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Preface- Wanting someone to love is like wanting water to drink on a hot day.You cant actually drown away the feeling that you have for someone even if they arent completly normal.



Chapter 1

Seths POV

Looking out my window all i saw were trees and a dark sky with a bright shining moon

before i fell into a deep sleep. My dream started off black with nothing then out of nowhere came this sound like a girl screaming for help and the next minute another scream that sounded like my name

onece,twice,three times after came a hard thud to my face, i jumped up and saw that it ws my sister Leah trying to wake me up.

" Hurry up sleepy head we have a meeting to go to", she said while i sat up on the edge of my bed

" What meeting", i asked wanting to go back to bed, it was Sunday.

" Jacob And Sam Called a meeting while you were in la-la-la land, so come on or we are going to be late " Leah said to me , more like ordered me .

I jumped out of bed then put on some shorts then ran outside to phase. When i got to the meeting everybody was there and leah was just taking her spot by jake.

" We have a new family moving in ", Sam started the meeting

" Theres only two of them moving in a man and his daughter", jake added

The rest of the meeting went on like that both of them switching back in forth telling us information about the family. We now know that the dad is hardley ever home only when he's not out doing buisness he travels a lot and that the daughter will be going to my school at La Push High , They were tellilng us that we should lay low and to keep quiet . I was hoping on going back home to finish my sleep but jake had me run a patrol with him so leah could catch up on her sleep and quil could go see claire. While running the patrol i thought about the imprinting thing and that caught jakes attention .

" Hey man you'll imprint one day" he said 

" Then you'll end up like the rest of us " he added

" Yah i know one day it'll hapen, btu when will it happen?" i asked being serious

" Dont trip man i went thru the samething wondering when i was going to imprint , and when i did imprint it was an amazing feeling. It will happen seth dont worry", jake insisted.

When we got done patroling i phased and walked home the rest of the way thinking about mine and jakes conversation. Walking across the street this truck came flying around the corner and almost hit me i slammed my hands on the hod and walked off " i hope i didnt hit the truck to hard, whatever he almost hit me he deserves it". I got home and went straight to the kitchen it smelled as if someone cooked something i went to the microwave and opened it "Awsome , Leah must have cooked some food and put some away for me", I ate the food and after washed my dish dryed it and put it up then went to my rooom and fell asleep as soon as i hit the bed.



Briannas POV

On our way to La Push i was talking to my dad about school and why i cant just do home schooling .

" Dad ,I dont wanna be th new kid in school, why cant i do home schooling ?" i pouted

" No you need to make new friends and get to know the town it will be god for you " he said seriously

"Fine" i said giving in before i get in trouble for arguing

" You will like it trus-"

" STOP" i had to yell before my dad hit this kid walking across the street

The boy was tall but looked about my age and was only wearing shorts he had a nice body and a cropped hair cut that looked good on him. He slammed his hands on the hood of our truck and then walked away into the woods.My dad Lookd at me and i just casually shrugged my shoulders and then we were off to our new house.We pulled up to our house and i saw that it was two story i ran to the porch and unlocked the front door wit my key , i left my suit cases out side and went in to look around i liked the house except i think my dad went bit over board  with black ,white , and red . I ran up stairs to find my room it was the second door to the lefti opend the door and saw that it looked great the walls were painted my favorite color purple and i had a gigantic king sized bed with a purple comfoter and green pillows. I ran down staris and gvae my dad a big hug and got my stuff , took them bck upsatirs so i can put them away. After i finished i got my pajamas and underclothes and went to my bathroom to take a shower i grabbd my ipod touch plugged it in to my ihome and put on the song "Deuces" by Chris Brown i turned on the hot water and let it run for a little while then hopped in, the warm water felt so good agaisnt my skin that by the time i got out i noticed that i was in there for a whole hour , i got dressed in into my pajamas and hopped into my big bed and layed there thinking " Great I have school tomorrow gunna be known as the newbie"i fell sleep thinking bout whats gunna happen at school.



{Please comment its my first fan-fic and i wanna know wht you think give me all the advice you can think of and be truthful i can take it }

Please and thank you XOXO

-----> Shaya J


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awesome job! just watch your typos. but it happens! lol keep writing!
thanks i will make sure to proof read it
twice next time !
its really good!!update soon!!


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