The Twilight Saga

"Bella, Bella?" a voice called out to me by my side,
I opened my eyes to a dark gray room, the blinds were open & pale white door was in front of my bed..
someone was brushing my hair with their hand, i turned my head in response to see my Mum smiling down to me.
"Mum?" my voice was hazy, as if we hadn't spoke a word in months, "yes Bella, its me"
I hadn't seen my Mum since the wedding, her hair was different, long and instead of her usual top and shorts, she was wearing a long sleeved jumper and long jeans...
"where am i?" Every time i spoke it came out in a cough, whats wrong with me?
"Forks hospital," a new voice came from the bottom of my bed..
Its was Carlisle he was staring at me intently an expression across his face i couldn't work out...
worried maybe...
"What?!" "What happened?" How could i be in hospital?? What was Carlisle up to?? Where was Edward??
"Bella," he stopped short and looked up to my Mum,"I..think its best if you tell her" she replied to his glance in a wary tone..
He nodded and carried on, "Bella what is the last thing you remember?" I looked for a sign that he wanted me to do something, lie or tell the truth? It took me a second till i decided to tell a half lie
(just in case), "talking to Alice, she was getting me ready for Rose and Ems wedding,"
Carlisle eyes widened, his jaw dropped slightly & i could feel my Mums hand slip of my hair on to her lap...
Looked around to finally see Charlie & Phil standing behind my Mum, Phil looked sad, worried and Charlie was just plain shocked....
What did i say?
"Bella..." Carlisle Voice was edgy, "what else?", i looked at him confused, he took in my mood and changed the question...
"Tell me, why do you think you are in here?" he sat on the edge of my bed, "uhh..i hit my head again?" although that wouldn't be possible...
"Bella, three years ago, you got hit by a van.." he looked at me intently again, "huh? what do you mean??" my voice cracked,
"Bella, you have been in a coma for three years, ever since you got hit by that van in your schools parking lot.."

Please comment, if you like it ill write more soon!!

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girl ur like killing i mean this story is wow i mean u cannot letted be just a dream i mean u just cannot something must of happen and yeah i mean common Nessie wut about her u know i mean she could not just be no body so keep writing let the mystery stop and suspense damn ur story is good
I love your story, I tried to add you as a friend but for some reason it won't let me send you a request, or leave a comment on your page...I would love to know when you post more.
i love it write more
Ah when are u going to write more...
where is the story!i need more! i am addicted to ur story! more more more more! i demand more! please!

luv always
nic cullen~
oh my zippidy ( my new fav made up word)
i havent been able to stop reading this all day
its soooooooooooooo good
chapter 11,

We were driving in his car at the usual heart stopping speed in Carlisle's black Mercedes when he spoke for the first time in what seemed like forever.
"I'm going to take you home, you can get changed and pack a few things before we leave..", "Where are we going after Charlies?" I asked not caring, he looked over to me as we stopped at some lights, "England, i have a friend there who can see into the past, she's agreed to let us stay and help prove that the past 3 years was just a dream.." he stared at me waiting for a reply, i tried to speak but my mind was to busy concentrating on Edward, his eyes were maroon red, his sunglasses were sitting in his hair.. not really a good look for him but it beats him hiding his eyes from me..
"Is.. she.. a.. vampire?" I asked breathlessly. A stupid question to ask but Alice could see into the future before she was a vampire, so it was possible that this 'friend' could be human.
"Yes" he said grinning, ilooked up to see we were already sitting in Charlies driveway, the house was the same, except a new paint job and the lawn looked like it hadn't been mowed since the 1980s..
"Will she eat me?" I asked looking back at him, his grin had faded and he answered my question in a low tone looking straight ahead...
"No.. she's quite civilized, she changed her hunting habits when she met Carlisle in 1930s, but she does it like a smoker with the nicorette gum, she eats one human every month, but now she's slowed down to one every 3 or 4 months.."
He looked back to me with a fake smile, "but nothing to worry about.. I asked her to go on a hunt in the next few hours.."
He got out of the car and opened my door, we walked to the front door, he stood there looking at me but as i'd been expecting him to grab the spare key and open the door, i just stood there like an idiot staring at him...
"Do you have a spare anywhere?" He asked after a few minuets of stupidity, "uhh..." I looked around, my brain to slow to catch up with current events.. He bent down and looked under a line of flower pots, all full of dead flowers that looked like they were once sunflowers and poppies.. After the 3rd pot he found a old dirty brass key, opening door and said,
"Bella, i need to go hunt before we leave, its a long trip and i don't want to take any chances.." he said. "Get changed and pack some warm clothes.. Maybe some snacks too.." his eyes were now darker then before.. It was like he was getting hungrier by the second!!
"Okay..." I tried to sound enthusiastic but i didn't want him to leave, he grinned at my tone and said,
"the flight is leaving in about 2 hours so i wont be long..", he turned and ran away at brisk speed leaving me on my own next to this what seemed cold and lonely house that used to be my home...

