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what if when sam found bella in the woods he imprinted on her? how would the pack and most of all sam protect bella from danger coming from everyside? but what if one of the dangers was coming from someone that they thought was a friend.. a brother?



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I stood there waiting on the doctor to tell me what was wrong with my Bella. I was also thinking and praying that she doesn't find out about the high temp that we run. She started to tell be what was wrong with Bella but she pulled me aside before saying "Your wife did pass out and I think it was from stress but we're running all of the tests that we can here before we send her somewhere. It could have been her brain's way of dealing with something that might have happened today. If you will come with me, I'll take you to the room that your wife is in." I smiled at everyone and then followed the doctor. I said "Sorry but I never got your name?" She smiled and said "I'm Dr. Greene. I know I look young but I did finish med school at a young age. But I will do everything to find out what caused your wife to pass out." I thanked her and went into see Bella sleeping but what got me was all of the wires that was hooked up to her. I pulled a chair beside her and pulled her hand into mine.


The events finally caught up with me and I cried even more than when Jacob had attacked her. I felt a hand run through my hair and I looked up to see Bella smiling at me. I stood up and kissed her on the lips before saying "Don't you ever scare me like that again. Bella, I thought that it was Jacob trying to hurt you again. I love you so much and I don't know what would happen if anything were to happen to you." She was crying and said "I love you to Sam but I remember getting into the shower while you were cooking dinner and then I woke up in this room. What happened?" I told her what the doctor had said and that we just had to wait for the results. I went to get the others and slowly they all came into see Bella. I was allowed to stay because I was the husband and I was thankful for that because the male nurse was drooling after my wife. It about midnight when Dr. Greene came in and introduced herself to Bella. She was smiling at us.


She sat down in the chair beside us and said "Well we did run every test and did a blood test before doing any kind of x-ray scans or the other tests. We had to take a different route after the blood test came back but I wanted to wait until all of the tests came back before talking to you about the results." I could tell the Bella was getting ansey so she said "What's the problem doc?" I laughed a little and waited for the doctor to say "Well your blood test came back with hormone that can only be found in pregnant women, Bella. What I'm saying is that you're going to be having a baby." Bella turned and looked right at me. Both of us at the same time said "What?" Dr. Greene laughed and said "That was the best reaction to hearing that news that I've seen so far. Yes Bella, by judging the hormone levels that you're about nine to ten weeks. You didn't have any of the morning sickness that most women get? You aren't tired at all?"


Bella answered all of the questions and shortly Dr. Greene had left. I looked at her flat stomach and put my head there and I was shocked to hear the thrumming of our baby's heartbeat. I smiled up at Bella and said "I can hear her heart beating. Just when I think that I have everything that I need. You amaze me by giving me something else that comes from your love." Bella was crying and I scootted her over so I could get in the bed with her. She said "Sam, I honestly never felt like I was pregnant and I never had a normal monthly cycle so I didn't think anything of it when I missed them." We stayed up for a bit longer talking but then Bella realized what I said earlier. She said "So you think that it's going to be a little girl but what if it turns out to be a boy?" I told her that I didn't really care as long as they both were safe and healthy. It dawned on me that Jacob almost killed my wife and unborn child. I started to growl and Bella started looking around for the threat. I calmed her down by telling her what I was thinking. We were woken up early by Dr. Greene saying that Bella could go home but she wanted her to set up an apoinment either here or in La Push to see a doctor.


Once we got home Bella went take a bath while I fixed us something to eat. I called everyone and told them that we were home and that they could come over in a few days to see her. Bella came down about thirty minutes later. She smiled and said "I could get used to this." I kissed her head and let her sit down to eat beore saying "Bella, you do realize that our baby is the first of the pack baby and that there will be a ceremony to welcome it into the tribe once it is born. And with Jacob still running around that I am going to have at least two wolves around you when I'm not here."She knew that this baby was going to be the most protected baby. After breakfast she said "Sam, I want to have everyone over this weekend and we can tell them about the baby then. If that is okay with you?" I was happy that she wanted to tell everyone about the baby so soon. We thought of fun ways to tell everyone and picked a classic game that we could have everyone play to figure out the news.


I was so excited about the baby that I got started on making all of the baby furniture. This was my 'wolf's' way of showing hers that we were proud of the new one coming into our lives. I of course wouldn't let Bella know what I was doing because this was going to be my present to her. The weekend came before we knew it. All of our friends and family was there. Edward made sure to keep an silent ear out for our fallen brother. We had gathered everyone in the backyard where we had a huge dry erase board set up with the game of hangman. I said "We will be acting out the clues but you can only guess a letter not the hole clue until some letters are up there. Now let's get started." The boared looked like this. And they slowly guess what it said.


