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This is my first fanfic so please don't be too hard. I have written this in a notebook....
REnesmee is now nine years old by the way.
Sorry if my writing is in itallics or anything. My computer was being really weird.
All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer and I take no credit all... no evenfor that one extra charac.
If you think it is good, I still have other chapters that I have written so just tell me and I'll type them up.

"Jake, be nice! Can't you just take pity on the smaller person?" I asked as Jacob showed off his mountain lion. I crossed my arms and glared at him.

"Oh c'mon Nessie. You look like a two year old when you do that, Be a big girl and take the consequences. You said if I won, you would eat a slive of pizza. Now own up." Jake had an evil grin on his face that I knew well.

"Well, fine! I'llact my age and cry. Isn't that what nine year olds do?" I asked.

"Not any that I know. Plus, you're practically an adult. OWN UP!" I sighed and uncrossed my arms. I turned to the table that was next to me and stared at the object on the left. Human blood; I hadn't had that since I was a little baby. Then I looked at the other thing; a slice of pizza. YUCK! I bent over and picked up the slice. I took an bite. I saw Jacob's smile turn to a frown.

"Jake, what are you-" I stopped mid sentence as I turned around. There stood my mom with an angry look on her face.

"JACOB BLACK! RENESMEE CARLIE CULLEN! What did I tell you about those foods in your stomach? Jacob, how could you give my baby pizza? That makes us sick!" My mother screamed.

"Not me Mom, remember? I'm half human! It doesn't make me sick. It only tastes bad. Don't have a cow!" I thought that Dad was the only one that overeacted, but I thought wrong. I took a quick bite and made a face. The pizza was how like blood, but it tasted nothing like it. I heard footsteps coming quickly from th forest and knew it was my dad. Then, he was right next to my mother. Why did they have to make everything so complicated?

"Because we are your parents and we care, Renesmee," Dad answered my unspoken thought. I groaned and felt queasy for a scond; it passed really quickly. " Jacob, how could you? We've let you have personal time with Nexxie since she was born and now you are treating it like it's nothing."

"What?! So now there is designated times that I can be with Jacob?!" I pouted. Then, I thought of a way out. Dad,don't make me eat this whole slice. I taunted. My dad's eyes got really wide, then to little slits.

"You wouldn't," he said back. I WOULD! I screamed in my head. I got the slice a little closer to my mouth. "REnesmee," he said, warningly. A little closer, then the slice was gone and a burp came from beside me. I stared a Jacob in astonishment.

"What?" he chuckled. "You were teasing me with a pizza slice. Don't do that."

"Jake, I was in the middle of doing something," I said.

"Oh, sorry." I shook my head and turned back to Dad.

"Okay, sheriff. Take me off to the jail. I am your prisoner," I said sarcastically. Dad made a face and led me to the cottafe for 'dinner'.

I shut my alarm clock off andyawned. Ah, my last day of being a sophomore. The no school! I got up and ran downt he stairs to Grampa's office. When we went to bed, or at least when I did, I went to the big Cullen house because the cottage was a little small for three full grown people. Mom and Dad went home sometimes to do who know what. I don't really want to know.

I opened the door to the office and smiled when I saw Grampa at the computer.

"Good morning, Ness. How'd you sleep?" he asked, cheerfully.

"Pretty good, actually. Did I get any emails while I was sleeping?"

"Yes, one from your friend, um, Goldeyes forty-seven." Grampa laughed and looked up. "Does that mean anything to you?" I nodded and he got up while I sat down. I clicked on the messaging icon and opened the first letter.

Hey, NEssie!
Todays the last day of school! WOO! Oh I want to,
before I forget, want to meet your parents. There isn't
a bus today, so good luck getting to school. :]
~Adrian M.

I smiled and laughed. I kissed Grampa on the cheek and bounced out to the hallway. I saw Rosalie and Emmett in the kitchen talking and looked around for my parents.

"Rose, Em, where are my mom and dad?" I asked still looking around.

"I think they... you know, I have no idea, what so ever. But we'll keep an eye out for them, okay?: Rosalie said. I looked at her face and frowned.

"Today's the last day of schoo, aren't they going?"I asked, confused. Rosalie but her lip and shook her head. " BUt I need Dad to bring me in the volvo, there's not bus!"

Rosalie cocked her head. " Ness, you're a vampire. Run to school!"

"They don't let me! It's too risky, they say. 'What if the students at school see you!'" I mocked my dad. Emmett laughed and slapped his hand on the counter.

"Finally, someone who will make fun of Edward with me! Jeez, Nessie. I knew you were my favorite neice for a reason." I rolled my eyes and then gasped.

