The Twilight Saga

A/N Jacob, Embry, and Seth are their own pack. Leah and Quil stopped phasing after the Cullens left a year ago; Jake, Embry, and Seth decide to move down to Southern California in a small little town called Moreno Valley... What will this small little town bring them?

Chapter 1 Small Little Town (Jacob's POV)


We all got tired of the rain in Washington, so Seth, Embry, and myself said Goodbye La Push, and here we come Southern California. I guess we're lucky because tonight is Grad. Night, somebody paid Disney land to let only our school come in for the night, and their gonna lock us in here all night. But the cool thing was that we can wear costumes to their; see here in this Small Little Town called Moreno Valley, the 2 boys and I are related, plus we're all Seniors. Embry and I had to catch Seth up so he wouldn't look stupid when we came down here. On our way to the park, us 3 boys looked over at a HUGE lifted Toyota Tacoma; there was 3 girls in there singing a song....


"See me falling, yeah down and lonely.
Are the angles on their way, I'm in the dirt.
Hear me screaming, see me bleeding.
Cause the days no more the same without you!!!" Wow, their really, really good; well the one driving was anyways. We both got off at the right exit, and when we were at the stop light I had Seth roll the window down for me, as he motioned to the girl.


"HEY! You sing really good! Do you mind telling me what song that is?" I questioned curiously.


"It's Fallen by Volbeat, hey you guys are the new kids at Canyon Springs High right? It's um Seth, Jacob, and Embry?" We nodded, as she reached down to my Rabbit, and gave Seth a CD. But I then looked into her dark blue eyes, and she was the only thing holding me to this Earth.... "Here you boys go! Have it, I have an extra." She smiled at me, as she sped off too Disneyland I assume, so I went and followed her truck; I kinda had too, none of us had any clue to where we were going... This was our first time in So Cal. So what might this small little town bring us? Joy, and Happiness for the rest of our lives? Or Sad, un-joyful times?




A/N PLEASE COMMENT! Aha this is the first book of 3 I wanna write.. So please comment! I hope you all like it, with the boys not being in Washington for the first time, experiencing new things...

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ok just started reading so jake and nessie are not together right? n if so who will nessie be wit once she is older

Gabby Clearwater ♫ ♥ it was RETARDED!


Tonya ThomasYeah Jake and Nessie aren't together.... I can't tell you yet. Sorry, you'll jusst have to read to find out.

Chapter 6 Punk Rock & Roll (Ashley's POV)


Jake and Seth picked Gabby and I up at our mansion style house; as I gave Jake the address to Back to The Grind where my band Counter the Ideal Edge is playing. As we pulled up at Back to The Grind in Downtown Riverside; all of my brothers were outside in the front.I jumped out, as I heard Gabby telling something to Jake; I jumped on my brother Jared's back as he screamed.


"ASH!" He gave me a hug, as I gave the rest of my brothers hugs, as Gabby , Jake, and Seth came then; I grabbed Jake's hand. "Ashley, you nervous for your first show?"


"H**l no! Haha, Jacob these are my brothers... That's Jared, EZ, D-Nut, Zack, Toddd, Jay, Michael Head, and McCool. Then those are my sisters, Jenn, Becky, Jamie, Raven, and Audrey. Everyone, this is my boyfriend Jacob."


"Heeeeyyy!" All my brother screamed, as my sister waved at them, just then my band pulled up with all of our equipment, for the show. So I walked over to them, as I opened up the trailer, I grabbed my guitar, and my mic, as Jacob grabbed them from me.


"Really?" I laughed. "Hey guys, this is my boyfriend Jacob, Jake this is my band Counter the Ideal Edge; that's my drummer Scott, the bassist Nick, and the other guitar player David." (A/N Ashley's Band mates- I introduce them, as they took in my outfit. (A/N Ashley, Gabby, Seth, and Jake's Outfit- We got everything loaded to the stage downstairs, as the downstairs area filled up with our friends and family, and people we didn't even know; finally we were all ready. "Hey how's everyone doing tonight?" Everyone screamed as I laughed at them. "Alright, well we're Counter the Ideal Edge; and here's our cover song of Fallen by the band Volbeat." We started playing as I saw everyone was liking it. Jake was in front talking with EZ, and Jared my two closet brothers; while Gabby was in the back selling merchandise with Seth standing beside her. When we were done with that song, everyone screamed for us; as I blushed at them.


"Alright, here's to our hero Kenny Walls." David said, I started singing, as all my brother started singing, they've heard this song plenty of times in my truck; I was laughing at them, as a couple of our friends were really getting into singing with us. Our next song was Shipping Up To Boston, which I had dedicated to my brother Toddd.


"Kay, say goodbye to the boys for a moment, this next song is dedicated to Gavin Matthews, who had died by a drunk driver crashing into him, killing him instantly." I said, as the back round music started playing with Gabby playing the piano, and Scott playing the drums along with him. Silent tears were streaming down my face, as I closed my eyes, picturing my deceased ex-boyfriend Gavin, always how he would treat any person the right way, no matter if that person was being the most i***tic person in the world; Gavin would treat them with respect. When I was done with that song, everyone clapped, as the boys came on stage; our next song was That's What You Get; about couples that hurt each other and what not. I put my hand over the mic as I turned to my band. "Hey guys, let's do Nightmare."


