The Twilight Saga

This has been in my head for a while so I wrote it for the fun of it! It’s going to be a one-shot, but it will be in parts. It is based off the song, “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift. It follows the complete story line of the song and the lyrics. It is basically a remix of Twilight. Bella has moved to Forks to live with her father, the Cullen’s are vampires, except, the Denali coven also lives in Forks! Edward is dating Tanya, although he is not sure he really likes her. The Cullen’s are more involved in school sports. Charlie lives next door to the Cullen’s, but it is still very woodsy and rainy, so they can’t see each others houses too well. You can only see the Cullen’s house from Bella’s bedroom window, same with Edward. This will switch back and forth from Edward and Bella’s POV’s. Please read and comment! X

Disclaimer: I do not own this song, any of the characters, or Twilight.

Part 1: Introduction.

Edward’s POV:

It was going to be another ordinary day at Forks High School, at least that’s what I thought. Alice kept mentioning to me something about this girl, Bella Swan. Something about her moving here today, Alice told me to be careful. I’m not sure what this meant; she also said she was moving in next door. She must be Chief Swan’s daughter.
“Edward!” I heard someone say, “Are you coming or not?! I do not want to be late again” I heard Tanya whine from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs.
“I’m here Tanya” I said kind of annoyed, “Don’t worry we could never be late” I said. She smiled and flipped her blonde hair and walked outside, motioning for me to follow her to my car. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett all walked out side. I felt a slight jealousy towards them; they were all matched up with the perfect person. It was hard being surrounded by perfect couples all the time. Tanya felt we were a perfect couple and our families were so close, it was almost like a forced relationship. I always wonder if there could be someone out there that would be better for me.
“Hurry up! Edward” Tanya said, I quickly ran over to her and opened the door for her. She leaned in and kissed my cheek and then got in the car. I ran back around and got in. Time for another day at school.

Bella’s POV:

I pulled up at school in the new truck my father bough me, well I wouldn’t really call it new but it was perfect for me. I got out of my truck, getting a few strange looks from people. Great. I heard a few comments on my truck but I kept walking. When walked into the school, I was immediately stopped but someone named Eric Yorkie, he wanted to do an article on me for the school paper but, I begged him not to. The last thing I wanted to have was attention, I just wanted to blend into the back ground. The day was passing quickly, which was good. In gym I met two more overly friendly people named Mike and Jessica.

At lunch, I was called over by Mike to sit with him. When I got to the table, I noticed Eric and Jessica were there as well. I was also introduced to a few more people, Angela was one of the girls I could see myself becoming good friends with. She seemed more laid back and down to earth, not as hyper as the rest of them. That’s when I saw him. “Hey,” I said to Angela and Jessica, “Who are they?” I asked motion to the people walking in. They were so perfect. Perfect skin, hair, clothes, and faces, everything.

“That’s Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale” Jessica told me. I watched two couples walk in first, the first guy was very tall and strong looking, and the girl he was with was blonde and extremely beautiful. “And that’s Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, they are doctor Cullen’s foster children who moved down from Alaska, like a few years ago” Following them was another couple, the girl was dancing around the room, she had short brown hair and was very tiny, and the boy with her had blonde curly hair and very strange look on his face, almost like he was in extreme pain.

That’s when I saw him, I couldn’t pull away. His perfect bronze hair and dark eyes. His skin was pale. “That’s Edward Cullen” She said, “Totally gorgeous, obviously” She said it like it was a fact. He turned to look at me, I looked away quickly. I glanced back, he was still looking at me with a confused face, I felt my face get hot, oh no was I blushing? He sat down and I turned a little to see him, he was talking to the girl with the short brown hair. I wonder if he was single…
“Edward!” I heard a girl shriek. I looked towards the door and say another beautiful blonde girl appear in the doorway, followed by two more blondes. They walked in a perfect V-formation, her in the middle. She was walking angrily towards him, they all took their seats at the table. She looked at me with an angry look and then sat down next to Edward and put her arm around him and smiled, not taking her eyes off me. I turned back around.
“And that is Tanya Denali, Edward perfect girlfriend” Jessica said and rolled her eyes, “She is the captain of cheerleading squad, and almost every single guy in the school is in love with her” Jessica said annoyed. “And the other two who were following her were Kate and Irina, they’re all sisters” she said. The rest of lunch was boring, I kept trying to steal glances at Edward, but every time I turned around she was glaring at me. I eventually gave up, a guy like that would never go for a girl like me anyways.

