The Twilight Saga

what if when sam found bella in the woods he imprinted on her? how would the pack and most of all sam protect bella from danger coming from everyside? but what if one of the dangers was coming from someone that they thought was a friend.. a brother?



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Heaven's. That was Jasper.
Love it cant wait for more

see you next monday for this story and thursday for 'this can't be happening'


until then have fun

well well well... jasperr?!?!? who woulda thought himm but that makes it  more interesting!! lOL , ohhboyy the family coming back, but only for bellas safety!! * nawhhhtt*! ahaaa , goodness this should be fun . cannttt wit forr moreee! =D
love it write more
Love it
Love This Story!!! I've been reading this on mii iPhone and this is the best story ever!!! please keep me updated
update soon please
Love it!!!!! Thanks for the update!!!! I cant wait for more!!!! Please write soon!!!

thank you so much and hope to have more up on monday

post more


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