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This is only going to be 35 Chapter's 

I will be making another one soon with more Chapter's 

Bella has been kidnapped from her wedding to Edward by Alice. Something is going on, but no one is really in the know except Alice and she says it was to save Bella's life. Will Bella get her happy ever after? Is she going to be with Edward in the end, or does someone else step up to the plate and become a fixture in her life. Time will tell.

This is a Bella and Jasper Story 

If you what more Bella and Jasper's Story when I am done with this 35 Chapter's let me know please

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Yeah I know what you mean I am sorry :( You will just have to wait and see more 

Poor Bella! She is so devastated being ripped away from everyone she loves! The situation is difficult for Alice too, but could there be other possibilities that she did not consider? Will the other Cullens be safe if they investigate the situation on their end? Will they find out why Bella is being targeted? Will Edward find a way to get her back? Let's see where this story takes us!

Chapter 10 – Now I Lay Me Down

Bella sat and cried out all of her tears that she had been holding in since she was forced on this crazy ride and there was no way off of it. This was the road that she chose the moment she accepted Edward Cullen into her life. Someone wanted her… well something. She wasn't sure what. Did they want her dead or did they just want to kidnap her? Either way, she was supposed to be out of the picture and now she was. She wanted to know if it was permanent or temporary. There were so many questions going through her mind, but she couldn't think, not now. She was too drained, too exhausted emotionally and physically.

Dragging herself up the wall, Bella got into a standing position with some effort. She eyed the bed and the on wobbly legs, made her way towards her finally destination. She stumbled a time or two, but she finally made it to the large bed that occupied the room and collapsed. She was in a state of oblivion before her body was completely on the bed and could not bring herself out of the darkness enough to move or care.

Bella was sucked into the abyss of her mind. Her body had shut down, but her mind was still going ninety to nothing. She wasn't keeping track of everything that her mind came up with; she just sank deeper and deeper into the darkness until it sucked her under. This is where she wanted to be. This is where nothing could touch her or hurt her and she could still be with the person she loved. Her dreams were what mattered now and if she never woke up, she could stay in her dreams forever, or at least until her dreams turned on her like it seemed everything else had.

Falling and falling deeper and deeper into her mind, Bella's dreams overtook her conscious and she gave herself over to it all. First she thought of all of the good times she had with Edward, in Forks, with the Cullen family, and finally she thought of her friends. She tried not to think of the bad times, but they came unbidden to her mind. They were pushed to the side as quickly as possible though. She didn't want to think about all of the reasons that would separate her from Edward in the past; those memories were not worth dwelling on right now. The only ones worth it were the ones that made her happy and made her feel like she was really loved.

Soon Bella felt like she was done falling and splashed into a Wonderland. She looked down at herself, she was dry, but she could have sworn that she had fallen into water. Then again, she was standing straight up and she was sure that she had landed on her back. She chuckled to herself; dreams could definitely make you re-evaluate what you felt and what you thought you were seeing.

Looking around her, Bella realized that she was in a meadow surrounded by wild flowers. It was their meadow, the meadow that she and Edward would always frequent. She looked around for him and finally spotted something glistening through the trees periodically. Was it him? Had he finally come to her? Was he there to rescue her? She ran in the direction she saw the glittering light and stopped on the edge of the meadow to wait. Something stopped her from going further, from entering into the woods. She could go no further, so she waited with anticipation of the moment she would lay her eyes once again on Edward Cullen.

Waiting seemed like an eternity. Bella didn't think that the figure she saw was that far away, but as she waited and waited for the person to draw near, she started to get antsy. She couldn't stand still. She would walk a couple of spaces to her left and do an about face and go a few spaces in the opposite direction. Periodically she would stand and watch, but she would start to bounce on the balls of her feet and wring her hands together, and soon she would be pacing once again.

Finally, the person emerged and it was indeed Edward. Bella ran to him and threw herself in his arms. This was where she wanted to be, in his embrace. She looked up and smiled, "I didn't think you would come."

"Where were you? I couldn't find you," Edward said quietly.

"I didn't know where I was, but I am here now and we are together," Bella smiled, tears coming to her eyes.

Edward brushed the hair out of her face and leaned down to kiss her forehead, "Yes we are and we will be together for eternity."

"Yes, that is what I want too," Bella said as she buried her face in his chest.

Holding her tighter, Edward chuckled, "Do you know how that makes me feel when you say that?"

Bella crinkled her brow. Something felt off, different, "How?"

"Like I can do anything and everything. You are my world and I cannot wait to be joined to you in all things. The day you become a vampire also, will be another happy day for me."

