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Bella has been kidnapped from her wedding to Edward by Alice. Something is going on, but no one is really in the know except Alice and she says it was to save Bella's life. Will Bella get her happy ever after? Is she going to be with Edward in the end, or does someone else step up to the plate and become a fixture in her life. Time will tell.

This is a Bella and Jasper Story 

If you what more Bella and Jasper's Story when I am done with this 35 Chapter's let me know please

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Chapter 1 - Premonitions and Bad Feelings

Bella was nervous and shaking worse than an earthquake of high magnitude. Today was her wedding day and although she knew that she loved Edward and wanted to be with him, she was still scared about the marriage part. She wanted to bolt and even made her way downstairs at one point, but ran into Emmett at the door. Fate was not on her side and she made her way back up to the bedroom Alice had her stationed. She just couldn't shake that something bad was going to happen this day.

Edward wondered how his bride was doing. He knew that she wasn't completely gung ho about getting married, but he knew that she wanted him and loved him and that knowledge helped to calm some of his nerves. He was excited about getting married, but wedding day jitters mixed with a small bit of apprehension of the mixed guest list made him feel less than perfectly calm. He told himself he would get through it because he had Bella with him.

The blushing bride sat in the room and allowed Alice and Rose to create their masterpiece. Alice wanted everything to be perfect right now to her hair and makeup. Bella just wanted to make it down the aisle without falling. She laughed to herself as she saw her hair and face transforming, she and Edward had already been on an adventure and this was just onemore stepping stone in their journey together. That was the thought that started to calm her and that was what was going to help her through today.

Bella thought about her life since she stepped foot in Forks, Washington to live with her father. She had met the man of her dreams and found out that he was the stuff of horror stories. She had been chased south by an evil vampire that wanted to torture her and she wound up in the hospital. When she was able to return to her life in Forks, her birthday approached and one stupid paper cut caused a lot of mess and heartache. She had lost Edward then and probably would have never gotten him back if she had not jumped off of a huge cliff at La Push. That one little, ok it was huge, jump had caused Alice to return and Edward to run to Italy. She jumped on a plane with Alice and brought him home. Chain reactions, which is what one little thing could set off. Now today because she was able to bring him back, she would be marrying Edward Cullen, the love of her life.

Bella has been a reluctant bride at best and hadn't wanted to get married. She didn't have a good example of a lasting marriage from her childhood and when a vampire marries, it is literally forever. She didn't think they needed to get married to prove their love, but Edward was old fashioned and had insisted. She finally gave it because it would give her a couple of things that she really wanted from him: a real honeymoon and for him to be the one that changes her into a vampire. For everything he was willing to give her, she could walk down an aisle and say "I do" in front of a lot of people. The guest list included a mix of people and things: vampires, werewolves, and humans. This was not a normal wedding and she was not marrying into a normal family. Of course since entering his world, she had found out that many things she thought were legend and stories were very much real. Was she crazy that she didn't think it odd any longer and wasn't sure if it was ever that weird to her to begin with? She decided she probably was, but a little bit of crazy in the life she was choosing to lead was going to be a good thing.

Edward heard thoughts battering him from every angle. He was used to this. Over the years he had learned to tune out the radiant noise and focus on what he chose to listen to at any given second. The problem was as he passed through a group of people that were there for the wedding, he swore that he heard something about Bella and a plan. He tried to look around and concentrate on hearing it again, but it had disappeared. He wasn't sure who had thought it or what the plan was. He only knew that he didn't like the dread he suddenly felt. He looked around again and humans were near. He had to get to Bella as quickly as possible so he ran at human speed into the house and then when out of sight of any humans, he rushed up the stairs. Alice was there waiting for him with the door to the room closed.

"You can't see her until the ceremony," Alice chided him.

"You don't understand. Someone was thinking about Bella and a plot. The thought disappeared quickly so I don't know who it was or what is going to happen, but I have this feeling that something will happen," Edward explained in a rush while trying to push Alice out of the way.

