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what if when sam found bella in the woods he imprinted on her? how would the pack and most of all sam protect bella from danger coming from everyside? but what if one of the dangers was coming from someone that they thought was a friend.. a brother?



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Bella had taken to being a wolf fairly good. She was a natural at everything and was tickled pink when she could now beat Emmett at something. Charlie was only banged up and extremely ticked off at Jacob for trying to use him to get to Bella. That was two weeks ago. Today Billy had called all of the fathers of the pack in for a DNA test because we couldn't figure out why Bella phased. Renee was dodging the subject when me, Bella or Charlie would bring it up. Charlie was mad at Renee for lying all of these years to him about Bella being his daughter. But Bella told him that no matter what, he was her father in every sense. I never seen a grown man cry like that at those words. Carlisle Cullen was going to performe the test for us free of charge. Jared's father came down from the Mekah res. to have this done. After all of the samples were gathered and sent off to Carlisle. All we had to do was wait. All of the guys were on pins and needles thinking that Bella could be their older or little sister.


To relieve some of the stress the pack was having a beach day. We went cliff diving and played water volly ball. It felt almost like we were normal kids again and not protectors of the tribe. We had to wait about four days for all of the tests to be ran and Carlisle to deliever the results. He looked at Bella and said "You have gotten even more beautiful since I last saw you. I can't say but it seems like you have a glow about you." With that Bella blushed and mumbled a thank you. Carlisle left after a few minutes. I called all of the elders and the potiental fathers to my house to read the results. I opened the paper and seen that it had all of the results on one page. I looked to see Billy's name and I said "Billy, you are not the father." He let out a breath and said "It was only fair for me to be tested to even through I knew I wasn't."


I looked down to see Paul's father and I said "Jason Locks, you are not the father." He was relieved as well and had to leave after that for a company meeting in New York. Up next was Harry Clearwater and the results were the same. On and on with the other pack members fathers not being Bella's father. I was almost thinking that maybe Bella's father wasn't even in this tribe but maybe a Mekah. But when I got to the last name did everything fit into place. Renee's odd behavior around Jared. Jared's reaction to when Bella got hurt and how he felt the love of a big brother towards her. I smiled and said "Well this is the last one. Alex Mahan it seems that with a 99.9% accuracy that you are the father of Isabella Uley." Bella was shocked and so was Jared along with his father. Jared's mother died giving birth to Jared. Bella looked at Alex and said "Why weren't you in my life?"


Alex took a deep breath and looked over at Bella and Charlie before saying "Renee and Charlie had broken  up and she was upset. So she came down to a bonfire one night and we both got drunk. Well you know what happened but her and Charlie had gotten back together. When you were born you had taken after Renee and looked nothing like me. So I thought that you were really Charlie's little girl. Renee never told me other wise. So when you were two and they were going through a divorce. I wanted to get a paternity test done to see if you were in fact mine but by the time I could get the money gathered up Renee had taken off with you. I tried looking everywhere for you but I would always get dead ends so after about five years, I gave up. By that time I had started dating Daniella and fell madly in love with her."


Alex stopped and knelt down in front of Bella. He had tears in his eyes. Alex said "Bella, if I knew that you were mine all those years ago. I would have went to court to get custady of you and raised you with your brother Jared. I was hoping that you were mine but Renee has vanished with you but then you would come to see Charlie every year and he was always with you so I couldn't take a sample of your hair." By this time there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Charlie came over to Bella and Alex. He said "I will share her with you. You need to spend some time with her because I've have almost twenty years with her." Bella and Alex thanked Charlie. I could tell that those guys would be going very gray soon with the way she is now.


Jared looked at Bella and said "You're my real sister? Not just my pack sister?" Bella nodded and was pulled into a hug by Jared. Bella looked right at me and said "I need to call Renee." I got the home phone and brought it to her. I had noticed while she was dialing that everyone but Charlie, Alex, Jared and I had left. Renee had answered and Bella said "Renee, I found out that Charlie isn't my real father. Did you know that Alex Mahan was? If so then why did you lie not only to Chalie but me about him being my father? I'm greatful that Charlie was in my life but don't you think that we both had the right to know? Renee, what would have happened if something went wrong with me growing up and I need something that only my father could have given me?" Bella was crying and she came over to sit in my lap while waiting for an answer.


Renee took a deep breath and said "Bella, I was stupid and had just broken up with Charlie. Alex was there and well we got drunk. I was hoping that you would turn out like me because I was in love with Charlie. He was so happy when I found out that I was pregnant with you. Baby girl, I have made a huge mistake in not telling you or Charlie. I can only hope that you can understand that I was only seventeen. I was not thinking with a level head. I will always regret not having the guts in not only telling Charlie the truth but Alex as well. I hope that one day that you and Charlie can forgive me for being stupid. I love you baby girl." Renee had hung up. Bella looked at her two fathers and said "Well can't stay mad at her forever. But I think that we can be mad for a while at her." Bella and Alex had planned a father daughter day. Just to get to know each other.


I was fixing dinner when I heard a crash up stairs. At first I thought that it was Jacob trying to hurt Bella. So I ran as fast as I could to get to her. I found the shower curtian rod on the floor with Bella wrapped up in it. She wasn't breathing so I ran to the phone and called 911. I was freaking out. Everyone met us at Forks Hospital. We all were waiting for what seemed like forever before a young female doctor came out and said "Uley family?" I stood up and said "I'm Bella Uley husband. What is wrong with my wife?" She looked right at me and said "Well Mr. Uley, your wife ......

Renee Dywer



Alex Mahan


I might do a sequel but only if you want one. It would be a short one. So let me know if you want one or not.

It will be awesome!

OH MY GOSH. Bella's a wolf *.*



love it
Omg omg omg what happen to Bella?!?!?!?

Lol anywho LOVE IT

Can't wAit for more
Omg!!!! I cant believe Bella's father isnt Charlie!!! That explains why she's a wolf!!!! Im happy that she and Jared are siblings!!!! What happened to Bella?!?!? Thanks for the update!!!! I cant wait for the next chapter!!!! Please write soon!!!! Love it!!!!! Yeah please write a sequel, that would be great!!!!!
I'll update on Sunday
Update me and plzzz make a sequel
sorry but my ear is acting up and is hurting really bad. i had found out that i have fluid on my ear and i'm currently taking medicine for it. so i will update this tomorrow hopefully with another chapter that was big like the last one. i didn't realize just how long it was until i re read it.
Awwww!!! I hope you feel better!!!! Love your story!!!!


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