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This is not Twilight related...however it does involve vampires...they aren't exactly like Stephenie's version of Vampires....but I still think its pretty good. I hope you enjoy...I need atleast 5 comments before I post the next chapter. I have Chapter 2 completed. Also please excuse any spelling or grammatical mistakes...I promise...this is a rough draft I haven't made corrections!




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If I…



If I had tears to cry and a beating heart to break,

the tears would flow and my heart would quake.

But there’s no beat to my heart and my eyes are not moist,

So my pain unfortunately must be voiced.


If I had hope to live and grow old,

I would have a real story to be told.

But I shall never grow old and gray,

On this earth I’m here to stay.


If I had a real family and friends,

I would be happy to have my life end.

But my unnatural life shall continue to go,

And I will go through it with nothing but woe.


If I had a love someone all my own,

I would be happy and not all alone.

But Im not loved by a man in that way,

So my life is a sad shade of grey.






Time to go



“Shut up Bethany you know it wasn’t anything I could help.” Lana screamed.

“You couldn’t help it. Oh my, why wont you stop lying?” I yelled back.

“It’s the truth Bethany I couldn’t help it.” Lana started to whimper.

“Lana if you want me to believe you your going to have to prove it” I wrapped my hands around her shoulders lightly shaking

“How do I prove it.” She whimpered.

“You find a way, Im not telling you how, Do you honestly think Id make it that easy for you after what you did to me, you traitor you, you, you backstabber.” I turned and walked to the couch.

“Bethany I didn’t do it.” She reached out trying to grab me but missed as I used my lightning quick reflexes to move.

“Yes you did.” I said falling back onto the couch.

“I didn‘t do it I swear to you I didn‘t, I couldn’t.” She fell to her knees

“Go away Lana.” I cried

I watched as Lana stood up and turned, her shoulders slumped over. I could hear her tearless sobs as she walked away. The sister in me wanted to pat her on the shoulder and tell her everything would be okay. But I knew it was her, she couldn’t lie to me because I saw right through her lie. She did do it. She did.

How is it that a complete stranger can be someone you’ve known your entire life? Well Lana fell under that category, she was evil. Vampires have always been thought to be evil but she’s worse than that our lives as evil Vampires was nothing compared to her killing my one true love. Ezekiel was wonderful, handsome, and willing to be turned. I leave her alone with him for 10 minutes and when I come back he’s laying on the floor dead and she has his blood on her face. What else was I suppose to think that a mosquito landed on him and drank him dry. Surely she wasn’t that stupid. We’d been Vampires since 1834 and the year is 1923 surely she wouldn’t think me that naïve.

“Bethany can I please talk to you.” Lana said in a small angelic voice.

“I have nothing to say to you.” I said looking away.

“Please let me talk all you have to do is listen.” She said in the sweetest voice she could manage.

“I don’t have to listen to anything you tell me.” I said with venom.

“Please…Beth. Listen to me.” She puckered her lower lip out giving me an impossible look to ignore.

“Fine what do you want?” I gave in.

“His blood was tempting, but it wasn’t I who posed the threat. He was a Vampire hunter he was just trying to see if he could get close to the Vampires without being found out. So yes maybe I did kill him but it was to save you, my sister.” She closed her eyes trying to show her sincerity.

“Why should I believe you.” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at her.

“He has a tattoo on the back of his neck, the proof is in the ink.” She pointed to the corpse lying on the floor.

I stood up and walked over to Ezekiel’s limp body. I held him in my arms and turned his head to the side. She was right. How could I be so naïve, it was I that was naïve. All vampire hunters had a tattoo to prove their profession.

“Im sorry Lana I should not have been so quick to judge you. I should not have fallen for him so fast.” I said in defeat.

“He had a mission and his mission was to see how quickly he could get close to us. You made it far to easy for him. But I cannot blame you for your weakness sister. He’s the one who must pay. Every member of his family should die for what he did.” She said stamping her foot.

“No they shouldn’t Lana we cannot punish his whole family for what he did.” I said sternly.

