The Twilight Saga

"Bella, Bella?" a voice called out to me by my side,
I opened my eyes to a dark gray room, the blinds were open & pale white door was in front of my bed..
someone was brushing my hair with their hand, i turned my head in response to see my Mum smiling down to me.
"Mum?" my voice was hazy, as if we hadn't spoke a word in months, "yes Bella, its me"
I hadn't seen my Mum since the wedding, her hair was different, long and instead of her usual top and shorts, she was wearing a long sleeved jumper and long jeans...
"where am i?" Every time i spoke it came out in a cough, whats wrong with me?
"Forks hospital," a new voice came from the bottom of my bed..
Its was Carlisle he was staring at me intently an expression across his face i couldn't work out...
worried maybe...
"What?!" "What happened?" How could i be in hospital?? What was Carlisle up to?? Where was Edward??
"Bella," he stopped short and looked up to my Mum,"I..think its best if you tell her" she replied to his glance in a wary tone..
He nodded and carried on, "Bella what is the last thing you remember?" I looked for a sign that he wanted me to do something, lie or tell the truth? It took me a second till i decided to tell a half lie
(just in case), "talking to Alice, she was getting me ready for Rose and Ems wedding,"
Carlisle eyes widened, his jaw dropped slightly & i could feel my Mums hand slip of my hair on to her lap...
Looked around to finally see Charlie & Phil standing behind my Mum, Phil looked sad, worried and Charlie was just plain shocked....
What did i say?
"Bella..." Carlisle Voice was edgy, "what else?", i looked at him confused, he took in my mood and changed the question...
"Tell me, why do you think you are in here?" he sat on the edge of my bed, "uhh..i hit my head again?" although that wouldn't be possible...
"Bella, three years ago, you got hit by a van.." he looked at me intently again, "huh? what do you mean??" my voice cracked,
"Bella, you have been in a coma for three years, ever since you got hit by that van in your schools parking lot.."

Please comment, if you like it ill write more soon!!

Chap' 2, page 1.
Chap' 3, page 2.
Chap' 4, page 3.
Chap' 5, page 3.
Chap' 6, page 3.
Chap' 7, page 4.
Chap' 8, page 6.
Chap' 9, page 7.
Chap' 10, page 8.
Chap' 11, page 10.
Chap' 12, page 12.
Chap' 13, page 14.
Chap' 14, page 18.
Chap' 15, page 18.
Chap' 16, page 19.

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that is really good
Wow I was not expecting that! So she never met Edward- hence they never fell in love? I can tell this will be really good- I think you need to post more- possibly now! I hope this isn't heart breaking- and I hope Bella meets Edward- and they fall in love, and live hapily ever after :)
OMMJW!! i remember the first time i read breaking dawn i told mikayla: "wouldnt it suck if the last line of breaking dawn was 'and then i woke up"?!?? tht would just be mean.
Please write more!
I need more!!!!
chap 2 hope u like...

A everlasting silence filled the room..
my thoughts were spinning in my head like a twister, what is Carlisle up to? What happened to make him do this?
"Bella?" Phil's voice broke the silence, my head twitched in his direction, enough to see Charlie glaring at him and that Mum moved from my side to hold Phil's hand..
"oh..." was all i could say, i had to keep up the act, what ever reason Carlisle was doing this it had to be for a good cause....
"Mum my throat hurts" i probably haven't hunted for awhile..."could you go get me a glass of water?" I looked up to see she was confused...was i taking this to well? Well what else could i do?
"of course sweet heart" she clung to Phil's hand and dragged him out with her.
Charlie was quiet in his corner i looked over to see his eyes were dry red and his hair was getting grey..
"Dad?" i didn't need to keep up with the act now, after time we told him more about what i and the Cullens were, we almost went out in sunlight together, but i don't think he's ready for that yet....
"Yes B-ella?" his voice was broken, he was still upset about something, or maybe he's just a good actor...
"what happened?" I was asking both Charlie and Carlisle, "is Nessie alright? What about Edward? Why can't i remember why I'm here??", they both shared a quick glance, Carlisle put his hand on my foot, "who's Nessie??!!" Charlies voice was loud, like i said something wrong...
"Bella, you got hit by a truck at your school, you had serious hits to the head and drifted into a coma..." his voice was calming although i wasn't the one who needed to be calmed down, "who's Nessie!?!?!?" Charlie was shouting now..
Carlisle rose to his feet and walked over to Charlie's corner, "Charlie she has been in a coma, we have no idea what has been going on inside her mind for the last three years, Nessie might be a residue of the brains coping mechanism.
"hey, wait a second!!" i interrupted but they ignored me...
"what about 'Rose and Ems' wedding" Charlies voice was harsh..
Carlisle eyes narrowed, "she must have dreamt about my family as well..."
Okay that's it...
"what are you to talking about?","look Moms not here! Drop the act" my voice was getting better, "Carlisle tell me what happened!!"
He sighed and sat back down on the edge of my bed,"Bella, I told you what happened","we're not 'acting', now i know this is difficult to believe but you have been in a coma..." he looked at my face, pure truth was spelled out across his face, no lies just truth.
"Dad, could you leave us..." I had to talk to Carlisle alone, Carlisle nodded to Charlie, and he left without a word.
"Wheres Edward?" was all i could say at the moment, "my son?" asked Carlisle, "who else?" i replied icily..
"he is at home i think..may i ask why?", "Carlisle please tell me what happened" my voice was begging...
"Bella, i know this is hard..", "you have no idea.." i interrupted him, "Bella.." he started again...
"No, its not true! The last thing i remember is Alice helping me get ready for the wedding!" my voice was whiny, if i was human i knew I'd be crying...
"Bella no!!" his voice was harsh again, i was about to scream and shout at him but then the door opened...
"Dr,Cullen we need you in the west wing" a nurse poked her head threw the door,
"yes Emily, I'll be with you in a minute", "Bella, get some rest..I'll talk to you about this later" he stood up and checked the equipment next to me, "no you are not leaving me now!" i screamed, "i need to know Carlisle!!" he walked off to the nurse who was waiting patiently in the doorway..
"Could you give Miss Swan a relaxant, i think she could do with some rest.." his voice was guarded as he walked out of the room...
"NO" i screamed after him, the nurse hesitated coming in, "please don't, please!" i begged her, "it alright dear, this will help you" she injected the meds and walked off...
As i watched her i heard a weirdo sound, i just realised a i what? oh my god!!
I heard a beeping, and turned my head, a moment of panic swept through me.