Inside was the same as i remember, a bit messy downstairs.. Empty pizza boxes, Coke cans lying all over the place..
But upstairs was better, especially my room.. It was untouched, everything in exact same place, my clothes still in the draws and my bed unmade..
I got changed into Edwards favorite blue shirt, light blue jeans and a dark green tracksuit jacket..
I went into the bathroom to see if there was a spare toothbrush i could steal and was surprised to see my wash bag sitting in the corner of the sink collecting dust, everything was in it so i packed it all away with a load of jumpers, shirts and jeans for cold weather just as Edward had told me to pack for..
I walked through the house, memories of my child hood summers here came tpthe forefront of my attention, unsure why as i had always hated my summers here hated forks...until Edward.

Now those memories were much more pleasent.

I lay on my bed thinking through each and everyone of them. The time Edward proposed to me, the fist night he stayed here,
(well with my knowledge...)
They were all so real, i knew that his friend in England couldn't help.. i mean how could she show me what she sees?
And if i was in a coma how did i know that the Cullens were all vampires and that they only eat animals?!?!
I held my hands together playing with them when i noticed something...
Shock ran through me as i stared at my right hand, a bite mark scar staring back at me, i ran my fingers over the dents in my skin, they were real...
"James" i whispered my voice shaking with excitement!!!!
I heard the door open and shut downstairs my first thought went to Charlie coming home but then the sweat voice that called my name reassured me..
"Are you ready?" Edward asked. He was already standing in my door way, "Yeah" i replied my voice still shaking,
"Are you alright?!" he walked forward spotting the way i was clutching my right hand..
"Yeah i just cut myself thats all.." Not sure why i was lying but to cover my own confusion i grabbed my first aid kit and jammed it into my rucksack.

"Lets- go.." He knew i was lying to him, he gave me that look.. But i guess anxious not to miss our flight he ignored it and drove us to the airport...

The flight to England was quiet, we did speak about how Carlisle and his friend, "Vanessa" met.
"Carlisle met her when he and Esme went to London for a year or so, it had been a long time since he had been there so he was curious how it had developed since he was there last.."
"Vanessa was working in a pub that was for vampires really, any man or woman that entered the pub at day would be held hostage around dawn some would be kept alive and fresh others killed and there blood drained a pumped into bottles and mixed with things to make the taste nicer... At nightfall near by vampires would come in and..." He cut the sentence short as he noticed the pure horror on my face, "Carlisle and Esme met a vampire who visited this bar nightly, they were interested when they heard of a bar for their species.. Of course when they saw that it was really an all you can eat buffet, Carlisle complained to Vanessa, but it wasn't really her pub it was her fathers. And she was as disgusted by the place as Esme and Carlisle.. So she ran away with them."
"Carlisle did offer for her to join the Cullens, but Vanessa loved it to much in England, she stayed and became a nurse after seeing how well it turned out for Carlisle in the medical business.."
Edward was interrupted by an air stewardess asking if we wanted any pillows or anything, after that Edward ordered me to sleep. And the was the last real conversation we had.