“Why not surely they are waiting for word from him.” She tried to convince me.

“Because sister dear, if we kill his family we are truly evil. We have always said our main mission in our unfortunate life would be to not hurt anyone that lives.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“But we suffer greatly for it Beth.” Lana said leaning against the wall to emphasize how weak she was.

“Yes I admit I am in pain every hour of the day, every day of the week, and every week of the year. But it’s the price Im willing to pay so that I am not one of those evil blood sucking pests that changed us. Lana we have a greater stake to pay than them. We killed our own parents. They did not.” I said, thankful I had no tears to give away just how much that ate at me.

“No one told us what we were becoming Beth, it was not our faults. We could have controlled our hunger better had we known that the blood would have smelled so intensely satisfying.” She said getting louder.

“Still we have to continue on the mission we set on years ago to find the blood sucker who did this to us.” I said menacingly.

“I agree but why can’t we go on two missions.” She said smiling.

“Because my child we have but one that must be carried out.” I said relaxing back into the couch.

Lana puckered her lower lip out, she looked very childish. She was still a child, forever a child. She was only 14 when she was changed. Her medium length brown hair swinging side to side as she pranced around the room. She turned to look at me, her red eyes had no life in them. I had to feed her. She was weak.

I probably looked no better and myself only being 4 years older, had no right to have been turned. My hair was much longer and my eyes still had life in them, but it was a dead life that glowed. The life of the dead. The curse of the living dead that was pushed upon me. We did drink, but we drank the blood of the dying. People who didn’t really need the blood any longer. But they would die all to soon because they were to weak. Our existence was taking its toll on ourselves. I thought about letting myself be ‘taken care of’ but then who would be here for Lana, I couldn’t bring myself to kill her even knowing she was a beast from a horror movie.

“Beth. I love you.” Lana said tilting her head slightly.

“I love you too young one.” I said smiling at her.

“Im hungry.” She said laying her head in my lap.

“I know child, I know.” I said truly knowing her pain.

“When do we eat again.” She cooed.

“Soon. We have to wait until its dark we can’t be seen looking as hideous as we do, that alone would frighten people.” I said pushing the hair behind her ears.

“Yes. But isn’t It lovely seeing the blood leave their face from fear.” She sighed.

“No my child, it is not. You should not think that way.” I said running my hands through her hair.

“But why. I mean if the cheetah kills the deer, wouldn’t it be like that for us we are the predator they are the prey.” She said turning her head to look at me.

“We must not look at them that way we are stronger and faster than the cheetah could ever dream of being the cheetah should be our prey not the defenseless humans.” I explained.

“Why haven’t we ever tried drinking the blood of animals, if we refuse to drink the refreshing blood of healthy humans?” She asked.

“Its repulsive.” I wrinkled my nose.

“Couldn’t we adjust?” She said softly.

“I suppose, but would you really want to put yourself through that?” I asked her.

“No I guess not.” She shrugged.

“I would gladly change my diet for you sister.” I said lightly pushing her shoulder.

“I know you would.” She said sitting up.

I watched as she stood up and swirled around in circles. I wish I could feel as free as she did. But I felt burdened by a life I didn’t want.

“What?” She said noticing me stare.

“You deserve so much better than this life.” I said still deep in thought.

“You know for someone who hated me just a few moments ago, that’s really…nice!” She said looking down at me.

“I did hate you.” I said sadly.

“I could tell.” She smiled.

“Im sorry.” I apologized. “I truly am.”

“Water under the bridge sister.” She said waving her hands around like they were running water.

“Lana.” I spoke quietly.

“Yes?” She turned and looked at me.

“We have to go soon, if there is one Vampire Hunter after us chances are there are others.” I frowned as I looked at Ezekiel.

“But I like it here.” She frowned.

“I do too.” I bowed my head slightly.

