The Twilight Saga

A/N Jacob, Embry, and Seth are their own pack. Leah and Quil stopped phasing after the Cullens left a year ago; Jake, Embry, and Seth decide to move down to Southern California in a small little town called Moreno Valley... What will this small little town bring them?

Chapter 1 Small Little Town (Jacob's POV)


We all got tired of the rain in Washington, so Seth, Embry, and myself said Goodbye La Push, and here we come Southern California. I guess we're lucky because tonight is Grad. Night, somebody paid Disney land to let only our school come in for the night, and their gonna lock us in here all night. But the cool thing was that we can wear costumes to their; see here in this Small Little Town called Moreno Valley, the 2 boys and I are related, plus we're all Seniors. Embry and I had to catch Seth up so he wouldn't look stupid when we came down here. On our way to the park, us 3 boys looked over at a HUGE lifted Toyota Tacoma; there was 3 girls in there singing a song....


"See me falling, yeah down and lonely.
Are the angles on their way, I'm in the dirt.
Hear me screaming, see me bleeding.
Cause the days no more the same without you!!!" Wow, their really, really good; well the one driving was anyways. We both got off at the right exit, and when we were at the stop light I had Seth roll the window down for me, as he motioned to the girl.


"HEY! You sing really good! Do you mind telling me what song that is?" I questioned curiously.


"It's Fallen by Volbeat, hey you guys are the new kids at Canyon Springs High right? It's um Seth, Jacob, and Embry?" We nodded, as she reached down to my Rabbit, and gave Seth a CD. But I then looked into her dark blue eyes, and she was the only thing holding me to this Earth.... "Here you boys go! Have it, I have an extra." She smiled at me, as she sped off too Disneyland I assume, so I went and followed her truck; I kinda had too, none of us had any clue to where we were going... This was our first time in So Cal. So what might this small little town bring us? Joy, and Happiness for the rest of our lives? Or Sad, un-joyful times?




A/N PLEASE COMMENT! Aha this is the first book of 3 I wanna write.. So please comment! I hope you all like it, with the boys not being in Washington for the first time, experiencing new things...

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Also, Sorry it's so short/: I had to see if people would like it tho!
nice beginnng. sounds lik a good one :-)

Wow, you should really continue.

This caught me up ^.^

Please update me!


- LoveCookkies

Thankk you! I thought hmm why not a change in scenery? haha... Thanks tho, and I will update as soon as I can :D

Chapter 2 All or Nothing Part 1 (Ashley's POV)

Jacob's car followed my truck all the way to Disneyland, when I parked, my "sister's" Gabby and Abril got out of the car with me. But Jacob, Seth, and Embry all came over to us; Jacob was staring at me in my costume, as I started blushing.


"Can we come hang out with you guys?" Embry asked me.


"Sure, my name is Ashley, those are my sisters Gabby, and Abril." I introduced my family.


"It's nice to meet you all... So what are you guys supposed to be?"


"Well, I'm a Sexy Chucky, Gabby is a sexy Alice in Wonderland, and then Abril is a witch... How about all of you?" Wow I never really realized before but Gabby and Abril are REALLY shy.


"Seth is a Sailor, Jake's Jason Voorhees, and I'm Freddy Kruger." Embry stated, as I laughed.


"Well would you all like to go in the park now?" They all nodded, as Jacob came over with me, he put his hand on the small part of my back, as I giggled, as we led them all to the tram.


"So do you guys know who paid for Disneyland to only let our school in?" Jacob questioned, as he put his arm lightly around my shoulders.


"My family... My godmother, and godfather gave us the 5 grand. Their supposed to come later tonight, I want you guys to meet them; all of their family. Their hilarious." We all laughed at my family, as we got out at Downtown Disney.


"Okay everyone follow us! The Halloween Costume contest is starting!" One of the workers from Disneyland told us all, as Jacob put his arm around my waist. Wow I actually think I'm falling for Jacob, even though I've only known him for about 15 minutes. But the thing is Jacob seems like exactly my type of guy; he's tall, he's muscled, he seems like a REALLY nice guy, super sweet, and really funny. But his eyes are gorgeous! Their a shade of dark chocolate brown, and their beautiful.We voted for who we thought had the best costume; and then the nominees were brought up on stage; it was Abril, Me, Jacob, a player named Jack, and Embry.


"Okay so the winners for the best Halloween costume is.......... Our newest student Jacob Black and Ashley Nova!!!" Everyone screamed for us, as we got a crown, and a sash; I saw my godmother's family The.....



A/N I hopee you guys like it! Please comment, and enjoy! :D

Sweet thank you!

Chapter 3 All or Nothing Part 2 (Jacob's POV)


After we got called the inners of the costume contest,(Everyone's Costumes- I looked over to where Ashley was looking, and I saw none other then the Cullens. Ashley dragged me over to where the Cullens' were as Gabby met us half way over, with Seth and Embry.


"Hey Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett! This is my new friends-"


"JAKEY! SETHY! EMBRY!!!" Nessie screamed as she jumped into my arms, giggling.


"I'm confused, how in the h**l do you guys know each other?"


"Me Ash! Well you see, it's kind of a long story..."


30 Minutes Later...


"OH S**T! I get it now! So Jake, your pack is the one that saved Bella when Laurent was gonna attack her?" I nodded to Ashley. "okay, so who wants to go on some rides?!?" We all screamed, as Alice handed Ashley a back pack full of clothes, as Abril came over.


"Ashley go change, there's all the clothes for you, Gabby, and Abril." Alice comanded, as they left to the bathroom, as she pulled out 3 pairs of shorts. "These are for you 3, their Emmett's, sorry if they smell."


15 Minutes Later...


(Ashley, Jake, Gabby, Seth, Embry, and Abril's Outfit-


"So Ashley, how did your parents meet the Cullens?"


"that's a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG story Jake... But here I go!"


A/N sorry it's soo short.... I'ma go eat dinner... hoepfully I'll update again today! :D I hopoe you like it tho!

Awesome!! Brilliant!! I like Ashley's costume better than anyone else in the group :))

Please post more while you can ^^


- LoveCookkies

love it Ash! txt me wen u update even tho im on lik 24/7 haha wen r u guys getting back?

thanks Larisse! :D ndd fershure!

Of Course Liddo Cousin... haha, Tomorrow! YAY! It's so boring-.- Turns out the beach wasn't a 15 minute walk... It's a 15 minute drive-.- so I've been stuck inside with a attentiion w***e baby -.-

who? and i love it so far

Remember Nancy? One of her daughter's kids!


A/N Sorry I haven't updated yet..///: I've been too bust baby sitting, so yeeah.... Sorry, hopefully I'lll have more up before this next week.


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