family taught me a sport, now my family will teach you one.”




“Yes, you gonna learn Baseball,” Edward said.


“Baseball? What’s Baseball? Vampire’s play it?” I asked.


“Americans do,” Edward laughed. “We’re American vampires it’s only right.” I looked at him and laughed. “We can only play when there’s a thunder storm though.”




“You’ll see.”


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hey heres another chapter, enjoy


Chapter 12


We drove for a while. It was very bumpy since it we weren’t on the rode. I could hear thunder but there wasn’t any rain. We finally stopped at in a clearing.


“This is where we’re gonna play?” I asked.


“No,” said Rosalie. “This is where we are going to play, not you.”


I didn’t respond. Edward glared at Rosalie.


“Now, Now. Play nice children,” Esme said. Then she put an arm around me. “I’m reffing,” she said. “You can ref with me.” I smiled and said ok.


They split up into two teams, Alice, Edward and Carlisle vs. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie was holding a bat. It was longer than the ones they used in Quidditch to fend off bludgers. Rosalie walked up to a piece of wood that they had put on the ground. There were 4 of them making a diamond shape on the ground.


Edward stood almost in the center of the diamond with a small ball in his hands. It was bigger than a snitch but smaller than a bludger. “Ready?” He asked Rosalie.


“I was born ready,” Rosalie murmured back.


Edward threw the ball. It was going so fast that a normal person wouldn’t be able to catch it. Rosalie hit it with the bat. Now I understood why they only played when it was a thunder storm. The sound of the ball hitting the bat was still ringing in my ears. The ball went flying. Rosalie ran to the third plank of wood before Alice came out of nowhere and touched the base.


“Safe,” Esme called.


They all took turns hitting and throwing. Moving so fast you could barely seen them but I managed. They played for a while then Alice and Edward both stiffened.


All the Cullens ran back to where me and Esme were standing.


“They where leaving when they heard us,” Alice said.


“Lets go,” Edward said putting his arm around me.


“It’s too late,” Emmett said.


Edward stopped. “Get your hair down.”


I was confused but I did what I was told.


“Like that’ll help, I could smell her from across the field,” Rosalie said.


All of a sudden 3 more vampires came out of the forest. See like I said too many trees to make one feel comfortable.


“I shouldn’t have brought you here, I’m so sorry,” Edward whispered.




“Just stay behind me.”

hey i decided to give you 2 chapters 2day lol hope you enjoy


Chapter 13


The three vampires glided towards us. The one in front, a black vampire wearing a brown jacket, held up our ball. I didn’t see him pick it up. “I believe this belongs to you,” he said, his voice like silk.


He tossed Carlisle the ball, “Thank you,” Carlisle said.


“I am Laurent,” He replied. “This is Victoria, and James.” James eyed me.


“I’m Carlisle, this is my family,” He gestured to the group.




“I’m afraid you’re activities have created a little mess for us.”


“Our apologies, we didn’t realize the territory had been claimed.”


“Yes well we maintain a permanent residence near by,” Carlise said.


Laurent turned to James, “Really? Well we won’t be a problem anymore. We were just passing through.” James and Edward eyed each other.


“The humans were tracking us but we lead them east,” Victoria said. “You should be safe.”


“Excellent,” Carlisle said. You could literarily feel the tension. I was half expecting Fred and George to come out and yell that they had got me or something.


“So...” Laurent laughed, “Could you use 3 more players?” When Carlisle didn’t say anything he said, “O come on just one game.”


“Sure,” Carlisle replied. “Why not, 3 of us were leaving you can take their place. We’ll bat first.”


He threw Laurent the ball but Victoria caught it. “I’m the one with the wicked curve ball,” she smiled. Emmett and Jasper smirked. “Well I think we can handle that,” Jasper said.


“Oo,” Laurent laughed and so did everyone else. Vampires I though, well what takes them down? Fire, of course.


“We shall see,” Victoria said. She and Laurent turned to go over to the field but James stayed put looking at Edward and me.


What happened then sucked. It was bad timing, a coincidence that Edward still blames himself for... the wind blew and my sent went right into James’s face.


He turned to look at me and smiled, “You brought a snack.” He lunged forward while Edward pushed me back. All the Cullens came up around me. Laurent and Victoria came too.


“You brought a human?” Laurent asked.


“The girl is with us,” Carlisle said calmly. “I think it’s best if you leave.


 “I can see the game is over,” Laurent said. “We’ll go now.” He started backing away but James didn’t. “James,” he said. James and Victoria backed off and turned around. James put his arm around Victoria and looked back at me for a quick second.


“Get Bella out of here,” Carlisle said. “Go.”