"Does she still live in London?" I asked as we got in the back of a black taxi cab.. he nodded in reply sitting next to me..
I just noticed he changed his clothes, instead of the original 50s leather teddy boy look, he was now wearing a light blue shirt with baggy jeans and his hair was free from the black sunglasses...
"When did u change?" i asked after he told the driver the road name we were heading for.. "when you went to sleep" he grinned, he was in a better mood today thank god. I would start asking more questions about Vanessa, but the taxi driver kept looking at us from his rear view mirror, so i decided to keep quiet...
Outside was cold and cloudy, we were passing famous sites like the ''Tower of London'' and ''Big Ben'', but i held no interest for them, for the first time today my thought went to my scar, i looked down panicking to see if it was still there.. The bandage was still firmly wrapped around it, i was tempted to look under, but for some reason i was afraid Edward would see it..
"Hmmm..." I looked over to see Edward looking down at the bandaged hand, "can i have a look?" He asked holding out his hand.. As much as i wanted to put my hand there, and maybe pretend we were holing hands i stopped myself and asked, "why?" He looked up at me surprised, "i don't wan to take any chances that it might bleed when were with Vanessa...", he reached to take my hand but i quickly pulled it away and hid it under my jackets long sleeves..
"It wont it was just a little cut.." He could tell i was hiding something, his expression went a bit stern when he asked..
"Then why did you bandage it?" I sat there in silence trying to come you with an answer when the taxi driver saved me calling out that we had arrived at Vanessa's house..
Edward unwillingly removed his sight from my direction and glared at the taxi driver handing him some money...
The house we pulled in front of was beautiful, like a fairy tale house, the brickwork was covered with white plaster that had tiny little golden pebbles embedded into it, the left side of the front of the house was covered in ivy barely letting you see a round window in the middle of the house, the front garden was nothing special though, a large tree on the right side of the house stopping you from going down a little pathway between the house and garage and the lawn was paved over with brown stones, trying to hide what looked like the bottom remains of a kicked down brick fence...
Edward knocked at the door of the house making birds fly out of ivy with fright.
I looked around at the rest of the neighbourhood, all the other houses were showing their brown brickwork and had beautiful green grass hiding behind their wooden fences, leaving this house the most beautiful.
The door opened after Edward knocked again, no one answered like in a scary movie, the door creaked open by itself leaving the visitors backing away...
Edward put his hand on the small of my back stopping me from backing away myself, he lead me into the narrow hallway of the house..
"Wait here" he said looking down at me, "i'll tell you when you can come in.."
He walked a short way to the end of the hallway and turned left into what looked like a door frame with no door..
The hallway was a pretty purple, with some modern pale wooden flooring, the ceiling was high like it went all the way to the roof, and to the left you could see some bars, like it was the upstairs landing but the room was stairless so the way upstairs was on the other side of the house maybe..
"Edward!!!!" I heard a girl or woman shout like she was happy to see him, "Hello Vanessa!" He was happy to..
I suddenly felt a wave of jealousy as i listened carefully to his tone, it was like he really cared for her.. like he did for me...
I slouched on the purple wall upset at the thought that he might love her, tears wanted to flow but i couldn't yet, I'd just have to bottle it all up until i got to bed..
"Well.. where is she?" Vanessa asked still from the other room, i didn't care much to listen to the conversation 'till i was mentioned, "in the hallway, i didn't know if you had eaten yet..." Edward replied tone still joy full, the sound was cutting me up every time he spoke...
"Bella?" Edward asked poking his head through the door less door frame..
I walked towards him keeping my head down.. the next room was light and airy a beautiful orange and had the same flooring as the hallway..
Next to a large window which was draped with an white see though curtain was Vanessa...
I didn't look at her face 'till Edward walked by her side wrapping his hand around her waist, i looked up to the vampire that Edward seemed to be fascinated by when a gasp ran through my lips, Vanessa was beautiful but that wasn't what got me...
Her hair was golden bronze, her eyes chocolate brown her skin pale white...
She was looked the same as last time i saw her.. Just older and more vampiric...


hope you liked it and sorry it took so long lol...
omg, i want more is shocking. first u saw the bite marks from james and now nessie...humm very interesting
*chorus of Hallelluia angels sing*
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! You posted! Im soooooooooooooooooo happy! And this chapter was AMAZING!!!!!!! All the new twists! And I cant believe its nessie! And she has to show him the bite mark! OMG OMG OMG! I just cant control my excitment! PLEASE post more soon! Im begging you!
omg!! the porsche...bite mark...nessie...

i can't wait for the next chapter!!! please write as soon a u can i really wanted to know more
i beg you please post more of the story. just tell me, do you know what is going on or are you just making it as you write?

I knew it! I knew there was a connection With Vanessa and Rensemee, 'cause of the whole fake I.D. thing BD! Omg I can't believe I was right!!!!

I think the Volturi have something to do with this. I really do.


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