"But Ash, we've only practiced that song once."


"Let's do it." Nick, and David said, as I nodded.


"This next song is called Nightmare." I smiled, as Gabby started laughing, I wrote that song about 4 years back, about how I live in a nightmare. Everyone stared at me, this song I made my voice kinda deeper in a way' h**l everyone stared at us 16-18 year old kids playing this amazing song. My guitar solo in here was amazing! It was funny watching everyone's eyes almost pop out of their heads. The next to songs were Headstrong and Snuff; but this next song, You Alone is my life story about how no one's there to help me, and that I'm alone. "This one is dedicated to anyone that has ever felt like they were alone, here's You Alone." The brothers were singing along to this song too, my favorite part was this...
'You alone must stand your ground
You take a life worth nothing and turn it around
You stand alone, yeah that's the deal
You have yourself to count on cause no one really cares' That was true for me in so many ways, it was kinda scary... After that it was Never Gonna Be Alone, and the Psychosocial.


"Here's our cover song of The Beatles, Eleanore Rigby..."


"Ms. Jamie Adden, please come up here." She smiled at me, as I moved to one side so she could sing with me............


After Eleanor Rigby........


"ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE!" Everyone screamed, so we played our song Heaven Nor H**l. Then they started chanting again.


"Okay, some people might know this band, but this is Punk Rock & Roll, by the AMAZING band called Street Dogs." Almost everybody in the crowd was singing, as I was smiling at them all, I saw the singer from Street Dogs, and Tobe one of the guitar player from Street Dogs. After the song was over everyone screamed and cheered for us, as we stood up smiled, and took a bow. "Thanks everyone for coming to our show! If you want, there's merchandise in the back; and all of our profits will go to the Cancer charities all over Southern California!"



A/N Sorry it took so long to update... But I was so mad at myself for erasing everything last time... So here you go! Please comment, I hope you like it!(:

love it Ash and why was oreintation 'retarded' as u put it aha

Chapter 7 I'll Hurt You (Jake's POV)


I kept thinking over what Gabby told me, that me meeting Ashley's brothers would either make or break our relationship. After Ashley was done with her show, she grabbed my hand, and went over to the big group of her brothers; they were outside standing in front of the gay bar called The Menagerie. Everyone congratulated Ashley, as Ashley passed out t-shirts to her brothers, and then to people I didn't even know was there; the Cullens. 


"Hey, when did you guys get here? Why didn't you come up to stand with me?" I questioned, as Ashley kept passing out t-shirts.


"During her 3rd song we got here, that place was so filled up we couldn't get through, and then more people came in after us, so we were stuck."


"Oh, ,so do you guys know Ashley's bro-" I was cut off by Jamie screaming at Bella.


"BELLA!" Jamie ran to hug her, as they tried, it didn't really work with Jamie being like 8 or 9 months pregnant.


"JAMIE!" After that, I found Ashley on top of a guys shoulders, he was as tall as me; which is surprising, I've never met someone as tall as me.


"Big Robb, this is Jacob, Jacob this is Big Robb. Now Robb, can you put me down now?"


"Fine... Here Jacob." He literally threw Ashley too me, as she flipped him off; I held her bridal style for a while..



A/N Here's a sneek peek! sorry I'm going to get my hair cut. I'll try to update more later!

Sorry I haven't updated in a WHILE but I've been super super busy getting ready for High School. Sorry, I'll try to have more up sometime this week, but no guarentees, after all I do start High School this week.
love it!!
hahahahaha big rob thats funny isnt he the security gaurd for jonas??? lmaooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post more soon love it keep me updated please awesome story!!!!!!!!

TheArtsyType_xD nahh! I have a brother, he's 6 foot 9, and his name is Robb. But we all call him Big Robb because he's like 6 foot 9, and like 280 pounds..


Thanks everyone!

Chapter 8 Wow.... (Ashley's POV)


When Robb threw me to Jacob, Jacob got me in his big really warm arms; I think I'm going to have to get used to having a werewolf for a boyfriend.


"Yes you will." Edward whispered walking past Jacob and me, I laughed at him, as Jacob put me down.


"Hey Jake, can you take me home? I have to get some stuff ready for our graduation party."


"Sure, Seth, Gabby come on!" They all came over, as Jake and I got in the car; I waved goodbye to everyone; I was careful not to let my secret come out in my thoughts. Haha Edward, you don't know what my secret is. I thought to Edward; as he pulled up next to us, flipping me off; Jake dropped me and Gabby off at our house. When we knew they were far away, I went to my room to change, I threw on some clothes, and when I walked outside to my garage, my team was here.


"Let's show these people how real drivers are." I said, as I got into my car.



(Jake's POV)


"Hey Jake! Can we go to the street race tonight? It's like 3 miles from here." Seth questioned.