It wasn’t much, it was an apartment flat. It was a dreadful looking place that looked like burnt toast some places had a nice golden brown color others were black. There was only a couch and a end table in the living room and only one bed room with a mattress on the floor left by a squatter. We had been living here for a little over a month and I would be surprised if anyone even realized we lived here and it would be a fatal mistake for them if they had realized. We are very weak and if a healthy human walked by we would probably lose control. One human would not be enough to bring our health back, as made obvious by Lana drinking from Ezekiel.

“Beth you're always so deep in thought, just let your mind soar.” She said twirling again.

“I wish it was that easy for me Lana.” I forced a smile.

“It could be.” She stopped and stood in front of me.

“I wish it could be, but it really can’t.” I said to Lana.

“Why not, we aren’t in danger right now. Ezekiel is gone.” She said glancing at his corpse.

“Actually he’s still laying in the floor. You do realize we have to move now because of this.” I said in a sorrow filled voice.

“Im sorry.” She let her head hang.

“Don’ be. You saved me.” I smiled at her and pushed her chin up.

“But I don’t want to move.” She whispered.

“I know Lana I really do. I like it here too. This dump feels like home.” I said looking at the four walls that surrounded me.

“It does,” Lana sighed and plopped down on the couch beside me.

I entwined our fingers.

“This life isn’t so bad is it Beth?” Lana asked.

“It could be worse.” I closed my eyes.

“Im really hungry Beth. It hurts.” She said holding her throat.

“Lets feed.” I said standing up pulling her with me.

“Which hospital?” She asked getting excited.

“County would probably be best.” I said walking toward the door.

“Then, lets go to County.” She skipped out the door ahead of me.

We had to keep to the allies. Getting in the hospital wasn’t hard, we looked a fate worse than death (literately) and we were admitted quickly, as soon as the nurse left the rooms we were free to roam to the intensive care. Of course I knew that would be exactly what happened. This life was so predictable to me by now.

“Lana be quite that’s the third thing you’ve tripped over, you know for a vampire your remarkably clumsy.” I whispered.

“I can’t help it.” She quietly said regaining her balance.

“Well try.” I urged her.

I found a bed with a little old man in it. He looked so pale, I knew he wouldn’t offer much blood for me but I also knew he would feel no pain. I leaned in and bit down on his neck, he twitched but I knew it was a reflex. I listened to his heart as it slowed and then completely stopped. I pulled my teeth out of his neck with a gasp. It wasn’t as good as healthy humans but it was refreshing none the less. I walked to another room where Lana was standing over a woman who looked like she was in her late twenties.

“Lana, she’s so young, why?” I asked just above a whisper.

“She was almost gone Beth, I had to, she was in pain.” She tried to defend herself.

I grabbed Lana’s wrist and walked quickly out the door. We stayed close to the wall as we snuck past the rooms we were suppose to be in and ran out the entrance.

“You can’t feed from the young again Lana.” I said sharply.

“She was dying.” She stood up for her actions.

“It doesn’t matter.” I growled.

“Yes it does it’s no worse than feeding from the old who are dying.” She said getting angry.

“Lana.” I shook my head.

“Don’t lecture me sister. I didn’t choose to live this way, if it was up to me Id just feed.” She spit out.

“Don’t say that Lana it’s cruel.” I said grabbing her arm.

“But it’s true, I don’t like what we are any more than you do, but I have accepted it.” She said pulling her arm free.

“I will never accept what we are Lana it’s a crime against nature…that’s what we are.” I said looking at her my eyes filled with sadness.

“That may be, but we are what we are and there’s no changing it.” She said walking again.

“I could change it. I could die.” I said in a voice that would make some think I was considering suicide, which I always was.

“And leave me alone. To fend for myself. I wouldn’t last five years without you.” She said looking into my eyes.

“I think you would.” I said looking away from her, I knew she wouldn’t last that long without me.

“Beth I wouldn’t let you kill yourself.” She said looking at me pitifully.

“Im stronger than you.” I said smirking at her.

“Not much stronger.” She said punching my shoulder.

“I could still over power you.” I said chortling.

