The Twilight Saga

CHAPTER ONE- The Ball that Could Change Everything


        It is 1779, I am in the land of Britain, and I am a vampire. My name is Isabella Swan, but I only go by Bella. I am what my kind calls, “crazy” for my way of feeding, since unlike most vampires, my family and I eat only the blood of the animals living around our current area. I live with Carlisle and Esme, the best people I’ve ever met. I love them like my own parents, which makes sense because I’m technically only seventeen, though I am really 115 years old. I have never felt the feeling of true love, as I walk the world with my parents.  

        Carlisle is a doctor, but we frequent balls when he returns from his work. Money has never been an issue in our family, since Carlisle is given massive amounts of money for his work.

        “Bella! Come into the dining area, we have a lovely surprise for you!” Esme’s voice called from the bottom of the grand staircase. They continually were trying to push suitors into my life. From vampires to humans; everyone they thought that might sweep me off my feet never did. It felt like all of the time, I was putting gowns to meet with men that I never fell in love with. Most fell for me, that was obvious enough, some continued to write letters of affection, but I continued to ignore them, knowing I would only hurt them if I said I loved them back.

        “Coming Esme!” I whisked down the marble staircase to see a muscular man standing five feet away from Carlisle and Esme.

        “Hello, you must be Isabella Swan. I am Mr. Cullen, Emmett Cullen.” He had a deep, rich voice, but I knew right then that we would never work.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, please, call me Bella.” I said giving a small smile and shaking his hand. Vampire. His hand was warm against mine, but the kind that only other vampires felt. No blood pulsed through his veins.

        I couldn’t find that spark, he was easy to talk to, but he clearly was in love with another girl.

        As we sat in the porch of my house, I asked him, “Who are you in love with?”

        He suddenly became tense and full of regret. “Her name is Rosalie Lillian Hale, she is a beautiful human, but I cannot marry her.” My pain and sympathy for him instantly rushed through me.

        “Why not, is she of another class?” I asked worried.

        “Yes, she is my maid, the most beautiful creature I have known, but alas, she is human and engaged to a clergyman. I have never told her my true feelings. I am sorry, but I cannot continue to talk about her, the pain is unbearable.” His fist was clenched, covering part of his face.

        “I am so sorry Emmett. But there must be someone there who is part of your family that helps you through this agony.” He looked up at me.

        “Yes, there is, my brother Edward Cullen.” Edward, I quite liked the sound of that name, Mrs. Edward Cullen- no, I do not even know of him.

        “I do believe he would be interested in meeting you.” Emmett said with a smile.

        “Will you tell me about Mr. Cullen?”

        “He is a vampire like myself, but he is incredibly quick and agile. He is muscular, but he does not have the same build as me. He loves music, and the piano. And the rest, you will have to wait and see about. You should come to our next ball, you and your family. We are holding one next week in fact. You can meet my sister as well, Alice, and her fiancé Jasper.” He smiled as he stood up.

        “I need to get back as soon as time allows. But we shall hopefully meet very soon.” Emmett gingerly took my gloved hand and kissed it. I smiled and waved goodbye as he sprinted into the forest off to his estate. I walked back into the house, and I saw Carlisle and Esme looking disappointed that I did not fall in love with a man.

        “Do not look so disappointed, we were just invited to a ball by Emmett Cullen. You might have been onto something mother.” And right then, I sprinted up the stairs to find a gown to wear to the ball that might change everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~

        We arrived in a carriage with our footmen and driver, the night was clear and starry, and I could hear the chatter and bustling sounds of unassuming humans dancing with vampires and other humans.

        “Are you ready Bella?” I heard Esme whisper to me in my ear as we walked into the grand estate. The castle was elegant and extravagant, swirls and columns decorated the wide and tall estate. The mere sight would have taken my breath away, if I had not seen the man standing next to Emmett at the front double doors.

        I felt my pace quicken slightly in excitement. Esme held onto me tightly, trying to hold me back I presume.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, it’s lovely to see you once again.” I said to Emmett.

        “The feeling is mutual Ms. Swan, you look so gorgeous. Please let me introduce you to my brother, the other Mr. Cullen. Edward, Bella Swan.”

       Vous êtes donc enchanteur Miss Swan.” (AN: You are so enchanting in French.) I would have blushed if I could.

        “Would you care for a dance?” He asked with a smile. I bit my lip and nodded. Edward kissed my hand and lead me into a grand ballroom full of high class men and women. All eyes turned unto us as we started to whirl around gracefully, just gazing into each other’s eyes, his a lovely golden color, the color of the sun. I couldn’t see anyone else, I felt like my frozen heart could beat once more.

        I took a good look at him, his smiling face, his messy, bronze hair, and his unbelievable face. We danced until the song ended, and I curtsied as he bowed. But right then, he took a light hold on my hand and walked me out onto the courtyard. He turned and looked deep into my eyes. His fingers lifted my face up to his lightly, and kissed my lips ever so gently.

        “I am sorry. That was wrong of me.” Edward said looking away.

        “No, it was not. It was just right.” I turned his head to face mine. Edward smiled, and so did I. Because I couldn’t believe it, I was falling in love.


        And then my dream came crashing down.

        “Isabella, I cannot love you. I am engaged to another.”

(Disclaimer, the characters are Stephaine's , the plot is mine!) Please tell me what you think! :)

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This is great!! =D
Thank you Lisa! :)

Hi Kallie sorry it took me so long to leave a comment but let me say that was perfect. I loved it so much for one brief moment our Bella and Edward are blissfully happy!! I am sure that some form of drama will arise soon. I can't wait to see what happens next.



Hey Sarah!

No problem on the response! I'm just glad you enjoyed it! Sorry for the long wait. :) Don't get to comfy with this happiness. In my story, well, you know my stories to well. :) I'll post more and won't keep you waiting. :) Thank you Sarah for the wonderful constant comments!

that was pure awesome.





Thank you Bella! I will. :D

*~*New Reader*~*

Hey Kallie...OMG u are such a wonderful writer!! =)

How I didn't find this story before amazes me because it is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait for you to post more soon..and please do post more soon because it is such a great story =)


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