The Twilight Saga

Alice is a newborn, as well as Jasper. Alice is lost and on her own, and having reaccuring visions of Jasper. Meanwhile, Jasper also has brief flashes of Alice, while he is with Maria. This is my story of how they met....





Alice (POV)

They had all said I was born without a heart. I could say the word 'love' , I understood what it meant but I could not feel it since I was Turned. I was heartless even before I became this stone-cold monster.

I'm sitting in a cave, drawing a heart in the dirt. My new ears capture the faint sounds of cave critters full of warm blood. I tired to resist them, so when I was out and about with humans I wouldn't just jump out an attack them. This is also when I had my visions.

After or while I fed of the prey, I was crazy and went into a 'feeding frenzy'. I'm calm before, if I am not too thirsty, I see things.

When I was first Turned, I saw myself in this cave. Doing what I am right now. Trying to have another vision of the future. I lay on my back, and star at the ceiling, the fire in the throat raging. I ignore it and close my eyes. I see it all again, the old man, the James man, the mental hospital that was my previous home. Then, I saw him.

He had the curliest, bushy, blonde hair, and red eyes like mine. He wasn't James, But his name began with a J sound. Because everytime I saw this stranger, he was with a Mexican creature, just like the both of us. The pale skin, the sharper teeth, the blazing red eyes. Everytime I saw him, I heard a tidbit of his name. J. a. That's all I got so far from the visions of him. They told me to find him. But I couldn't really. The area in the background was dry, like a desert.

I put my hand in the area where my heart was once. The love for my family, gone. I couldn't feel it anymore. But I did when I saw the blonde boy. That's why I have to find him. He could help me find my heart...



Jasper (POV)

"Kill the boy," Maria had said. Why? Why kill the boy? Just because he was a weakling in fighting...

But Maria knew what was best for the army. There was no room for mistakes, no room for weaklings.

We wanted to own Texas. That was our goal. Jasper Whitlock and Maria, the rulers of the Vampire Society of Texas. That would be the best thing.

I approached David. He was watching the stars out of the barn window.

"Hello, David." I said. My hands crossed over my lower stomach.

"Hello, Jasper." David replied, without looking at me.

"The stars are bright tonight, aren't they?" I asked, keeping him distracted from his soon to be demise.

"Yes, they are. Brightest I have ever seen them in my life." David said. His eyes reflecting the stars.

"Which was very short, wasn't it?" I grabbed him and put him in a headlock. I felt it. His fear. This is why I hated killing them. I could feel every emotion before I silenced them. Horrible.

"What are you doing, Jasper?" David asked, afraid.

"Maria sent me here. To kill you." Then I tore his head off of his body. The quick flash of pain, and the schreeching sound of murdering the boy was all that was left of David.

"Maria," I said. She was standing by the lake, a few miles from our hiding place.

"You have completed the mission then?" she said, turning to me. Her eyes blazed red. She had recently fed.

"Yes." David's body was slung over my shoulder.

"Thank you, Jasper. For weeding out the weak," Maria was by my shoulder is seconds.

"We must burn him now." I said, my eyes hard.

"I know. We wouldn't want him coming back, only to kill him again." Maria replied simply.

She started a fire in minutes, and I threw David's body into it. It smoldered and smoked.

"This be a warning!" Maria yelled, to nobody at all.

"A warning of what, Maria?" I asked. I felt her get angry at me. I narrowed my eyes and she rushed over to me. Calm.

"A warning to all the weak!" She pursed her lips. "And to whoever defies me."

I nodded simply, my hands behind my back.



Alice (POV)

Today I was in some small town not far from New York. It was a few weeks since I had last fed, I kepy trying to get a vision of the man. The last one was that he was going to kill a young boy. At nightfall, in a barn. I had to get there in time. But the thirst tore at me. I was a walking fire. I thought of just going back to the hospital, plenty of times. But I started to have new visions. Of a family. I'm not sure, if they were mine, but it was a family. I was sitting in a alley a few blocks back, and saw a tall blonde man, a doctor. Then I assume his wife, carmel colored curls. A son, bronze haired, and a daughter, blonde also. They all had curious golden eyes. Like honey, or butterscotch.  The man's name was Cullen. He was like me, his whole family was, they fed on blood. Of animals. Maybe they could help me control my thirst better, they seemed to. They were my top second priority. The blonde man, the Cullens. Their visions meant safety.

My hands gripped my throat and I began to run. I hurtled right into a pedestrian. Or to  me, dinner.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" they asked. It was a woman in her forties, she was tired. She slept in a box. She was homeless. Nobody would miss her.

"No." I breathed. I snatched her up and shoved my teeth into her skin, my other hand covered her mouth. She passed out in a matter of seconds, and then she was drained.

But I was still ravenous! I wiped the blood of my mouth with her soiled scarf and continued down the road. I spied a a local pub, and hid behind a trash can. A few moments later, a party stumbled out completely drunk. I should save them from the police, I joked to myself. The people walked down into an alley, a man called Mr. Tim, from what I heard, was handing out drugs. Ah, their blood wouldn't be so good. I better do it now.