We didn’t say anything else. She watched me as we walked home. We were still extremely weak but with two vampires around we couldn’t afford to drink from as many humans as we wanted we would expose ourselves to more vampire hunters.

“I want to try.” Lana said as we walked through the front door.

“Try what?” I asked baffled.

“Animal blood. I can’t stand being weak, walking wears me out. We are vampires we should be able to do anything and everything without wearing out.” She said walking through the house.

“Animal blood.” I said pondering.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Well I guess we can try, there’s some woods out back, no doubt crawling with wild life.” I said walking into the bed room.

“Then lets do it.” She ran to the window.

We climbed out the window and jumped to the ground, it would be a straight shot to the forest. Once in the safety of the trees we started watching, with the eyes of the predator we could see everything, I saw a tiny brown bug crawl under a brown leaf that had fallen to the ground. We heard with the ears of the predator, I heard the wings of moth fluttering. Then I heard a heart beat, much larger than the bugs or mice. I walked through the forest listening to the sound of the blood rushing through the animals body and hearing Lana walk behind me. Then I saw it. A large black panther with spots on it. She was sleeping in a tree I would easily catch and kill her.

“Quietly.” I looked at Lana giving her the okay to take the animal.

I watched as she leaped quietly into the tree and stalked up to the animal. Then she pounced. The panther struggled knocking them both to the ground with a thud and an impact hard enough to leave a crater in the earth. The panther was no match for Lana even at her weakest. I heard the panthers skin rip as she sunk her teeth in, the panther cried out in pain, but kept fighting. Then just as suddenly as it began, it was over. Lana stood up and walked away smiling.

“That wasn’t so bad Beth. It tasted better than I thought too.” She said amazed.

“Maybe I should give it a try now.” I smiled down at her.

“It’s better than human blood actually.” She said slightly muddled.


“Yes, it smells revolting but it taste magnificent. Then again Im very thirsty.”

“Yes well be quiet.” I wouldn’t be able to focus as weak as I am with her talking.

I heard another heart beat not as big and loud as the panther but it brought with it a smell, it smelled much better than even the most mouthwatering human, we weaved through the trees following the scent and then I was standing beside it. I wasn’t sure what it was, I looked to my side and saw nothing. Maybe I was so weak with thirst I was losing it.

“Do you smell anything Lana.” I asked hopeful.

“Yes and it’s, well, it’s amazing.” She said looking at me.

“Good Im not losing it.” I said aloud.

I walked toward the smell. The smell seemed to move as I walked toward it. But I didn’t see anything I didn’t even see the leaves rustle on the ground. There wasn’t a sound, but how could that be. I didn’t want to give up on it. This smell, Im positive would give me all the refreshment I needed for a decade, it smelled that good.

“I have a bad feeling about this Beth, we shouldn’t be here.” Lana said worried.

“No, I have to find it.” I said letting my senses guide me.

“Beth..” Lana said distressed.

“If you want to go, then go. But Im staying.” I said looking at her now.

“Im not leaving you here alone sister.” She touched my shoulder.

“Then quiet down.” I said pulling my index finger to my lips.

The smell had moved again it was leading us further into the forest. I started thinking, What smells so delicious to us? A pixie…pixies while they may smell good to us are very dangerous, their blood is toxic for even the undead. Very few things could kill a vampire but pixies were definitely something that could kill us. Stake through the heart is just something made up. I mean our hearts no longer beat so what damage is thrusting a wooden stake through our hearts going to do. And the sun, though it makes us weak and very tired, does not kill us.

“What if it’s a pixie?” I asked looking at Lana.

“I didn’t think of that. We should go if we get to close we wont be able to resist and we will be dead.” Lana said looking all around.

“Im still thirsty.” I said folding my arms across my chest. “I didn’t drink from the panther.”

“I smell something maybe deer.” Lana said trying to get me to go with her.

“Fine but if I don’t drink soon…you will pay.” I said walking behind her.

“You’ll get your fill I promise.” She said smiling.

