The Twilight Saga

"Bella, Bella?" a voice called out to me by my side,
I opened my eyes to a dark gray room, the blinds were open & pale white door was in front of my bed..
someone was brushing my hair with their hand, i turned my head in response to see my Mum smiling down to me.
"Mum?" my voice was hazy, as if we hadn't spoke a word in months, "yes Bella, its me"
I hadn't seen my Mum since the wedding, her hair was different, long and instead of her usual top and shorts, she was wearing a long sleeved jumper and long jeans...
"where am i?" Every time i spoke it came out in a cough, whats wrong with me?
"Forks hospital," a new voice came from the bottom of my bed..
Its was Carlisle he was staring at me intently an expression across his face i couldn't work out...
worried maybe...
"What?!" "What happened?" How could i be in hospital?? What was Carlisle up to?? Where was Edward??
"Bella," he stopped short and looked up to my Mum,"I..think its best if you tell her" she replied to his glance in a wary tone..
He nodded and carried on, "Bella what is the last thing you remember?" I looked for a sign that he wanted me to do something, lie or tell the truth? It took me a second till i decided to tell a half lie
(just in case), "talking to Alice, she was getting me ready for Rose and Ems wedding,"
Carlisle eyes widened, his jaw dropped slightly & i could feel my Mums hand slip of my hair on to her lap...
Looked around to finally see Charlie & Phil standing behind my Mum, Phil looked sad, worried and Charlie was just plain shocked....
What did i say?
"Bella..." Carlisle Voice was edgy, "what else?", i looked at him confused, he took in my mood and changed the question...
"Tell me, why do you think you are in here?" he sat on the edge of my bed, "uhh..i hit my head again?" although that wouldn't be possible...
"Bella, three years ago, you got hit by a van.." he looked at me intently again, "huh? what do you mean??" my voice cracked,
"Bella, you have been in a coma for three years, ever since you got hit by that van in your schools parking lot.."

Please comment, if you like it ill write more soon!!

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Sorry it took so long, i fell asleep half way through writing this... Hope u like it <3

Chapter 13.

I awoke to find myself staring into a pair of concerned amber eyes inches away from my face.

"Finally, I was beginning to think you were never going to wake up"

I'd of known that voice any-where. My heart did its usual back flip as I felt Edwards’s presence so close to me. Taking a deep breath, his scent seemed to trigger a thousand memories at once, briefly immobilizing me.
Staring stupidly I tried to get my brain working.
"Yes" I said "What happened this time?" I was surprised by the exasperation in my voice.
"You fainted in front of Vanessa, scared her for a moment.” “Don’t worry" he continued as he misread the expression on my face "I told her you've been doing allot of that recently, hardly surprising when you think about what you've been through lately" His face darkened as he continued to speak; obviously he was remembering biting me. "Anyway Nessie thought you'd found her really repulsive there for a moment." He laughed quietly and quickly more to himself than I, his face still had that drawn look too it however. Whatever else had happened obviously Edward still beat him-self up over things.
Wait a moment, Nessie? My breath caught. Right there and then I decided that something might just be has important as Edward and that was my overwhelming need for some answers.
If this continued much longer I would need a white coat and a bib for the drool. I could actually picture it in my head. A white room with padded walls and orderlies with sympathetic smiles and a kind touch right up to the point when they had to tie me down to stick the needles in. Let’s face it I wasn’t going quietly when it came to needles.

For the first time in my existence I wanted Edward to go. I needed to think.