I ran violently and pounced right onto Mr. Tim. The others were to drunk to react quickly. By the time Mr. Tim was drained, I had the other two. I was satisfied.

But then I had another vision. The Cullens, again. They were hunting, animals. I felt guilty. If I found them, if they accepted me, they wouldn't. Not if I ate like this. Murdered people! I must change my habits at once! I got up and silently apologized to the people, and the Cullens.

Then I made my way out from New York.


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this is good

thx a bunch

np and we should make a fanfic of alice and jasper together.
sure like after Visions, the after of Breaking Dawn, Alice and Jasper. Message me on that
I mean't when alice is human and jasper is a vampire and they conceived a hybrid baby which gets jasper worried.

Love the story! Keep me updated please.

ok ill comment on ur profile or u can add me

o well u coulda typed tht up there instead of having me confused. that's like breaking dawn tho...?




Today, Maria proudly announced the death of David. If I was human, my eyes would be wet. I wouldn't cry, though, that would be a sign of definate weakness.

The newborns, as Maria and I began to call them, straightened up heavily. Now that they found out that they would perish if they disobeyed.They did better when we trained again today. Two newborns I was fond of, Peter and Charlotte, were the weakest to Maria. I bit my lip to say anything. But really, was she going to make me murder myself? 

Maria and I discussed this, I got many slaps to the face, bites, and a kiss. But I wasn't going to stand for this. Peter and Charlotte had to live!

love it. I love Jalice.

Five Alice

I found out his name. It's Jasper. I had a vision of him again last night when I found my way to Ohio. He was with a Spanish looking woman, named Maria. From what I've learned from him so far, he is planning to save two "newborns" named Peter and Charlotter. I feel so...joyful. This Jasper is helping me find out my identity, helping me find myself again. This frequent visions of his life, I'm yearning for them. I need them. This Jasper man I feel like I need him. Badly. I don't know why. How am I supposed love someone I don't even know? And..Wait Love? Where did I even get love from? Would he love me? He couldn't he was in love with Maria. Maria. Ah, a pang of jealousy!

I laid under the night sky and pondered this. I felt it. The shock of having the visions, like a vibration goes throught my body. I still wasn't used to it. Jasper was in the barn, with two people. Male and female, beautiful, but with ragged clothes. Eck, I needed to give them a hand.

"Maria thinks you both are weak, because of your attraction. When you were fighting previously, how you protected Charlotte from every attack, Maria thinks could get us killed in battle with Raphael in a few days." Jasper said.

"But your attraction to Maria, your love, your mate, that isn't weakness?" Charlotte whined, gripping Peter's hand.

"Yes, Jasper, there must surely be a way out of this. She is going to assign you to murder us privately, right? You could give us time to flee, and then lie." Peter said.

"She'll be nearby. She'll want to hear you begging and to hear your bodily parts being torn off!" Jasper said angrily, remembering the night with David.

"Was she nearby with David?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes." Jasper replied hardly.

"Tear of head and arm off. We all know that they can be reattatched unless we are burned." Peter suggested.

"Maria likes to burn the bodies herself." Jasper said.

"Just let us die then, there's no hope." Charlotte cried.

"There is!" Jasper exclaimed. "Maybe, maybe we can find a human and bring it to Maria."

"Jasper, Maria's too smart for that. Just let us die." Peter insisted.

"No, I'll sacrifice myself to Maria." Jasper declared.

Then it ended. I was completely shocked. My Jasper sacrifice himself? And when did it become my Jasper? Oh, no. I had to find this Jasper to stop this, quickly. And I had to figure out why I was so attracted to him...



It was not going to work. Maria must've heard us yesterday. She was doing Elimination, we called their names and told them if they had passed her latest test. Like how it was with the army...

Peter and Charlotte had the most worried faces out of all the newborns. I calmed them, more than the others, but still....

Maria looked pleased. I stood in front of her, as she sat on a fallen tree trunk.

"Message to the unloyal, Jasper," she hissed in my ear. She surely had heard.

"Today, newborns, we try a new way of seeing who is the weak and not weak. As a way to say it," Maria announced. "It is called Elimination. I shall call your name to come here. If Jasper doesn't snap your neck, you've passed." she said the most evil smile on her face.

I already knew the only people to be killed were Peter and Charlotte. The other newborns discovered that fact soon enough, and bid their silent farewells to them. They would be wasted...

"Peter and Charlotte!" Maria yelled. They stepped forwards. "You're the most disgusting, weak vampires that I have ever seen in an army. I've sentenced you to die! You will not survive in our cruel, cruel, world. Jasper, complete the Elimination." Maria put her nose in the air.

"No!" I growled at her. I pounced on Maria, locking her to the ground.

"Run! Run all of you!" I yelled.

"Jasper, how dare you disobey me!" Maria screamed wildly. But my newborn strength kept her pinned to the ground.

"I'm leaving Maria." I said, as the last of the newborns left.

"Why, Jasper? I love you." Maria cooed.

"No you don't." and then I left.


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