Alice looked at him with a hard look. She was trying to see if she could see anything of the future that would ruin the day and she didn't see anything. She blocked his path again, "I don't see anything happening except this wedding today. So you need to go downstairs and take your place. We are going to get started soon. Besides no one would try anything with the crowd of people that we have gathered today. They would have to go through vamps and wolves alike and I don't think anyone would want to go against that army. It will be fine. So turn around and shoo."

Edward hesitantly turned around and walked down the stairs. He had a bad feeling and regardless of what Alice did or did not see, he knew that something was about to happen. He could only hope that he and Bella came out on the other side together.

Something mysterious is going on!  Why are Edward and Bella both having a bad feeling, and why is Alice ignoring it?  Is someone blocking her or does she know more than she pretends to know, or is something else going on?  Please keep me updated!

:) I will keep you more updated and thank you for reading You find out more soon :) please if you want to add me and I will let you know when I send out more 

Chapter 2 – Runaway

Bella looked up when Alice came into the room like a hurricane. She wasn't sure what was going on, but her best friend looked like she was a little frenzied. That was not normal for her always put together friend. "What's wrong Alice?" Bella asked standing up quickly. She was still in her robe and was waiting on Alice to help her into her wedding gown.

"They're here Bella. We need to get you out of here in order to keep you safe," Alice said grabbing a bag of clothes from the closet. She threw a t-shirt and jeans at her friend and told her to get dressed fast. They needed to escape.

"Escape? What are you talking about Alice? Who is here?" Bella asked worried. She had never seen Alice like this and she wasn't sure what the petite girl was talking about.

"I will have to explain later. There is no time now, just get dressed. Hurry or we won't have time to leave," Alice stressed.

Bella got dressed. She was more worried about keeping her friend calm at that point than she was about putting on her dress and walking down an aisle. When she was changed, she looked at Alice and calmly said, "I am changed. Now do you want to tell me what is going on?"

"No time, let's go!" Alice grabbed Bella's arm and started to pull her through the front door. Jasper was waiting for them by the front door and threw Alice her keys as she flew by.

Bella had a hard time keeping up with her and couldn't understand what was going on. Edward was waiting for her in the back yard. Edward was waiting for her on the other side of the aisle. What was going to happen to him? Did he know? Surely he knew what was going on because he would have been able to read Alice's thoughts, right? She was so confused.

Alice pushed Bella into her car and shut the door with a bang. Seconds later she was in her own seat and the engine roared to life. She peeled out of the driveway and soon enough they were on the road.

Bella looked in her pockets for her cell phone and realized that she left it back at the house. She better have a damn good reason for kidnapping me from my own wedding," she fumed from the passenger seat. "You need to tell me what is going on right now Alice. What about Edward? We are supposed be getting married right now! He is going to notice that I am not there. Did you even tell him what is going on?" Bella yelled.

"I will tell you when we are far enough away. No he doesn't know for good reason. I'm sorry Bella, but it had to be this way. I will explain everything to you, I promise," Alice said as she kept switching her eyes from the rearview mirror to the road ahead.

Edward got into position and waited for Bella by the justice of the peace that would be marrying the two of them today. He looked up when he heard Charlie yelling for Bella like he couldn't find her. His heart would have been racing if it had been beating. He ran up the aisle, remembering to use human speed, and raced up the stairs. He saw Charlie at the top of the stairs, "Where's Bella?"

Charlie looked at the man that stole his little girl's heart, "I don't know. She isn't in the room and I can't find her. Her dress is still in there, but she and Alice are missing."

The thoughts that he had heard earlier ran through Edwards mind. He needed to know whose thoughts they were and what they had to do with his missing fiancé. He growled in frustration and forced himself to check the whole house before he panicked any further. When he turned up with nothing, he looked at Charlie, "We have to find her."