That was different. Edward still had reservations about turning her, but he had given in because she had agreed to marry him. She looked up at him, but his face was blank. Stumbling away from him, she turned and ran. Looking behind her, no one was there any more. What was going on? She scanned the area around her and saw nothing, but she heard something. It was a strange laugh that seemed to be coming from everywhere around her. She didn't recognize the voice or voices, but that laugh gave her chills. It sounded like it was pure evil.

"I will find you Bella and when I do, I will make sure you are mine," a voice said from the shadows.

"NO! Leave me alone! Where is Edward?" Bella yelled.

Another laugh and the taunting voice said, "He is gone and will stay that way. Don't worry Bella. I don't plan on killing you… yet."

"No!" Bella yelled and ran. She ran into the woods and ran as much as she could before she tripped over a root and hit the dirt. She got up without dusting herself off and ran again. She felt an arm grab her around the waist and a hand cover her mouth. Everything about the body her back was pressed against, the hand that covered her mouth was cold. She knew it was a vampire. Was this how she was going to die? Was this the end? She couldn't let it go like that. She bit the finger and tried to scream, but other than a short grunt, there was no reaction to her attempts at escape. She was trapped and she knew it.

"You need to listen very carefully Darlin'. We are in a war and you need to soldier on. Listen to what I have to say and you will live. Let's go," her captor whispered in her ear.

Bella knew that voice. She knew that southern drawl. Nodding slowly, her mouth was released and soon the grip around her waist was loosened. She took one step and then another away from the presence behind her before she turned around. It was Jasper. What was Jasper doing here? "What's going on?" Bella asked timidly. She hated the way her voice sounded.

"War honey and I don't know who will win," he said sadly.

"Where is Edward?" Bella asked more firmly.

"Gone. You can't be with him anymore. You need to give him up. He needs to find his way without you and you need to move on without him. You knew this was coming," Jasper said quietly.

"No, he can't be gone! He loves me and said he would never leave me again," Bella cried and turned to look around her. She started to move in order to find Edward, but there seemed to be a barrier up and she could not move forward.

"He didn't leave this time. You did."

"I didn't want to. I was forced to leave. People were after me!"

"It doesn't matter. You need to leave your life and he needs to live his. You left and now it is time to let go."

"I don't want to let go!" Bella yelled and tried to push forward again. Again she met with the barrier. She was not moving anywhere.

"You don't have a choice in the matter Bella. You and Edward were destined for failure from the beginning. He didn't love you enough and you deserve more. After everything you have been through, even you are beginning to wonder if you were really meant to be. I have your answer, you weren't. Isn't that right Alice?" Jasper smirked.

Alice stepped out from behind a tree, "That is right. You will still be one of us, but you will never be with Edward."

"But I love him!" Bella cried.

"It doesn't matter much anymore, does it?" Jasper asked looking a bit sad for his friend.

Alice moved forward quickly and grabbed Bella, "We have to hurry. Let's go before they come!"

Bella yelled and struggled. She felt trapped and unable to move. She couldn't breathe and she couldn't yell for help. The only thing she could do was cry. Closing her eyes, she let the sadness envelop her and she once again felt like she was falling. She finally pushed the air out of her lungs and yelled.

Opening her eyes, she was once again in bed in her hotel room. She pulled a pillow close and hugged it to her chest and once again wept. Edward was gone.

Oh my gosh :( poor Bella :( That dreamed spooked me out, not just her. Poor thing

Chapter 11 – The Journey Continues

Jasper was running out of ideas about how to track the three additional guests that attended the wedding. He figured that the human was probably gone and written off as collateral damage by his vampire handlers. The two vampires didn't leave an impression on anyone and no one remembered seeing anyone that didn't belong. He didn't know what to do. The wolves were no help since the place had been crawling with vampires, there was no way they could distinguish a friend from foe. With the number of friends the Cullen's had, the others were no help and although they might have seen someone they didn't know, there were too many people that they didn't know to be able distinguish between real guests from crashers.

Throwing his pen across the room in a fit, Jasper was at a loss and didn't like not knowing. He hated the fact that he could do nothing right now and he couldn't track down the two vampires that seemed to have put a wedge in his family. He was sure that they were not acting alone, but in order to find out who had recruited them, he had to find them and that was a task that was proving a lot harder than he thought it would initially be. These two vampires were turning into ghosts.

Jasper plopped down in the chair in front of his desk and ran his hand through his hair, exhaling loudly. His eyes fell onto a picture in a frame of the Cullen clan and Bella that was taken at the most recent graduation ceremony. It had been a happy day. Looking at the smiling face in the picture, he wondered if the girls were safe. Were they alright? Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Jasper went over everything again. He had to find the link to insure nothing happened to them while they were away.

