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About a year ago this I was writing this fanfiction but stopped and as part of my summer to-do list I PROMISED myself I'd finish it. 




This is my 4th fan-fiction. I didn't finish the last one, got bored of it.

But my other three are 
It Means Nothing
Love you better (unfinished)
Imprinted Love

In this story Bella is 19 years old. She went to school at Forks  and finished up there. But the Cullen's joined the school the year she left so she has never met Edward Cullen before. She's heard of the Cullen's of course, but to her there just more people who live in Forks. Bella now works in the local book shop owned by Esme that makes little money, but she doesn't mind. She's just passing the time before she can leave for college.

Will they ever meet? Edward and Bella?
What difficulties will they face?

Chapter One
First Sight

Charlie's hand rose from the table, bringing his morning coffee to his lips. 
"Post came today." Charlie said sliding a brown envelope in front of my cereal that I was more moving around then eating.

I knew what the letter was. A college acceptance, or decline. 
"Aren't you going to open it?" Charlie asked leaving his cup on the table and heading for his jacket.
"Yeh, later." I said pushing it aside.
Charlie through on his jacket and gun and headed for the door.
"I should be late home," Charlie said, like he did every Sunday morning.
"Sure, be careful."
"Always am."
Charlie shut the door sounding that the house was empty. I stayed still for a minute until I couldn't stare at the envelope any more. i grabbed it a shoved it down to the bottom of the bin. It's not that I didn't want to go to college it's just I needed more time to think.
Angela and Ben had left for college already along with mike Jessica and Tyler. Unless I wanted to spend my time with Lauren for the rest of my life I'd half to go to college. My letter from Alaska hasn't arrived back yet, I'll just wait for it. 
The Truck chugged to life after 4 failed attempts. I knew I should get it checked but there's no point in going down to Jacob's. Lately he's been acting...strange. 
The book shop door dinged as I entered. It belong to Ms Cullen. Though I never saw her, her daughter Rosalie met me every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekends between shifts. She never spoke, just hanged me the pay check and left. She always left me to close the store on Saturday nights. I didn't object, it's not like I had anything else to do.
I opened the store bright an early at 7am, even though it's not suppose to be open till 9am. it didn't matter, people in Forks weren't big on reading. They'd enter the shop, maybe one person a day and then leave empty handed as always. 
I sat behind the desk with the sigh saying 'open'. I opened Romeo and Juliet and began reading for the million and one time. I knew it was pretty sad that I still had this from senior year but I didn't want to shove it to the back of the press once my final R&J essay was handed in like everyone else. Well Mike and Eric burned there's.
When I finished the book it was 12pm. I locked up and had lunch. Lunch was defined as going home and sitting down and staring at the fridge for an hour. I ate dinner usually in the night time after I cleaned the house before Charlie got back from work.
On returning to work I noticed a silver vovlo parked in Mike newtons mothers shop, in my space. Which had been reserved for me ever since I quit last year to get Ms Cullen's book shop job. Weaker pay but still, time to read isn't time wasted. 
I didn't recognise the car and besides Ms Newtons shop was closed today. Ms newton was out of town on family business. 
I noticed a shadow moving behind the bookshelves in the store. I quickly grabbed my bag and took out the pepper spray Charlie had put in there and replaced every month 'in case of emergencies' 
I ran up the steps awkwardly slipping on the wet steps and slowly edged towards the main door. It was already unlocked, by a key. No forced entry, no broken window. No burglar?
I wondered then was it Ms Cullen's Husband, or her son Emmett. I opened the door slowly avoiding the 'binging' noise the shingles made. I placed my bag down behind the counter and slowly paced over to the computer section down the very back. 
I heard the sound of gentle music whisping through the air.
When I came around the horror book section I was met with the back of a boys head. Auburn hair, lean shoulders with giant head phones on. I leaned forward eagerly, recognising the song. The floor creaked as I leaned close to his ear.
"Claude Debussy," I smiled.
The boy jumped up tearing the computer away from the wall and stood bowed in attack position.
"Oh I'm sorry," I apologized raising my hand.
The boy no more than 17 stared at me from across the room before he inhaled and soften his pose. 
"I apologize...I...." The boy took a weird look about him. His face hardening all of a sudden. His knuckles cracked as the squeezed together. His jaw set in a hard line. He stood tall and hard like michelangelo's 'David' except this masterpiece stared back at me with a different look to profoundness or wonder. 