It was my heart monitor...

I was alive...

As the panic started to sink in i drifted off into a restless slumber..

I honestly have no words...this is super, super, super good! You need to post more, soon! I have a question- are the Cullen's vampires- or are they human? And what's going to happen to Bella and Edward? They have to be together! Ugh, I'm so frustrated- I need more...please?
wait & see lol...i might post another chap' tonight....
this is freaking awesome
omg you have to you must you definately need to post more im dying her now..... please stop me from jumping of the cliff.....there is no jake to save me only you..... please post more
In my dream i was with Edward and Nessie playing catch in the sun...
Em was play fighting with Jasper, Jacob and Seth eating stacks of hot dogs and Alice was helping Rose with her summer wardrobe.
"No fair!" Nessie cried after Edward snatched the frisbie of her and run off, "well go on go get him!" i told her she hesitated not wanting to leave me alone and ran of after him.
"What cha' up too?" i said turning to Alice and sat next to her, Rose had walked off to get more fabrics i think, so she was alone sketching outfits only Rose or a fairy tale princess could wear,
"Ugh, she is so difficult! I've given her the hottest fashions to be this year, and she still wants more!" Alice complained nearly breaking the pencil, "i thought you like doing this stuff.." i said a little confused, "yeah i do" she looked up to me and dropped the pencil,
"i just got a million other things to do! Like Jasper and i are building our house, Esme wants me to go with her to visit Tanya with her...", i laughed and said, "stuff Rose, you've got forever to do that stuff", "Hey!!" Rose returned with a stack of purple fabrics in her hand, Alice and i laughed together and then suddenly a grin grew across Roses face.
She was looking over my shoulder and Alice joined her, they suddenly looked away at the wrong direction.
I turned around to see Nessie pouncing at me, as soon as i looked i was half way across the field, she got stronger and faster with age, she has the size of a 13 year old now and she nearly as pale as i was but still had nothing about her that would stop her and Jacob from walking publicly in the sun together.
Everyone started laughing as she gave me a smug look with the frisbie in her hand, Edward came back into view chuckling to himself he picked up Nessie and threw her onto his shoulder while i rubbed the grass off my blue cotton knee high dress.
"Let me down! You told me to do it! Traitor!" she complained to Edward, i gave him a shocked look, "did he now?"
I took a step towards him, he dropped Nessie to the floor and took a step back grinning.
Nessie ran over to Jacob and sat next to him snatching the Hot dog from his hand.
Edward crept into a crouch ready to pounce, i took a step back knowing what was about to happen, "No fair!"
He pounced at me pushing me into the forest, i landed on my back with him pinning me down next to a tree, we were about to kiss, But then i woke up.
I was sat up and out of breath, i was startled by my new surroundings, it was dawn outside and my window was open sending a cold breeze into the room, Mum was asleep in the recliner chair next to my bedside table.
I could feel the tears falling down my cheek, my heart monitor beeping, the feeling when i breathed
It was all telling me i was alive, that Carlisle was telling the truth, that i dreamt all the happening of the last 3 years.
"Miss Swan?" I turned my head to see a blonde nurse next to my bed, "are you alright?" I could only imagine the look on my face, "y-es" my voice was still very off and its tremor gave away its unsteadiness.
She put a kind hand on my shoulder, "would you like anything Miss Swan?", "Its Mrs.." I replied automatically, looking forward into the open hallway, she gave me a sympathetic glance and put her hand on my forehead checking my temperature, "I'm fine" i said a little to late, she threw me a smile and walked away, as soon as she turned i saw her face go from composed and fall into a worried lines.
I went over my dream while my Mother quietly snoozed the hours away, it was so vivid, his touch, his laugh, his smell, how could it not be real? How could i have dreamed the last three years?
I kept on going over it all again and again, until i was seriously weeping...
I had to see him, i had to talk to him, i had to get out of here!!
I had to see Edward.

More soon =P, hope u liked it!


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