Charlie agreed and had already called the department to get a couple of guys out here now. He had a fleeting thought that maybe his daughter had cold feet and decided to jilt the man that had once broken her into pieces, but that was not her. She would have left a clue or a note, or something. No, this didn't feel right and something was very wrong, "I have already called the boys at the station. Two of my officers are on their way now."

Edward knew that the police could do nothing to help. IF anything, it would put them in danger with the fact that Alice was a vampire and Bella was engaged to one, but how did he tell the chief of police that without looking suspicious in her disappearance. In the end he nodded and ran downstairs to tell Carlisle what happened.

Carlisle knew something was wrong as soon as he saw Edward leave. He had heard Charlie calling for Bella also and couldn't understand where she could have disappeared to. Instead of calling more attention to everything though, he stayed where he was and hoped that they found her. His hopes were dashed when he saw Edward appear looking worried. When he was close enough, Carlisle asked him quietly what happened.

"Bella and Alice are missing. I don't know what happened or where they are," Edward rushed. He was about to completely lose it and he couldn't. He had to his sanity together at least until they got the humans out of there. "Charlie has already called the station and two officers are on their way," he added.

Carlisle did not show a reaction to that last part. He figured that Charlie would call the station and although it could complicate the situation more due to the presence of supernatural beings, there was no way around it. He called Jasper over to him, "Alice and Bella are missing. Do you know anything?"

Jasper tried to keep his mind as blank as possible. He knew that Alice had left with Bella. His wife told him that there was danger and she needed to get her out of there, but also told him not to say anything to anyone in order to give them a head start. He hoped that Edward didn't hear anything in his head when he told Carlisle that he knew nothing. He could lie with the best of them, but it was hard to have secrets with your adoptive brother could read your mind. He trusted Alice and if she took Bella away, there was a good reason for it. "What? I don't know anything. Did they leave a note? What happened?" Jasper said out loud playing his part.

Carlisle clasped him on the shoulder, "We don't know, but we will find out. Don't worry. We will get both of them back."

Edward was scanning the crowd's minds to see if they gave anything away, and there was nothing about his Bella or Alice going missing. He was still at square one. It was time to make an announcement since the crowd was getting restless wondering what was going on They had noticed him running into the house and returning looking freaked out. Although he tried to hide it, he wasn't able to. He stood at the front of the aisle and cleared his throat. He saw Charlie step out of the house with the two officers he called. Edward cleared his throat and addressed the crowd in a trouble voice, "Everyone, the wedding has been postponed. I need everyone to stay where they are though so that Chief Swan can address everyone. Bella and Alice are missing." His voice cracked on the last sentence.

Charlie walked forward, "We will need to question everyone here about Bella and Alice. If you know anything, please please let us know. I am begging you. We need to find both of them."

The crowd started to murmur. They were shocked and surprised that Bella was missing. There were thoughts wondering if she had gotten cold feet. Others wondered if both of the girls were kidnapped. Everyone wondered what had happened to both of them. The happy day had just turned into a nightmare.

Poor Edward!  What is up with Alice?

You will find out soon :) and Remember it is only 35 Chapter's 

Chapter 3 – Demands

"Do you want to tell me what is going on? Why did we just leave everyone behind? Why did you kidnap me on my wedding day?" Bella raised her voice to the only other occupant in the car.

Alice was speeding down the road and Forks was fast becoming just a speck in the mirror. "Bella you have to trust me. I am doing what is best for everyone," Alice said calmly. There was a slight tremor in her voice showing her slight nervousness.

Bella wasn't sure if the nervousness was because Alice had forced her to leave her own wedding or from the supposed danger that had arrived at the house. Bella was so confused and upset about the turn of events today. When she had a feeling something bad was going to happen, she wasn't expecting this. Alice had planned the wedding down to the last minute detail. Surely she the only reason she would force her to leave is because of something very dangerous showing up on their doorstep. At least that is what she told herself. "Can I call Edward or my father? They are both probably freaking out right now," Bella murmured.