Edward’s POV:

I had to know her, although I wasn’t sure I could. I couldn’t read her mind, it was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me, yet I could tell she was different from the rest. Tanya kept slapping at me during lunch every time I looked at her. Yet her blood, was the most amazing scent I have ever encountered in my entire life time. I knew she was going to be different, I had to stay away from her.

It was time for Biology, I was first as usual. I watched as all the other students piled in. Right before class started. I saw her again, she entered the room and it immediately filled with her scent. I held my breathe although it was still there. She walked by the fan which made it a thousand times worse, I tried to turn my head out the window to get some fresh air. She was directed to the seat right next to mine. Perfect. I didn’t know if I could resist. She has me cornered, between her and the wall. If I got up to leave, I would have to walk by her, which could be dangerous. I could kill her, easily and the rest of the class. But, it was disappoint my father and mother, and my family. I didn’t want to ignore her and be so rude, I wanted to get to know her but, it wasn’t safe. I looked at her quickly and she looked at me, she has these beautiful big brown eyes. I turned my self quickly and looked out the window. I tried to look at her the whole class.

Bella’s POV:

I don’t know what I did to make him so angry. He looked at me like he wanted to kill me during class, then completely ignore me. Did I do something wrong? I never said one word to him. Yet I wanted to, and still wanted to. When the bell rang he was out of there faster than I expected. What have I done?

[ Few days later ]

Bella’s POV:

My second day of school, Edward wasn’t there. The rest of them were, but he wasn’t. Even his girlfriend was there, although she kept looking at me with the same look, but with more anger. The next few days he still wasn’t back, and the day after that, and the day after that. Things were getting strange. It was about a week and a half when I walked into biology and saw him sitting there. My heart fluttered when I saw him, yet I have to confront him. I have to know what I did that was wrong and upset him. I walked over to my seat and say down. I wanted to let it all out, but I couldn’t speak. Instead I decided to stare at my text book. “Hello” I heard in an angelic voice. I turned to look at him shocked, there was a beautiful smile on his face, I couldn’t speak. “I’m Edward Cullen, you’re Bella Swan. You live next door to me” He said and continued smiling. Something was different about him.
“You were gone” Was all I managed to get out. He kind of looked away.
“Yeah, I had to go away for a little, personal reasons” He said and then smiled. The teacher assigned us a project, so we started working. “So…” He said, “How do you like the weather?” I laughed a little.
“You’re asking me about the weather?” I asked in an amused tone. I noticed his eye color was different, was he wearing contacts?
“Yeah…I guess” He said and smiled
“Well” I said and sighed, “I don’t really like the rain” I said, “Anything cold…wet, I don’t really…” I said and smiled.
It was like that the rest of class; we kept talking till the bell rang. Edward continued asking me questions, we joked, and for the first time I was really enjoying myself since I’ve been here.

Edward’s POV:

The bell rang, I was actually really disappointed. I don’t know what I felt for Bella, but I liked her, a lot. “Can I walk you to your next class?” I asked her.
“Yeah” She said and smiled, I followed her out the door and we made it halfway down the hall until…
“EDWARD!” I heard someone scream, it was Tanya. I turned to look at her.
“Hello Tanya” I said politely, “This is Bella”
“Yeah, I know who she is” She said sharply, “But the question is, what are you doing with her?” She snapped
“I was walking her to her next class” I said and smiled at Bella
“Yeah, well not any more!” she said and grabbed my arm, “We’re leaving. Now!” She said and started pulling me.
“Bye Bella” I said kindly, “I’ll see you later” I called and followed Tanya.

Once we got outside, she exploded with anger. Telling me to never go near her again, never to speak to her again. I was so annoyed with her, but I have always put up with her, I’m such a push over. I nodded and we walked off to our next class.