I hated when she did that, she makes these promises and then smiles a menacing smile. One would truly think her evil. We ran through the woods at an inhuman speed. Just before we ran out of the woods Lana stopped. I had to turn and run back to her.

“What?” I asked a little upset that she stopped.

“Well, aren’t you thirsty?” She smiled.

“Yes, I am.” Then I smelled it. It would not be as good as the panther but it was good enough. I reached down in the hole and pulled up a rabbit. It was refreshing but I was still thirsty. Lana noticed.

“They have burrows everywhere just reach down.”

“I did as she said.” I pulled up another rabbit. She may be younger than me but sometimes she seemed so much smarter about life as a vampire than I. I still wasn’t happy with this life but maybe if I accepted this life things would come more naturally for me. No, what am I thinking if I accept this I am evil.

“I heard something.” Lana said slouching down into a crouch.

“What?” I said dropping the rabbits corpse.

“I don’t know, but we better go.” She stood up and ran to the house. I followed close behind.

“Do you think it could have been another Vampire hunter?” I asked Lana.

“I don’t know but I think your right, we can’t stay here.” She said frowning.

“We leave tomorrow evening.”

Lana nodded. She lounged on the couch watching me pace back and forth, listening for any sound, a warning to run.

“You know if you keep doing that, you’ll wear a hole in the floor.” Lana laughed.

“I have to stay alert it didn’t taste good but that rabbit sure did liven me up. Im not so exhausted.”

“You don’t look it either. But doesn’t this still make us monsters?” Lana asked tilting her head in a comedic way.

“In a way I guess it does but, people eat animals all the time so are we really that different from them drinking the blood of an animal?” I asked figuratively.

“Point taken.” She smiled then rolled over to her side. “I need sleep.”

“Yes sleep child, you’ll need it.” I said walking over to her and placing the back of my hand on her cheek.

We didn’t truly need sleep but it was always refreshing. A habit brought from one life to the next, just as breathing.

I stood by the window and as the night was coming to an end. Just before the sun rose I pulled the heavy curtains down. The sun does not make us disintegrate because after all our bodies are dead but they are still bodies they can not just go poof. The sun does however make us weak. Drinking blood keeps our bodies from decomposing its what keeps us looking even the least bit alive.

I knew from day one this life would be hard I remember that day clearly….

(Flash Back)

“Beth, Lana, we haven’t got all day.” Mother yelled from the front room.

“Almost ready.” I yelled back.

Lana skipped around the room, proud of the new dress father bought her, it was beautiful a deep maroon color with a off white bow around it. Her long brown hair bounced as she did, I loved my sister dearly she was such a little angel.

“We can’t keep waiting.” Father yelled down the hall.

“I promise were almost ready.” I smiled in the mirror. My long brown hair falling in curls around my shoulders and my hazel eyes shining bright, full of life. I was wearing the white dress my father had bought me. It was a special occasion. I was meeting my fiancé’s family tonight.

“Come on Beth before we get in trouble.” Lana said skipping circles around me.

The window flew open and leaves floated into the room. I walked to the window and shut it. When I turned around there was a man standing over Lana she was lying on the floor. I couldn’t move my legs and my voice escaped me. He was a very handsome man but his features scared me. His skin was so pale it was white, his eyes burned into mine they even looked a fiery red, and his teeth were misshapen, coming to a point on the end. He was so graceful it looked as though he floated to me.

“Don’t try to speak young one it wont help.” The Scary man said.

Lana stood up behind him. She looked just as scary as he did. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I feared my own sister. The scary man turned and looked at her.

“Don’t move child or I will end you.” He said fiercely.

Lana obeyed him and sat cross legged on the floor.

“Now back to you.” He said opening his mouth and slowly letting his teeth rip into my skin.

At first it was sensational I felt a coolness spread through me and then I felt the pain it felt like my insides would explode and my blood was pulsing so fast, my vision went blurry and I felt my body convulse. I was positive I was dying, this was it. My heart throbbed twice then stopped. I opened my eyes seeing things anew. My sister and the scary man, they weren’t scary at all. Their white skin, looked so soft and smooth. Their red eyes still made me shiver. But when I looked in the mirror I saw my own eyes. I was frightening myself. But I was beautiful, more so than I ever thought possible.

