The Twilight Saga

this is right after alice visits bella in new moon, but noone tells edward that she's dead...enjoy, and comment please!



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Alice left me after staying with me for two weeks. I went back into my zombie like state. This time it was way worse though. The zombie impression was only a front. Inside, the whole in my chest burned all the time. I stopped returning Jake’s phone calls, and I didn’t do any of my school work. I stopped eating again. The nightmares got worse and longer.

That was only a few days later.

Now I was driving home from a painful day at school. My cell rang. I let it go on for a while so it would go to voice mail. Then on the last rig I changed my mind and pick up quickly.

“Look Jake! Please stop calling. I…I don’t think I can handle doing anything besides going to school. I’m sorry-“

“Bella, its Alice.” I nearly swerved off the road. I immediately put on my happy voice, even as the wounds of the whole were burning painfully.

“Oh! Sorry, my mistake! What’s up?” my voice came out rough, and way too squeaky to be convincing.

“Well…I thought I should warn you first. We’ve comeback. ALL of us. For good.” She said hesitantly.

My heart skipped a few beats. “I’ll be right over.” I was about to hang up before she said, “wait!”


“Um…maybe it’s not such a great idea for you to come over.” She said reluctantly. It was like a punch in the face, but I was too happy to dwell on that. I was going to see Edward! It didn’t matter that he didn’t love me.

“I don’t care if he doesn’t want me. I’m coming over.”

“Bella-“but I hung up and pressed on the gas pedal.

The drive was still so familiar. With each mile I came closer to Edward; I could breathe a little easier. The whole stopped aching so much. This was beyond regular happiness.

I finally pulled into their driveway. I couldn’t sit anymore, and I just hit the brakes halfway through the driveway and jumped out. I ran as fast as I could toward the house. I saw Alice waiting for me at the door. I barreled into her open arms.

“Bella! You look worse than when I first came back!” he said, shocked. I shrugged and tried to hold in my tears to no avail they poured down my cheeks like mini rivers.

“Come on! I want to see everyone else!” I said frantically while tugging her hand. She reluctantly followed with a worried face.

I walked inside to be greeted by a big bear hug from Emmet. Then esme looked at me with concerned eyes. Carlisle smiled politely, but he seemed to be dreading something to come. I ignored all the signs because I didn’t want to be brought out of my happy bliss.

“Ii-i-i- miss-s-s-ed y-you guys!” I choked out. My eyes were blurry, and I wiped them on my sleeve so I could see their beautiful faces. I was even happy to see Rosalie’s glaring face. Jasper stood far away from me. I felt bad for that, but didn’t comment. Suddenly, my emotions calmed a bit. I was able to stop crying.

“Thanks jasper.” I hiccupped and they all laughed.

I looked around the room for the one person I was dying to see.

“E-Edward?” I called, knowing he would hear me.

“Be right there!” the angelic velvety voice replied casually. My heart was pounding as he descended the stairs.

The first thing my brain processed was his eyes. His amazing depthless eyes! Then I focused on his smooth beautiful face. I tried to memorize every angle of it. My heart melted.

Then reality caught up with me. He wasn’t alone.

A breathtaking strawberry blond vampire was clinging to his waist. He had one arm draped lovingly across her shoulder. The heart that had just begun to feel full broke into jagged pieces.

My breath came in short gasps. My eyes stung, but I refused to cry in front of him. I didn’t want to make a further fool of myself. I blushed a deep crimson. I had to tear my eyes away from his arm on her shoulder. I felt myself falling apart. I had to get out of there.

“Bella…this is Tanya. She’s from the Denali clan I told you about.” I briefly remembered the name. I shook my head to indicate a yes.

He tightened his grip on her. That was it.

“Uh…I have to go. I forgot to pick up some food for Charlie. Don’t want to have to order out.” I mumbled pathetically in a broken whisper. I said good bye to each of my former family.

Then I tried hard to pull out my faceless mask to say goodbye to Edward. All I ended up doing was grimacing a whimpering at him like an idiot. I thought I saw a small bit of regret flash in his eyes as I took one last look, but it was gone instantly.

I turned and barreled into the door. I ran to my truck and left the sobs overtake me. I didn’t even care if they could hear my painful mourning.

And morning is what I was doing. I stood no chance at getting him back now. I was so ordinary compared to her. I don’t blame him for it. I lost whatever tiny hope I had. I was mourning our love. I knew there would be no more delusions…no more numbness.

I tried to drive through my sobbing. Somehow, I got home. I parked in the driveway I stayed crying in there for who knows how long. Finally, no more tears would come. I looked around in my truck. Memories from Edward and me floated painfully through my head…taunting me.

Fury rose from deep within me. Anger at Edward, at Tanya, and mostly at myself. I couldn’t take it anymore!

I picked up the crowbar that I used to open my hood from under my seat. I jumped out of my car and smashed out my window. I took out the windshields and continued breaking my side door. Suddenly Charlie pulled up as I was beating my car full of memories.

“BELLA!!!” he screamed as he jumped out of the cruiser. He grabbed the crowbar out of my hand and threw it.

“What the hell is the matter with you?!” then he caught sight of my face. He instantly switched from anger to concern.

“What’s wrong?!” he said and grabbed me into a tight embrace.

