The Twilight Saga

A/N Jacob, Embry, and Seth are their own pack. Leah and Quil stopped phasing after the Cullens left a year ago; Jake, Embry, and Seth decide to move down to Southern California in a small little town called Moreno Valley... What will this small little town bring them?

Chapter 1 Small Little Town (Jacob's POV)


We all got tired of the rain in Washington, so Seth, Embry, and myself said Goodbye La Push, and here we come Southern California. I guess we're lucky because tonight is Grad. Night, somebody paid Disney land to let only our school come in for the night, and their gonna lock us in here all night. But the cool thing was that we can wear costumes to their; see here in this Small Little Town called Moreno Valley, the 2 boys and I are related, plus we're all Seniors. Embry and I had to catch Seth up so he wouldn't look stupid when we came down here. On our way to the park, us 3 boys looked over at a HUGE lifted Toyota Tacoma; there was 3 girls in there singing a song....


"See me falling, yeah down and lonely.
Are the angles on their way, I'm in the dirt.
Hear me screaming, see me bleeding.
Cause the days no more the same without you!!!" Wow, their really, really good; well the one driving was anyways. We both got off at the right exit, and when we were at the stop light I had Seth roll the window down for me, as he motioned to the girl.


"HEY! You sing really good! Do you mind telling me what song that is?" I questioned curiously.


"It's Fallen by Volbeat, hey you guys are the new kids at Canyon Springs High right? It's um Seth, Jacob, and Embry?" We nodded, as she reached down to my Rabbit, and gave Seth a CD. But I then looked into her dark blue eyes, and she was the only thing holding me to this Earth.... "Here you boys go! Have it, I have an extra." She smiled at me, as she sped off too Disneyland I assume, so I went and followed her truck; I kinda had too, none of us had any clue to where we were going... This was our first time in So Cal. So what might this small little town bring us? Joy, and Happiness for the rest of our lives? Or Sad, un-joyful times?




A/N PLEASE COMMENT! Aha this is the first book of 3 I wanna write.. So please comment! I hope you all like it, with the boys not being in Washington for the first time, experiencing new things...

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Chapter 11 I'd Come For You (Jacob's POV)
I would stay at Ashley's side through out her entire transformation process, when she wakes up; Carlisle is going to talk with Ash about being a vegatarian and what not. But he's going to ask her to move up to Forks with them so that way she would have a easy hunting ground, also so the Cullens and the Quileutes could keep a eye on her. It's been 2 and a half days since the day Carlisle has changed Ashley, so she should be waking up anytime tonight; and then Edward and I will be taking Ashley hunting.


Thump, Thump, Thump....Thump, Thump.... Thump..........


My imprints heartbeat stopped, as everybody ran upstairs, except Seth had Gabby over at the mall just in case something bad had happened. She sat up, and opened her eyes; I was scared at her blood red eyes but Carlisle and Edward warned me of them. Ashley's blood red eyes looked at everyone and then when her eyes met mine she jumped on me hugging me; everyone came fourth but Edward called them back.


"She thought she was in hell, that's why she thought she lost Jacob; she's just happy to see him..." Edward whispered, Ashley then pulled her face to mine and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but then I started kissing her back forcefully; but as Ash was hugging me and kissing me her grip started to get to hard. 


"Um ow Ash." She let go then, and got up quickly. 


"Opps, sorry Jake." She said and looked down. "Are you okay?" I nodded, as she laughed; her laugh was like bells ringing in a church. 


"Ashley, aren't you thirsty?"  


"Not till you said something Jasper, but now I am... Can we go hunting?" She smiled, her bright white lethal teeth showing.


"Yes, Jake and I will be taking you hunting." Edward smiled, Ashley then jumped out of her window landing on the ground gracefully; Edward and I looked at each other and then followed suit. Edward had hid a couple of mountain lions in the woods where Ashley lives, I phased and we ran about 3 miles into the woods. "Now Ashley, close your eyes and tell me what you hear..."


"Well, I hear Jake's heartbeat, but about 4 miles North East, I hear 4 very strong heartbeats..."


"Good girl, now go after them." Ashley winked at us, and took off; when we finally caught up with her, she had 2 of the mountain lions done, and she was sitting on top of a tree branch smiling at us. She jumped down, we saw that her shirt was completely ripped across her chest (she was covering it with her arm) and she had blood all over her."Here Ash." Edward gave her his t-shirt which left him in a tank top.


"I wanna see you guys hunt." She said turning around to put Edward's shirt on. Edward went after the biggest lion, as I went after the lioness; soon enough we were both done as Ashley started clapping. "I hear something...." That's when we saw the bushes started moving, and a dark cloaked figure came out of the bushes....



A/N Sorry I haven't updated in forever... I've had RRRREEEAAALLLLYYYY bad writers block with this story... Well I hope you like it ( :


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