With Bella and Alice…

Bella woke up the sunlight streaming on her face. She felt exhausted and weighted. The world was on her shoulders; at least that is what it felt like. The dream had sapped her of any drive and strength. She wanted to mourn and cry and just lay in bed like most girls did when they lost they love of their lives, but she knew that Alice would insist they get back on the road soon.

Unburying her head, Bella looked at the clock and was suddenly confused. It read 1:00 pm. It was afternoon, but if that was the case, shouldn't they already be on the road running for their lives?

Bella got out of bed and exited the bedroom to find Alice sitting on the couch staring at the TV that was on, but could barely be heard. It was awkward. She didn't know what she should feel or think of Alice right now since she was the one that ripped her away from Forks and the people she loved. She should be angry and hurt, and she was, but there was also gratefulness and a touch of admiration. Bella knew that it couldn't have been easy to do what she did, but she did it anyway in order to prevent real losses. When it came down to it, Bella would rather be on the run than for someone she knows to be hurt or killed. She may not like it, but she did understand the situation as Alice presented it. Bella just wished she knew who was after her.

"You were sleeping so soundly and I know you some bad dreams last night that would wake you up, so I let you sleep. We will leave tomorrow," Alice said quietly.

Bella jumped, "Oh, thank you."

"Are you alright?" Alice asked looking at her friend with a worried expression. She had heard Bella talking in her sleep and could hear the pain in her voice last night through the door.

"To be honest, no. I understand why you did what you did, but it is still hard. I left them all behind and I might never see them again. Who would do this to us?" Bella said wrapping her arms around her middle.

"I still don't know. I wish I could tell you more, but I just don't know. I'm sorry Bella. I really am."

"I know you are," Bella said before her voice broke and the tears she had been trying to hold back started to fall, "It just hurts."

Alice quickly got up and went to her friend, wrapping her into an embrace and hugging her. She knew that she couldn't do much for her friend, but she could be there to help her get through the emotional pain, "I know it does and if I could have spared you, I would have."

Bella let the sobs overtake her and she could not respond. It wasn't fair, as soon as they found each other, they were ripped apart. She was starting to wonder if they were truly meant to be together. It shouldn't be this hard to be with someone. Should it? She had always heard that things that were harder, you treasured more, but at some point don't you have to say enough is enough? The first time Edward left her and this time she left him. Albeit it was against her will, she still left. She wondered at what point she just needed to let go and say good bye. This thought caused her to cry harder and if Alice had not been supporting her, Bella would have fallen to the floor in a boneless mass.

Alice rubbed her friend's back and tried to comfort her as best she could. She knew that there were things coming that would test Bella's strength, but in the end she would get her happy ending. Alice got the visions, but she didn't know the time frame. Something was coming though, and it was best if they were prepared for it all.

When Bella's crying had subsided, Alice pulled back a little and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Shaking her head, Bella said, "Not really."

"Will you try to eat something? You need to keep up your strength," Alice pleaded.

Exhaling loudly, Bella finally conceded, "I will try."

Alice helped her friend to the couch to sit down while she ordered room service. Bella didn't eat much, but she at least tried and that is all Alice could ask of the girl right now. After she ate a little bit, Bella walked back into the room and closed the door creating a barrier between her and Alice. Alice looked down at her hands folded in her lap and sighed; it was one of those moments that she really wished she could still cry.

Bella slept through the night and did not stir until Alice was waking her up at 7:00 in the morning. She slowly made her way to the shower and got ready to leave. Alice packed everything and waited on Bella to finish. They were soon once again on the road and their journey. Their final destination was a ways away, but they would be in Maine soon enough and then maybe Bella could surrender to her depression. Until then she had to keep moving, but she was just going through the motions needed to get from point A to point B.

I wonder where Alice is taking Bella and if Jasper will figure more things out

About Chapter 10: Poor Bella certainly has strange dreams! What does it all mean? Will she have to move on in order to go on?  And of course: Who is after her and why?

Chapter 11: It is nice to see Jasper so concerned for the two girls and the rest of his family.  He really seems professional in his search for the ones who are threatening them.  Yet I still wonder what is happening with Edward in the meantime?  Is he too devastated to do anything, or is he also searching for her or the ones who are threatening them?

Poor Bella understands where Alice is coming from, but it still hurts a lot!  I wonder what happy ending Alice is starting to see for her?



Chapter 12 – Connections

"Have you been able to find anything?" Carlisle asked as he walked into Jasper's room and saw him sitting at his desk with his head in his hands. Carlisle knew that Jasper was trying to find the link between Bella and the kidnappers. He was also trying to find the two vampires that had been so bold as to crash the wedding, but nothing was turning up on either of those points.

