The Twilight Saga

CHAPTER ONE- The Ball that Could Change Everything


        It is 1779, I am in the land of Britain, and I am a vampire. My name is Isabella Swan, but I only go by Bella. I am what my kind calls, “crazy” for my way of feeding, since unlike most vampires, my family and I eat only the blood of the animals living around our current area. I live with Carlisle and Esme, the best people I’ve ever met. I love them like my own parents, which makes sense because I’m technically only seventeen, though I am really 115 years old. I have never felt the feeling of true love, as I walk the world with my parents.  

        Carlisle is a doctor, but we frequent balls when he returns from his work. Money has never been an issue in our family, since Carlisle is given massive amounts of money for his work.

        “Bella! Come into the dining area, we have a lovely surprise for you!” Esme’s voice called from the bottom of the grand staircase. They continually were trying to push suitors into my life. From vampires to humans; everyone they thought that might sweep me off my feet never did. It felt like all of the time, I was putting gowns to meet with men that I never fell in love with. Most fell for me, that was obvious enough, some continued to write letters of affection, but I continued to ignore them, knowing I would only hurt them if I said I loved them back.

        “Coming Esme!” I whisked down the marble staircase to see a muscular man standing five feet away from Carlisle and Esme.

        “Hello, you must be Isabella Swan. I am Mr. Cullen, Emmett Cullen.” He had a deep, rich voice, but I knew right then that we would never work.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, please, call me Bella.” I said giving a small smile and shaking his hand. Vampire. His hand was warm against mine, but the kind that only other vampires felt. No blood pulsed through his veins.

        I couldn’t find that spark, he was easy to talk to, but he clearly was in love with another girl.

        As we sat in the porch of my house, I asked him, “Who are you in love with?”

        He suddenly became tense and full of regret. “Her name is Rosalie Lillian Hale, she is a beautiful human, but I cannot marry her.” My pain and sympathy for him instantly rushed through me.

        “Why not, is she of another class?” I asked worried.

        “Yes, she is my maid, the most beautiful creature I have known, but alas, she is human and engaged to a clergyman. I have never told her my true feelings. I am sorry, but I cannot continue to talk about her, the pain is unbearable.” His fist was clenched, covering part of his face.

        “I am so sorry Emmett. But there must be someone there who is part of your family that helps you through this agony.” He looked up at me.

        “Yes, there is, my brother Edward Cullen.” Edward, I quite liked the sound of that name, Mrs. Edward Cullen- no, I do not even know of him.

        “I do believe he would be interested in meeting you.” Emmett said with a smile.

        “Will you tell me about Mr. Cullen?”

        “He is a vampire like myself, but he is incredibly quick and agile. He is muscular, but he does not have the same build as me. He loves music, and the piano. And the rest, you will have to wait and see about. You should come to our next ball, you and your family. We are holding one next week in fact. You can meet my sister as well, Alice, and her fiancé Jasper.” He smiled as he stood up.

        “I need to get back as soon as time allows. But we shall hopefully meet very soon.” Emmett gingerly took my gloved hand and kissed it. I smiled and waved goodbye as he sprinted into the forest off to his estate. I walked back into the house, and I saw Carlisle and Esme looking disappointed that I did not fall in love with a man.

        “Do not look so disappointed, we were just invited to a ball by Emmett Cullen. You might have been onto something mother.” And right then, I sprinted up the stairs to find a gown to wear to the ball that might change everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~

        We arrived in a carriage with our footmen and driver, the night was clear and starry, and I could hear the chatter and bustling sounds of unassuming humans dancing with vampires and other humans.

        “Are you ready Bella?” I heard Esme whisper to me in my ear as we walked into the grand estate. The castle was elegant and extravagant, swirls and columns decorated the wide and tall estate. The mere sight would have taken my breath away, if I had not seen the man standing next to Emmett at the front double doors.

        I felt my pace quicken slightly in excitement. Esme held onto me tightly, trying to hold me back I presume.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, it’s lovely to see you once again.” I said to Emmett.

        “The feeling is mutual Ms. Swan, you look so gorgeous. Please let me introduce you to my brother, the other Mr. Cullen. Edward, Bella Swan.”

       Vous êtes donc enchanteur Miss Swan.” (AN: You are so enchanting in French.) I would have blushed if I could.

        “Would you care for a dance?” He asked with a smile. I bit my lip and nodded. Edward kissed my hand and lead me into a grand ballroom full of high class men and women. All eyes turned unto us as we started to whirl around gracefully, just gazing into each other’s eyes, his a lovely golden color, the color of the sun. I couldn’t see anyone else, I felt like my frozen heart could beat once more.

        I took a good look at him, his smiling face, his messy, bronze hair, and his unbelievable face. We danced until the song ended, and I curtsied as he bowed. But right then, he took a light hold on my hand and walked me out onto the courtyard. He turned and looked deep into my eyes. His fingers lifted my face up to his lightly, and kissed my lips ever so gently.

        “I am sorry. That was wrong of me.” Edward said looking away.

        “No, it was not. It was just right.” I turned his head to face mine. Edward smiled, and so did I. Because I couldn’t believe it, I was falling in love.


