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Perfect power couple,King and Queen of the school Edward and Tanya were unstopable until Bella swan came along .Bella is a threat to both tanya's pride and reputation. What will happen. Welcome to the drama acadamy where everyones got enemies and if you look hard enough you just might find them


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Give me 10 reviews and you'll get the first chapter
Sounds really good, with lots of drama!!!! Please add me & update me!!!! Id love to see what happens!!! Please write soon!!!! :)
Thank you lots of drama revolving edward tanya and bella
Sounds great! Please write more soon!
Thank you
this sounds awsome plz do more
i will thank you
WOW big sis i love it!!!!there is going to be alot of drama if u need help get up and walk to my room i have lost of ideas!

you lil sis
Yep thanks Lil sis u just have to wait like everyone else
Thank you chapter will be up soon
I'm with Annabelle- UPDATE SOON! please :)


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