“I must go.” The man said as he disappeared out the window.

“It hurts.” Lana said grabbing her throat. I echoed her response.

The smell hit us the same time, it was irresistible. We walked down the hall to the living room crouched down like animals on the hunt. Our parents were sitting with their backs toward us, they never saw what was coming to them. I knew who I was going after, it was my father, but my thirst took over my senses that told me I should not do this. I sank my teeth in just above his shoulder. His shriek would haunt me forever. I backed up with a gasp. My mother screamed from beside me as my sister fed on our mother. I pulled her back, but it was too late. We stood there behind our mother and father sobbing, but no tears would come, because we were unnatural.

(Flash Back Ends)

If I had tears to cry and a beating heart to break, the tears would flow and my heart would quake. I continued pacing across the floor stopping every few minutes to check on Lana. This life is horrible, I can’t understand why anyone would change adults let alone children, and looking at Lana, she’s the reason I wont accept this life. She had her whole life ahead of her, and now she has to spend eternity as a creature of the night hiding indoors during the day, drinking blood, and never aging. So many people wish for a fountain of youth. We were changed and now we would be young forever and its completely unfair.

“I hate this life.” I whispered lightly hitting the wall, or at least I thought I hit lightly until a piece of the wall chipped and fell to the ground with a thud.

I turned quickly and looked at Lana, thankfully she didn’t stir. She could sleep through anything. When she slept she looked almost human again her facial features relaxed and her light snore with her bottom lip slightly puckered out and her right hand placed delicately on her face. She looked innocent. I wonder if I looked like that when I slept. I couldn’t imagine me looking sweet and innocent.

Lana turned over with her eyes still closed but I knew she was awake. I waited for her eyes to pop open, to see the monster return. Her eyes opened quickly and she sat up.

“What?” She said yawning and stretching, why I don’t know I guess its just a habit.

“I was just watching you sleep, you looked sweet.” I smiled down at her.

“Oh.” She smiled.

“Yes. Now get up and let me rest if Im not up when the sun goes down wake me, we’ll need to leave quickly.”

“As you wish.” Lana tilted her head to acknowledge me.



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Love your story! Please keep me Updated! Have your story set on follow. Hope your day is better tomorrow, even if your wite more its never good to have a bad day. Looking forward to where you will take your story!
Thanks...Im glad you enjoyed it!
Chapter 3
What was foreseen

