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An Alice One-shot

By Mrs Sky Cullen

I couldn’t keep still that night. I was just that excited, yet bored at the same time.
The cold wind swept my short, black hair into my face as I rounded a corner, coming face to face with some intoxicated men. I shuddered at the taste of beer and drugs filled the air, trying to ignore the pleas for me to come join them as I walked off into a deserted street. At least then I could breathe.
The fire in my throat was horrible, like someone was holding it there permanently there.
Part of me was begging to go back and snatch one of the men to quench my thirst, but I knew better than that. I had to get to Philadelphia. I had to find Jasper.
According to the images that continuously flashed through my mind, Jasper was my true love, and together we would go to a coven of vampires called the Cullens. According to the images, we would live a better life there, together, and be able to quench the fires in our throats with blood from animals.
I don’t know why I trusted these images, no, visions. For any normal person, seeing the future would make you abnormal, and an outcast.
I was already different enough though, I suppose.

I tried to look cold as I trudged through the dark streets, watching as people stared at me as I walked past.
I’d already passed a sign that said “Welcome to Philadelphia” by then, but I was still a long way away from the small bar where I’d meet my true love. I tried to use this to cheer me up as I trudged past shops and salesmen and all different sorts of people. Some were foreigners who had sought refuge here after the Great War, but others were just ordinary citizens, going about their business and making an effort to keep inconspicuous.
I sighed. How could anyone live in the human world while everyone was like this? All depressed and moping around, feeling sorry for no one but themselves.
I shrugged the thought off, taking refuge in a nearby tavern. Surely they would have room for a dripping wet woman? Especially a pretty one.
The man that looked like he owned the place gave me the cheapest room available- a one bedroom and one bathroom room with a decent view. It was more than I could hope for.

As I unlocked the door and stepped inside, I realised why the room was so cheap. It was filthy, and smelt mouldy and musty. There was a big hole in one of the walls, and the floral wallpaper was ripped and torn.
It didn’t really worry me though. I only needed a room for that night so I didn’t look suspicious walking down the streets on my own. People surely would have thought me to be stealing or something like that!

Sitting down on the bed, I allowed myself to think. What would Jasper say when he met me? This part of my visions was uncertain. He hadn’t met me yet, so I couldn’t determine what his reaction would be to meeting me. All I knew was that it was a good reaction.
As the last lock of my long hair fell to the floor, I closed my eyes, hoping to see Jasper behind my eyelids...
His pale, strong face, his perfect onyx eyes, and his amazing curly blonde hair that would make any girl swoon over him.
I imagined that strong, perfect man holding me in his arms, promising to love me forever. It seemed impossible, yet so right at the same time.
That man had saved me. If it wasn’t for him, I would be insane.


My fingers tapped against the bar impatiently. It was half an hour after he was supposed to be there. Where had he gone?
I sighed. Maybe my “visions” were wrong. Maybe they weren’t even visions. Maybe they were my hopes, my dreams. Maybe Jasper didn’t even exist.
I closed my eyes. No. I couldn’t accept that. Jasper was real. I knew it. He had to be real!
As if on cue, the bar door opened, and in walked the man of my dreams- Jasper.
His curly blonde hair swayed in the breeze ever so slightly, dripping with rain from outside- just like my vision.
His onyx eyes quickly scanned the bar, examining each face with a lust that couldn’t be hidden, and I leaped out of my seat. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to approach Jasper now- not after he had figured out what I was!
Leaping off my bar stool, I skipped right over to Jasper and snatched his hand, much to his surprise.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you,” I whispered. His reaction completely surprised me.
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, ma’am,” he said with a clear yet amazingly beautiful Texas accent, whilst taking his hat off and bowing. It was obvious he was trying to hide his grin.
With his hand in mine, everything suddenly seemed impossible. This- This angel had accepted me, before we’d even met. It was an amazing feeling to know that for once I was accepted.
Before I realised what I was doing, my arms wrapped around his neck, and I buried my face in his chest. Hesitantly, he hugged me back, and I’ve never felt safer.

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