The Twilight Saga

This is about Bella falling in love with Edward. They go to a private school and live in New York. Bella falls in love with Edward, when they go on a family trip. Bella can't possibly fall in love with Edward because she is bonded to Carter (like the blue bloods series). They are all vampires and are high society. Bella and Jasper Swan are twins Emmet and Edward Cullen are brothers Rosalie and Alice Hale are sisters. (I know its kinda screwed up, but w.e) Pllzz comment if you want me to continue and this story is inspired by the song vanilla twilight by owl city. LOVE THE SONG and i really wanted to write this ff cuz i've been thinking about it alot, I've had the idea in my head for a long time and now i decided to write it so tell e what u think. :)

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Chapter 1 I quickly got ready into a dress, for the first day of school. I did my hair and make up. “Bella, hurry up were going to be late.” Jasper said from the hall, I rolled my eyes. “I’m coming, hold on. I’ll meet you there in a second.” I yelled back, I knew he could hear me even if I talked normal. I got my purse and ran down the stairs. I went into the kitchen and said goodbye Annabel and Pete our “parents”. I grabbed my jacket and ran outside to the car. I got into the backseat where Jasper was. We left and I sighed I was going to miss the summer. Jasper was already texting Alice; I can’t wait to see Carter. I took out my phone and had 7 text messages. Five from Alice and 2 from Carter. I read Alice’s first. Get you ass over at school. Carter is waiting and I’m waiting for Jasper. I laughed in my head and the rest were pretty similar. I read Carter’s. Bella you better be here for the first day of school I love you, Carter I’ve tried calling you, but there’s no answer. So call me, I want to hear ur sweat beautiful voice. Carter I smiled and pressed 1 to dial his number. “Bella,” I smiled at hearing his voice and I could hear the happiness in his. “Hi Carter, I’m sorry I’m late. I wanted to look nice for school.” “Thank, well Alice wants to talk to you.” “Where the hell are you? I need Jasper to be here, when I enter class. I like to hold his hand when we go to class. And I’m not going to class without him or else I’ll have to borrow Carter’s hand which makes me uncomfortable. Since he’s your boyfriend.” “Don’t worry he’ll be there, were actually turning in now.” I saw Alice and Carter standing near the entrance of school and smiled. “Thanks Peter, bye.” I said to our driver. I got out of the car and then started to run toward Carter. I hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks; he was in Spain killing vampires or something like that. I ran into his arms and looked at him with a big smile. “I love you Carter.” He kissed my lips, but I saw Alice and Jasper rushing through the hall which was empty. “Are we that late.” “Yeah, but I waited, now Alice gets a chance to make her big entrance.” I laughed and he joined in. We didn’t have time to go to my locker, so we hurried to English first. I opened the door and held onto Carter’s hand, the class turned toward us. “It’s nice for you two to join us, take a seat.” I laughed quietly and sat at the table at the back with Carter. I noticed our friends in front of us laughing. They turned around quickly and said hi with their lips. Emmet, Rosalie, and Edward sat beside and in front of us. Class was the usual long and boring. As soon as the bell rang I got up and hugged Rosalie. “You look great, how was Santa Barbra.” “It was great; I didn’t want to come back to here. How was your summer with Carter?” “We went to Annabel’s condo in Florida. If Carter wasn’t there it would have been boring as hell.” She laughed and we were at our lockers now. I turned to look at Emmet and Edward. “Hey guys, I missed you over the summer.” “We did too.” Emmet said in a happy voice. I looked at Edward and gave him a hug. ‘Don’t ask how my summer was, a bossy Carter doesn’t sound good in my summer plans.’ He sent that to my head and I frowned. “Ok what do you guys have next?” I asked them. “I have gym, so I’ll see you later.” Edward said and left toward the gym. “Emmet and I have History.” “Oh, well we have music.” I frowned at the thought of listening to humans attempting to play an instrument. I hugged Rosalie and Emmet and left them. Carter and I walked hand in hand to our next class.


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loved it hurry up
keep kissing him bella thx for the update bye and write more soon !
This Carter is some kind of stupid. On the other hand, Edward is perfect. Bella, choose Edward and slap to Carter. :)
thats was really good!! she felt the tingly feeling didnt she!!!!
write more soon!!
more plz i love it
omg write more!!!!!!!!!!!
love it
keep going I want more
go Edward
Edward is right Carter is not deserving for Bella. He is a jerk!!
How did they get bonded in the 1st place? is it like a promise ring? or something that just has to be done and Carter seemed like a good option at the time?
yeaaa kinda like a promise ring they have to get bonded and its kinda like a law it cant be broken but if u do there are consequences. :)
love it


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