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So, pick any of her pics and leave it here, I'll write a story to go along with it!
also, did i spell her name right?

Pure Evil

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okay guys, anyone have some pics?
LOve thee pic!!
I'll wait for thee story!
(patiently waiting)
I'll have it up soon, working on it!

Alicia dropped in a rats eyeball. “We’re almost done!” Gloria cooed. Wearing an evil smile, Alicia dropped in the final ingredient, smashed frog intestines.
“Sisters of the West, North, and South, call down on thee, sisters of the East. Rise from the grave, come to rain. Sisters, let there be pain!” Alicia and Gloria laughed a menacing cackling sound.
Suddenly five figures rose out to greet them.
The first a bejeweled witch, she had been burned at the stake twenty years before for causing her husband to come back to life. She smelt of burnt flesh, a smell that you would be lucky to never have the misfortune to smell.
The second was a dark haired maiden. She was beautiful, and when you first looked at her, you never would have guessed she was a witch, but upon closer inspection you would see the shadow of mischief, the air of evil, and the look of pure delight whenever she saw pain in any form.
The third was a fat, stout little woman. She had taken to beating children ‘round the head and turning them into snails…which she would then eat.
The fourth was a tall, gangly thing. Everything about her looked as though it had been stretched. Her long fingers were six inches long, her finger nails about them same size. Her legs were perhaps four feet long, which made her very tall compared to most women.
The fifth one was, perhaps the most terrifying. She looked like anyone else, boring, not pretty, not ugly. She fit in too well, but she could perform the darkest spells, she could make you fingernails curl back and start growing into your arm, make your teeth twist around each other, and even make your eyes fall out and hang there, contently pulling.
Between the six witches, there was a dark occasion. They walked through town, killing for laughs, and torturing just for the fun of it.
Then a little girl ran up to them, she looked to be about ten, she was dressed in a black robe with a red dress underneath. She grinned at them, a horrible grin.
“Haso gotie toifh itheh heoil ofjgu I aleie keiru jeu fhu yut tue!!” She screamed thrusting her hands towards them. Ropes bound them, crosses ran through their backs. She snapped her fingers and they burst into flame.
Through the flames the girl’s voice reached them, as they screamed, even the ghosts.
“You may be evil, but me, I am pure evil, die, let your dead bodies bow to the witch queen.”
And then, she vanished, as the witches burned to the ground, and to this day her cackling laughter still fills the streets whenever disaster strikes.
wat should i write a story about next?
thxs :)

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