"WAIT! Are you two, or at least Alice and Jasper going?" I asked, now a little angry. Rosalie and Emmett had an expressionless face. "Why not!"

" We're going hunting. We'll be back tomorrow. You will be here with Carlisle and Esme." I smiled one big, fake smile. Great, the night with Grampa and Gram.

"Okay, well I guess I'll run to school then. I'll run to school. I'll see you guys tomorrew, alright?" The couple nodded and I groaned. I could feel the blod rushing to my cheeks as I got angrier. I started running as soon as I could and was to school in no time at all.

"NESS! NESSIE! RENESMEE!" I heard a voice across the yard yell. I took out my mp3 player (that Dad had got me nine years ago and still miraculesly worked) and looked to see Adrian.

"Hey I yelled as he ran over. I waved and he was quick to get over. Adrian was part of the track team. He had brown hair with a tint of red in it. Hes eyes were gold like my family's. You guessed it; he is a vampire. I smiled and hugged him. "Do you want to come over after school, you know, tonight?" I asked.

"Oh, um, I guess. Am I sleeping over, or-"

I don't know. Remember, I sleep, unlike you. I don't know if that would go over well with my grandparents anway. Remember, I am only nine years old." Adrian liftedd on side of his mouth.
"Oh yeah! You're a baby, aren't you!" Adrian laughed.

"Ha ha ha, very funny! Oh, and I almost forgot, you're an old fart!" Adrian stopped laughing.
"Hey, a century old is not old in our years. REmember, the volturi is pretty much older than dirt," Adrian corrected.

"WEll, either way, do you want to come over?" I asked, getting back on topic.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'll just have to go to the house first. You know, to lock up. Marie and Dominic are gone for a week to Ethiopia." I made a 'o' shape with my mouth. RRIIIINNNGGG! "Oh, we better get inside. Today is going to be a fun day!

"Grampa, I invited my frien Adrian over tonight. Is that okay with you?" I asked Grampa as he read the newpaper in the living room. He looked up and smiled.

"You know your parents are coming home tonight, right?" I stareda t him. "I know, i know. Rosalie told you taht you were spending the night with Esme and me, but she was wrong. I hope that's alright with you." The fire crackled in the fire place as I heard a car drive into the garage and saw Mom and Dad.

"Hi Renesmee! How was the last day?" Mom asked me as she came in for the hug, My dad came anddid the same thing to me. When they were done, I smiled.

"It was good, um, today I asked a kid to come her tonight. To meet you," I said, hoping everything was alright. Dad was trying to figure something out from me, but I didn't know what, so I gave a shot at explainging. Dad, his name is Adrian and- he broke me off mid thought.

"IT'S A BOY!? Nessie, you know you only nine years-" This time I broke him off. I'm not dating him, just he's my best friend! He wanted to meet you guys. He's a vampire like us and is more then a century old, I thought, hoping he would understand. He gave me a suspicious look and then looked at my mom. "What do you think about it?"

"Edward, I don't know what you're talking about.Do you think you can fill me in please?" Dad and I laughed. He had totally forgotten about how left out Mom was during our conversations. He explained everthing in full detail, then we all froze. We heard a car tun off the highway. I would have thought it would have taken him longer to get here because he lived in Portland where we went to school. We heard footsteps come to the garage door. The door swung open and there stood the beautiful Adrian.
"Hey, Adrian! These are my parents, Bella and Ed-" I stopped waht I was saying when I saw my dad's face. It looked like he was at a surprise party and the surprise was for him. He almost looked scared. I looked back at Adrian and he had the same shocked face. "What's wrong?"
"Adrian Mason... Renesmee, Bella, this is my brother," said Dad, still staring. My jaw dropped and I stared at the two of them.

End of Chapter 1

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Oh pls continue.. im dying to knw wat happen next...
please make another chapter
Okay, her is the next chapter....... PS I really didn't think anyone would like it....

Chapter 2

It was quiet as we sat in the living room as we sat. My mom and I waited for either Dad or Adrian to say something. I heard Dad stop brething and Adrian breathe faster. I felt as if I was going to go crazy if no one said anything. And quick. Dad sat up straight and nodded at Adrian and he sat up too.

"So..." Adrian started. "How did you answer aquestion I asked you in my head, or did you nod you head for no reason?" I smiled but no one else did. I was quick to start frowning again.

"I read minds, Adrian. I knew what you asked me, " Dad said quietly. I heard the door open and Jacob walked in. He chuckled when he saw me.

"Boy, do I have a story to tell you, Nessie. I was at- OH HEY! You're Adrian, right?" Jacob said. Adrian nodded and turned back to Dad.

