The Twilight Saga

Bella has moved to Forks with her Dad Charlie, and transfered to Forks High School. She's been an invisible person throughout the first year, but will someone change that fact?


**Disclamor** I do not own Stephenie Meyers characters, unless some are unknown.





When I was five, I wished to be invisible. When I was ten, I wished to have many friends. When I was fifteen, I wished to have excitement in my life. Now that I'm seventeen, I wished to be alone from everything. Even reality.





Okay, this is the start. I hope it's great! You decide if I keep it going ^_^

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Sounds good...please continue!
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So what is this is all about?

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Please continue!


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sounds cool post the first chapter
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Um, I should probably say that I love you people for reading ^_^

Chapter One:

Hello, my name is Bella Swan. I live with my biological Dad, Charlie, whom he's known as the Chief. I spend most of my time in the house, waiting for him to arrive and serve his meal. That's pretty much what he expects, anyways.

Charlie Swan is not the responsible police you see. He's a bachelor and looks for woman everywhere. Every night or so, he comes through the door with his arms wrapped around a different female. It really disturbs me. At least my mom shows respect for him, just looking for someone specific and not just for pleasure.

Now, when I first came to Forks High, nobody treated me right. Just like an invisible force that comes and goes. Whenever I asked for help, they stared, which I considered very rude. Whenever I get in trouble for something I didn't do, no one stood up for me.

But there are always heroes right?

"Look at him," a voice said behind me. "He's the one who said that he was going to fight Edwin."

Edwin was the leader of the popular clique. He's well known everywhere, especially the girls. His parents own a company of architecture. So that means that he's pretty rich. And with his looks, no doubt that the ninety percent of the girls in school want him, the one percent is me.

He also has someone else. A brother. His name is Edward Masen, the cute guy who goes along the school like a very innocent kid. I've catched an eye on him, but he always dissapear at some place that I see him rarely.

"Yeah, I would like to see his face when the guy throws a punch at him. It'll be epic!" He whispered back.

"Would you like to share something, Mr. Drey?" Asked Mr. Polski.

He cleared his throat and said, "No, sir. Nothing."

People snickered around, as I closed my eyes.and sighed regretfuly.

"Very well." The teacher said stiffly. He turned around and continued teaching. As he did, there was a punch and snickering around. I resisted the urge to groan.


I was sitting on the caffeteria, minding my own business like always. Until someone interrupted it.

"You girl!" Someone yelled. "You with the brown hair!"

I turned around slowly, and saw a guy with brown curly hair, and brown skin. His eyes were black, making him look intimidating. Taylor Crowley. He once threw my things off the desk, tripped me at the hall while laughing, and insulted my hair. So I held a hatred at him.

The moment I turned, something slimy hit my whole face. Just like I needed, everyone stopped making noise, and for a second, they started laughing. My face was flushing red under the food.

Risking my clean and disinfected hands, I placed my palms on my face and wiped it. Enraged, without control of what I was doing, I grabbed my spaghetti, went after him, and did the thing that gave me the satisfaction. I droped it on him.

Everyone gasped, and someone screamed. Uh oh.

"Sorry, I didn't mean ... oh my gosh." I said hastly.

I spilled my meal on Rosalie Hale, the beauty queen. Just kill me and end the embarressment so everyone can be happy!

She turned around sharply, "You! What did I ever do to you?!"

Knowing what she was going to do, I stepped away quickly and heard another high pitched scream. Just end it please!

Rosalie Hale, had hit Alice Cullen. She was the smart and popular girl who ran the newspaper in this school. Her black short hair was covered in salad and bits of carrots.

"Ewww," she cried. "Get this off me! And you, Rustaline!"

She grabbed her burito, and threw it. Having a bad aim, it hit someone else. Earning another desperate cry. Jessica Stanley got hit. And her curls were covered in beans.

"Oh my god!" She screamed. Yes, she screamed. "What the hell, my hair is ruined!"

That's when everything started to get ugly. They both stood up from their seats and began yelling and screaming at each other, probably some hair pulls too. They were completly obvlivious of the crowd, and ignoring me.

Being the idiot I am, I tried to stop them, because the teacher was now marching this way.

"Guys," I yelled. "Stop now! The teacher!"

But they paid no attention. I pushed through the fight, and got a few scraches on my arms and face.

"You! You! You! And you!" A furious voice said.

Everyone stopped and turned around. The coach was standing, his gym shorts were darker, and I had a feeling that he was washing them.

"The four of you!" He said. "Detention!"

The girls gasped.

Well, there was always a first time to everything, right?



Okay, this is the first chapter as you already know. How stupid I am. Anyways, everyone in this story has a different personality. Especially Charlie! I hope you enjoyed it ^_^
- LoveCookkies

wow iz soooo nice

Wow. Bella is being bullied.



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It's alright...  because I'm lucky I've read it!


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Great start, please continue.


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