The Twilight Saga

chapter one 

i lay there a heap on the floor wondering what had happened and why was i in an abandoned warehouse covered in blood.
is i sat up a young teenager walked over to me and said 
'' Anna, Anna, are you awake please wake up, Anna'' 
My head stirred as i sat up, my eyes weren't properly focused i tried to study the dark figure that stood before me.
when i eventually seen the person who stood before me i noticed he looked just like one of my best est friends Trever McCullough 
'' Trever is that you whats happing im really scared'' 
''yes Anna its me Trever look i no your scared but so im I you'll never believe me when i say this but my mums boyfriend Davie is a vampire and he took ma and you after he drained the blood from my mum but please don't be scared just trust me on this O.K.''    
     ''O.K Trev i trust you''
i then stood up and ran to the exit with Trever but then i collapsed and started shaking violently.
Trever knew this was going to happen the blood that was on me was mine that Davie sucked out of me, Trever knew that i was turning and i would eat the first thing in my sight 

which was him. He slowly stood up and looked around and shouted for help a few times but there was no one there.
''P-P-Please don't leave me i don't want to die''
''Anna im not going to leave you i couldn't''
''Why not Trever''
''Because you''
I then screamed out with pain ''AAAAAAARRRGHH'' 
Silence fell on us all alone in this warehouse you could have herd a pin drop. I awoke a few hours later with Trever cradling me back and fourth.
Trever knew much about vampires like the colour of there eyes and what it meant and all that, i remember he said to me you're eyes.... their black, that mean i was hungry i needed blood to survive.
I looked him in the eyes 
''Trever i need blood to survive''
So he moved his collar down to let me bite his neck, i could see how painful it was when i drew blood from him.

chapter two

As Trever lay there a heap on the ground i felt terrible but good at the same time
good because the taste of the blood it was so exhilarating but bad because Trev wasn't a toy i couldn't just use when i needed to.
Trever then rose 
''Are you ok now Anna''
'' yea thank you so much if it wasn't for you then i wouldn't be here''
we both stood up and tried to find our way out of the warehouse we found a little window in the back room. We both climbed through it. 

When we both go outside we looked around for a little while we couldn't really figure out where we were but eventually we found our way home.

''Look Trev you really can't tell anyone about what happened here tonight, not thats anyone would believe you, but you do get the odd person who is infatuated with vampires...and well you get the idea'' i explained 

''Yehh i no what you mean but i need to ask you one thing what do you think will happen if you go out in the sunshine because in twilight you go all diamond like but in vampire diaries you will burn to death without a ring on?''

''Well Trev i wish i knew the answer to that but i sadly don't.....well if im dead in the morning then you no that we burn in the sunlight, good night Trev thank you for being so understanding''

i then gave him a kiss good night he started to stumble on his words until he plucked up the courage to say 
''Anna look i'm going to be honest with you here i really love you but not in the same way you love me i want to be just more than just friends......will you go out with me?''


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wow!! really good!! please, write more, and let me know when you update!!
thanx ive updated chapter 1
and on two but not finnished it yet
great chapter!! update soon, please!!


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