Turning to give her friend a sympathetic look, Alice shook her head in denial, "I'm sorry Bella, but we are still too close. Maybe in a day or two you will be able to, but not right now."

"A day or two? Alice you need to tell me what is going on before I jump out of this car!" Bella shouted, "You forced me to leave my groom standing at the alter and he has no clue about what is going on. All of our friends and family were there and are going to be worried when they realized that you and I just up and disappeared. They are going to think we have been kidnapped or runaway. Charlie will interrogate everyone at the wedding because I left no clue as to my disappearance. So excuse me, but I think I deserve answers right now!"

Alice looked towards Bella and then back to the road. She was trying to gather her thoughts. What could she say that would make sense and not sound completely crazy to her best friend? Alice had woken up this morning and got a vision of the wedding being cancelled. She brushed it off, not wanting to admit that Bella was not going to get her happily ever after today. Yes, she also didn't like the fact that all of her planning and hard work was going to go in vain, but she was ripping her best friend away from her brother and Alice felt extremely guilty about that.

Thinking about all of the events of this morning until the time she dragged Bella out of the house, she shuddered. Somehow she had been able to hide her visions from Edward and thrown him off of the scent. As soon as he had come to her and told her about the voice he had heard, she knew that she had to face facts and get the bride to be out of the house and as far away from Forks as possible.

Alice had seen something coming starting a month ago, but it was so faint and nothing was clear about anything in the vision. It would change and morph all of the time. At times Bella was in danger and at others, the danger completely disappeared. She was never able to get a clear reading, but she made plans. She had cars hidden with some essentials waiting for her. Jasper had helped her set it up. He never questioned her and did what he could.

Alice tried to tell Carlisle about the vision and he accepted what she said, but when things were never clear, it had been pushed to the side. Now she wished that they had paid closer attention to everything. They may not be running right now and Bella may still be with Edward. If Alice could cry, she would.

"Alice, tell me!" Bella pleaded.

It was time and she knew that Bella would not like it, "Bella, you know I have visions and you know that sometimes those visions lead to decisions. They are not always easy decisions or popular, but they are ones that need to be made. You have experienced some of those first hand with the new born army and knowing that you will become one of us." She paused.

"Yes, so why don't you tell me what you saw and why we had to leave without telling Edward? What about Jasper, does he know where we are going? Does anyone else know anything?"

Alice bit her lip for a second and kept looking straight ahead. Her stomach twisted with each question that Bella posed, "Carlisle knows about the visions and Jasper will meet us later to help us, but he is not going to tell Edward anything. A letter was left for Carlisle in his study that he will eventually find and give him an explanation. Please know that I never meant for any of this to happen."

"Alice, just tell me!"

Alice's grip tightened on the steering wheel ever so slightly, "It started a month ago. I saw someone, or I guess I could say something, showing up at the wedding and taking you away. In some visions, you died. Then the visions would change and it would be Edward going away or being taken. They would disappear for a time before they would come back and be completely different than before. In the last few, he never came to the wedding. He tried to get you and Edward while in Italy, so I convinced Edward to change your honeymoon plans and I saw the threat disappear almost completely. It moved into the far future after you were a vampire. I thought we were in the clear. I thought you were safe and I was wrong."

Alice glanced at Bella and saw her staring at her with a horrified look on her face. She took a breath and looked back towards the road before continuing, "This morning I had a vision of the wedding being cancelled. I didn't know why and because I didn't see danger, I didn't tell anyone and we didn't cancel the wedding. Edward came upstairs and told me that he heard a voice say something about you and a plot. I didn't let any visions overtake me, I thought about a vision I had of you and him walking down the aisle together. That was a while ago though. When he was gone and I knew he wasn't near me, I got a brief vision of danger. Someone was there to get you and I had to get you out of there. We had to leave quietly and without causing a lot of ruckus. If we brought attention to ourselves, something else could have happened. Someone else could have been put in danger. Leaving the way we did, was the best way to handle things."