My curiosity was over powering. It wasn’t just a want anymore. I needed to know what Lana and Ben were hiding from me. We had only been running for two days since the cottage, and it seemed like Lana and Ben were inseparable, it was really worrying me.
“Hey Sweet Heart.” Ben said scooping Lana up in a hug.
She laughed and gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. “Shut up.”
“Not such lovely words coming from such a lovely mouth.” His voice was like silk.
“Stop it.” She giggled and pushed him away again.
I just watched in horror as this vulgar man flirted with my little sister, or so it appeared.
“Can you please stop, Im going to get sick.” I emphasized that with a gagging noise in the back of my throat.
“Come on Beth, you can’t get sick.” Benjamin said laughing. He walked over to me. “Oh, I see, maybe it’s because you want the attention all to yourself.”
“Oh for goodness sakes. Yes, you’ve figured me out. Please dear man, share the attention.” My voice full of sarcasm. “Ha, your stupid if you think that’s what I wanted.”
“Oh come on, play nice.” Lana said patting my arm.
“Since you two are so close then why don’t the two of you run off on your own journey.” I stopped walking and placed my hands on my hips.
“Come on.” Lana said angrily. “Stop making everything about you.”
“Where in that sentence did I say a word about myself?”
“Ugh!” Lana’s hands flew up in the air. “I give up.” She crossed her legs and fell gracefully to the ground.
“Get up.” Benjamin said solemnly.
“No, she’s making me angry.” Lana folded her arms across her chest.
“Lana…Bethany.” Benjamin looked into each of our eyes. “We are obviously on a long journey together. Can we not compromise a little.”
“Oh, look who’s trying to pacify the situation now. Please!” I retorted.
“Bethany I will not stand by and be insulted when Im trying to calm things between sisters. Can you not trust me long enough to forgive your sister and you yourself be forgive by her.” His words struck like boulders being slammed atop a living being.
My mouth hung agape as I looked at him in awe. This vile creature was being sympathetic of my sister and I.
“Now close your mouth and talk to your sister.”
I suddenly felt a mere 18 years old. I looked at Lana, her lip puckered out in a pout. “Alana, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been so harsh.” I reached out to hug her but she pulled away.
“But your not the only one who should apologize, I shouldn’t have acted so juvenile.” Lana pulled herself back into the hug.
“Lana, you are still young.” I comforted her.
“I think not, Im grown beyond my years sister. I am immortal, while my body may not age my mind has.” I knew she was right.
“Yes, but you still have the tendencies of a fourteen year old. I can’t blame you for acting infantile occasionally.”
That affectively ended our apology. Ben just stood there like a statue starring at us.
“Can we go now?” I asked with a little more gratitude towards Benjamin.
“I guess.” He turned and started walking. “Where are we going anyways?”
“I wish I knew.” I spoke quietly.
It seemed like several quiet hours had passed when in reality it had only been one hour. I couldn’t stand the silence anymore than the sickening flirting between Ben and Lana earlier.
“Please, talk someone.” I pleaded.
“About?” Lana’s voice rang like a bell from behind me.
“Okay, why are we really going on this mission, how is it going to help? What’s been done can not be changed.”
“No, but we can stop it from happening to anyone else.” I stated my point.
“Then why don’t we go kill all the blood suckers, that’s the only way we will know for sure no child will ever be changed again.” She stood her ground.
“I understand your point…”
“But?” She asked.
“But this one created us and left us, we had no idea what had happened to us, we had no idea that our thirst would land our parents in an early grave.”
“So this is purely for your own vengeance?”
“No, it is for yours as well.”
“But it’s not. I don’t care for this.” She ran in front of me and stopped.
We had all but forgotten about Benjamin.
“We need to keep walking.” His voice chimed in.
We both looked in his direction but turned back to each other not moving from the spots we stood in.
“You don’t care for this? So you didn’t care for our parents?” I asked disturbed.
“I cared for our parents deeply, and never doubt that sister. But I have accepted what I’ve become, and I just want to live this life the best I can. I do not wish to run around looking for trouble.” She justified.
“We really need to go.” Benjamin walked in between us.
“I do not wish for trouble either, I wish to end the trouble.” I ignored Benjamin.
“Hello ladies, we need to go.” He tried getting us to pay attention by waving his hand in front of our faces.
Lana’s hand slapped his from in front of her. “End trouble, huh no, I don’t believe that, this is only the beginning to more trouble.”
“No I refuse to believe that.”
“Because you refuse to believe the truth. Your so stubborn that you wont even except the fate that’s been forced upon you, because forced or not, it is your fate.”
“I can end it though, it may be hard but I can end it. I will end it.” I screeched.
“You will not end your life. You will not. You will not. You will not.” She screamed back at me.