The day ended quickly, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Tanya noticed and kept snapping me out of it in some sort of pushy way. I was waiting outside by the car, Tanya had to go to some sort of quick cheerleading meeting and I decided to skip foot ball practice, Emmett was going to cover for me. Alice appeared next to me. “Edward, I know you like her” She said softly
“Who?” I asked although I knew clearly who she was talking about.
“No…” I said, “I…I can’t, I’m with Tanya anyways…” I said
“But, you truly don’t love her” She answered, I looked at her, “Jasper notices it all the time.” Of course Jasper would notice this, “He says you feel more annoyed and stressed around her” I laughed a little and she laughed. Then Alice’s face went blank. “Edward…” She gasped and then looked at me nervously. I saw the vision in her head and planned to stop it. I looked towards Bella and heard the screeching wheels of the tires, she back up against the car. I took off at vampire speed, grabbed Bella and pushed her out of the way, and stopped the car. All in a matter of seconds, no one aside from Bella was able to see what had happened. I placed her down gently and looked at her. Then I took off, before anyone became suspicious. I trusted her not to tell anyone, although I knew she was going to ask me about it later.

The rest of the day was blur to me; I tried to block everyone out. Rosalie was extremely angry at me, although not as angry as Tanya was. I think she cared more about the fact that is was Bella, than the fact that I could have exposed us. When I visited her in the hospital, I was right, she did have questions. I told her that she hit her head, she didn’t believe me, I also told her that I was standing right next to her, she didn’t believe me, and every thing else I told her, she didn’t believe me. But, she did say she wasn’t going to tell anyone about it. I walked away, I slipped. I was so close to exposing us, I had to stay away from her. Her blood…was just too strong to be around.

Bella’s POV:

I notice he had been avoiding me since the visit after the hospital, but the more I saw him. The more I fell, I loved just being around him and seeing him. The past two months I learned more about him and his family. His father was a doctor, his mother was a stay at home mom, his sister Rosalie didn’t participate in any school activities and I noticed she was little self centered, Emmett was on the foot ball team, Jasper also didn’t participate in anything but followed Alice everywhere, Alice was on the cheerleading squad, and so was the rest of the Denali girls. Alice was the type of cheerleader that was not self-centered and was out there just for the fun of it, unlike the Denali’s. Edward was on the football team and was the star quarter back. We had a few small chats, before school he would wave to me and smile before Tanya was able to snatch him away, in Biology he would talk to me but that was it, and most of the time it was just, “Hi” or “Hello”. I came up with a theory that it was his girlfriend who kept him away from talking to me. We came up with our own way of communication though, I noticed that from my bedroom window, through all the tree’s and bushes, I could see Edwards. We used to right messages in big letters and tape them to the windows for each other.

Part 2: [ This is where it gets different and it skips to 2 months later and starts to really follow the story line of the song. The first part was the introduction ]

Listen to this -------->

Bella’s POV:

I was sitting in my bedroom, listening to my favorite band Muse, something Edward and I had in common, although Tanya hated it. I looked out the window and over towards Edwards. No messages, he looked really upset. He was on the phone, must be Tanya. How can anyone ever be upset with him? He was walking angrily around his room, shaking his head. He hung up and threw the phone on the ground. He must have noticed me listening, how does he do that? He looked over at me, I waved a little embarrassed. I wrote, “You okay?” on a piece of paper and held it up. He smiled and then started writing, quickly after he wrote, “Tired of Drama.” Yup, defiantly Tanya. I wrote “Sorry” and out a sad face on it. He shrugged and then got up. I looked down at the paper in front of me, knowing what I wanted to write, I started writing. I looked up and noticed he closed the window. I ripped the piece of paper out of the notebook and held it up, although he couldn’t see it, it said, “I love you” I crumpled it up and shoved it in the drawer with all the other “I love you” letters I wrote to him.

It was a typical Tuesday night, which mean tomorrow was Wednesday. Another day of school and then after was the school football game, which I promised Angela I would go with her to watch.

The next morning, I woke up early and threw on a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans and walked outside, hoping to run into Edward again before Tanya got there. I wasn’t like the other girls, mostly Tanya who wore short skirts and fancy tops. I sat down on the bench in between our two houses my father put there. My wish came true when I saw Edward walk out. I just don’t understand how perfect someone could be, he looked absolutely amazing in his old worn out jeans. “Good morning Bella” He said and sat down next to me.
“Hi Edward” I said, he reached over and brushed a piece of stray hair out of my face. I smiled. We sat there for a good ten minutes, laughing. His smile could lit up the entire world, let alone this town. I never see him smile like this when he’s around Tanya. Then ‘she’ pulled up. I rolled my eyes, Edward said goodbye and got in the car with her, she was glaring at me. Then Tanya pulled Edward into a huge kiss, I looked away and rolled my eyes. She pushed him back into his seat and glared at me. Then she drove off.