Bella was trying to absorb everything that she heard. She knew she wasn't getting the full story and only a brief overview, but it was better than nothing. "W-what about Edward? What about my father?" Bella choked out.

"Charlie was never brought into this and I don't see him ever being brought into this. He never was in my past visions or now. Edward knows how to take care of himself and the others are with him. He will be fine," Alice said quietly. She turned to look at her friend in the other seat and watched at her hands moved to cover her face and her shoulders shook. Bella Swan, who should have been Cullen by now, was crying. Alice's heart went out to the girl; her day was ruined, and Alice had not told her the worst of it yet. That would wait until they were further away.


This is very gripping. I really want to know who/what was making plans about Bella. Was it Jake? Or the Volturi or someone else - but who else would feel so strongly about her as to want to go out of their way to do her harm.

Why try to take her on a day when there was so many people about - why not chose the previous day?

Very gripping - I have so many questions - looking forward to the next chapter for some answers.

Best wishes



I am glad you like it Chris thank you for reading I will be putting the next Chapter up Tomorrow maybe :) 

Chapter 4 – Silence

The first change in cars happened in Seattle. Alice was sad to let her yellow Porsche go, but she didn't have much of a choice in the matter right now. She could always get another one later. Switching the bags to the new car quickly while Bella got in the passenger's side, they were soon on their way once again.

"So does this mean you are just going to leave Jasper behind?" Bella whispered. She knew that Alice would be able to hear her.

"No, as I said he will meet up with us eventually," Alice said feeling sad for her friend.

"But just like that, Edward and I are no more?" Bella was feeling a little bitter about everything.

"I don't know," came the soft reply.

"What do you mean you don't know? You are the one that can see the damn future!"

"Your right, I can, but for some reason, I can't tell you if you and Edward will be together in the end. I think there are some decisions that need to be made still before that vision can come to me. I just don't know. I'm sorry," Alice said softly. She knew that her friend would be angry and upset. She had every right to be since she had just been hijacked from her own wedding and now she was being told that she may or may not end up with the man she loved.

Bella took in what Alice said and couldn't fathom why she couldn't get any straight answers out of her normally vocal friend. Alice had visions all of the time, so why could she not see if she ended up with Edward or not. It just wasn't fair! Her friend had Jasper and he was going to be coming to join them, but Bella wasn't going to have that, at least not yet. Suddenly Bella felt very alone. Burying her face in her hands she wept. She mourned for the loss of the future she put so much stock in, her ruined wedding day, and at least for now the loss of Edward and her family and friends.

Alice knew when she made the decisions that she did, she may lose her best friend and she was prepared for that because she knew it was the right thing to do. By now Carlisle would have found her letter and he would understand what happened. Others would have said that there had to have been a better way, but any way she tried it, someone got hurt or killed. This was the only way to make sure everyone stayed safe, at least for a time. If should could have cried with her friend, she would have.

Hours passed on the road before they finally stopped for the night. Although Alice could have driven all night without any problems, Bella was growing restless. She needed space and time to think. So they stopped and got a suite at a hotel in Sacramento. Bella questioned why they would stop at such a large place with more people to see them and Alice explained that large towns and cities offered more traffic and that meant that it was harder to recognize people and point them out.

The suite offered a living area and a separate bedroom. It was nice and had all of the amenities they would need and some that they didn't. Bella immediately went to the bathroom and started running the bath water. She wondered if she would have time to get to the phone and call Edward. She just wanted him to know that she was safe and to tell him that she loved him. She walked out of the bathroom and noticed that the phone in the bedroom was missing. She cursed Alice for her foresight and went back to soak.

Alice knew that Bella would try to use the phone. She didn't need to have visions of the future to know that one, although she did get that vision. Taking all of the phones and unplugging them, she took all means of communication from her friend. Now was not the time to communicate with anyone. It was still dangerous. She heard Bella walk into the room and the sigh of frustration that escaped her friend's lips before walking back into the bathroom and slamming the door. She quietly apologized again for taking the measures that she had.