Chapter 14


I was scared out of my mind but I did my best not to show it. I didn’t want Edward to think I was scared. I had read tons of books about taking down vampires, werewolves, hags but I never had to use any of the spell for really. I came close to using one when Lupin had transformed but I didn’t end up using it.


Edward led me to the car. We were running quite fast. He opened the door for and tried to buckle me in. “its ok I got,” I said. he closed the door and ran to the drivers side. It was on the wrong side of the car. In England stirring wheels were on the right side.


We drove as fast as the car could go. “This isn’t good,” Edward said. “James is a tracker. The hunt is his obsession. I read it in his mind. My reaction in the field set him off. I just made this his most exciting game ever. He’s never going to stop.”


“Then we fight him! I’ve been through a war I think I can hand a vampire!”


“No you don’t understand-“


“I was trained for stuff like this! Hogwarts is the best wizarding school for a reason! Vampires are very low on the list of things that scare me!”


“Bella, I don’t doubt your ability trust me,” Edward said. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”


I looked over at Edward. “I won’t get hurt. I don’t want to run! What will I go back to England? Lead him to the burrow? If he tries to hurt anybody their mum will show him! He’ll wish he never went!”


“England is sounding pretty good,” Edward muttered. I rolled my eyes.


We pulled up at the Cullen’s place. Edward was out of the car and over to my side so fast. He opened the door and helped me out. We got inside and the other Cullen’s were already inside. So was Laurent.


I grabbed my wand from my boot. “Wait,” Carlisle said. “He came to warn us, about James.”


“This isn’t my fight and I’ve grown tired of these games,” Laurent said. “But he’s got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 300 years. And the women, Victoria, don’t underestimate her.” With that he left through the front door.


I looked at my wand. I can take him. I know it. I was in Dumbledore’s Army, it was all about doing something real Neville had said and he was right. We did do things that were really. We fought of death eaters, protected Hogwarts. We dealt with injuries and deaths and then we came out on top. It was over, the war, for most of us. Not for me I guess. My war was still going on. I guess this is what you have to expect when you date a vampire. My free hand went up and made a fist around the necklace my family had given me. It gave me strength to do this.


The Cullens were talking about how to kill James. “I know a spell,” I said, it sounded more like a whisper.


Everyone looked at me as if they just realized I was in the room. “If you haven’t noticed we’re kind of busy trying to save your life, so just shut up!” Rosalie said a little irritated.


I looked at her, “O god Rosalie just shut up!” I push past her to face the others. “There’s a spell, Harry told me about. Dumbledore used it to fight off Inferi.”


“What are Inferi?” Carlisle asked.


“They are dead bodies brought back to life, well brought like half back to life. They are brought back to do a Dark Wizard’s bidding. It’s a branch of Dark Magic called Necromancy,” I said.


“This is relevant how?” Rosalie asked.


“Well, Inferi are killed with fire, Vampires are killed with fire. I don’t know about you but I see similarities,” I said. “The spell is Lacarnum Inflammare it’s very strong.”


Again Rosalie spoke, “I like this idea.”


“What!” I asked. “Did you just-“


“Yes now shut up,” She replied and turned back to the others. “We can just leave Bella be. She can take care of herself.”


“No,” Edward said. “What if she gets hurt!”


“I use a basic healing spell,” I muttered.


He ignored me and turned back to Carlisle. “What do we do?”


“I think we should let Bella fight him,” Carlisle said. “It seems to be what Bella wants after all and she is capable.”




“Thank you Carlisle,” I said. I turned around and headed to the door.


Edward was at the door before me, “Bella, you can’t do this.”


“I’m going to be fine Edward don’t worry.”


“I’m coming with you!”


“All right but don’t get in the way of my spells,” I muttered and he nodded. We fought together before and we knew each others moves. Maybe after this Gilderoy Lockhart will write a book about what I’m doing and erase my memory so he can claim he did it.


I had my wand out and I turned it towards any sound I heard. “Where exactly are we going?” I asked.


“Away from the house,” Edward replied. He opened the car door for me. I climbed in and we drove back to the clearing we were in earlier. I could still hear the thunder in the town.


It started to rain gently over the clearing. The rain had made its way over from the town I supposed. Shortly after the rain started I saw a figure appear from the other end of the clearing. “This isn’t going to be nearly as fun as I thought,” it sneered. “This will be easy.”

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Hey these are the last 2 chapters i hope you like.


Chapter 15


Edward spoke next, “Don’t underestimate us yet.” He looked around, “Where’s your lady?”


“I told her to wait for me somewhere else. This won’t take long,” James replied. He looked at my wand and laughed, “Are you going to fend me off with a stick?”


