The Twilight Saga

"Bella, Bella?" a voice called out to me by my side,
I opened my eyes to a dark gray room, the blinds were open & pale white door was in front of my bed..
someone was brushing my hair with their hand, i turned my head in response to see my Mum smiling down to me.
"Mum?" my voice was hazy, as if we hadn't spoke a word in months, "yes Bella, its me"
I hadn't seen my Mum since the wedding, her hair was different, long and instead of her usual top and shorts, she was wearing a long sleeved jumper and long jeans...
"where am i?" Every time i spoke it came out in a cough, whats wrong with me?
"Forks hospital," a new voice came from the bottom of my bed..
Its was Carlisle he was staring at me intently an expression across his face i couldn't work out...
worried maybe...
"What?!" "What happened?" How could i be in hospital?? What was Carlisle up to?? Where was Edward??
"Bella," he stopped short and looked up to my Mum,"I..think its best if you tell her" she replied to his glance in a wary tone..
He nodded and carried on, "Bella what is the last thing you remember?" I looked for a sign that he wanted me to do something, lie or tell the truth? It took me a second till i decided to tell a half lie
(just in case), "talking to Alice, she was getting me ready for Rose and Ems wedding,"
Carlisle eyes widened, his jaw dropped slightly & i could feel my Mums hand slip of my hair on to her lap...
Looked around to finally see Charlie & Phil standing behind my Mum, Phil looked sad, worried and Charlie was just plain shocked....
What did i say?
"Bella..." Carlisle Voice was edgy, "what else?", i looked at him confused, he took in my mood and changed the question...
"Tell me, why do you think you are in here?" he sat on the edge of my bed, "uhh..i hit my head again?" although that wouldn't be possible...
"Bella, three years ago, you got hit by a van.." he looked at me intently again, "huh? what do you mean??" my voice cracked,
"Bella, you have been in a coma for three years, ever since you got hit by that van in your schools parking lot.."

Please comment, if you like it ill write more soon!!

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Chap' 14, page 18.
Chap' 15, page 18.
Chap' 16, page 19.

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Please write some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep me update!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please post more soon! this is really good! x
chapter 14 & 15 posted sorry about the wait!

Chapter 14.

When the bathroom door was flung open I was still staring in disbelief at the bathroom wall.
I looked up to find myself staring into Edwards’s eyes which held a certain wildness and an uncertainty in them I had never seen before. The fact that his usually impeccable manners seem to have deserted him was another indication that Edward, one of the most self assured ‘beings’ in the world, was as close to losing it as I was.
Somehow, (although I knew it shouldn’t), this gave me a certain sense of satisfaction.

What did you say to a husband that didn’t seem to know you existed?

His mouth opened and then hung there for a moment. He took a deep breath and tried again.
“I err need to talk to my father. I have no idea what’s going on here but I intend to find out.” He spoke the last words with a fierceness that conveyed his frustration and uncertainty.
Slowly and somewhat hesitantly he walked over and knelt before me looking me straight into my eyes.
Usually this would have been the cue for my heart to under go its usual palpitations; however, my entire body seemed to be locked down. Waiting for the miraculous words spoken by my ‘daughter’ to be taken back.
I breathed; this regular intake and exhalation of Co² seemed all my body was capable of at the moment. Even Edward’s words were somehow drawn into my brain via my ears only to sit there, to be processed at a later date.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you Bella. You must understand I….. My family and I have no memory of the events you have described to us. Even by your own account the discrepancies are obvious. Vanessa for instance is a fully fledged 152yr old vampire.” Even as his eyes got even wilder as he tried to reassure me, his tone was defensive with a touch of pleading.
“I have no idea how what you say is true, except for the fact that it is true.” As he spoke to me I could see he was attempting to maintain control in front of me. He was obviously falling slightly apart himself, however, as always he was doing a much better job at putting on a front that I.
Apart of be felt I should say something but I just sat there, staring at him mutely.