Alice let Bella have her space and time. Except for walking into the bedroom to take the phone, she would not go in there again. She ordered room service once she heard Bella step out of the tub and then when it arrived, she put it on the floor outside of the bedroom door and knocked, "Bella, I ordered you some food if you want it. It will be here on the floor if you get hungry." Stepping back she walked back to the couch and sat down.

Bella heard Alice and knew that she needed to eat something since she had declined food all day. She opened the door and saw the tray on the floor and Alice nowhere near it. She stooped and grabbed the tray bringing it into the room and shutting the door once again. She needed time to gather her thoughts and to wrap her head around what happened to her today. She knew what Alice told her, but she knew that there were things that her supposed friend had left out. Bella just didn't have the energy to talk about it or ask any more questions right now. She would rather sink into oblivion than to face what was coming.

In the end Bella finished eating and then lay down on the bed. She tried to watch TV, but it seemed nothing was on except things that had couples or weddings or something else that depressed her and reminded her of Edward. After she turned off the TV and threw the remote across the room, she hugged a pillow to her and cried herself to sleep.

Bella found herself in a forest, but it wasn't the one near her house. She heard laughter surround her, mocking her. She tried to yell for help, for someone, anyone, to come to her. No one did. She was alone. Hearing her name behind her, she turned quickly and saw Edward standing there in his tux and she took off towards him, but she tripped on a root and fell. When she looked up again, he was gone. She rolled over onto her back and looked at her surroundings. She still heard the mocking laughter, but couldn't find where it was coming from. Then the sun was blocked out and there as a dark face above her, "You are mine now!" Hands reached for her and she screamed.

Bella felt arms shaking her and a voice telling her to wake up, but she fought the arms that were grabbing her. She opened her eyes suddenly and saw Alice next to her. Her hands were cold on Bella's shoulders. Bella's eyes widened and she moved away from her friend. Taking deep breaths, she looked around the room to get her bearings. She was still in the hotel room with Alice and it was only a nightmare. She put her face in her hands, the nightmare wasn't over though. Edward was still in Forks, she was still with Alice, her wedding was cancelled due to absent bride, and she may never see her family and friends again. It wasn't a nightmare, it was an alternate universe.

"Are you alright?" Alice asked handing her friend a glass of water.

"Yah, it was just a dream. Just a dream," Bella murmured sounding like she was trying to convince herself of that fact.

"Do you need anything?"

"Not from you," Bella snapped. "Sorry Alice, I know you did what you had to for my safety. I know you wouldn't have done what you did without reason." She was trying to be understanding and although she was able to get the words out, she was not sure she wholeheartedly believed them.

Alice looked crestfallen, but she understood that Bella was hurting right now, "Its ok. Why don't you get dressed and I will order you some breakfast. Then we can get back on the road." She stood up and walked towards the door with one last look at her friend before she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her.

Bella was confused. Didn't she just go to sleep? She looked at the time and realized that it was 8:15 in the morning. She had slept through the night and that dream had woken her up. Shivering at the memory, she stood up and headed for the bathroom needing a hot shower to get rid of the chills.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, Bella walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. She sat down on the couch where a tray of food waited for her on the coffee table. "Thank you," she said softly to her friend and started to eat.

Soon enough they were back on the road and the silence between them was thick with accusations, unanswered questions, hurt, and longing. It was not an easy silence and neither wanted to be the first one to break it. Alice felt guilty for hurting her best friend. Bella was hurt and angry about how everything happened. So the silence continued for now.

Poor Bella... Alice is trying to do what's best, but it's still a very difficult situation and there still seems to be many unanswered questions, even for her. I wonder who is behind all this and what their real intentions are. Can't wait for the next update!