                                                 __ E __ __ A     __ __ D __  __ __ E  __ __ __ N __


                                                         T __   __ __ V __   A   __ __ B __!!!!!!!


It was Charlie that said "BELLA AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!." It took a minute for it to sink into everyones head what Charlie had said. Him and Alex both said "I'm going to be a grandfather." Bella was laughing and said "Yes Daddy's, the both of you are. So in six months the baby will be here. Now nobody is going to argue about who get's to babysit. All of you will get your turns, so don't start." The whole family was very happy for us and Billy said "This baby will be a blessing to the tribe and it will show future generations that love will conqure all." Bella started to cry and Billy thought that he had made her mad but I told him that it was the hormones." After everyone left I took my wife and baby to bed. I was thinking about how lucky that I am to have found Bella in the woods that night.


here is Dr. Greene


i want to know if you want the baby to be born before the sequel or when the sequel starts????

Dude this story is awsome and i think the baby should be born before the sequal!!
ha-ha-ha. *sighs* I can't wait for the baby! Aw. Charlie is so funny. Oh, so is Alex.
I love it.... YAY! First to reply! :D I think the baby should be born in the sequel so you can have more people wanting to read your sequel if they already don't wanna read it... I hope I helped! (:
Love it can't wait for more

I say Bella should have it in the sequal cuz then there could be more drama :)
then there will be two more chapters then the sequel
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!
Love it!!!! Thank you for the update!!! I cant believe she's pregent!!!!! I wonder how Edward feels about Bella being married and pregent? Im so happy for them!!!! Please write soon!!!!! :)

i <3 this story its so sweet cant wait for more

update me




Well it's been almost two months since we found out about the baby and I couldn't be happier. Bella loved the furinture and picked out a shade of green and white accents for the baby room. We have already picked out a boy name and girl name. I spend everynight talking to the baby and can feel it kicking my hand. Edward was surprisingly alright with the baby and could hear some thoughts but couldn't make them out. Bella is always waking me up with strange cravings. Like her latest is a peanut butter sandwhich with beacon bits in it. She also wants milk and nothing but that to drink. Both of her fathers are enjoying getting ready for their first grandbaby. Jared has gotten closer with his sister and I'm thankful that he knows that he has a family now.


Jacob has been spotted around but we can't seem to get him. It's driving all of us nuts. Bella isn't allowed to phase because we don't know what it might do to the baby. So somedays I deal with a cranky wife but I love her none the less. I never thought that I would settle down and start a family before I turned thirty but here I am. I keep on getting this sinking feeling that something is going to happen but I just can't put my foot on it. Is Jacob going to try something stupid? If so then what would he do? I hear Edward's car pull up and the doors opening. Edward comes in with a butt load of bags and says "I didn't know Bella had an inner shopping monster in her. Which way to the baby's room?" I laughed and told him where to find the room. Bella came in and I said "Did you almost wear out a vampire?" She laughed as she kissed me and said "Yep, I did. I have a ton of energy and I don't know why." We ate dinner and watched a movie before going to bed.




Those fools think that they can protect Bella. She belongs to me and nothing...I mean nothing will stand in my way of getting what I want. I found this local kid by the name of Riley Biers and hire him to help me take what belongs to me. I told him that they had brainwashed her and was holding her hostage. We figured out our plan and started to set it into motion. I started to run in wolf form all around La Push to get the packs attention. It worked and hopefully soon I would have Bella with me. I felt the pack closing in on me and so I ran to the road where I had parked a car and jumped in. They were left in my dust none the wiser that Riley had got Bella with the lore of his truck being broken down and needed to call a tow company. I made sure that I wasn't followed before heading towards the meeting point.


Riley was there before me and had Bella sleeping in the seat. He looked a bit nervous. He said "You didn't tell me that she was pregnant. I could have hurt the baby. Give me my money so I can get out of here." I gave him the five grand and go into his truck. How could she let him do this to her? She was supposed to have my kids not anybody elses. Time to head east and hope that I can find an empty house to keep her in until she has that thing and we can be together fully. I look over to where Bella sleeps and can't wait until we can leave all of this drama behind us. I had Riley to leave a small gift for my former Alpha to find when he gets back from the wild goose chase that I sent them on. Have fun trying to find us now Sam.......


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