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This is a sequel to the fan fiction Accessories Enjoy!



Vintage teaser!

Vintage Chapter 1 Teaser

“Nessie…Renesmee!! Please wake up! Oh Emily she isn’t waking up!”

“Here Claire put this cold wet towel on her forehead and help me move her to the bed.”

“Are you sure we should move her? What f we break her?”

“It looks like she just fainted not attacked.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Which is exactly why I’ve already sent for Landon.”

“What’s he going to do he is just a pup.”

“He’s a year younger than you and he is our only way to stay connected to the pack. Sam will be able to take survey of everything through him.”

“ Are you sure you want to worry them? I bet they are stressed enough already looking for Jared and Kim.”

“True but you never hide things from your imprint.”

“Not even to shelter them?”


“If you say so.”

“I do now help me move her.”

“Alright I’ll get her legs.’

“On three. One…two…three…”

“Wow this chick is heavy.”

Who was she calling heavy?

“You better hope she can’t hear you.”

Wait I can hear them but why couldn’t I respond? Why could I only see black?

“Hey Emily what is she clenching in her hand?”

What I couldn’t even feel that I was holding anything.

“Man she has a death grip, you try to get it out.”

“Claire leave her alone.”

“What if what ever it is is the reason she fainted.”

“Maybe but there is no way either of us are going to be able to open her hand. It’s like trying to open up a marble statue with you bare h ands.”

“I bet Landon could do it.”

“Yes and rip off her arm on accident at the same time.’

“Then what do you plan we do.”

“Call her family and have Quill Sr, grant them permission to enter La Push to see her. They may know how to revive her.”

Yes Emily go get my family please!

“Stay with her would you while I go send for them?”

“Of course.”

Please hurry Emily!

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Omg! Great start...vant wait to read more.
OMG!!!! I can't wait!! =)
thanks yall rearlly excited for Vintage
amazing , i just read Accessories and i can't wait till u update this story :)))))) plzzz keep me updated and POST SOON :))))
awsome just reread accessories myself before i started writeing vintage it was my first ff ever and it is my baby


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