"I thought you didn't make it through the Spanish Influenza Epidemic, Adrian!"My dad blurted out. Adrian stood up.

"That's what I thought about you! Did, didn Mother make it through?" Everything got really quiet. Grampa had told me the story about Esme living when he turned her to a vampire. Adrian would be so happy that his mother was still alive. Wait, I thought, that means he's my uncle... weird.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you two, Adrian and Renesmee. Nass, Esme is not you real grandmother and Carlisle is not your real grandfather. Adrian, Mother did not survive. She is the one who told Carlisle to save me. Now, no Nessie, please don't cry," Dad crooned. I hadn't even noticed I was crying. Jake ran over and sat me on his lap. Honestly, I thought I was a little big for him, but he didn't mind. I leaned into hima nd wiped my tears on his bare chest. "Nessie, that doesn't change that they are you grandparents. I have always thought of Carlisle as a father figure. If you ever have questions about my mother, Elizabeth, just ask."

"Wait, if Nessie's last name is Cullen, is your last name Cullen?" Adrian wondered aloud to Dad.

"Yes, I took the name from Carlisle because he was my new father and our father had died at the beginning of the epidemic. I'm sorry if that hurts you feelings." Dad looked very sincere. Then it hit me.

"Adrian! Dad! What are the odds that you both ended up a vampire!? How do you think that happened?" Dad shrugged to my question.

"I'm not sure." Adrian started pacing. Eddie, your probably wondering where I went after I changed and probably who changed me." Dad had to think about it and them nodded. "Well, believe it or not, the Volturi changed me and brought me to Italy. Eddie, do you remember what I was good at when I was human?"

"No, I can't say I do," my dad replied.

"Well, I was very into magic and hypnotism. I have a power in the vampire world... I make people say or see what I want them to. Kind of like Zaphrina, if you know her. I can also teleport like Houdini. I was so thrilled to see what I had picked up!"

"Fascinating," whispered my mom,dad and Jacob at the same exact time.

"Wait, so you have a power?" I asked astonished. He nodded and smiled. "I can't believe that you were in the Volturi and never told me. Why aren't you there now?" Adrian hummed and rocked on his feet.

"I broke the rules." We all got really quiet. "I allowed a human to follow me around and watch how we lived and survived as... vampires. After that day, I let the man out on the streets of Italy never to see him again I'm not sure if anyone in the Volturi ever found ou, but I had to leave because the guilt was enormous. After taht, I left and went to the Amazon where I met Zaphrina. Nice, but creepy woman. OH! It's nine thirty. Ineed to get home. It's been a pleasure seeing you again, Edward. I'm glad that I still have family." Adrian smiled and we all stood up.

"And so am I Adrian. Come back anytime. Then you van meet the rest of our family." The brothers shook hands and Adrian hugged me good night. I heard a growl from Jacob and I hit his stomach.

"I'll see you later, Adrian. I'm glad we are family." I smiled and let go of him.

"Good night Cullen family. Good night!" Adrian called from the door.

End of Chapter 2
good really good more
I promise I will finish the story.... I am leaving to go somewhere in like 40 mminutes and Chapter 3 is pretty long so I don't think I would have enough time to finish it.... so keep checking in and I will post the next chapter.... thanks.. :]
thanks for the update :D
Your welcome...
Okay, the next chapter will be in on Wednesday, the 16th. :) I just found out cuz I had to find time between school and sports...
okay.. sorry tomorrow.... I got caught up todya. :(
Chapter 3.... Its a little late, but who doesn't like suspense????? :]

Chapter 3

Now that my dad knew he had real family still alive, he told more storie about what he remembered of his human life. Mom never got tired of looking at him and hearing stories. Of course, she was the same age as me in vampire years. In human years, she defunitely beat me. Jacob, I wish would listen better, but everything that Dad said seemed to hit a nerve.

"Okay! I can't take it anymore! Edward, can you please just shut up! You've told us your life story, like, a hundred times!," Jacob yelled. I was sitting on his lap, but jumped when he raised his voice. " You are so annoying! Why don't you wait for your bloodsucker brother to get here so you can share your experiences together!" I gasped and stared at Jacob. I had never heard him talk to my family this way before.

"JACOB!" I yelled. Jacob looked at me and then frowned.

"I'm sorry, Ness! I didn't mean to-"

"No, I don't want to talk to you right now, Jacob Black! Leave me alone!" I ran to my room and slammed the door. I felt tears in my eyes. I layed down in my bed and put my face in my pillow. I started to cry and then heard people walking in my room. Dad, I thought, please go away. Everyone I mean. I heard footsteps leading out of my room. I knew, though, that someone had stayed.