Chapter 5 – Wedding Aftermath

Everyone was concerned and confused as to what happened to Bella. Charlie had his men scour the Cullen house, only for them to return empty handed. There was no trace of his daughter, no clue as to whereabouts and no one seemed to know anything. He was blaming Edward for this. It had to be Edward! Look what happened before: he left her in the woods and anything could have gotten her. When he came back, Charlie knew it was bad news.

Edward was filtering through everyone's thoughts. So many thoughts about Bella and what could have happened. People thought that they were over reacting to a bride that got cold feet. There was nothing about what he heard before Bella had gone missing. He couldn't even hear that voice and that is what worried him. Who could it have been and where were they? Did that person take Alice and his Bella away? Did that person force them to leave? There were so many questions and so far zero answers.

Carlisle knew that this had something to do with what Alice told him. He just wished he had more information. Then again, it might be better than he was kept in the dark for now. He trusted Alice to know what she was doing, but he had to wonder who was trying to interfere into their lives. He pulled Esme closer to his side and held her there. He knew that she was as confused as everyone else. The one thing that was for sure though, they were a family and they would get through this as such. He looked to Edward, who was sitting down with his head in his hands, and sent prayers to whoever was listening that his son would be alright.

Rosalie and Emmett stuck to each other. Their adopted sister was missing and so was Bella. They knew that the police discovered that Alice's car was missing, so they were questioning Jasper since that was Alice's "boyfriend". The only possible thing that could have happened was that Alice took Bella away. They just weren't sure if that was at Bella's request or if Alice got a vision that would have made her get Bella out of there. Rose secretly hoped that it had been the latter since she never really thought that Bella and Edward belonged together. She knew that she was in the minority though, but even Emmett had started to have his doubts when he found out that Bella agreed to marry Edward as part of some negotiations. That never really sat right with him.

Jasper was doing his best to keep his mind blank of Alice's plan. He projected worry over the disappearance, but didn't give anything away. Honestly, other than him knowing that she had a plan and letting her leave with their friend, he wasn't sure beyond that. She had cars hidden, but had made sure no one knew where they were or even where Alice's final destination was. Jasper did know of the visions, but that was about it. Alice had believed that the less anyone else knew, the better; and seeing everything that was happening now, he had to agree.

The police were questioning everyone and no one was allowed to leave without a police interview. As much as they questioned Jasper, they questioned Edward just as much. Charlie was convinced that Edward was somehow tied to his daughter's disappearance, "What did Edward Cullen tell you? What does he know?"

"Chief Swan, you need to calm down. He doesn't seem to know anything and is just as worried and confused as you are," one of his deputies said to him.

"But she wouldn't just leave without a reason!" Charlie bellowed.

"We know chief, but he is just a distraught teenager right now. We will question him some more along with Jasper Hale, but right now it appears that we are at a loss. The only clue we have is that the yellow Porsche that belongs to Alice is gone. It makes me think that maybe Bella got cold feet or something and Alice helped her to leave. Have you tried calling her?"

"Yah and that is how we found her phone still upstairs. Alice's phone goes to voicemail," Charlie grumbled.

The officers had let all of the guests leave as long as they left their contact information. There wasn't really a point in keeping anyone. There was no evidence of a struggle, it was known that Bella had reservations about getting married, and there had been problems in the past with her relationship with Edward. It was a lot of nothing that led the officers to believe that Bella had run away. They would investigate and do everything by the book, but they all suspected that were not dealing with anything more than wedding day jitters.

Charlie, Phil, and Renee went back to Charlie's house to wait for word on their daughter. It had been a nerve wrecking day and they were worried. If Bella truly had cold feet, wouldn't she have said something to someone? Wouldn't she have left a note or something? Nothing, all of the evidence that had been found added up to a big pile of nothing and it was setting Charlie on edge. He hadn't been ready to let go of his little girl, but at least she had been around. Now she was gone and no one knew where she was.