Drawing back slightly he seemed to look deeper into my eyes as if he was trying to figure something out.
“Bella? Would thou permit me the honour of…?” He seemed unable to go on instead his position shifted slightly as he leant towards me slowly as if unsure of my reaction.
I didn’t realise what his intentions were until I felt his lips press themselves softly against mine.
Warmth flooded through me as if fire had been injected directly into my veins. It flooded my limbs resurrecting them from their frozen state. My arms shot up of their own accord acting on their own instinct as if re- enacting a long forgotten part in a play. My hands twisted themselves in his hair; with strength they should not have had as if daring anyone or anything to remove them ever again.
My lips melded themselves to his with an eagerness that left no doubt of their desire and my breath came in quick shallow gasps that were loud enough that I should have been cringing in embarrassment but I didn’t care. All I could do was wrap myself around Edward like he was a life raft and with every second that passed he seemed to be lifting me out of a deep hole I hadn’t realised I had fallen into.
With every gasp new life and energy was breathed directly into my lungs filling me with a hope and a…light which I hadn’t felt since I had awoken in the hospital.

Slowly, as if my brain was trying desperately trying to prolong the experience and was doing everything it could not to interrupt a process it understood was bringing my body back to life from the brink of some great ditch, my brain registered something else.
I ignored it at first. The feelings of love, lust and a high that was almost like an addictive euphoric drug induced state was greater than any discomfort I was feeling.
Gradually the pain increased however, so much so that my own reflexes started to take over.
Mumbling against Edward’s lips a small cry of protest arose from my lips as the increasing pressure of Edwards arms against my skin started to feel like I was caught in a press and was about to be squeezed for my juice.
I opened my eyes and saw Edward’s were closed. From this angle I could see just enough to determine he seemed caught up in the moment, his breath also coming in gasps as he seemed to be totally immersed in moment of passion as real and as intense as mine, unaware that he was using slightly too much of his strength.
The pressure increased and the pain became both real and serious. I frantically pushed against him but I might as well of been pushing at a concrete wall.
Edward’s lips were pressing so firmly against mine that oxygen was becoming an issue. Black spots started to dance in front of my eyes and I had just enough time to think of the irony that I was about to die in my husbands eyes because he had finally re-discovered his passion for me.
This made me sad. I didn’t want to go like this. If I could be sure of his love then I’d slip away from this life happy in the knowledge that he had remembered that he truly loved me. Passion was just not a good enough reason to die for someone or because of them.
As I frantically beat my hands against his shoulders a blackness materialised out of no where and as I lost conscious I had a brief vision but very realistic vision of Edward and my daughter, looking just as I remembered her, sitting in a darkened room I recognised as the Cullen’s front room, looking like they were in the middle of Armageddon.
My “NO” at their pain reverberated around the bathroom and was the last thing I heard before the blackness claimed me.

I was honestly surprised when I awoke.