“Bethany, Lana, Please.” Benjamin grabbed my wrist.
I looked down at his hand wrapped around my wrist. “Please, let me go.” I whispered in a hard tone. When his hand did not release me. I ground my teeth and growled, “NOW.”
His fingers slowly released their grasp and I walked off in the opposite direction from them. “I will meet up with you later. I need to go for a walk.”
“Where will we meet you?” Ben asked.
“Right here, sundown.” I said as I walked out of view.
Maybe she was right, maybe I needed to hear that. I can’t change what I am no matter how badly I wanted to. I despised my very being because of the unknown vampire, but was he a fiend worthy of my own self hate.
I walked to and fro through the trees in the woods finding a small cave just as the sun began to rise. I walked in to the back of the cave and sat on a small round rock protruding from the ground.
“Ugh” I heard a voice from a cave tunnel.
“Who is there?” I stood up and whirled around in a circle.
“Who are you?” The voice asked.
“I am Bethany, who are you?” I asked as a small girl walked from the cave tunnel.
“Marta.” She smiled.
The girls eyes shined a bright red as she looked over me. Every step she took made her tight curls bounce. Her small rounded face, looked so sweet until you saw her eyes.
“How old are you?” I asked Marta.
“What’s it to you?” She spit out harshly.
“I was just curious.”
“Don’t be, my age is of no importance. Im sure in the reality I live in, I’m older than you are.”
“Human years, how old were you?” I changed my question.
“Hum,” She took a deep breath. “I was eight.” She smiled causing her features to harden. “Now I’m eight hundred years old.”
“Who was your creator?”
“Creator? Ha, I was born this way.” Her smile widened.
“Born this way? But how? And you said human years…you were changed at eight.”
“I never said I was changed. You asked how old I was human years. My body stopped aging when I was eight human years old.” The girls smile had grown so much that she no longer looked even a small bit human.
“You didn’t answer my question. How?”
“ I don’t know. I have been on my own my whole life.” Her smile disappeared behind a grimace.
“Born this way.” I frowned.
“Get out of my home.” She was suddenly fierce again.
“Why, what’s wrong?” I cried.
“Bad Blood.” She was snarling. “You reek of bad blood.”
“What do you mean bad blood?”
She was suddenly at my feet her hand holding mine and then jerking me down to her level so we were face to face. “You refuse to accept who you are. The blood you feed on boils beneath the skin. Your full of hate. Your full of bad blood.” Her once read eyes were now hazy and white, as if she wasn‘t really the one talking. “You will never win. You will walk into your death, and it will be the death of all of those you love.”
“But what if that’s a better fate than the life we live now?” I asked shaking.
Suddenly, the child vampire dropped my hand and fell limp to the cave floor. Her eyes fluttered and then opened once again showing her unfathomable ruby red eyes.
“What did I say?” She asked pulling herself to her feet.
“Nothing.” I took a step away from her. “I will leave now.”
“Leave in peace.” She bowed her head.
I walked backwards out of the cave into the sun. My energy instantly fleeing from my body. I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore. I crawled to rest beneath a shaded tree.
Marta’s words kept replaying in my head, “You will never win. You will walk into your death, and it will be the death of all of those you love.”
Do I really want it to be the death of Lana or even Ben, this man whom I don’t and I have been so cruel to but he has only been gracious of me. Especially considering the way I’ve treated him.
Should I just get over this? Should I just accept who I am?
Interesting..... LOVE IT!!! Keep going =)........
In the last paragraph its suppose to say, Do I really want it to be the death of Lana or even Ben, this man whom I don’t know and I have been so cruel to even though he has only been gracious of me. Especially considering the way I’ve treated him.
Should I just get over this? Should I just accept who I am?
Im glad you think its good...I already started working a little on chapter 4!
LOL...Thanks Im glad you like it...your to nice hehe...and I wanted her to be a little bit scary...Im glad I accomplished that hehe =D
wow! i think thats the best chapter yet! i absolutely love it and i can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Awww....Thanks =D
Hey there Mandi, I finally got around to reading the rest of this story!
And let me just say ths; I love it!
Everything you write is so hearfilled, and...intruging! I can't help but marvel at your writing skills! And I am loving the plot so far; I want to know the secret between Ben and Lana so bad!
It's so mysterious! And I can't wait for more.
Please add more as soon as you have time=)
Love RussetWolfLuv
I will try to add some more tonight...but Im going to visit my cousin here in a little Im not 100% sure if I will have it done by tonight. So theres a chance chapter 4 wont be posted till tomorrow...none the less it will be posted soon! Thanks for the Amazing compliment =D
Your welcome; you deserve it!


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