The Twilight Saga

Chapter one:
The school bell rang I rushed over to my locker to see my best friends Nathan and Sarah (they were twins). I have been friends with them since I can remember my mom would always talk about us playing together since the day we were born. Nathan was leaning against my locker “Hey Krissy!” he said hugging me tightly. I felt my face getting red and warm. Sarah came over “Nathan? Okay..Alright” Nathan stopped hugging me and stood next to Sarah. Sarah was two minutes older than Nathan; she really made it seem like two years. I hopped into Nathan’s car and we drove over to their house. I have been thinking ever since Sarah and Nathan have turned 14 they haven’t changed at all their looks still pale skinned and golden colored eyes, but sometimes they changed to a very dark black. I was going to confront them and ask them about this.
We all walked into the house Mrs. Erikson was standing at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. I just realized that Mrs. Erikson looked the same as her kids and I’m not talking about genes, it was more than that. Mrs. Erikson had the same pale skin, beauty, and perfect golden eyes just like Nathan. Sarah’s eyes were more of a dark gold color Mrs. Erikson stood up and walked over to me and hugged me. I came over so often I was almost like one of her kids except the fact I looked nothing like any of them. “How are you doing, Honey?” she said with her motherly voice.
The doorbell rang Nathan ran over to the door there was a boy standing there. “What’s up Nathan?” he said. Nathan walked over to me “Krissy this is Jake.” Jake walked over to me “Hi. I’m guessing your name is Krissy?” jake started laughing. I just stood there looking into his eyes he had that same mysterious piece to him. Sarah and I walked into her room “So Sarah what’s up with Jake. There is something about him.” I said trying to figure him out. Sarah looked at me. “I need to tell you something but can you promise me that you will never tell anyone?” Sarah said keeping her head down. I have taking into consideration many different things like her maybe being… a vampire! Yeah I said it I thought they weren’t real but after I finished reading The Twilight Saga I kind of took vampires into consideration. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be super cool to be a vamp but I doubt there real. I placed my hand on Sarah’s hand “Of course” I quickly removed my hand Sarah’s hand was like ice. “That’s what I need to tell you about.” She said “You are probably going to think that I’m crazy but… here it goes…. I’m kind of a…. Vampire.”
I was speechless I really didn’t think was it was true. First that vampire were real? I just thought it was a fictional character. That would explain why everyone in their family had pale white skin and golden eyes. “Oh!” I said still kind of speechless “I really am not supposed to tell anyone human for that matter.” Sarah said “Well what happens if you do tell someone. Like me?” I said freaking out inside what was going to happen if whoever found out that Sarah had told me. Was I going to die or lose my memory? “Well we have a council of Vampires that make sure no humans find about vampires. If a vampire tells a human about the secret the council will find the human and take them. I don’t know what happens after that no one has told me.” After Sarah had said that I got up off her bed and started walking back and forth “OH MY GOD these people are going find me and take me to some unknown island.” I was freaking out. “Krissy calm down there not going to find you. I will keep you safe. I promise I’m in this with you. If they find you they are going to take me to because I told you.” Sarah said. “What is Nathan’s friend? He is not like you” I said still trying to figure him out. “Oh yeah. Jake! He is a werewolf.” Sarah said as Nathan and jake walked in the room. I sat back on Sarah’s bed staring at the wall. “What’s wrong with her?” Jake and Nathan said at the same time. Sarah looked at Nathan “um...Well... I kinda told her about us!” Sarah said putting her head down “YOU DID WHAT!”WHY?” Nathan said. Sarah looked up at her brother “I had to she is my best friend and your girlfriend?” Sarah said Nathan quickly pushed Sarah against the wall. “WHY? You’re not supposed to you are going to bring the council here. They are going to kill Krissy!” Nathan said yelling. Mrs. Erikson ran into the room “What is going on in here?” Mrs. Erikson ran over to Nathan pulling him off of Sarah. Even though Sarah acted older and more mature, Nathan was much stronger than Sarah. I grabbed Jake and we went out into the kitchen to wait.