I knew he was there before I even opened my eyes.
I felt his coolness briefly touch my hand.
I found myself afraid to look at him. Not because I was scared of him but because I didn’t want to see that self loathing expression on his face and I really didn’t want to face the distance I was sure he would now put between us.
“Bella love, if you don’t want to look at me I understand. I’m sorry, sorrier than you could realise…I never meant to hurt you again I swea….”
Sighing I tried to raise my arm to stop him from continuing, we had had this conversation so many times I knew it perfectly.
To my confusion my arm refused to work.
My eyes shot open of their own accord fastening on my arm.
My arm and the rest of my body was wrapped in so many bandages that I looked like a Mummy. Steel rods which were attached to some sort of apparatus seemed to be both supporting and restraining my arms and torso.
Edward was looking at me beseechingly. “There’s no permanent damage” He said in a rush “However, you will be bed ridden for a week or so. Torn muscles and some hairline fractures of your shoulder bone and ribs will take the most time to heal but as I said no permanent damage”. He finished somewhat lamely.
“Edward”, I said “Not wanting to make you mad or anything but I really couldn’t care how much damage there is as long as we are together.” I fixed him with as stern a look as possible. “If you try to ditch me then we will have a problem.” I smiled as I joked with him. For I was secure in the knowledge that he would stay with me now, at least till we both had the answers that we both desperately needed now.
He didn’t smile however and I thought I knew what was coming.
“Edward”, I said “I understand what you’re going to say, that you won’t come near me because im too delicate and that as a human I need to be prot….” I trailed off because Edward was looking at me quizzically.
“Bella”, he said when he realised I wasn’t going to continue, “I am sorry I hurt you but I don’t feel that way at all. I am a vampire and I can’t be held responsible for something which is in my nature. I must admit that the intensity of the emotions that swept through me as I kissed you took me by surprise”, he continued to my astonishment “the outcome isn’t a surprise though, after all you are human and as such very breakable. I will of course be far more careful of you in future but as my wife I’m sure you’re well aware of the dangers involved being around me and my family.” He looked at me uncertainly, probably because my mouth was hanging open in complete astonishment. “Bella, I’m far more worried about my and my, I should say our, families total lack of memories of the blessed event. Its to that end we must concentrate our efforts however, I can assure you that I will of course uphold any vows I made to you and I will protect you from the world but in all conscious I cannot guarantee your safety when it comes to me as I have just demonstrated, however, you are an adult and the decision to be near me, dangers and all, is of course your decision I have already made mine”.
Okay I was in shock again. ‘Was this really Edward? Of course it was I told my self sternly but an Edward that seemed to allow me to make certain decisions that he had made for me in the past. His total obsession with the danger that he put me in as a vampire had been a very large obstacle in our relationship before our marriage. Now he seemed to more of my mind.
I realised he was waiting for me to speak.
Suddenly I found myself laughing so hard that tears were beginning to stream down my face.
“Ow” I gasped between laughs as my shaking was definitely aggravating my torn muscles and fractured rib. Now matter what happened from now on, I thought to myself as I glanced at my now totally confused husband, I realised that nothing I thought I knew could be counted on except for one certainty.
Edward and I would be together, no matter what.
Chapter 15

As Bella listened to Edward explain why he had to leave for a few days, she found herself still pondering the all important question. Did Edward actually love her?
Two weeks had passed since the revelation that she had been telling the truth and Edward had acknowledged her claim of matrimony. Since then he had been attentive and had not been a stones throw away from her at all times. He had questioned her about their lives together, everything from the moment he had saved her from Tyler’s van to when she had woken up in the hospital bed.
He had spent hours on the phone to Carlisle and Alice.