Edward was looking at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I guessed he knew something he had said had upset me, but I think he was at a loss to know what.
Sitting up I tried to buy some time, something inside of me had changed and I wasn’t sure what to do next.
Looking around the room I tried to find some inspiration.
The furniture was oak and looked old and expensive. There was a wardrobe which looked straight out of the ‘Narnia’ tales, to the north of the room right next to an old oak door. Green ferns were spaced into regular intervals next to other expensive looking pieces. I recognised an old fashioned writing desk from an antiques programme I had watched with Renee, during one of her fads with what looked like a Queen Anne chair. A chest of drawers and a dressing table finished the look. There were some exceptionally old paintings on the walls and the closed yellow satin curtains were the exact colour of the kingside bedspread that my fingers were now plucking at nervously.
I was desperately trying to think of something to get Edward away from me, without asking, (I didn’t want to give him a minute excuse to stay away from me in the future, I needed time now so I could spend forever; later.) when my stomach growled at me.
“You’re hungry” Edward jumped up and looked down at me.
My heart felt slightly torn. He seemed a little too eager to get away from me. Ignoring the fact that I had wanted him to go two seconds earlier my hand seemed to automatically reach out for him.
“I wont go far” his tone automatically reassuring “Nessie doesn’t have any food in the house I’ll go grab a take-away and be back ASAP”. His eyes bore into my face for a moment as if trying to examine something there. Whatever he saw didn’t please him, I wondered what I looked like, however I looked seemed to cause his lips to flatten into hard straight lines and his impossibly beautiful face to twist slightly.
I tried to smile at him reassuringly but if felt more like a grimace. “I’m sorry Edward I’m just a bit worn out of waking up. I’m not the person I remember being and you are both different and the same. I guess I’m just feeling a bit sorry for myself but as soon as Nessie does her…..thing (as I wasn’t exactly sure how her thing worked I thought I’d leave it at that) then I’ll have some answers. Until then I’m just in a kind of limbo”. I gave a pleading look, desperate for understanding.
I saw Edwards jaws tighten. He must be sick of me, I thought sadly to myself feeling a little sick myself at the thought. All he said however was “Of course I understand Bella, I don’t want you to worry about anything alright? Let me take care of things here we will get some answers for you I promise.” A strange look passed across his face so quickly I couldn’t pin down what it might mean. “I’ll be right back” and with that there was a small breeze and he was gone.

Staring around the room I just sat there for a moment. For some reason I felt like crying. My whole world had been turned upside down in the last...four days. Four? It felt like a year. Thinking back through what had happened seemed like a good place to start.

First I had woken up in the hospital. Mum and Dad had been there. Both had the same story, I had been hit by a van and had been in a coma for three years. I had then escaped and gone looking for Edward. I had then bumped into Jessica and then Mike. Found Edward who had bitten me, collapsed had a very weird dream about being decapitated and Alice telling me it was all my own fault, had woken up to find my vampire family all denied any knowledge of me, argued with Edward then with Charlie; had then been willingly kidnapped by Edward, had then been taken to England where I had come face to face with my daughter but who turned out to be an adult fully fledged vampire, had collapsed again and had had another very strange dream. Finally I had woken up again and was now sinking into a depression so real that even Edward didn’t seem to be lifting me out of it.

Taking some deep breaths I tried to quieten the despair that was gradually taking over my spirits. I took a firm grasp over my emotions. If there was any future with Edward I had to take control over my own life. I didn’t want to think about a future without Edward. I had gone through that once, I knew I couldn’t do it again.

I thought back to the Hospital to the lift. I had seen a ghostly image of Edward then. Obviously Edward was still alive and I knew vampires couldn’t turn invisible or walk through stuff. So that must have been a hallucination. If I was hallucinating obviously something was wrong with me. Since then I’ve had lots of encounters with things that were apart of the life I remembered so clearly but others, people I loved, said were unreal. However, these things were somehow twisted, the same but different.
Jessica for example; as I had remembered her she had been an average school girl who liked Mike. She had been friendly but not particularly helpful or sensitive. She certainly hadn’t been rich.
In this reality she was kind and responsible and seemed genuinely caring with a sensitivity that had surprised me.
Then there was the Porsche. I remembered that clearly however it hadn’t belonged to Jessica but had been stolen by Alice in Italy in our frantic attempts to get to Edward before he could commit suicide.
Then there was the knowledge that I had retained about the Cullen’s being Vampires. This was true in both realities. If I had been in a coma for the past three years then how would I know about the Cullen’s secret?
Then there was my daughter. Nessie was apart of my very being. Tied to me by genetics and blood. Half mine half Edwards. The Nessie in this reality may be called Vanessa (The name I had chosen for renesmee for her fake ID’s) but they had the same nickname and looked exactly the same. Except for the eyes which were now a burgundy so pale it was almost orange.
I frantically tried to wrap my head around the conflict that arose from these experiences. If it was all a dream then how would I know about the Cullen’s, if It hadn’t all been a dream then why would people I loved lie to me and why would things be different in subtle ways.

“Wait...” startled I looked around the room before I realised that I had spoken out aloud. My body started to tremble and my teeth started to shake as tears welled up into my eyes. I was angry with myself. I didn’t realise why I was behaving in this way. My subconscious had dredged something up that my brain wasn’t ready to deal with yet. It was almost like a self defence instinct had kicked in trying to protect my mind and body from what it knew was coming.
Dr Carlisle had been my doctor. What if things had been said in front of me while I had been in a coma. There would have been no need for secrecy in front of a girl who they thought would never wake up, would there? Even I knew the brain picked things up while you were asleep or unconscious. What if my brain had used the snippets of sound to create a world in which I could live while it tried to fix itself. Like lighting a pilot light or leaving something on standby.

