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Ok guys, I decided I also wanted to make banners as much as I did fan fiction videos. So please provide the following:



PLEASE do not make a request on another comment becuase it makes it harder for me to find them. Thanks.


Fan Fiction Banners:






Profile Picture:








Examples of my work: (It can vary from simple to complicated)








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Title: Versa Weapon XX

Author: Moonlight

Qoutes: Weapons have one purpose, and that's to kil


title:The Farmer's Daughter


summary:Edward Cullen's father moves them to the middle of nowhere town. He thinks that everything is over until he meets the farmer's daughter Bella Swan. Follow them on their journey.

qoute:She's on my mind and there ain't nothin sweeter


just leave a comment on my page because i tend to forget to check back here

if you could do it like the first one you have i would love it so much
No problem

@ Moonlight:

I hope this is ok. I tried. If you don't like it I can redo it. No problem. Or if you need something to be changed I would love to fix it.


omg thank you! I love it!

Title: The Breathless Cry

Author: Evanescence lover666

Quotes: For seven years I've been trapped in this cold, dark room and now. . . it's payback time; time for me to finally see the sun. . .








You can put in this picture too if you want to it's not necesary but I just thought it would be cool to have. I would like my banner to be complicated but I don't want you to take up your time and energy just for one banner so just do your best and no pressure so please may you do me the honor of making a banner for my FF? : )

YOU R ASUMM!!!! Cheak out chapter 2 of Full Moon.

Thank you and I will.


AUTHOR: Mercadez

QOUTES: I dont have any right now, but I'm gonna look over my story and try thinking of one






thank you


I figured out what the qoute can be!!

QOUTE: He grabbed my arms and pulled the jacket sleeves up and seen everthing

Thank you.


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