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Here's a twist to the whole Victoria coming after Bella line. What if she had a different reason for wanting Bella other than James' death? Keep an open mind please!!!

From the balcony over looking the gazebo, I caught her scent. I could understand why Edward loved her so much. To the human eye, Bella looked average but perhaps the vampire's eyes really did see things deeper than the surface. The breeze blew gently over the couple, him holding her protectively again her chest, her fragile human form clinging to him. An image floated through my mind of Edward not existing and my arms around Bella.
"Vicky..." she would whisper softly.
I shivered in the evening dampness. I had to get her alone somehow, but with James' being gone now and the Cullen clan tracking me, I would have to be overly careful. For now I would let Edward have his fairy tale. Soon I would have sweeter revenge than being able to kill the whole of Edward’s family. I would take away his love. I had never in my life met anyone who could turn down my vampress charms and didn’t plan on this being my first.

3 months later

I had planned it to the last minute detail. I had watched the Cullens as a family and individually. I had watched Bella and the police chief as well. Against my better judgment I had even watched the wolves since they seemed to interact with the vampires and Bella so much. It was time to make my move. Bella wanted to become one of us so badly, this was no big secret. How many times had I been close enough to touch her and heard her beg Edward for eternity? The fool! I would have given her the gift the first time she asked! He denied her the one thing she really wanted to have. Tonight was the time when I would make my move. Tonight Bella would be mine and Edward would know what it was like to have his un-beating heart ripped from his ice cold chest.
I checked the time on the old clock tower. It read 11:45pm. Bella would have to be home at 12 midnight. Charlie would never put up with her being home late as he still didn’t trust Edward completely. It had to go as planned or I may never get another chance. I stayed hidden in the trees. She would be no match for my strength. I could just picture how her skin would pale even more, how her touch would be like fire even though it was ice and how her eyes would flutter open with the realization that her dream had come true. I hated that the transition would be so painful for her, but shivered with the thrill of knowing it would be at my hands that she would change. I followed just behind the JEEP Edward was driving her home in. I would wait until he left and she was safely upstairs in her room. I knew the right spot to hit on a human neck that would make them pass out instantly. It would do her no harm but would render her unconscious for just long enough for me to get her away from the area. I would take her north over the border. I had everything waiting in an abandoned cabin, including her first meal. Edward pulled into her driveway and walked her up to the door. I watched hungrily as he kissed her goodbye.
“Enjoy her taste now, Cullen. It will be your last,” I thought maliciously, hating that he was touching her.
He waved from the car and sped away. Bella opened the door and went inside. It seemed that I only took a few steps as I crossed the road and went around back to climb up to her window. I knew she would chat with Charlie for a few minutes buying me the time I needed to get inside unnoticed. Her scent clung to everything in the room. I positioned myself behind the door in the shadows where she wouldn’t see me upon entering the room. As there were times when Edward would come back and stay all night in her room, she would close and lock the door. Tonight he would not be back as he and his brothers were going hunting for the next two days. The footsteps on the stairs had me tensed into my hunting stance ready to pounce as soon as the door closed. She stepped through the door and the lock slid into place. I was a fraction of an inch from her. She turned towards the room and dropped her purse and jacket. The scent wafted up to me almost sending me into frenzy. In time I remembered what I had come to do. Vampires had the right to choose their partner no matter what. James had chosen me against my will and now I would do the same to another. I would not be doing this to avenge him but to punish Edward to taking my mate and leaving me alone to face the cold eternity. I stepped toward her. Three steps, two steps… She lifted her sweater over her head; I could smell Cullen mixed with her sweet human scent. Under both lay the stink of the wolves! One step… I reached out and grabbed her. I slipped one arm around her waist, one hand over her mouth. She started but feeling my cold flesh must have thought it was her hero as she relaxed back into my arms and her head rolled back on to my shoulder. Her neck was exposed, the life vein pulsing, taunting me, and daring me to take her then and there.