It had made me sad that the rest of the Cullen’s and I still had no real relationship to talk of.
I missed my vampire family, especially Alice. I could really use a girly friend at the moment, especially one that could see my future and reassure me about Edward’s true feelings towards me. Funnily enough Edward had said that Alice couldn’t read my future at all, it was like a really bad pirate copy of a movie, he had said, both the picture and the sound were so badly corrupted, if she hadn’t known it was my future ,(because she looked for it,) she wouldn’t of known what she was looking at.
“….So I need to go to South Africa to talk to a Witch Doctor out there. Emmet and Rose are checking old legends in Russia and Vanessa has contacted a Druid who will come here.” He smiled at me wryly “I know it seems ridiculous to concentrate on the … err… ‘Magical’ side of the problem, for lack of another word, but seriously we have no idea where to start.
Carlisle insists there is no drug or chemical that could produce long term amnesia in Vampires and the inconsistencies with your memories and what we know to be true are also a factor we can’t explain. (The difference in Jessica’s personality as well has her personal circumstances had intrigued Edward.) Perhaps the old mystics have legends or a possible theory of what has happened because my” he stopped and corrected himself quickly, (I tried not to let my hurt show) “our family are at a complete loss.”
Patting my hand in apology he smiled at me wryly again. “I’m sorry love, we will get this sorted. I know it hurts you when I talk about our family in a way that excludes you, it’s just happened so suddenly and it just hasn’t sunk in yet about how well, how familiar you are with them and how much them”.
“Its ok”, I said “Its going to take time, I’m just glad I’m not alone anymore”.
I wasn’t happy that Edward was leaving, but I was determined to behave myself and not cause a fuss.
“I’m leaving you a mobile so you can contact me at anytime”, he smiled down at me gently, but something in the shape of his lips weren’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I felt a faint uneasiness. After 4 years of marriage my relationship with Edward felt like it had before we had spent that glorious afternoon in that meadow all those years ago.
“Don’t worry”, I smiled at him, avoiding eye contact in case he could somehow suddenly lift my thoughts directly from my mind. I was figuratively walking on egg shells. I would do nothing to endanger this new, if somewhat tremulous relationship with Edward. “Nes…Vanessa will be here and it will give me a chance to get to know her better”. I smiled to myself at the thought, but even as I smiled I felt pain. Vanessa had been very calm and extremely nice about the situation but every now and again I was sure I saw suspicion and another emotion I couldn’t place, flash across her face as she looked at me.
Edward smiled briefly but again it was wrong. He leant forward and briefly touched his lips to mine gently. Even with Edwards and my relationship being slightly off, whenever we kissed, which was more often than I would of thought, it felt like there was some real feeling there, on both sides. That at least gave me hope that the strain between us would disappear when we eventually found the answers to the puzzling and seemly impossible questions that surround us. Both Edward and Vanessa both agree (with the rest of the Cullen’s) that Vanessa’s gift removed any doubts about the truth of my statements and as a famous philosopher once said, “If you take away the lies, what ever is left, no matter how implausible must be the truth”. Well something like that anyway.
Another truth, I had never known my head to be so filled with outside trivia when I was kissing Edward before. As Edward stood up and said his farewells I found myself smiling at him and wishing him luck. With his promises to keep in virtual constant contact when he was away, he disappeared out the door with the faintest hint of a breeze.

Lying back against the large feather down pillows Vanessa had supplied, closing my eyes, I tried to relax.
I tried to send my mind back through some of the dreams I had had since I had awoken in the hospital. I hadn’t said anything in front of Edward or Vanessa but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that these images meant something, held some clue maybe as to why things were so different here. I’d had been so busy running around for the first four days after I had awoke to this strange world where my vampire family had no idea of my existence.
As for my real Mum and Dad I knew I should contact them, they must be frantic, but somehow I didn’t feel the pressing need to do so. It was as if my subconscious was telling me the easiest and quickest way for my Mum and Dads suffering to be finished was with the Cullen’s somehow. So I concentrated all my energy there.
So I drifted allowing images to come and go as they wished. I thought of Alice and suddenly I was back in that blackened room with the strange mirror. My Vampire family were sitting around my bed and it felt like a thousand needles were stabbing me in the neck. Edwards was leaning over me, face haggard, deep bruises under his eyes as black as the blackest nights. What had me crying out in pain weren’t the thousand knives that seemed to be clawing at my neck, but Edwards face as he caught me looking into his eyes. He looked like he was being slowly tortured and the hopelessness that his eyes reflected, said there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Desperately I tried to open my eyes to remove the image that was burning directly into my very soul, but my eyes seemed to be glued shut. Even trapped in this nightmarish image I could here my screams resounding around me.

With a final wrench I pulled my mind back from that terrible image and the last image I had was of two Edwards. One still trapped in horror in that darkened room surrounded by my family and the other racing so fast that he was invisible through the darkened streets of London. The image was so real she could almost feel the wind like velvet on her skin.
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy that you finally posted! And it was well worth the wait! Now start on the next one please! LOL
wow what to say i can't think it was so good i'v just read from the first chapter to now and it was ....WOW plz send me updates.
I think u went 3rd person a couple time writing it but it was still really good :)
that waz amazing! i loved it! :D (p.s. i changed my name from "elena violet" to "rachel marie black")
wow plz wright more i fell so sorry for bella not noing that everything was a dream !!!!!!!
*Cries* Omg I absolutely love this story! I'm about to read it again! Love it!
this is a great story! keep writing!!!!

btw:keep me updated!
I love it. Can't wait to read more


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