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what if when sam found bella in the woods he imprinted on her? how would the pack and most of all sam protect bella from danger coming from everyside? but what if one of the dangers was coming from someone that they thought was a friend.. a brother?



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thanks i will have it up soon

i like it too, its waayyyyy different from any stories there are, but a good different plz write

yeah u should write it!
i will. right now i'm waiting on a banner
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will have some up tomorrow hopefully
Write more plz < 3 *
i will i promise
i will have the first chapter up tomorrow after i get off from work
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 When I first phased into a horse sized black wolf. I had thought that I was dreaming but then Harry Clearwater had told me about what I was now and what my new duty was to the tribe. I was a protector of my people. I didn't want this type of life to be put on my shoulders but you can't always fight what fate has decided to put into lap. About a year after I had phased Jared was the next one then about six months after that was Paul. He was always known for his bad temper but know it was even worse so everyone was on high alert wondering if he was going to kill an innocent person who happened to look at him the wrong way. I was sitting on my couch when my phone went off. I looked at the caller id and it was Harry. I picked up and said "Hey Harry, what's up?" There was a pause then he said "Charlie's daughter has gone missing after going on a walk with that Cullen kid. We are gathering a search party but I know that you boys can find her faster then us normal people."

He gave me directions on how to get to Charlie's house. We hung up and I called for the guys to meet me there.We were filled in on where they believed Isabella was but I knew that we would be heading in a slightly different direction. I could smell the faint scent of bleach and lysol. I thought 'Boys, this has to be the way that the leech took her because I can smell him. So pay attention so we don't scare Isabella anymore than she might already be.'They both agreed and we went in three different ways hoping to come across her some where close to home. The guys weren't having much luck so they decided to do a cirlce and maybe catch the leech.

I was getting nervous that we wouldn't find her when I smelled a mouth watering smell. It was like home made sugar cookies and hot chocolate with a hint of caramel. I followed the scent and I came across something in the fetal position. I could hear the slight mumblings of 'He is gone' being repeated over and over. I went behind a tree and phased before going any closer to her. When I got over to her, she turned towards me and what happened next shocked me. I was looking into the biggest doe eyes that were the most beautiful color of chocolate brown. I was shocked as I no longer felt tied to my mother or to anything on this earth. I know felt that she is what held me to this world. I knew right then that I wanted the chance to be with her but in what way?

She said "Are you here to help me because nobody wants me anymore." I felt myself start to cry when she said this and I said "Let's get you back to you father and then we will talk once your warm." I picked her up and felt her snuggle up to me and I thought if it had to do with it being cold out or did she feel the same thing as I did. As I started to get close to edge of the woods did Jared and Paul take up flanking positions in front of me. Charlie looked up and I saw the relief was over him. He started to get closer to her but I didn't like it one bit. Billy saw my posture and said "Charlie, let the boy get her inside and warmed up before you go on questioning her. I gave him a small nod of my thanks. Once Isabella was checked out by the paramedics and that was very stressful on me because it was a man that was being very close to her.

She told Charlie that Edward broke up with her and that he left her very close to the house but she had walked after him and got lost. All of us wanted to kill him for what he had done. But I knew that there was another story as to why he left her. Once Isabella was in bed and sleeping did Billy wheel himself over to where I was in the living room. He looked right at me and said "Tell me son, what were you feeling when you looked into Bella's eyes." I thought for a minute and said "Well I no longer felt a strong connection to anything or anybody on this earth but I felt like she became my only reason for being, for living so Billy what does that mean?" His face held a softer look to it and then he went onto explaing that what I was feeling was called 'Imprinting'. Also what I would have to tell her. I left her house with the promise to come back and check in on her over the next few days.


I only dreamt about what the future would hold with Isabella Marie Swan in it...

I want  to stress this right now this will be in Sam's pov but with a little bit of other's in there. so don't expect to hear from a different person in each chaper. I might update this story once or twice a week that will be inbetween me trying to play my vacation to the lovely little town that this wonderful world of Twilight was based on


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