“He’s back! He’s back with a new girlfriend!” I sobbed into his chest.

“I’ll kill him!” he said and dragged me into the house, leaving my destroyed truck behind.

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I came across Jake’s path a few times. It made me sad to think I’d probably never talk to him again. He hated me now. I was sure of it.

We avoided the houses and roads. It took a few minutes to get away from the reservation. Then we finally reached my house. I stood in the woods and just stared for a minute.

I never really appreciated my house until I lost it. I could hear my dad’s heartbeat and the sound of the news. I relished in his breathing. As long as he was alive I would e fine. Maybe I would check on my mom too.

The guys changed to human form and I realized they needed clothes.

“Wait right here I’m going to get some of my dad’s old clothes.” I was gone before they could protest. I jumped to the upstairs window and opened it. I slid in soundlessly and went straight to the closet. I grabbed a couple of shirts and pants. I couldn’t bring myself to touch my dad’s boxers but I figured they’d be fine without them. It was better than being naked.

I left the room and made sure the window was closed. Charlie never even moved. I was impressed with my new sneakiness. No more weak clumsy Bella.

“Here you go!” I was so happy being close to my father that I almost forgot I was mad at Kay.

“thanks.” Kay and ken said in unison as they pulled on the clothes.

“So what now?” I asked. They probably wouldn’t want to stick around listening to Charlie breath.

“We visit the Cullen’s.” Kay said.

Whoa! I didn’t plan on that!

“But I thought you were here to meet the pack!” they nodded impatiently.

“Yeah, but we want to meet this veggie vamp coven. Besides, we’re on their turf. We don’t want to piss them off.” He made a good point, but I just didn’t want to face them just yet.

“Do I have to come?!” yeah, I sounded a little whiny but I think I deserved to be!

“Yes. We need you so we get their trust.” I doubted they would trust wolves but I didn’t say that out loud. At least if I went they probably wouldn’t attack….maybe.

“Fine. I guess I’ll lead the way.” I didn’t have any fun on that trip.

I jumped the river near the Cullen’s reluctantly. I could smell their scent all over. I even smelled Tanya’s. Finally we were in sights of the house. I was shocked to see the house was nearly empty. I could only see Esme’s car. I forgot they were still playing the human role. They had jobs and school during the day.

I was kind of glad it ended up this way. Esme was easy to deal with. She had been like another mother a while ago….before she left…

I tried to forget my resentments at the moment and deal with the here and now.

I led the guys up the front steps and knocked on the door. I knew she could hear us but I figured it was the polite thing to do. She approached the door hesitantly then opened it.

Her face as she saw me was priceless! I fought to keep bad my laugh. What a Kodak moment this was!

“Bella?!” she was in complete shock. I couldn’t hold it back any longer! I giggled and that seemed to snap her out of it.

“What are you doing here? I thought you told Alice you weren’t coming back!” she ushered us inside and I waited until we were all seated to answer.

“Well I was in a bit of a…situation. Its fine now and I worked it out with these guys.” I pointed to Kay and ken. Esme glared and I laughed. They were in trouble now! This is my turf!

“What kind of situation?!” Esme asked sharply. Kay shot me a glare. I stuck out my tongue and he rolled his eyes.

“She was a newborn around humans. Usually we would eliminate them before they killed anyone but she seemed different. We questioned her and found she was only a mild threat. We were going to keep her around so she could prove she had control of herself but…Bella convinced us to do otherwise.”

I didn’t much care for his explanation and I couldn’t help but mumble, “mild threat my ass!” ken cracked a smile but Kay just ignored me.

“So basically you were holding her prisoner?!” Esme’s sweet voice had a dangerous sharpness in it. I decided to step in.

“It all worked out fine. I’m glad they were protecting the humans. Plus, me and Kay…get along I guess. He’s pretty moody but an okay guy I think.” Esme looked surprised but relaxed a bit. Kay finally flashed me a smile. Ken went into statue mode. I could never win with these two!

“Are you two…an item?” she sounded sad when she said it. I didn’t like that one bit. I knew she was thinking about Edward’s feelings for me. I didn’t care about Edward’s feelings one bit. This was his entire fault.

Kay glanced at me with uncertainly. I really had no idea what we were. He was so hot and cold and up and down! I had no clue.

“Well…I wouldn’t say we’re anything official.” I thought that was a safe thing to say. I hated the hopeful look Esme got in her eye.

“I should call Alice!” she pulled out her phone before I could protest. I sighed. I knew Alice would bring everyone, including Edward. He was the last person I wanted to see.

All Esme said into the phone was, “Bella’s here.” She hung up and smiled at me brightly.

We all waited in silence for the rest of the Cullens to arrive.
OMG you have to write more!!!
Damn why dyou stop there.... its soooo goood i just cant wait for the others cullen's reaction =D
i love LOVE it ii cant wait to read moreee
write more soon update me asap
write more soon!
im a new this story, write more soon!
This story is like one of those books you pick up and can't stop reading until the end. I've done that by they way sit up reading for like 12-14 hours. I'm crazy that way. I wish it was that easy for you to write. Because I just can't get enough of this story. I just want to keep on reading. Its that good. Plz Plz update soon.
iv waited 2 long
i need more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
*New Reader*

Grr, I want her to get back with Edward!
This is extraordinary!
write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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