"Sure I'd really like to go look at some imports." Embry, Seth, and myself got into my Rabbit; as we drove down there, I pulled a mile away, so people wouldn't have to see my crappy cars against their brand new imports. We walked into the space where people were packed with cars, and then people dancing; we walked around, I was checking out this Honda Del Sol  when some dude like ran up to me.


"Yo, yo, yo; back the f**k up man." He said getting in my face.


"Sorry bro, we've never been here before. We didn't know."


"Well you better learn." He said as he acted like he was going to punch me in the face.He stopped mid-punch as 3 cars came into the area; everyone moved out of the way for them, when they out out of their cars, my jaw almost dropped.


"Yo, it's a party now." Someone said, as a girl high fived a couple people, hugged some of them, another girl did the same.


"Dom, the buy in's 5 G's, let's get this party started." She said, as the guy got out of my face, as the girl got back into a 2001 Nissian Skyline, she pulled up to the starting line, as 3 more drivers pulled up there too. Us 3 boys when to the front so we could see the drivers, when I saw the one in the Skyline, I almost screamed; it was my imprint Ashley Nova. As soon as I was about to tell her don't do this, they fired a air horn; and the cars started up, NOS coming out their tail pipes; some chicks spray painted the starting line; as soon as they were safely on the side walks, the cars took off.


Chapter 9 Ugh... (Ashley's POV)


I jumped in my car, as I looked over at my 2 other team mates, my best friend Brittany, and then my best friend in the entire world Daniel. (A/N Their outfit's- We were bumping music as we started our cars, we rolled out to the street race, it looked like something from Fast and the Furious, as our friends caught up with us, we were in like a arrow; me in the front, being the best driver. I pulled into our parking spot, as everyone moved away from our cars. Everyone knew they we were the best, but people never wanted to admit it; so I got out, I hugged, and high fived some people, as I found Dom.


"Dom, the buy in's 5 G's, let's get this party started." I said, as I got back in my car, leaving my team there to wait for me, I pulled up to where the starting line always is; as I turned up some of my Dubstep, the other 3 drivers pulled up, as they blasted the air horn, so we started our engines. The girls spray painted the starting line; as soon as they were on the side walks, we all took off, I was driving swiftly, I turned at the first turn; drifting my car. 


(Jacob's POV)

We were all watching the video on our phones, Ashley's car was always in front, on every single turn drifting; but we saw it too soon with our own eyes; we heard the sound of tires screeching, but as Ashley's car started drifting, another car that was racing came out of nowhere. It tried to take Ashley's car out by ramming it, but Ashley hit the e-brake, and the other car slammed into a wall; Ashley was across the finish line within' seconds. But then we heard gun shots; we all ducked, as I tried running over to Ashley; when I opened the door to her car, I saw the most horrible thing in the world...........



A/N I hope you all like it... 2 chapters! Yay! (: Please comment!

Chapter 10 .... (Ashley's POV)


The wooden bullets whirled through my wind shield as I felt it pierce my stomach in 4 spots, and then it was in my heart. I started to get a little bit woozy when Jacob opened the door, he starting almost sobbing when he saw me; he lifted me carefully out of the car, as I slowly felt myself slipping into the darkness; I took one look in my mate's eyes; and I pulled him down to me. My lips touched his, for a split second, and then the darkness over came me.


(Jacob's POV)


My imprint pulled her face down to mine, for a split second I felt her lips on mine, but then I saw her dark blue eyes close, as I felt her heart beat slowing... Thump................thump..........thump.... It rang in my ears, as I saw Gabby was sobbing in Seth's arms, Blondie was doing the same, as Emmett tried rubbing her back; I was sobbing uncontrollably, Carlisle came over then. 


"Jacob, I will change her, but only if you allow me to change her."


"Carlisle... Change Her." I sighed as he picked her up from me, Gabby and Seth took Ashley's car, as I got into Carlisle's Mercedes, with him, and Edward, I sat next to Edward in the front seat while Carlisle was in the back with Ashley.


"I will have to change her now, her heart beat is getting too slow." He sighed, as he bent down to Ashley's neck, I couldn't help but watch, he bit her on both sides of her neck, and then her wrists. "Let's hope nothing happens with her being part real vampire." We pulled up to the house, as I got Ashley out of the back seat; Gabby opened the garage; as we saw a BUNCH of street racing cars, dirt bikes, street bikes; Gabby led us into this Mansion like house; as she showed us were Ashley's room was. I laid her down on her huge black and blue bed, everyone else filed in, as I sat down in the recliner next to Ashley's bed; I rubbed her arms with my hand softly.


"Jacob, one of us, meaning the vampires, will stay with you and Ashley at all times because we don't know when she'll wake up....



4 Hours Later.


Every time Ashley's heart beats, the thump rings in my ears.


"Edward, can you hear her thoughts?"


"Vaguely, it almost sounds like she's not even here mentally..." I wonder what this means? Did Carlisle bite Ashley too late? Was he too late? Was I too late to ask Carlisle? 





A/N I hope you like it(: Please comment!

awsomeness write more soon

and keep me updated please


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