[ Later that evening ]

Angela and I were sitting in the bleachers, watching the game. The cheerleaders came out, did their little routine. Then the game continued, Edward was quarterback. The game lasted a long time, but then Edward scored the winning goal! The crowd erupted in applause, Edward was held up by the team, we all applauded. I smiled at him. Then I noticed something, something caught his eye. I saw Tanya, standing around another football player, flirting with him and leaning in to kiss him. Edward walked over. Tanya started yelling at him, I couldn’t hear to well, but I knew it was something bad. Edward shook his head at her and walked off angrily. I was shocked, Angela and I left the game. I couldn’t wait to get home.

That night, Edward wasn’t in his room for a while, then I saw him walk in wearing a tux. Oh, right the homecoming! I forgot that it was tonight, not that I cared because it was something I would never attend. He held up his message, “You going tonight?” I smiled softly and then wrote, “No, studying” I said and held it up. He frowned and then wrote, “Wish you were” He flipped his jacket over his shoulder and then walked out. He wishes I was there? Does that mean he likes me too? I considered the fact of going, what was I doing? I’m not the type of girl who goes to something like that. But, if Edward was going to be there, maybe… I decided. I would go. I opened my closet. I need a dress, quickly. I shuffled threw my clothes, and came across a white gown that was my mothers. I put it on and took my hair out of the bun and let it fall to loose curls. I grabbed a small wristlet and put something from my drawer in there with my phone and some extra money. I got in my truck and drove off towards the homecoming.

When I got there, I hesitated before going in. When I walked in the room, everyone turned to stare at me… I hide my face and walked towards the dance floor, hoping to run into Edward. I saw the rest of the Cullen’s there. I looked around and then caught a pair of gorgeous golden eyes. I smiled, his face lit up and he walked towards me. Then an arm grabbed him, Tanya said something to him and leaned into kiss him. He blocked her. I smiled, he made his way over to me. Tanya let out a scream and shot off some insults to him and stormed off. “Bella” He said and smiled, “You, look absolutely beautiful” He said.
“Thanks…” I said a little embarrassed, “You look, very handsome yourself” I said and smiled.
“I’m glad you’re here, I was hoping you’d come” He said and then winked at his sister Alice.
“I…” I started to say, he smiled at me. I took the message out of my wristlet and held it up for him to see, it said I love you. He reached into his pocked and pulled out a piece of paper, he unfolded it. It said, I love you. I smiled widely. He leaned in and kissed me. After that day, it would always be Edward and Bella.

Epilogue: [ This is a short summary of what happens after that ;) Thanks for reading! ]

Bella eventually learns Edward is a vampire and all about the Cullen’s. The Denali’s move up to Alaska, Tanya still fighting for Edward (as usual ;) ) Then, this is when James, Victoria, and Laurent come into the picture, and the rest of the story follows the Twilight Saga story line! Thanks for reading!

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Lyrics to You Belong With Me :
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesnt get your humour like I do

I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself
Hey isnt this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
You say you find I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understand you?
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me
omg! i loved it!!! i also love the song!!! it is perfect!! u should do something like this again!! maybe with the song Your Face by Taylor swift for new moon! it is a great song!! or oh! Love Story! but have it is edwards time!!! that would be awsome!!! or hmm...Our Song and Tear Drops On My Guitar? just giving ideas! also their is a really great song called "Broken" by Seether-feat. Amy Lee
Heyy Alice!! New name I see! =] Thanks for reading! Miss talking to you guys! :( I'm grounded again, so I won't be on as much!

I wanna write another one this was sooooo much fun!! Thanks for the ideas!! I'll have to try to make on again! =]
Thank youu! =)
Oh!!! I should fix that! Thanks! :D
Thanks!! Yeah I figured this would be a popular topic!!! I'll have to check out yours!!! =]
that was so awesome!!!
Thank you! :D
great story :)
Thank youu! :)
love it!


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