“Patience, Victoria, patience. Not here,” I told myself.
Bella turned in my arms and the look of horror made her mouth drop open.
“You! How did you find me? Alice said you went north! Jasper and Emmett tracked you to the border! What do you want?” her voice was hoarse but still sweet.
“I want you. I want for Edward to know what it is like to lose the one thing in the world he holds precious above all else. I also have a gift for you, my sweet Bella,” I stepped toward her.
Her mouth opened but not fast enough. My movement seemed slow to me, but she must not have seen it as I hit the spot between her neck and throat and she felt willing into my arms. I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder. I unlocked the door to her room and listened. The TV was still on downstairs so Charlie hadn’t been disturbed. I floated to the window and jumped down to the ground soundlessly. Like a thief in the night, I carried my precious cargo away to the north as planned. I ran like the wind afraid that the Cullens would be able to stop me if the seer was able to track either of us. I kept my mind blank so as not to lend her any leads. I kept to the trees to avoid being noticed by any passersby and the wolves. The later was not really a concern as they had no one that could read thoughts. As the night covered us we crossed the border and I found the cabin easily enough. I placed Bella on the bed inside and did a parameter check to make certain we were not followed. When I entered the cabin again, she was groggily trying to sit up.
“Edward, where are we? I had a horrible dream. She came for me,” she mumbled rubbing her head with the heel of her hand.
I knew if I let her focus anymore, she would realize what had happened. I had to take my chance. I crossed the room in a single stride like ice cold wind. I push her back on the bed and placed my hand on the back of her neck. I turned her head to the wall. She was still weak and didn’t fight me.
“Edward? What are you doing?”
“Shh, lay still lover,” I whispered hoping that in the foggy head she was in she wouldn’t notice it wasn’t Cullen’s voice that answer.
I kissed her neck and placed my other arm over her stomach to stop her from moving if she struggled. I opened my mouth and bit into the tender human flesh.
“Ohh, Edward, what are…” her voice caught in her throat.
I kept my eyes open as I felt the venom leave me. I had to be ready to fight the urge. Oh, how long I had waited for this moment. Her blood was sweet and fresh. Never in my 200 years had I tasted such innocence.
“Please, Edward,” Bella gasped.
I ripped my fangs from her neck by force. I had to fight the urge to drain her. Killing wasn’t my goal. Oh, no, it’s was much bigger than that.
Her head fell back on the pillow and her eyes focused on me. The understanding flooded them as she began to convulse and gasp. Her beautiful brown eyes rolled back in her head as she passed out.
“Shh, it’s okay, Bella. I’m here. You’re going to wake up and have everything you ever dreamed of,” I dropped to my knees by her bed and smoothed her hair away from her face.
The wound on her neck still bled but I covered it with gauze I had waiting on the night stand. Her skin was scalding as the venom worked through her body. The tremors slowed and her heart slowed. It beat evenly but much slower than it had only moments before. I stayed by her side for the next 72 hours waiting patiently to see her open her new eyes. I made sure that the wound was clean and that she was as comfortable as possible. On the evening of the 4th day, Bella began to stir and moan. I was by her side in a second.
“Where am I?” she murmured.
Her voice was like music. I smiled. There was so much to tell her. Where was I to begin?
“You are safe, Bella. Open your eyes. You are in a cabin in Canada about 300 miles north of Forks,” I told her.

Should I continue? I wasn't sure since this is my first time ever someone reading anything I've never written!!! Be kind!!! Please!!!

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i want to see where u go with this...more pls
this is pretty different. you should keep going!
Arrrr!!! write more.
Yes please continue!
Finally a femslash with Victoria. That was great. Please do continue. And if you do update, could you notify me. I love this and can't wait to see what happens next.
i just threw up but keep going :/
This is pretty good you should keep going...( I wonder what will happen next )..
i dont get it. does Victoria hate Bella or like LIKE her?? besides that i dont understand some of it its really good!!
yeah I am confused is Victoria gay or is she like just getting revenge or whatever
Yes, you should right more.
right more plz
i love it post more soon and keep me updated : )


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