He looked over to Renee. Phil was trying to calm her down, but she was just as much of a mess as Charlie as. She was crying into her husband's chest and talking incoherently. Every once in a while, Charlie would hear Bella's name and something about if she had only known, but for the most part she could not be understood. Charlie didn't blame her, he felt the same way on the inside, but he had never really been one to show his emotions on the outside. He felt like a wreck though and started praying that his little girl was safe and would call soon.

As soon as everyone had left the house, Carlisle pulled the family into the living room. He looked at all of them and finally started to speak, "I am not exactly sure what is going on, but I can tell you this… Alice would not have left with Bella without a good reason. She worked hard to make this a perfect wedding and she was excited about Bella joining the family. Something happened and the only thing we can do is wait for word from her. I trust her. She came to me a few months ago about some visions that she had been getting. When they disappeared, we brushed them to the side. I am not sure if they came back, but for some reason she felt the need to operate in secret. We just have to believe that she is doing what is best."

Edward popped his head up and looked at Carlisle when he spoke of the visions Alice had. He saw the discussion between his father figure and his adopted sister. Could the visions have been tied to the thoughts he heard earlier? "Carlisle, before the wedding started and I was greeting some of our guests, I heard a voice I had never heard before. His thoughts were talking about Bella and a plan. Do you think they are connected? As soon as I heard them, I went to check on Bella. I didn't get anything in Alice's thoughts except some vision of the wedding and Bella turning into a vampire. I told Alice about what I got and the next thing I know they are gone."

Carlisle gave Edward a sympathetic look, "I think that is a good possibility son. What did you tell the police?"

"Nothing. I couldn't tell them that I heard a person's thoughts. I told them that I went to see Bella before the ceremony to have a moment with her, but was told to go back downstairs by Alice. That was about all I could say," Edward responded quietly. He still felt like he was in shock. Today was supposed to be a happy day and instead the wedding didn't happen and his bride to be was missing. He was worried and scared.

"Good. That is all they need to know. We will get through this and hopefully Alice calls soon," Carlisle said placing his hand upon Edward's shoulder.

"We are here for you Edward," Esme said as she pulled him into a motherly embrace.

Edward returned her hug and then stood up. He needed to be alone and to be surrounded by Bella. He knew it was dangerous to go to her house, but she had spent enough time in his room that he could feel close to her there. He quickly left his family behind and went upstairs. He just needed to get away.

After Edward left the room, attention turned to Jasper. He could feel the sadness and confusion, but no one seemed to be blaming him. He knew more of what was happening than they did, and yet he couldn't tell them anything. He knew that he was doing this for Alice and Bella's safety, but that didn't stop the guilt he felt for keeping something from the people that took him in and treated him like one of their own.

Esme walked over to Jasper and pulled him into a hug, "Don't worry. Alice will be fine. She will be able to stay out of danger and will be back soon enough."

Jasper didn't know what to say or do, so he just nodded his agreement. He was worried and felt guilty, so he kept his words to himself afraid that anything could give him away before it was time. He watched Carlisle move upstairs, probably to his study and Jasper felt a wave of relief wash through him. Carlisle would find the letter and he would understand. Rosalie and Emmett had moved out of the room also, most likely to their own room. Soon after everyone else left, Esme released her hold on him and walked out of the room also, leaving him alone with his thoughts and feelings. He really hoped that Alice knew what she was doing. He was worried about Alice and the people that had sought to stop the wedding or to do harm to Bella, and he was worried about Bella. He may have craved her blood at one point, but she had become a good friend and part of the family since then. He could only hope that both of them were ok and that Bella would listen to Alice. He knew that Alice left abruptly without explaining what was happening, but now that they were on the road, they had time to talk and he knew it was not going to be easy.

Jasper turned when he heard footsteps rushing towards him. Carlisle was moving fast and had a letter in his hand. It seems as if the doctor found the letter that Alice left for him with no problems.

Carlisle walked up to Jasper and as quietly as he could, he said, "We need to talk."


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