        And then my dream came crashing down.

        “Isabella, I cannot love you. I am engaged to another.”

(Disclaimer, the characters are Stephaine's , the plot is mine!) Please tell me what you think! :)

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Chapter 4- Run Away and Never Look Back

“Ed-Edward Cullen?” I asked shakily.

“Yes, yes Bella it is me, I’m here and I love you.” I felt his silky hands on my delicate wrists and his eyes on my face, but I couldn’t get myself to look him in the eyes. If I did, I would fall back in love, and go back to him.

“I, need to go, if you will excuse me Mr. Cullen,” I said, pulling myself out of his grasp and taking off like a bullet. I could hear his cries as he called out to me, and running behind me; luckily I was too fast.

“Emmett, write a note to Carlisle and Esme now and we shall run far away, I cannot explain at the moment, we just need to run.” I said faster than humanly possible.

He nodded and was back in 3.247 seconds, soon we were running.

Through trees and bushes and past flowers and rocks we ran, Emmett continually giving me the look of alarm. I held up my hand to tell him to stop, and plop down on the ground.

“Bella, why did we just run for miles on end?” Emmett asked.

My voice dropped incredibly low, to less than a whisper, “Edward...he came back...” As soon as the name Edward slipped out of my mouth, Emmett fists clenched and his voice became horse and harsh,

“You cannot see him Isabella, not only am I your husband, I am also your best friend, he married that vile woman and made her a vampire, you, cannot see him. I haven’t spoken to my brother in 100 years; we cannot communicate with him or his wife.”

“No! I at least need to know why he’s here, I will not let anything happen, you just need to trust me on this Emmett, brother, I will be okay, and we both will be okay.” I smiled at him and took off running to follow Edward’s scent. I heard a gentle sigh, dear Emmett.

 I lightly called to Edward, “Edward? Mr. Cullen?” Within a span of seconds, I was facing him, our eyes locked, the once frozen heart, felt warm and full of immense comfort.

“Oh Bella,” his arms enveloped me and his lips were at mine. With every kiss, I wanted more of them.

“It has been to long dear,” I heard him say as he took a breath,

“Indeed it has love,” I responded as pressed his lips to mine once again. And then I remember my promise to Emmett.

“Get off of me,” I said, abruptly pushing Edward off of me and into a tree. His eyes immediately were filled with pain and emotional suffering.

“You left me Edward, to marry, that-that girl. You said you would return; you left me there in the care of Emmett as I felt pain every day. I cannot go back to that Mr. Cullen. I just came to ask what the HECK you are doing at my estate. So, explain your sudden appearance.”

“Bella, sweet Isabella, Tanya only wanted me to change her so she may join the Volturi. She never loved me. But whenever I saw her, all I could see was you. Being away from you, even though I knew you merely hours, it felt like as though, as though you knew me instantly, when our hands locked together, and I placed my stone arm on your delicate waist and our bodies spun together around that ballroom, and when your lips met mine for the very first time, and am rambling on to a useless extent, I know you shall never love me. I came to ask only one thing of you,” he lowered himself to the mossy and green ground on one knee and pulled something out of his lapel.

“Isabella Marie Swan, will you give me the un-ending pleasure of being my wife?” I stood there, finally feeling like a statue. No part of my body was able to move, I felt suddenly paralyzed and full of virtually unending shock. My eyes remained locked to his as found my feet and began to run, and though I did not need it, I felt my breathing reaching a peak of hyper-ventilation.

I made my way back to the estate and ran into the comforting arms of Emmett.

“Bella, we have an unexpected visitor,” I realized another scent was swirling around the air, as someone appeared out of the shadows.

“Alice! Oh dear, it has been much too long, hasn’t it darling?” I said getting a better look of her.

“Of course it has, dearest Bella, would you join me for a stroll while we let Emmett and Jasper, catch up?” Alice said already linking her arm in mine.

“I am off Emmett, I shall be back by the sunset, I have 100 hundred years to catch up on!” I waved my hand over my shoulder and Alice started pulling me to the nearest park trail.

“So dear Isabella, tell me, how was dear Edward? I saw you kiss, I had a sure hard time hiding my excitement from Emmett, Jasper of course saw through me right away, luckily he caught onto my relaxed façade. But you did not accept his proposal, might I ask why not?”

“Well, I simply needed more time to think it over, it was very sudden, speaking that the longest time I have ever spent with the man was a mere three hours, and my feelings have changed, but of course I still love him deeply, but I felt terribly abandoned. I altogether felt stupid believing that he was in love with me.”

“Oh Bella, but of course he is madly in love with you; he might be an amazing liar, but to you, dear he never could. You see right through him, he’s not that sly, as much as he would like anyway. I say you should go and find him, I know where to find him, just give me a minute to pinpoint his location.” She stopped walking and looked out into what seemed like the distance. She snapped back to life.

“I know where to find him darling! You must make haste dear friend, make much haste. He has gone into town, shopping for something I cannot reveal, but do not worry, if we run now, surely he will not have left by the time we reach him.”