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thanks so much!
i could go over it if u want, by the way i love it
I like it
It's really good. Keep writing!
I will post more soon! Thanks for all the amazing comments. ILY ^_^ ~ Abby
WOW its really good :) i like it! Write more please i wanna keep reading!! :)
thanks for all the amazing comments! The next chapter will be up today or tomorrow. Its being edited. Thanks again!
Chapter 2:
Jake and I sat out in the kitchen in silent for a few minutes until Jake said “So. Did Sarah say anything about me?” I really didn’t want to talk but I did “Um. Yeah she said that you were a… werewolf.” I said cautiously. Jake touched my hand “Yeah I am. But I won’t hurt you I promise. I would really like to get to know you. Do you want to go on a date tonight?” Jake said nervously. “Yeah. I would really like to know you to.” I said I pulled his hand to me and hugged him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nathan standing there saddened. I think Nathan really liked me, if he did so much why didn’t he just asked me out on a date like jake did. I grabbed my coat and purse and walked out the door on my date with jake. I walked to his car and opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. “So where are we going?” I asked jake. “Well we are going to the beach. Is that alright with you?” jake said. I looked at his perfect face and eyes “Yeah I love the beach.” We finally arrived at the beach we walked onto the sand and jake put down a blanket. We sat there and talked for hours. “So Jake tell me about what you really are.” I said I really wanted to know what he was like. “Well. I have been like this for five years. I am not harmful when I am in human form. Well I am not harmful in wolf form either.” Jake said. I really didn’t know Jake but I really felt like I did. “I feel like I know you. Or I have seen you before.” I said. Jake looked at me I could feel him staring into my eyes. Jake slowly came closer to me and kissed me. It was perfect we fit together so perfectly. Jake pulled away “I really like you.” I felt my face get really red. I wasn’t paying attention to what time it was I had school tomorrow it was almost eleven fifteen. My parents were going to flip when I got home. I walked in the door the house was silent and dark I crept up the stairs, man was that close no one was awake not even my brother. I quickly walked into my room changed into my pajamas and got into bed. Beep, beep, beep I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, 5:36 am it red it big red letters. Friday finally I was going to the mall after school with Nathan and Sarah. I walked into the bathroom and got ready. I slowly walked downstairs to find my brother sitting at the kitchen island and my parents sitting at the table. “Good morning honey, what time did you come in last night I didn’t even hear you” mom said. “I came in at 9:30 after I got back from the beach.” I said nervously. “Oh. Do you have any plans after school today?” mom said. “Yep! Sarah, Nathan, and I are going to the mall.”I said while eating a bagel. I walked out the door waiting for my brother to get in the car “Hurry up Justin!” I yelled “We are going to be late!” I got into school and headed for my locker, Sarah and Nathan were standing waiting for me. “Hey how did last night go?? You and Jacob??” I could see that Nathan wasn’t happy that we went on a date. “It was cool. We went to the beach at just talked.” I said “We are still on for the mall tonight right guys?”. “Yeah of course.” Nathan said. School went by fast English, Spanish, Math, Social studies, guy, and science. I met up with Nathan and Sarah. We drove to the mall. “So how were your day’s guys?” I said smiling. “Okay.” “Great.” Sarah and Nathan said. We walked into the mall and sat down at the food court and got some smoothies. I couldn’t help not to realize a few men standing in the mall dressed in black and white suits. They kept looking at me and watching every move I made.
i love it, post more soon
thanks sooo much for all the amazing comments. ill post more very soon! Thanks again!!

ya abby has amazing talent but sometimes she just keeps it in!!! My name is shantel and i am her best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the story sb!!!
srry guys i had a writters block. but the next chapter is underway. I'll post more very soon! Thanks so much
i'm gonna post real soon be ready!


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