I decided to play along, “A wooden stake actually.” This made James laugh even more. He ran up closer, about only 5 feet away. He looked at Edward daring him to do something. I pointed my wand at him, he was still watching Edward. When Edward didn’t do anything he looked at me. He went to take another step at which point I yelled, “Flipendo.”


James flew back and hit the ground 20 feet away. When he got up he looked at my wand, he was angry now. Edward laughed. James glared at him. He raced toward me, “Impedimenta,” I said and he slowed down. He was moving very slowly now and had no idea what to do. “Immobulus,” I said. He froze, the only think he could do was blink.


Edward looked at me, “Aren’t you going to do that spell you were talking about?” he asked.


I smiled, “No I don’t think so. I just told you guys about it so that you’d let me go fight.”


“I feel a little played,” Edward laughed. I shrugged, “Serves you right for being so over protective,” I laughed.


He smiled, “Well are you going to finish him or are we going to leave him like that.”


I laughed, “I’ll do it. Reducto.” The James statue shattered into a bunch of pieces. Edward ran into the forest and came back in less than a second with sticks. He put them on the ground and stepped back. “Incendio,” I said and the wood caught fire. Then I pointed my wand at the pieces of James. “Mobilicorpus,” I said. The pieces of James moved themselves from the ground into the fire. The fire turned purple and smelled gross. It was starting to go out because of the rain so I used a shield charm to stop the raindrops from hitting the fire.


Edward put his arm around me and we walked back to the car.


Chapter 16


When we arrived back at the Cullen’s place everyone was there waiting for us. Alice ran up and hugged me, “I knew you could do it.”


“That’s cause you saw it, Alice,” I laughed.


“Still,” Alice smiled.


Just then a stream of white light made its way to the centre of the room. It landed and took the form of a stag. It was Harry’s patronus. “Bella hurry up. Ginny is going into labor and is killing my hand! I need your help! Get to St. Mungo’s quickly!” the patronus said in Harry’s voice. We all laughed.


“Well I’m gonna go,” I said. “Edward, are you coming?”


“Yes I am,” Edward said and grabbed my hand. We said good bye and Disapparated.


We Apparated in front of St Mungo’s Hospital, I remembered the last time we had to come. Dad had been attacked by Voldemort’s snake.


We walked up to the front desk. The lady at the desk looked up, “How can I help you?”


“I’m here to see the Potters,” I told her.


“I’m sorry only family is allowed up right now. You can go up-“


“I am family!” I yelled. “Ginny Potter is my sister! Red hair, freckles = a Weasley! Where have you been for the last 20 years?!”


“O I’m so sorry Miss Weasley,” the lady muttered. Then she told us the room number and we were off. I ran to the room Ginny and Harry were in. As soon as I walked in I was being suffocated in a hug by my mother.


“Mum, I’m happy to see you to but there are other important matters to attend to,” I managed to get out.


Mum laughed and backed off. She gave Edward a hug and thanked him for taking care of me. I rolled my eyes at Edwards smirk. Dad put his arm around me and led me into the curtained off portion of the room.


“Bells,” Ginny panted.


I ran off to her bedside. “Ginny,” I said. I grabbed her other hand. Ron put his hand on my shoulder. “Ron, I missed you both.” I got up and hugged him. Then Hermione, “I missed you too,” I told her. “You to Harry,” I smiled at him. He smiled back. I spoke again as Edward and mom came through the curtain, “I was under the impression that you, Harry, were in mortal peril and that you needed my help. I don’t see anything that can harm you here.”


Everyone laughed, Ginny shoot Harry a glare.




When it was time the healer made us all wait in the hall. “Wait,” Harry shouted. “Bella, we want you to be the Godmother.”


“Really! I’m honored,” I squealed and ran back into the room.




“James,” Ginny said. “I wanna name him James.”


Harry smiled, “I love him already.”


I smiled at the happy little family, “How about James Sirius Potter,” I said.


“Yes,” Ginny said as she handed Harry the baby. Harry smiled at the beautiful baby boy.


“I think it’s perfect,” Harry said. Everyone piled into the room. Edward came and put his arm around me. I smiled up at him. “Do you wanna hold him?” Harry asked me. I nodded and took the baby from Harry.


“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered to the child. “And so lucky to. You have 2 very loving parents. You are so loved.” I looked at Harry, “He looks like just like you.” Harry smiled. Just then dad came up to me and looked down at the baby. “Do you wanna hold him, Dad?” I asked. He nodded and I handed him James. I smiled, James, I had just got back from killing a James but I won’t mention that.


“How can this day get any better,” Dad said as he and mum looked at baby James.


“Oh,” Ginny said. “I know. Bella’s getting married!”


I shot Ginny a glare. Dad looked at me and Edward. “Surprise,” I whispered.



The End


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