The Twilight Saga

Bella has moved to Forks with her Dad Charlie, and transfered to Forks High School. She's been an invisible person throughout the first year, but will someone change that fact?


**Disclamor** I do not own Stephenie Meyers characters, unless some are unknown.





When I was five, I wished to be invisible. When I was ten, I wished to have many friends. When I was fifteen, I wished to have excitement in my life. Now that I'm seventeen, I wished to be alone from everything. Even reality.





Okay, this is the start. I hope it's great! You decide if I keep it going ^_^

- LoveCookkies




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yea up. LOL
Sounds like John Tucker Must Die!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Cant wait for more!
Love it keep me updated!!!
Love it!!! It sounds so good!!!! Please keep me updated!!! That would be great thank you
love it
Okay, I have to give credit to some people who guessed where this idea came from. I truly love you (in a friend way.) guys and girls for figuring it out. But be warned that the happenings are way different from the movie! If you haven't seen the movie and wish to see it, it is called 'John Tucker Must Die'. Okay! Enough with my chit-chat ^_^
- LoveCookkies


My algebra book was placed on the kitchen table, as I took sloppy notes on a seperate piece of paper. Don't think I do this because it's fun, it's because this was the only thing I could do in the house.

I was alone, like most of my school days. I wrote the last word on my paper, and placed it on my 'Math/Algebra' binder. I was now one with that, thank you god for not giving me distractions.

Talking about distractions, I have been walking from school yesterday. Let me say that I don't know what my Dad was thinking. I mean, I'm uncoordinated. If he doesn't want me around his house and wants me to die, he can just ask.

Anyways, I was walking from school, when suddenly a car pulls over. I was thinking: oh joy, more embarrassment for my dear life. But to my surprise, I recieved a playful punch and a 'great job'. Oh, also a ride home.

Yeah, I should be like 'Yay, I got a ride home'. But in truth, it will just make it worse. I mean, come on. They might've done that to figure my address and throw eggs and other things. Don't make me write a list, I'm not in the mood.

So I'm sitting on the table with the books spread around me, worried as hell. I was *this* close in calling Charlie to get me some back-up or anything. But with the big ego he has, it's a matter of time that he kicks me out.

I stand up when I hear the door open. My hands were scrambling to pick everything up. Charlie is a complete stranger every night, and I was afraid of what to expect. I swung my bag to my shoulder, when he stepped in.

"Ch—Dad, how are you doing?" I asked breathlessly. I clunched my books to my chest, looking around nervously.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He demanded, his arms crossed to his chest.

"T—tell you what?" I stammered. "What's going on?"

"I'm the one who asks the questions!" He roared.

I jumped, and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I felt anger travel through my body.

"Well, unless you don't tell me what *you* are talking about, I can't answer you're questions." I shot back.

"Why the hell do you let you're friends on the front yard? Don't you think it's a bit late to party?"

I laughed, "Think again Big Daddy, do you see *me* bringing my 'friends' inside? Have you ever seen me texting, or asked your permission to visit someone? It's your fault that I can't enjoy my life! Again and again you bring a woman inside this house without conserning over the thought of *your* daughter! Do you have any idea how much that affects me? Think of my mom, what would she say? I. Am. Tired. Of. YOU!" I slapped the books on my table, as I fumed.

He looked stricken at my sudden outburst, while I felt better. I finally was able to speak up of what I endured many years. It was really disturbing at how Charlie acted for a year now.

But not every person has patience.


Ouch! Bella's tiger burst open, haha! Sorry for the late fee, but I didn't have the spirit to write any. Like Seth, I am just too happy when I have my life!

Lot's of love as an author,
- LoveCookies

this is the best
love the update!  please write more soon!!!!!!
Plz post more soon and add me
hey was up


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