"Renesmee, honey. We need to talk." It was my mom. I took a deep breath and sat up. She was already on my bed and looking at me. "REnesmee, Jacob couldn't hep himself. He couldn't stop what he was saying. It has been boiling up inside him for a long time; nine years to be exact." I sniffed and looked to the river that was behind our house. It smelled a little appetizing, but I was in a really bad mood.

"Why... why did he call Adrian a bloodsucker? That's so, so immature and not to mention rude. And, you know, I'm a bloodsucker too. Does he wasnt to call me that too?"

"Of course not, sweety," my mom said, "you have to remember that he loves you and would never say something hurtful to you. He didn't know that would hurt you. He feels awful."

"I want to know WHY he called him that, I stated. Mom huffed and then cupped her hands together.

"Um, okay follow me as I tell you this. Vampires and werewolves are not good friends. They are enemies, but Edward and Jacob have learned to cooperate. Now that Adrian is in you father's life, it's kind of overwelming. He would never hurt you like that... ever." I stared at mom and then looked at the door. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to the window and opened it. "Where are you going?" I shrugged and put my feet on the window sill.

"I'm not sure. I need to think." I jumped out the window and started thinking. Dad, I'll be back be back, don't worry. I just really need to talk to someone by myself. I ran until I found the house I was looking for, I stopped running at the edge of the woods. I walked to the door of the house and knocked. The door opened and the man who opened the door's face lit up.

"NESSIE! What a surprise! Where's your mother?"

"Grampa!" I hugged his chest and he laughed.

"I never will be able to have enough of you bear hugs! Is Bella here with you?" He was looking over my shoulder and was on his toes.

"Uh, no. I came here alone. Is Leah here>" Grampa nodded and pointed into the living room. "Cool. How long is she visiting for?"

"I don't know. She wants to go back to La Push to help with something on the beach, so probably not very long. Plus, she doesn't like how Sue and I act. She says we're too lovey." I laughed at what he said. Ever sice he had gotten married to Sue Clearwater, I was the flower girl, Leah had been disgusted by the thought. I guess I know why now.

"Can you get her for me?" I asked very nicely. Grampa nodded and called for Leah. She vame out and sighed. "Thank you, Gramps." I kissed his cheek. "I promise I'll get Mom and Dad to come over sometime. At least if you're over the shock of how I look..."

"Need to know only, remember Ness?" he asked.

"Sure, sure," I answered. I hated htat I had picked that habit up from Jacob. I walked into the woods with Leah on my heals. I started running and I heard Leah change to wolf form. We ran to the beach in La Push. Ever since I was little, I was always allowed onto the reservation, but my dad would not come and so he kept my mom from coming too. I sat on a piece of driftwood that looked like a seat. I looked at Leah, who had already changed.

"What do you want, Renesmee?" she asked.

"Waht is the problem between vampires and werewolves?" I asked, crossing my legs. Jacob popped in my mind. I shook my head and waited for Leah to speak.

"I don't know if I can tell you the whole story."

"I don't care! I need to know the whole story!" Leah took a breath and sat on the sand.

"It was actually right here that Jacob told Bella the story. Of course, I wasn't here because on, I wasn't part of a pack and two, I had no liking for Jacob at all at the time. Okay, so the story starts a really long time aga. Is kids in the Quileute tribe are all told the story, but the words 'cold ones'. pale faces, and Quileutes are used. Anyway," Leah told me the whole story. She even told me about the couple of years leading up to my birth. At some parts, I wanted to yell at my Dad, at some at Jacob. I couldn't really plip heads or tails of whether I agreed with what she did.

"Oh." That was all I could say. The sun had started to go down. I was nodding my head for no reason. It was odd, probably, to look at.

"Uh, yeah, that's it. I guess you can go home now and forgive Jacob. He's really not that bad. Trust me, I would know. I kind of used to have a crush on him. But now," she started shaking her head and did a small laugh. " It doesn't even matter anymore. Um, I think you should go home. Trust me in saying Baella is a little psychotic when it comes to you. You were her little nudger."


"Nothing. It's nothing. Just get on you way. Jake was in wolf form earlier and he is thinking so many different ways to apologize. Go," Leah pointed back towards Forks and I looked in that direction and nodded. I took off running. I needed to talk to Jacob But I needed something else first.

End of Chapter 3

STay posted for Chapter 4 where NEssie forgives Jacob, just not in the right way and an argument rises in the Cullen household.... :]
Here is a preview for chapter 4:
"Oh no! They have disowned me, haven't they!" I screamed. "I didn't mean to do this! Jake I'm so sorry! Jake I-"

"Calm down, Nessie. The only person worked up is Edward. Sure, your mother wasn't very impressed, but she has gotten over it.


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