Tears were streaming from eyes so fast now that I was effectively blind and I was shaking so hard it felt like the bed was vibrating under me. I went to pieces right there in a foreign country in a stranger’s house. I don’t know how long I was unaware of everything except the knowledge that I had truly lost my family and my identity and my daughter, Renesmee.
I couldn’t bear to think about the look of pity on Edwards face on the way home. Or how I would have to go back to my ordinary life, I hadn’t even graduated yet. I just didn’t have the strength to contemplate anything but that I was alone and everything I held to be true and just was a lie.

“Bella, Bella what’s wrong?”
Gasping and shaking I lifted my head to look into Vanessa’s eyes. (I couldn’t think of her as Nessie any-more) I remembered the warmth with which Edward had spoken of her yesterday and I wanted to hate her. I wanted nothing more that to jump up and scream and yell and maybe scratch the living daylights out of her beautiful face. I knew it would have no effect on her stone skin but that wasn’t what stopped me. My vampire family might have just died as far as my rights and place within theirs was concerned but I still loved her. My heart and brain hadn’t gotten around to removing the Renesmee-daughter connection yet.
Before I could speak however Vanessa’s gaze went blank. A part of my brain recognised the expression; Alice’s had been exactly the same when she had looked into the future. I wasn’t sure how long Vanessa stayed there. I guessed however that’s he was looking into my past. Seeing the lies for herself. It wouldn’t be long until she showed Edward the truth with her thoughts and then my final connection with him would be broken.
Blackness tinged the edge of my vision and I knew there was a chance I was going to black out again, but annoyingly I didn’t. I just drowned in my despair, noisily and with little regard for any of my surroundings.

My life was over.

“Bella, BELLA! What’s wrong?” Cold arms wrapped around me as I felt myself lifted up onto someone’s lap.
Even as I went to pieces my body responded to Edwards touch. I couldn’t answer him, not yet.
“Vanessa what’s wrong with Bella?” Edward sounded frantic.
God what’s wrong with me, I thought fiercely to myself. Even now when you have the truth you’re still looking for a connection between Edward and yourself. What sort of sicko are you? Suddenly I needed to get away. To run or rather to hide from Edwards pity. The pity I knew was coming. Struggling I elbowed my way off Edwards lap “Excuse me” I said “I need the bathroom”
“First door on the left” was his confused response.
I didn’t look at his face, I couldn’t I wasn’t sure if I could allow myself that luxury ever again.

I hurried to the bathroom and closed the door. Leaning my back against the nearest wall I simply slipped down it till I was sitting on the floor. Knees up to my chest, with my head leaning against the wall tiles.
“What was I going to do now?” was the silent scream inside my head rebounding over and over again.
I didn’t know how long I had sat there, unthinking and dazed but gradually my brain focused on voices from my ‘bedroom’.

“Edward don’t you understand what she was saying about your marriage the Volturi and your daughter a half vampire half human that looks exactly like me, apart from the eyes, it’s true every word, ITS ALL TRUE.”

I lived again.
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the next chapter!!!!!!!!! This is so amazing! I CAN NOT wait for more!
i seccond thatt.....omg.....its true but how...and when.....i really cant wait.....excuse me vik do you have a exact timeline for posting like every how many days..... i dont have internet at home now..... so you tell me when you are going to post and i can pic that specific day to get on a ciber cafe just to read your story......

you are a amzing jenious so confusing that i really dont know what to expect and belive me im the most deductive almost alice person in the world.....there is no possible outcome i cant guess....exept yours.....realy is it a dream or amnesia.....or did they perform surgery on her brain and it went wrong.....wahhhh.....

ok the closest thing i have (puts cherlock holmes accent) the closest thing my mind has is this...... she realy did live all her life but somehow something went wrong and she wakes up in an alternative reality that is not her own or not real maybe for safety....that would explain the strange dreams that are maybe from the real world....the one she belongs to..... or the volturi simply did something to erase everything they haave lived from the minds of everyone and make her mmmm maybe wahhh with you nobody knows viktoria..... just post more already and get me out of my mindblowing sentence in are certainly not predictable and now im speaking in alice's name........please post more please.....
i'm like doing it once a week.. so every sunday lol
oh please write sooner
its an awesome story
even better than the stephenie meyer books
nothing is better than Stephenie Meyers books!!!

(but thank you for the compliment...)
hey i havent heard from u in a wile
lol sorry wats up?
it is real good can't wait 4 the next chapter thanks.
why aren't you writing more????
write more or i 'll provoke the volturi
jane is my sister
and aro my brother
I'm not gonna lie: I almost cried :P


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