The Twilight Saga

Some things are better left said then undone.
Imagine if you could live forever.
My "death" was in Jamestown, Pennsylvania. It was 1683, October 14. My mother was making soup by the giant pot on the fire, my two youngest sisters were on the floor playing with their dolls, and my brother was outside chopping logs for the fire. Father would be home from hunting in a few hours so our cottage was busy. I had silk, corn blonde hair that was in a bun, I was wearing a black Valdorian dress with a white apron, and I had blue eyes.
"Jane, Eveline," mother called to my sisters who were still playing. "Go wash up, dinner's almost ready."
My brother, Jackson, came back inside with ten chopped logs. "Here," he said setting them on the table and wiping sweat off his forehead.
"Good job, Jackson. Now, Cassidy, I need you to run to town to buy some bread, milk, and a few other items for dinner. Your father will be here in an hour," mother said.
I moaned. "Can't you get Jackson to go--"
Jackson immediantly answered. "NO WAY!--"
"Fine, fine. I'll go."
I made my way through the market. Rushing by men who had just finished hunting; though my father wasn't anywhere to be seen. I walked over to the vegetables. I grabbed some quash, green peas, and a few husks of corn.
I was almost done by the time I had purchased the milk. The market closed so I walked on home. I took a shortcut through an alley.
For a moment I thought I had seen a shadow, but the shadow was moving. A person. Or was it...?
The moon was high in the sky, a small cold breeze touched my face. The shadow was gone. I gasped when I suddenly fell to the ground; dropping the food basket and items scattered all around me. 
"Who's there?" My voice was like sandpaper.
I hesitated. Not sure if I should run or scream or fight. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I screamed when I was almost "thrown" against a wall of an old abandoned house. I saw the shadow again. I could feel the sweat running down my face.
I was thrown back onto the street. I moaned in total pain. "STOP IT!" I screamed.
The shadow was closer to me now. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I had to put up a fight. If only I knew what I was up against.
My dress was torn, my neat hair was now a mess, a lot of sweat was on my body. The shadow was so close to me now. 
Something extremely hard hit the back of me head. I cried, "NO!!"
I thought I had heard the shadow laugh.
My body was almost "broken". I wanted to die right then and there. But something stopped that from happening.
The shadow got on its knees and whispered into my ear,"Your time is up."
My body immdeiantly bursted with pain. "AAHHH UUHHHH! AAAHHH!!!!"
The shadow had bitten my neck. I could feel some of my blood oozing out.
I heard my family.
"Where's Cass?" my father asked.
"I sent her out to buy some groceries," mother replied.
Eveline laughed. "She's gonna miss dinner!"
Jane responded, "So what? That means more for me!"
They all laughed.
I was in deep, sincere pain. "AAAHHH! UUUUUHHHHH AAAAHHHH! AAAHHH!"
The shadow said, "Don't worry... it will be over soon."
Then I died

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that was awesome
that is sooo good!!! keep me posted on this story please!!!! i love it!!!!!!!! ;)
I felt so...
Fantastic, exciting...
wow! iloveit!


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