The Twilight Saga

Bella has moved to Forks with her Dad Charlie, and transfered to Forks High School. She's been an invisible person throughout the first year, but will someone change that fact?


**Disclamor** I do not own Stephenie Meyers characters, unless some are unknown.





When I was five, I wished to be invisible. When I was ten, I wished to have many friends. When I was fifteen, I wished to have excitement in my life. Now that I'm seventeen, I wished to be alone from everything. Even reality.





Okay, this is the start. I hope it's great! You decide if I keep it going ^_^

- LoveCookkies




Tags: Comedy, Drama, Mild-Violence

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Before you kill me - or hurt me - I am no longer going to come to this website. Well, just to visit you know. Anyways, I have an account in FanFiction . net

If you wish you can see my stories! My username is 'LoveCookies-Alex'


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I forgot to mention that I had edited this story here!


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