The Twilight Saga

Preface-This never should of happened to me or my sister.Now she’s dead,and I cant go back to my family.I wish I never walked alone in that alley.I was only 11 when my sister went missing now I’m 15.I know what happened to her.Riley told me,I want revenge on him and Victoria.My name is Grace Tanner,other wise known as Gracie or Skittlez,and this is my story in Victoria’s new army.

Grace Tanner__Gracie or Skittlez


Can stun or blind a person by looking at them,control the elements


Should I continue??

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i will & thx!!
yes you should totally continue!!
i will
Chapter 1:The Worst Night of My Life!
“Grace be home before 11” my mom said while I walked out the door to go to my friend, Lexi’s house. “I will” I said and closed the door and walked to Lexi’s house. “Hey lex” I said as she opened the door, “hey Gracie” she said and I walked in. “I’m bored” I said sitting in front of the tv and turning it on. “Your always bored” she said and sat down. We watched TV the whole time I was there and ate ice cream. I looked at the time on my phone, 10:30 it said “I gotta go” I said and got up. “Ok, see you in school” she said. “Ok and bye” I said, she closed the door. That was my last goodbye to anyone I know. I started walking and looked at the time, crap I’m supposed to be home in 5 minutes and I’m half way there. I walked through the alley since that was a shortcut, my worst choice in my life. I had the feeling someone was following me so I looked behind me, no one. I started walking again when something ran past me and made me run into a wall. “Ouch” I said looking around trying to get up. “Who there” I started walking forward when something pushed me into the wall again, “ouch again” I got up and started running. I started running down the street when I tripped and ran into something and my head started bleeding, I thought I was going to die when something bit me. I looked at my hand then started screaming, I thought my hand was on fire. Then I passed out.I woke up three days later. I looked around, “where am I?” I asked then
awww poor girl!, please update soon x


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