The Twilight Saga




Chapter 1:


My mom was in the kitchen. I walked in, “Mum?”


“Yes?” she look up at me.


“So if I told to I was getting married what would you say?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Haven’t we had a conversation like this before?”


I laughed, “I think we have. You didn’t answer my question.”


Mom laugh, “Umm well I would say congratulations, then I would ask who it was.”


“And if I said he was a muggle?”


“Like I said before I would ask you if it matters,” she smiled. “And before you ask it doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire. It doesn’t matter what he is as long as you love him!”


“Thanks Mum,” I and hugged her and started walking away.




I looked back, “Yes?”


“Can I see the ring?” She asked. I smiled and held up my left hand. “Wow! That’s amazing!”


I smiled, “I know! Isn’t he just the sweetest!”

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Is there going to be a vampire magic 3?? i would love it if there would be.... 
yeah there should be a vampire magce 3!! it would be so cool. but away i love it. but like alice cullen said there should be a 3. it could be the wedding!
lol thanx
Idk about another book tho
With skool comin and everything idk if ill have time
But well see lol
Ill let u no if i get around to book 3


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