"Nothing," Jasper exhaled loudly. The only connections he could find to Bella and vampires was the Cullen family and the Volturi. He had not been present in Italy, so he wasn't completely sure what happened there. Edward was not giving him any information and the only other two people there were Alice and Bella, the ones that were missing. He waited for Alice to call so that he could question her, but she hadn't yet and he didn't know when the call would be coming.

Carlisle looked at the frustration written all over the younger man's face. Jasper was taking this personally and he wondered how much longer until the calm broke, "Has Edward been able to give you any information?"

Jasper sneered, "He hasn't given me [edited by mod] Looking back at Carlisle, he said, "Sorry."

"It's ok. What do you mean he hasn't given you anything?"

"Just that, when I ask him about Italy, he gives me the briefest story he can manage. When I start asking for details or more questions, he shuts up and says he brought this upon her. When I try to get more information about the voices he heard, he clams up. I can't get him to talk to me. I even tried using my gift to persuade him and somehow he gets quieter, more sullen."

"He is hurting right now. He lost Bella…"

"Don't you think I know that?! We all lost something that day, but you would think that he would want to find answers instead of pouting. I understand the grief and the loss, but if it were Esme, wouldn't you try to find out what happened and who sent them? Wouldn't you try to give anything and everything to get your answers?"

Carlisle sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Jasper was right; he would do anything it took to find out the truth. What was going on with Edward that he wasn't cooperating? Looking at Jasper in the eye, he said, "I would."

"So you can understand my frustrations right now with Edward. We are not hunting anyone down yet, but that doesn't mean that we cannot investigate these men. It might lead to a way to bring both Bella and Alice back to us."

"I agree. Let me see if I can talk to him," Carlisle offered.

"Ok. See if you can get anything out of him. Maybe you will have better luck than I did," Jasper said and turned around to face his desk again.

Carlisle walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He had a new destination in mind, Edward's room. Knocking on the door, he walked in to find Edward laying on his bed, listening to music, and reading. There was an air of mourning around him. "Can we talk son?"

Edward lowered the book and looked at his father figure. Sitting up, he nodded and watched as Carlisle entered the room and sat down on the edge of the bed, "What did you need to talk about?"

"How are you doing? I know that you are going through a hard time right now," Carlisle asked.

"I miss her. I thought it was hard to leave her before, but this is worse. I can't believe that she is gone and if Alice is right, I won't ever be with her again."

"I know son. I can't imagine what it is like. I know that if I ever lost Esme, I would not know what to do. I would want to know what happened though."

Edward knew this conversation was coming. He had read his father's mind when he walked in the door. He wanted Edward to give Jasper answers and didn't understand why he wouldn't. Will answers bring Bella back? Will it solve the problem of his existence without her by his side? Nothing would, so why bother? Looking out the window, Edward saw that it was raining again and remembered something that his mother told him before she died, "Tears are heaven's way of crying for you or someone else that is hurting." Sighing and pulling himself out of the memory, he turned to Carlisle again, "It won't help."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that Alice's letter said that we can't be together, so why try?"

"Even if the answers led to the culprit? If we could deal with him, why couldn't Bella and Alice come back?"

"Alice's vision said…"

Carlisle now fully understood Jasper's frustrations with Edward, "Alice's visions change depending on what path the person is on. If something changes the path, the vision changes. You know that as well as I do. Why have you already given up? Why have you already forsaken her?"

"Because I have a feeling that nothing is going to change this one," Edward whispered and turned to stare out the window again.

Carlisle was shocked. He had never heard Edward utter such words with as much conviction as he had just used. Looking at his son, he knew that the conversion was over and Edward had closed himself up once again. He would not be giving them the answers he sought and Carlisle was starting to wonder who could. Hoping that Alice would call home soon, he walked back to his study.

Once Carlisle had left his room, Jasper started to study the notebook he had been writing it. Two connections only: Cullen's and Volturi. Was someone in the family setting her up, or was it someone in Italy. Jasper supposed it could be the wolves, but they wouldn't make a deal with a vampire so that had ruled them out. It could have been the Denali clan, but what did they have against Bella. The two strongest connections were Cullen's and Volturi, and he had a bad feeling about what was going on. "I really hope those two stay safe. Something about this whole thing smells worse than manure," Jasper said to himself. He had a feeling when everything was said and done; they were going to be reeling from the outcome.

Poor Edward is really depressed!  I hope Jasper and Carlisle will find a way to solve the puzzle and bring back the girls!

Bad bad dream. But was Jasper in it for a reason?

At least she knows now.

It is so sad.

I wonder what talents the two vampires have.

Poor Edward :( he is broken and depressed just like Bella and hurting on another level, that Bella can;t understand, since he is a Vampire, so his feelings of hurt, might be a little bit different that of a human, but it still hurts.

But he should be hopeful, if he wants Bella back.

I hope The others find some answers.


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