“No Alice, I simply cannot just, just run to him after what he has done to me. He left me with Emmett; everyday was like the first, falling apart, and piece by piece. Alice, do you see what I mean?”

“But of course I do Bella, but under his extreme circumstances, my idiot brother had no choice. I think Emmett will change his mind when I show you who another person, who, shall I say, under went...changes...she’s in the town that Edward is in right now! All that must be done is convincing him he needs to take a trip to the square, the day has turned to over-cast, and I promise it will be worth the run. Please dear Bella, for your sister.” She said with begging eyes. I sighed, knowing she had won this round.

“But of course Alice, I will go into town. But who dear, is this mysterious girl you speak of?” I inquired.

“My lips are sealed loving Bella; you must wait along with Emmett.”

“Fine, if I must. Alice, would you tell me what Edward is planning on purchasing at the town?” I asked, hopeful it might be a gift for me, maybe a new quill to pen stories with. I don’t know really, I just have the shaky feeling of whether or not his love is true.

“I cannot say, he might have my head if I let it slide. But if you make haste, you can find out for yourself,” she said with a sly wink.

“And we are off,” I said taking off with Alice at my feet.

As we arrived at the backyard, I saw Emmett speaking with Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle.

“Hello Esme, Carlisle, it has been much too long!” I said happily as I gave them both a loving hug and a warm smile. I continued on talking, “Loves, as Alice and I were on a stroll in the park, we fancied an idea Alice had, we should take a carriage to the town, visit the shops, see people, and the sky is in over cast, I think it’s a lovely idea. Shall we go?” I asked gesturing for our carriage house. They all agreed on the idea, though Emmett gave me the look of, “dear Isabella, what are you up too?” I just smiled at him and showed him to our carriage.

We all talked pleasantly on our ride to the town, Carlisle and Esme talked about Wales, and their home they recently purchased. Alice and Jasper spoke of the vast land of Scotland, and Emmett and I spoke our recent increase of pounds.

After an hour or so, we found our way there, and I took Emmett linked under my arm and we walked around the village shops, just lightly fingering once glass item every so often. Alice’s finger tapped my shoulder and she pointed over to Rosalie Lillian Hale. I tried to keep Emmett from looking over that way, to see her in a vampire’s form.

“Emmett, dear, shall we walked over toward the fountain and rest for a moment, I just want look around. Might that be alright?” I said, sounding as innocent as a daisy.

“Of course, shall we?”

“We shall.”

I sat down, and pointed out various items in shops and made my way to where Rosalie was working, she was a working class girl, still eighteen or so. She looked incredibly sad, like there was a place she would rather be.

“Rosalie?!” Emmett said standing up and rushing over to her youthful self.

“Oh dear Rosalie,” he said hugging her as she looked as though she only faintly remember his face.

“Rosalie, it is I, Mr. Emmett Cullen, you worked for me, and you are so beautiful.” Her face lit up at the sound of his name, and the thought of a rich young man, loving a low class girl like herself.

“Dear Rosalie, I do not know how you are here, and why I am, but I have waited much too long to tell you that I am, and always will be in love with you.” He ran his fingers over her blonde hair and looked deep into her golden eyes; and he gently pressed his lips to hers and held her close.

“Aw,” Alice and I said in unison softly.

“Bella, do not forget about my brother, he is at a jewelry store now, go and see him dear.” She pushed me on my way and walked over to Jasper and gave him a hug, whispering, “I love you.”

I saw the store Edward was at, and I silently entered the shop.

“Hello Mr. Cullen, how are you this fine afternoon?”

He turned and faced me, trying to remain a calm air.

“I am very nice today, thank you Isabella, and you are?”

“Very well myself, thank you. You are in good health I presume?”

“Very good, you are as well?” He was hiding something; I detected it in his eyes.

“Very good, would you join me outside, for just one moment?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, of course Bella,” he lead me outside and around the corner. As we were out of sight, he pulled me into an embrace, holding me tight, against his body.

“It feels as though my world in complete now that you are here in my arms Isabella. I have been thinking about you since I saw you one hundred years before this day. You cannot believe how it feels to hold you this close, even in private.”

“Are you angered at my outburst this morning?”

“Of course I am not, I love you too much, and nothing is going to keep you away from me love.” I smiled at him and kissed his lips, resting the side of my face on his chest.

“Hello, brother,” a deadly voice came marching up behind me. And I was immediately pried off my Edward.

Oh Kallie,

I agree this is your best chapter yet and Oh my what an ending. I ache for Bella and Edward but I know that Em must feel he needs to protect Bella at all costs he has seen how badly she hurt after Edward left her. Oh and Rose is a vampire and in the same town as Emmett oh Kallie you have left me with still so many questions, Absolutely wonderful chapter so vivid and detailed and well written! Cheers for you and as always not so patiently waiting for more.




Thank you so much Sarah! I'm so happy you thought it was vivid and detailed and well written! Thank you very much, I understand your concern and your answers (hopefully) will be answered in the next chapter! I'll post very soon!


Great .. I luv it!!!!

Thank you Reka!


love it

Thank you girly wolf!


Great !

Thank you Lexi, I'll post more soon!


Thank you Taylor Jordan!



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