His eyes darken to match the darkened hue of the background and didn't match up with the tones of his hair. I didn't no whether to speak or run. The boys hands tightened again. I stared at the paleness of his skin as it stretched over his knuckes and the absolute perfection it consumed. I had to admit I was a little jealous. I had always been jealous of Rosalie but after a while I got used to it. But seeing a new fresh face more beautiful, in fact, was some what vexing. But I could tell by the sheer beauty he most be related to Rosalie, or Ms Cullen.
Then, his eyes took a crazier look when he breathed. My footing was subtle as I moved slowly back. Before I could blink the boy charged at me taking me down to the ground almost taking out the horror section of the book shelves. The pepper spray rolled out of my hand and under the book shelve as we hit the ground. 
I couldn't scream because the movement was to fast before his hand was over my mouth. Something else the froze my lungs was the coldness of his hand as it ran up my neck, but it was gone again quick enough in the flash of an eye. 
My head hurt bad from the drop by the time I had rolled over it was on top of broken shards of window class. The cold air blew in, rustling my hair and aching the already pain in my neck. I turned over to pick up the can of pepper spray when a high heel kicked it out of the way. A small girl with spiky black hair picked me up off the ground. I knew who she was, Alice Cullen. 
"W-hat h-app-ened?" I asked zipping up my coat against the breeze coming in the broken window. 
"I'll clean it up," Alice said helping me over to the main desk and getting my bag.
"I think it's best if you leave now Bella, okay?" She smiled subtly at me, with a hint of fear but also happiness in her eyes. Like this has somehow been a good thing for her. 
"What do you mean go? What just happened? With the boy? Just now?" 
"Edward?" Alice asked, staring blankly into the distant for a second before smiling.
"He's going to be just fine." She handed me my bag and led me to the front door.
"But..But?" I asked trying to read her golden eyes, almost indecipherable  like a lotto ticket. I felt the need to scratch her down until I saw the numbers underneath. 
"We'll see you Tuesday again?" Alice smiled gently pushing me out the door and locking it behind me. She smiled before pulling down the curtains and everything ran quiet.
I drove home in silence thinking about what had happened. His eyes, so focused, deadly and wanting. His stance, bent over in attack position. His face so beautiful but twisted with a inexplicable  need. His teeth like white razors. It has all been to much, to out of the ordinary, to frightening, but yet I wasn't scared that he would kill me. I was more scared that Charlie wouldn't be able to eat without me. My life wasn't valuable to me.
I made Charlie's dinner in silence without thinking what had happened. I left it to cook as I changed the beds and brought down the laundry for washing. After that, when my mind still wanted to think about Edward I washed the inside of the shower and cleaned the cabinets.
At 8pm Charlie's car rolled into the muddy drive way. His boots sagged as he entered the kitchen. He didn't speak much as I gave him his dinner and joined him at the table. We didn't normally talk at dinner, the odd 'how was work' and 'had a nice day' was all we ranged too. But today, I needed a bit more than 'Nice weather Saturday I might go fishing with Harry'
"Alice Cullen came into the store today," I said quietly, mashing my food together. 
"Hmm," Charlie crumbled forking his food into his mouth.
"So did...Edward?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Charlie's hand stopped.
"Did he?" He asked, continuing to eat his food.
"Yeah, I found him at the computers when I came back from lunch, he's a bit...strange." I edged. Begging Charlie for more answers then he was giving me. Charlie dropped his fork.
"There ain't nothing wrong with those kids, they cause me no trouble Bella, non at all. Edward went off to some fancy school abroad for a while. People around here are just jealous because of the intelligence the Cullen family has." Charlie huffed shoving more food into his mouth.
"Anyway, how was work?" Charlie said, turning the conversation away from Edward and the Cullen's.
I wondered should I tell Charlie about what had happened. The bizarre look in his eye, his fast movements and the disappearing act. But then I knew it had to be something more, something strange. 
"Fine," I lied. 
I knew there was something happenning. I just needed to know what. 
As I slept Edwards eyes appeared in my mind all night. I was 19, he was 17. He was only a child.. But I'd never seen a child with such fierce eyes, or manly structure. I tossed and turned all night.
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its good so far,,, Is this all human??

Oh no, its the same. All Cullens are Vampies. Bella is a human and Jacob - not yet- is a werewolf. :)


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"He was only a child.. But I'd never seen a child with such fierce eyes, or manly structure." lol, my fave part!!!

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