The Twilight Saga

what if when sam found bella in the woods he imprinted on her? how would the pack and most of all sam protect bella from danger coming from everyside? but what if one of the dangers was coming from someone that they thought was a friend.. a brother?



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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for more!!!!!!!! hehehe
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!! post more soon!!!!!

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I might not survive if you dont post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will have more up this monday
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It has been three days since Jacob's attack on me and I have been slowly healing. Carlisle came by everyday to check up on me. Sam or one of the other wolves was with me at all times. I hated being scared....knowing that it was my ex-best friend that has done this.  I remember that he kept on telling me that I belonged with him and not Sam. I tried to calm him down but even with my dad's shot gun it didn't scare him one bit. Sam showed up and I noticed that Jacob was shaking really badly. He phased and so did Sam. They were in some kind of conversation when I looked at Sam. He had a look on his face that stated 'Get away'. As I was moving away that is when Jacob clawed the back of my legs and did it hurt. Not only did it hurt physically but my heart was broken about Jacob would be the one to hurt me the most. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up at the Cullen home. I could hear some talking and I noticed that Sam was in the chair by my bed.


He looked like he hadn't rested in years. He looked up and smiled when he noticed that I was awake. I smiled and said "I love you." Sam rested his forehead on mine and said "You scared me. I love you to." We talked about what had happened and the punishment that Jacob was going to get. Sam took a deep breath and said "Edward is here and he has brought his mate. Edward would love to talk with you. Only if you feel up to it." I did and here I was waiting on Edward. While I waited I cleaned myself up a bit. I heard a slight knock on the door and I said "Come in." Edward looked a bit different. He wasn't dressed like a preppy boy. He was dressed like a normal man. He smiled and said "Bella, I'm so sorry for everything that has happened because I brought you into my life.." I didn't let him finish because I stopped him with a finger on his lips. I said "I was mad at first but Edward, I have forgiven you and you need to do the same." We spent the next three hours talking about what we both have been up to. I said "Maybe in time you and I could be close again?" Edward smiled and said "I would love to be a good friend to you. Willow would love to meet you, if that is okay?" I could tell that she was a better fit for him than I was.


Everyone was throwing a party for Victoria being gone and all of us being alive. Of course Emmett being Emmett was dared by Jarod to eat a whole cake without throwing it up for four hours. We all got a kick out of Emmett trying not to throw up and Rose was laughing at how stupid her husband was being. About a month after the party and my attack all of the women helped me plan out the wedding.  So here was Rose and I looking at a dress shop in Seattle while the others went to pick up other information about a photographer and caterer. I started to get the feeling of being watched. I said "Rose, I think that we're being followed." She would check every so ofter but we didn't find anybody. We stopped at a little mom and pop resturant to grab a small bite to eat for me and it was very good.


Every now and then I would get the feeling that I was being followed or watched. School was dragging along at a snail's pace but we couldn't believe it that tomorrow was graduation. What shocked me was that Edward and Willow had put together a small party for me. Only family was coming. Renee couldn't make graduation because she could only come for the wedding.Graduation was boring and I was glad that it was over. The party was great and it ended with fireworks. Emmett got Jarod back for the whole cake thing by some how putting into a firework the in that is used in bank robberies. So when Jarod lit the fuse it burnt quickly then exploded with hot pink dye. Everyone was laughing and Jarod joined in after a minute. We were a big odd ball family but we fit together. I know that nothing this good can last forever when I'm envolved. So we wait for the big bang to happen.

Now the only thing that we had to look towards was the wedding

love it
This was a good story keep me updated
love it cant wait for more

Love it


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